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  2. Games and Gaming News

    I've seen videos fro this game before, it looks like they've been steadily making improvements. Very impressive coming from an indie dev team.
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  4. Keyboards & Mice

    Ducky teases their Cherry MX Low-Profile Blade Air mechanical keyboard https://overclock3d.net/news/input_devices/ducky_teases_their_cherry_mx_low-profile_blade_air_mechanical_keyboard/2 That didn't take long. I imagine others will start showing up soon.
  5. Cell Phones & Service

    I'm in the 10-20 GB a month usage so I'm going to stick with T-Mo who throttles currently at the 32 GB/month limit.
  6. Overwatch

    They're adding a bunch of new content to the base lootbox pool with next Tuesday's update. They'll also be releasing Blizzardworld as a new map. https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/blog/21353116 I need to buy this:
  7. [Netflix] Ozark

    Still watching it casually. Still pretty satisfied with it. Small criticism but I have to say it since I have a little personal experience with this. It does not seem particularly important to the story but the daughter is supposed to be a good swimmer on a competitive swim team however you could have fooled me because her water entries are sad and there is a scene that involves her treading water and she looks pretty uncomfortable which I'm sorry... just... no...
  8. http://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=anime&aid=12986 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6660498/ I want to be completely clear, this is a very unique show that I feel deserves some recognition. It is also completely batshit insane. ULTRAVIOLENT HYPERSEXUALIZED WEIRDNESS. The show is wild and weird and certainly not for everyone. The animation style is much more "loose" and not as clean as more modern anime, but it still works well. The storyline is mostly garbage and there are plenty of silly anime tropes, but the music is fantastic. Honestly I wouldn't recommend this to anyone unless you want to watch some weird and fucked up anime. I'm glad Netflix is around and is willing to push anime like this because this entire show would not have worked on traditional broadcast and I hope it spurs a slightly more "adult" set of anime that isn't afraid of censorship or being goddamn weird.
  9. Trailers

    Wow, they're busting out a bunch of tropes from the recent video games, with the climbing spike and bow as a weapon. It looks about as cheesy at the anjelina jolie version but I'm still moderately curious about it.
  10. League of Legends

    They're doing a champion update for Swain and it looks like they're changing a fair bit. They said they wanted to make him more "tactician" based. Sidenote, the new season officially started. There's some really dumb shit going on abusing lifesteal and "overshield" here's a little video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuPGkPIboFs I've been trying it out, and it's definitely silly. Riot already mentioned they have plans to nerf it soon, so I better make the most of abusing it now before ADC gets put into the dumpster again.
  11. [TV] Star Trek: Discovery

    The production value is high, most of the acting is fairly good, but the overall plot is very boring. I am giving them as much runway as I can, because every single star trek series tends to get better over time, except enterprise that show was utter shite. Considering I'm also watching through Deep Space 9 right now, it's obvious how much better seasons 4+ are compared to the first season or two. I hope that Discovery hits it's stride a bit sooner, especially since they have the advantage of creating a less self contained / episodic show.
  12. [TV] Star Trek: Discovery

    All caught up now. Production value still seems very high. Still not doing a lot for me though.
  13. Cell Phones & Service

    They're an MVNO on T-Mobile/Sprint/etc. So this follows what most wireless carriers have done over the past year. T-Mobile in particular provides unlimited data but then throttles (they call prioritization or something) after a certain limit. I think this is a reasonable move. It's not full on unlimited service, but it's about as close as they can get. I still use nearly zero mobile data and this makes project fi the best option for my current needs. But with this move it actually makes them a more competitive option for single individuals that have higher data usage.
  14. Cell Phones & Service

    Bill Protection on Project Fi link - https://blog.google/products/project-fi/bill-protection/ I was NOT expecting this but I think it's a good thing. Basically once I hit $80 (meaning I've used 6GB of data), the bill will stop going up even if I keep using data. I sort of hesitate to call it "unlimited data", like some people are doing, because once you hit the 15GB mark then some other things kick in (read link).
  15. Monitor Discussion

    So I guess Acer put out an update to the X34, matching the performance of the Dell 34" AW3418DW. https://www.techspot.com/review/1560-acer-predator-x34p-monitor/ The update bumps the stock refresh rate to 100hz and gives 120hz as an overclockable option. They also made the curve more aggressive moving from 3800R to 1900R. If all this sounds like they just took the panel Dell was using and put it in their updated chasis, well I'm no expert but that's basically what it looks like they did. I'm not trying to crap on acer (I own an acer monitor) but unless this thing is a fair bit cheaper than the Dell (doubtful) I would opt for the Dell - especially taking into account their better customer service and warranty.
  16. Combat Sports / Martial Arts

    Combat Jiu-Jitsu Worlds 1 - Full Show Posted on Eddie Bravo's youtube page (he is the organizer of the event) so I doubt it is going to be taken down. Quick click through: Rules @ 20:20. First match @ 25:40 I think? I think it's pretty cool new rule set. I would like to see it take off a bit. I do not see it as a "middle ground" between full stricking and grappling and more as a rule set to not allow stalling inside a grappling event.
  17. Keyboards & Mice

    There was a guy here who used a cherry blue mech keyboard for a while. I could hear him typing from 3 cubicle rows over. It would never work for me because I smash my keyboard. I will probably a consider a keyboard upgrade once these low-profile keyboards are out and I can compare it to this.....
  18. Keyboards & Mice

    I'm more concerned that they moved away from their square/plus style stem to a cylinder. I imagine that they will have a slightly different feel. The tolerances are supposed to be pretty tight because they mention that the keys are "water resistant" or at least more water resistant than their traditional switches. I assume that cherry is trying to get these small enough to be an option for high end laptops. I also have a feeling that corsair will end up selling a keyboard with these switches soon enough - they seem to have a tight relationship with Cherry. On an unrelated note: I might consider replacing my keyboard I use at work. I currently have a Corsair K30 and I'm debating going full asshole mode and getting a mechanical keyboard for work. If I really wanted to be an absolute monster I could even go for blue switches.
  19. Keyboards & Mice

    source - https://www.cherrymx.de/en/low-profile-rgb.html Hmm. Curious what will come out of this. I wonder if it is going to be loud.
  20. Games and Gaming News

    This is not a new game, and I remember seeing some news about it a while back. This video is half review half reminder that I should probably buy it when it goes on sale.
  21. Keyboards & Mice

    New slim cherry switches coming soon™ https://www.anandtech.com/show/12296/cherry-introduces-new-low-profile-switches-at-ces-2018
  22. League of Legends

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  24. My New Car: 2015 VW GTi

    Done. Installed: https://imgur.com/a/1x604
  25. [TV] Star Trek: Discovery

    Note to self, this started back up.
  26. [Netflix] Godless

    Watched all of this. It was ok but I think something must have gone wrong towards the very end. They did a complete 180-turn on some of the themes they were strongly promoting earlier in the show for seemingly no reason other than to expedite the end. Did they plan more seasons and suddenly realized that have to end it? Did they not really have a real ending properly planned and then just sort of decided to wrap things up quickly? Still easy to watch but I don't think I would recommend it mainly because of the ending which does not feel satisfying.
  27. [Netflix] Ozark

    This is my new casual show. That is all.
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