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  1. What happens to asylum seekers after they are rejected? Are they just sent outside and told to leave the country with no one overseeing that they actually "LEAVE THE COUNTRY" ?
  2. I've been recommending these drives since at least early 2010 which was the first time I put one in a friend's build (500 GB Momentus XT). They're pretty good. I actually ordered one for my sister during prime day for her laptop because she's been too cheap to buy an SSD. On Prime Day it was only $62 for the 2 TB model. I also saw Seagate heavily advertising them with examples at the Coolermaster Invitational Tournament yesterday.
  3. Children of Men style immigration?
  4. Good to know replacements or incoming. I might hold off on a G900 until these G903's get cheap. I'm perfectly fine using my G500 on my AW atm but just would be interested in getting more mouse buttons on my laptop.
  5. Just saw these for $134 (looks like a price mistake).....I bought it on sale last year for $250. Amazon has it priced at $325. Buy it now. I'm buying a set to resell. *EDIT* OOS LOL I got my order in xD.
  6. Silverstone shows off their MicroSTX PC with MXM graphics. Apparently this is old news as it was reported back in January's CES on how they want to push the new form factor Looks like they have a working machine now.
  7. I think they're great for secondary displays. You only need 1 or 2 high refresh rate display. My current setup is a mess: 60 Hz (4k), 100 Hz (1440P wide), 110 Hz (1440P).
  8. Monoprice has some great deals on their refurb monitors: In Stock: $200 - 27" $180 - 27" $250 30"
  9. Ryzen 7 1800x for $354 with mobo combo ($454 with mobo etc.)
  10. Imagine the people who bought a Titan right before the 1080 Ti came out, and then this would've been a second whammy. Whats interesting to me, was that the same thing occurred in the 7 series Titans (Titan, 780 Ti, Titan Black) but not the 9 series. They did it again on the 10 series. Their naming scheme is also interesting: GeForce GTX Titan (7 series) GeForce GTX Titan Black (7 series) GeForce GTX Titan Z (7 series) GeForce GTX Titan X (9 series) Nvidia Titan X (10 series) Nvidia Titan Xp (10 series) Switching to Nvidia instead of Geforce this generation...
  11. I noticed no one mentioned the Titan Xp announcement which is a full GP102 chip effectively retiring the extremely short lived Titan X (8 months):
  12. Considering that your previous system is approximately 6 years old, you could use a future proofed system. I also realized I swap cars more regularly than CPUs.
  13. 8 TB WD Red for $200 Student Discount: $0.025 per GB I think we need a new unit $2.50 per 100 GB.
  14. In the wider gamer circles, AMD has been competitive enough in that many people who want to just stick it to Intel now have a reasonable alternative to choose. I've seen a fair number of gamers who bought AMD soley because they continue to have the reputation of being better for cheaper despite not always being the case.
  15. I'm surprised you are surprised because as described in the article, its an exact multiple of of two side by side 24" display options just without a bezel.