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  1. Cell Phones & Service

    I'm in the 10-20 GB a month usage so I'm going to stick with T-Mo who throttles currently at the 32 GB/month limit.
  2. What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

  3. Official Post Anything Technology Related Thread

    1 to 14% performance drop using an i5-4690k (@ 4.4 GHz) at 1080p and RX 580.
  4. $150 - Nvidia Shield Android TV 4k

    Yeah, and I can't imagine them making it any better than it already is short of making a HTPC/smaller/less power consumption.
  5. $150 - Nvidia Shield Android TV 4k

    Most TVs already have built in 4K Netflix and Amazon Prime. Chromecast Ultra does most of the work already for other things such as remote streaming and android capability (remote casting). The only thing this adds is additional USB support, gamestream, and Android side loading. Not sure this is worth an extra $90.
  6. Monitor Discussion

    In regards to G-Sync vs. FreeSync
  7. Official Post Anything Technology Related Thread

    Ahh, I was looking at the B1 model on the chart. Didn't catch the non-B1 single core. Looks like my 68U is a 1 GHz dual core so it looks solid there.
  8. Official Post Anything Technology Related Thread

    Are you considering the Ubiquiti? I purchased an edge router for work purposes about 9 months ago and found them interesting. As for the SOC, I never thought of the AC66U (and the AC68U by extension) to be particularly slow as a 1 GHz dual core seems pretty beefy to me....the only thing is that was released about 5 years ago....
  9. Official Post Anything Technology Related Thread

    I actually gave my Merlin powered A66U to my in-laws in the Phillipines. For my main home router I have an TM-AC1900 (T-Mo version of the AC68U) that I'm running on stock firmware for the past 2.5 to 3 years. I've been pretty happy with the stock firmware in terms of performance and stability which I didn't have even with the Merlin based router so I've been hesitant to switch to Merlin on this router.
  10. Just watched it last night and I'm on board with pretty much every criticism you guys had. I just kept thinking how Disney would commercialize various aspects throughout the entire film especially that ending ring. Everything looked like they tried to fine combed it with commercialization possibilities. So many inconsistencies that made it as bad as the rebooted Star Trek. If this is how its going to be, I might have to pass watching the next one in the theatre..... *edit* Added for funsies *Plot Twist*
  11. Rent is too damn high.

    I think it made sense during the housing crash/crisis, but that is over now. We need to stop it here because the market is too hot, but reintroduce it if it crashes again.
  12. Official Post Anything Technology Related Thread

    https://www.consumerreports.org/lcd-led-oled-tvs/tv-brands-arent-always-what-they-seem/ Good summary of the current brands and who makes what.
  13. AMD Ryzen 2 (Pinnacle Ridge)

    Pinnacle Ridge definitely looks like a "Ryzen +" on the technical level if its utilizing the same architecture but the marketing folks always do whatever they want. It seems likely that it might have a few architectural changes (like between Broadwell/Skylake) or a pure optimization like (Skylake / Kaby Lake). Undoubtedly its a page out of intel's playbook for a while now (Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge, Haswell/Broadwell, etc.)
  14. AMD Ryzen 2 (Pinnacle Ridge)

    https://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/3022776/amds-ryzen-2-processors-are-reportedly-arriving-in-early-2018 ETA end of Q1 early Q2. It'll be called the 2x00 series to compete with the Intel 8th and 9th gen CPUs. Here's hoping to single core performance parity!!! If that was the case then Ryzen would be highly recommended...rather than go for it. "The best thing about these CPUs is that even though AMD are launching a new chipset (A420/B450/X470?) to support the new CPUs, existing motherboards (A320/B350/X370) will only need a BIOS update to support them. ARE YOU LISTENING INTEL?"