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  1. AMD Ryzen (Zen)

    Have you seen the recent Soyuz rockets? Its almost as much as the N1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soyuz_(rocket_family)#/media/File:Soyuz_rocket_engines.jpg SpaceX kinda follows a similar design with their Falcon Series... Kinda crazy with the 4 die design though. Now that caching strategy makes so much more sense.
  2. Cell Phones & Service

    Have you guys considered the Essential? Its an Andy Rubin phone with a minimalist design language which is something I thought you guys appreciate. https://www.essential.com/ http://www.androidauthority.com/essential-phone-review-794364/
  3. Cell Phones & Service

    The pricing for the iPhone X 256 is $1150. The ceiling has been surpassed. Wifey is already planning on that model. Had this show up on my google home page so they're advertising. On the comment of guaranteed support. I've been pretty happy with Samsung's software support of the Note series. As my old Note 2 (which my Dad is using) is still getting the occasional security update despite being a 5 year old device (purchased Oct. 2012). My Note 5 went through Android 5/6 and 7 in its 2 year lifespan. If you're on a non-mainstream Samsung phone though I expect support to be significantly worse though. Loving my Note 8 though. Samsung has always made phone features that appealed to me and other manufacturers tend to always lack something that I want.
  4. $599 - HTC Vive

    I'm primarily waiting for an increase in resolution to reduce the screen door effect in VR before I invest. That's my biggest drawback in the current iteration. We need 4K+ displays soon and I've seen a few examples on the web and hope the next gen should provide it soon.
  5. THE16. The new build.

    With the greater core being the primary use-case argument, I feel that you made the choice that was right for you. With our huge supply parts though our upgrades are typically rather low cost. My last build was ~$1250 and I sold my old PC parts for about $550 so my net cost was closer to $750. If you do this regularly (3-4 years), you can get pretty cost effective in your PC needs.
  6. official post anything

    Thanks for keeping the forum up to date and adding useful features. This new theme though....looks too mimalistic and bleh to me xD.
  7. https://www.recode.net/2017/8/10/16125452/google-sundar-pichai-fire-james-damore-diversity-memo Google will be making the management meeting available to replay and will be live streaming it today.
  8. Monitor Discussion

    I haven't played many games that don't support ultra wide. That being said I haven't many different games either lol.
  9. [Movie] Alien: Covenant (2017)

    I still really want to watch this. I was upset about Prometheus and hoping this would fix the issues. I'm disappointed to hear that it isn't better....
  10. [Netflix] GLOW

    The 1st episode plot got me interested but the story kept me intrigued. Around ep. 5 right now but haven't gotten around to watching more yet.
  11. official post anything

    I turned off notifications for the group a long time ago.
  12. Monitor Discussion

    Since this has kind become the defacto "monitor" topic, here's a non-Gsync display that caught my interest: http://www.anandtech.com/show/11653/dells-ultrasharp-u3818dw-available-curved-3840x1600 37.5" 3840x1600 (24:10 ratio) 2300R Curvature USB-C display input (Alt DPv1.2) 8 Bit + FRC (1 billion+ colors) 60 Hz, but 3 other companies offer the same panel with Freesync and 75 Hz I feel its a good combo ultra-wide to match some 4K displays as my 3440x1440 feels super tight (in terms of screen real estate in a multi-monitor setup) compared to my 4K next to it.
  13. I think 21 should have been the adult age rather than 18. Shift everything else upward as well.
  14. I'm surprised the credit is only 30 days. If it was closer to a year I'd be this is a reasonable trade. Non srs.
  15. What happens to asylum seekers after they are rejected? Are they just sent outside and told to leave the country with no one overseeing that they actually "LEAVE THE COUNTRY" ?