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  1. Black Friday 2017

    Didn't realize you could get 8 TB externals for that cheap now. Makes it tempting as my 2 TB backup has been going on since 2009 (that's 8 years now). I feel I should upgrade just for safety's sake.
  2. Black Friday 2017

    8 TB HGST for $210 - https://slickdeals.net/f/10832915-hgst-deskstar-nas-3-5-8tb-hard-drive-210-5-max-for-deal-ends-11-19 For reference, the 65" MU8000 is $1250 https://slickdeals.net/f/10760635-65-samsung-un65mu8000-4k-uhd-hdr-smart-led-hdtv-1250-free-shipping-ebay-daily-deal?src=sticky
  3. Black Friday 2017

    Fry's Black Friday throughout November sales still coming through: Dummy Cameras lol... https://www.frys.com/search?query_string=9241309&nearbyStoreName=false&site=96premail111717 New option for 65" low end: Samsung 65" UN65MU6290FXZA - $788 - Link Tech:1 Size: 1 Price: 3 Similar to the Best Buy model but it clearly states HDR Pro, and 3 HDMI ports rather than 2. Both models appear to Black Friday specials.
  4. [Movie] Dune (Villeneuve edition)

    My favorite remains the Sci-fi miniseries.
  5. Official Post Anything Technology Related Thread

    Fat check and sold their soul to the devil holllley. That likes a GPU upgrade in each of the performance categories.
  6. Black Friday 2017

    Based on your comment above I'm actually considering getting the TV now rather than waiting because I'd have to wait a whole year for a better price. My options are below: LG OLED 65" OLED65B7 - $2150 - Link Tech:3 Size: 1 Price: 2 Samsung 85" UN85JU7100 - $3500 - Link Tech:1 Size: 4 Price: 1 (2015 top end model) Samsung 82" UN82MU8000 - $2900-3100 - Link Tech:2 Size: 3 Price: 1 (2017 top end non QLED) Samsung 75" UN75MU8000 - $2200-2300 - Link Tech:2 Size: 2 Price: 2 Samsung 75" UN75MU630D - $2000 - Link + Sound Bar Tech:2 Size: 2 Price: 3 Sony 75" XBR75X850E - $2000 - Link Tech:2 Size: 2 Price: 2 Vizio 80" E80-E3 - $2500 - Link Tech:1 Size: 3 Price: 2 Samsung 65" UN65MU6070FXZA - $750 - Link Tech:1 Size: 1 Price: 3
  7. Black Friday 2017

    Your assumption is generally a good one where I would argue historically was true. The idea/fact that it was your observation did make it so is unusual but possibly due to external factors.
  8. Monitor Discussion

    Some have said with the recent cashback site sales, you can get it down to $827.
  9. Black Friday 2017

    I always go with the idea that bigger is better (because I feel too wide of a view is not an issue with me). THX determined that 36° FOV is the optimal image, but at my current distance maximum distance (sink to TV), its only at 17° (55"). With an 82" display, that brings it up to 24° Having just laid out my old couch in position, I can say 7 feet is the closest distance I can position myself which then provides me 42° (82"), 37° (65"), 31° (55"). Keep in mind that with a larger TV you can reposition your layout for greater options effectively extending your couch to screen distances. Still as you said, limited functionality with a limited disposable budget are the key limiting factors here. If you were entertaining guests regularly, that would be also be a use case (as that is mine most of the time). https://www.bfads.net/stores/best-buy/ads/black-friday/page-1 I would disagree here. A 50" 4k for $179 seems significantly better than last year. I see price drops across the board. The 55 to 65" had the smallest amount of price drops ($50-100 drops in the $600 to $1200 models). The low and high ends had the biggest relative drops. What metric are you using your comparisons at?
  10. Monitor Discussion

    I don't see IPS moving much beyond 120 Hz (maybe 144 Hz) given the issues from obtaining faster than 6 ms GtG times. I haven't heard much about a new version of G-Sync or what in particular they might change (maybe a wider range of frequencies or address some of the low frequency (30-50 Hz) issues some have complained about (I haven't personally). Is your Korean IPS even overclockable? I understand a lot of the electronics in the other monitors will simply drop frames if it was even able to accept the higher input signal. My display has had 5 years of life (June 2012) on its original power supply so its been doing pretty well, although I did pay $550 for it.... Its still had a super cheap stand and only takes Dual DVI input (not even HDMI...) so I have some longevity issues with it. FYI Quantum Dot refers to the color filter film in front of the backlight rather than the light source itself. The back light remains LED although now blue rather than white. Reddit Review of AW3418DW
  11. Monitor Discussion

    I've seen that display for as low as $1000 and consider it be an excellent choice over a refurbished Acer X34. Running 120 Hz vs. 100 Hz, I've felt a slight difference but its rather minute. Still for Dell Quality, +new display and NATIVE 100 Hz, I definitely feel its worth the extra money for a refurbished display. If I was to get a new display now this would be my monitor of choice. On that note, I recently was able to get my 5+ year old Yamakasi Catleap Extreme 2B from 110 Hz to 120 Hz stable. There was a significant increase in scan lines however so in the end it keep my V-Sync more reasonable across my displays (60 Hz, 100 Hz, 110 Hz), I dropped it to 100 Hz actually and removed all scan lines..
  12. Black Friday 2017

    I'm a big fan of my Canon MX922 series (~$60-80) and I buy ink off ebay ($15 for 15 cartridges, look up CLI 221 or MX922 ink). The refurbs were going for $1299, and $1999 for the 65". For you, its a great TV, but keep in mind that there is a fairly high early adopters tax for OLED still as pretty much only LG produces them which means monopolistic prices. I expect prices to drop at a reasonable rate for this TV so depending on how much you're willing to pay for how quickly you want it, I'd say wait. After doing the comparisons myself, I'd rather pay for a decent LCD larger display than a better quality OLED at a smaller size at this time. Seeing as you mentioned you don't "need" a TV, I'd wait if I were you. Unless you're just swimming in disposable income of course, then f-it. I'm in the market for an additional TV as I've moved my 55" to the bedroom, and a new TV for the family room, but the funding for the additional TV is still missing....and I don't want to go into debt. I've determined that the distance between my island the and TV is approximately 14' which means the desired size is in the 80" territory for 1080p. At 4k, I definitely need projection level detail. Still there will be closer couches as well which will be approximately 8' so a 65" is sufficient at the upper limit of 4K. I'm still wondering if I should wait for more OLED price drops or just go for an 80"+ when funding permits. *Edit* Some '16 vs. '17 OLED differences
  13. Financial Markets

    Some of the stories seem plausible but there are definitely some extremely reek levels of feces in there: Their director of IT didn't learn of the security incident until August 13th (2 weeks later)!?!? WHEN IT WAS THEIR JOB to be aware.....
  14. Black Friday 2017

    I'm already seeing the Logitech Wheels + Shifter for $200 for starters. A probably better than Black Friday deal was the HP Omen Laptops for $500 (i7 7700HQ + 1050 Ti). My reference for storage is $180 for 8 TB. https://www.bfads.net/ Best Buy, Sears, Macys, Kmart, Kohls, Dell, Costco ads are already out.
  15. [Movie] Blade Runner 2049

    Had a chance to watch it last Friday night and was very very enjoyable. Definitely lived up to my expectations as well as the twists and turns. Not a fan of Jared Leto playing the new CEO as he doesn't have the right "look" (age mostly) of a crazy CEO.