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  1. Trailers

    I only vaguely remember the novel. I'm expecting this will be the usual CGI Young Adult shitfest that will somehow manage to make hundreds of millions.
  2. Games and Gaming News

    http://store.steampowered.com/app/504370/Battlerite/ I tried Battlerite out the other night, it's free to play - but their monetization seems reasonable, they have an option to buy all the heroes for $30. It's very similar to Bloodlines Champions (if anyone remembers that). It's basically a top down team arena. Think league of legends with no items and no minions, just team deathmatch style arena in 2v2 or 3v3 varieties. It's quick and relatively interesting, but I doubt I'll play much more of it. The simplicity and speed is fun, but the hero selection is small and the lack of objectives probably gets old quickly. Neat game, just not for me.
  3. Fighting Games

  4. Black Friday 2017

    Uniqlo also has some black friday deals going on. They're live from now until 11/22. https://www.uniqlo.com/us/en/men/weekly-promotions?srule=best-sellers
  5. Black Friday 2017

    It's $30 per shirt. I've edited the above comment for clarity. Their shirts do crease, you need to iron them semi-frequently. Every shirt I've ever worn, no matter how "non-iron" they claim it to be always creases, this is inevitable. I find their fitting to be pretty decent and have not tailored their shirts, I've had good luck with 17" neck and 36" sleeves. Everyone has a different body type so what works for me may not work for you. Did you mean J Crew or J Crew Factory? I've bought some J Crew factory suits, which I think are pretty decent. I haven't tried their dress shirts mostly because they're too casual for my tastes, I've been trying to buy shirts that lean slightly more on the formal/business side rather than the casual side of business casual. I'd consider trying to find some sport jackets/blazers but all the ones I've found are rather expensive. I need to do some more digging.
  6. [Movie] Logan Lucky

    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5439796/ This was enjoyable. It's very similar to the ocean's 11 movies (same director) but it's a nice bank heist film.
  7. Black Friday 2017

    Charles Tyrwhitt sale currently going on 3 shirts for $30/each and free shipping. http://www.ctshirts.com/us/USOT29 I'm debating going a bit ham on this sale, mostly because I need to retire a couple shirts and I should really get a pair of gray slacks. I might also consider getting a more business casual sweater like this. I was also considering getting a few usb C cables and possibly a power pack. I also really need to just bite the bullet and get a proper briefcase/bag and upgrade my lunchbox for work.
  8. Overwatch

    No, it functions like superspeed. You are stealthed and can run freely. People found out that you can jump into/onto ledges and the superspeed/physics allow you to launch and gain height. That's why all these hops start by jumping into a ledge or object.
  9. Overwatch

    There's also a nice thread showing some of the more ridiculous and useful jumps her fade skill can enable. https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/7dfng8/moira_chain_fade_jump_showcase_xpost/
  10. [TV] Mr. Robot

    So if you thought last episode was good... better strap in.
  11. Official Post Anything Technology Related Thread

    Atlas is doing better box jumps than half the people at the gym...
  12. Overwatch

    https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20759535818 Moira is out on live. She will be disabled from ranked play for 1 week (like previous hero launches). Small ana buff, moderate mercy nerf. I have a feeling this will shake up the hero selection a bit.
  13. Official Post Anything Technology Related Thread

    I know that some level of optimization happens with drivers. But they must have been given a fat check from Activision to do this level of optimiation. Look at these numbers, it's absurd.
  14. [TV] Mr. Robot

    Not to be an asshole, but it's episode 5. They start their numbering at 0 and last week's episode was 3.4 I also agree, and I think the cinematography was fancy as hell but also helped show what was going on. I know that parts of the 2nd season weren't quite as good as the first, but I think season 3 has stepped it way up.
  15. [TV] Star Trek: Discovery

    The last few episodes were incredibly lame. I'm more interested in what they do with the main character. I actually think she's got enough complexities to be interesting, and I'd like to see where they go with her. Unfortunately the show clearly doesn't have great writing and I wonder if they're trying to pump the action up to cover for it (also desperately trying to tap into the recent movies success). I really loved the part where they FOR NO PARTICULAR REASON mention that the first officer's species can run at 80kph, I wonder if he's going to need to run fast in this episode? Atrocious writing. The supporting cast is utter shit, I felt more attached to Michelle Yeoh's than the entire rest of the cast combined.