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  1. Yea this smacks of eugenics programs that we had back in the 1930's.
  2. I liked bastion and transistor, but I've watched gameplay for this and I have no interest in it. The art and music look great, but the gameplay looks like a weird sports game with minor abilities.
  3. I played the closed beta/alpha for this a long time ago. It looks like they've added a bunch of new characters, but they're still competing in a very competitive moba space.
  4. The APR stuff is basically not available to us in socal. You need to buy from some very specific dealers to get it. Honestly I'm not interested in tuning it anyways, 220hp is plenty. I plan on getting a performance package or sport because of the bigger brakes. I sincerely hope the full led tail lights are coming, if they aren't that's some bullshit. Honestly that might be enough to affect my purchase decision, especially considering the relatively small changes between the mk7 and 7.5
  5. I know they're trying to cash in on wonder woman, but the original creator was super weird. The bondage and his second slave/wife that he kept as well as his invention of the polygraph - he was interesting... and super weird.
  6. They brought back rize from titanfall 1 Also some pretty new weapon skins - something about increased xp being tied to them. There are some new titan skins that have a ranking should patch (tied to frontier defense) as well. Some of this is limited time availability.
  7. It's very similar to how the US deportation system works. Some are tolerated and live at the fringes of society, with varying levels of oversight and aid being provided. Some are interned before being deported back to the country of origin. Source: If they're found committing crimes they are also sometimes taken to trial in the country and may even serve prison time in the EU, or they may just be held until deportation can be arranged.