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  1. European Trip

    Glad you guys had a good time. It looks like your photos are really solid.
  2. Guild Wars 2

    I figure I'd post a basic rundown of what I've seen/done in the new expansion. I'll keep it spoiler free. I beat the main storyline, but I was rushing it pretty hard. Overall the storyline was decent, a bit higher quality than the living world, but it also helped that they focus on the side-characters I enjoy. Canach in particular is the best written character in the game. I've seen some really cool lore stuff related to gw1, I know most players won't appreciate it, but it's nice to see the devs making some tasteful callbacks to the original. I managed to 100% the first 2 zones, I'll probably take a break from this and do some work on the the fifth mount because that involves some heart completion and events. Overall, I think the mounts are solid, the raptor is basic but fast, the springer feels almost broken, especially with the jump upgrade, you can scale nearly sheer cliffs with it. The jackal seems mediocre, I haven't used many of the portals yet, so that might change my opinion, I don't like the blink ability it has. The skimmer is just bad, it's the slowest mount, the "ability" it has is a joke and it's only really needed for environmental hazards and water. The fifth mount looks bonkers, I'd argue it's an "ascended" rarity mount in terms of the gold and effort needed to unlock it. I'm glad there's some effort involved in getting it, although I wish it wasn't quite as expensive, 250g is quite a bit for most people. I'd recommend getting mount masteries like: raptor 3, springer 3, jackal 3, then springer 4 because it applies fall damage reduction to all mounts, which seems very useful. I think this expansion is easier than Heart of Thorns. The difficulty seems lower and the ability to do map completion seems quite a bit easier than heart of thorns, you can do almost all of it with raptor/springer 3. I also believe that there are only 3 "meta events" in the maps and none of them are on strict timers like the heart of thorns maps. Some people speculate that means that heart of thorns maps will still be a major focus, and that these maps will be left behind, I'm not entirely sure. I do think that the focus in path of fire was mounts, the fact that they're usable in all other areas is going to be a major game changer for world completion and general movement. I really like the new maps and think they're very well made. I think they took many of the complaints from heart of thorns and addressed them in these maps. Even after do map completion on two of the maps, I feel like I haven't seen everything. At this point I really need to find a guild to join up with. I'd really like to try out some raids since that seems to be a rather major piece of content I haven't touched. I'd also love to find some proper fractal groups because my luck the last few nights has been abysmal. I hope the raiders and other top pve players start posting builds this week. I'm curious to see where everything ends up. I do expect some nerfs because some of the preliminary numbers I've seen so far for the new elite specs are way out of line, 50% more damage than the previous top damage builds. I know that some power creep is inevitable, but that's just way to much.
  3. Guild Wars 2

    Spoilers for the "hidden" mount. Expect to see this thing all over the game world.
  4. Cell Phones & Service

    They don't have any numbers for pixels right now. I imagine when the pixel 2's come out they'll have values for the original pixel phones trade in.
  5. Cell Phones & Service

    We've posted about the essential phone in this thread previously. I love the design of the essential. I think it's the best looking smartphone currently available. But it's absolute garbage in every other area. Camera - Garbage. They've desperately tried to update the software and even with all that, people have found better results sideloading google's pixel camera. That speaks volumes... Updates - Garbage. They haven't released security or version updates to 8.0. They mentioned that these updates would be "fast" but they've also said that they expect 8.0 to release "sometime before the end of the year" Water resistance. - Nope. They couldn't get proper ip certification, and they claim that it's "resistant" but I sincerely doubt it is considering the lack of certification. Headphone Jack - Nope. I know this isn't a unique problem, but it's worth mentioning. Honestly I hope they find some level of success, but I've heard they're bleeding engineers and that sales haven't been great. I also hope that the Google/HTC design team shamelessly copies much of their design, because I really like it that much. It's too bad the software support is currently non-existent and the camera is trash.
  6. Trailers

  7. Guild Wars 2

    Patchnotes: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/2879/game-release-notes-september-22-2017#latest Looks like some minor changes in fractals got pushed. They updated bolt's projectiles, I will look for a video/gif to post of this. EDIT: Bolt projectiles appear much better than previous. EDIT2: Cool new cash shop weapons. The axe looks massive. http://dulfy.net/2017/09/22/gw2-war-god-weapon-skins-gallery/ There's also this amazing looking hydra staff skin that's super rare. I personally think this looks better than bifrost, and very close to the raven staff legendary.
  8. Nvidia GTX 1000 series

    1070ti stuff/rumors: http://www.guru3d.com/news-story/geforce-gtx-1070-ti-specs-and-details-based-on-gp104-300.html Looks like a slightly worse 1080 but for $100 cheaper. I honestly think this muddies the water, the only reason I can see for producing this is the use of GDDR5 instead of GDDR5X to lower the overall cost.
  9. Financial Markets

    I think there are two reasons why maliciously freezing someone's credit doesn't happen. You normally have to pay for the freeze at about $10-15 per bureau and it only affects the opening of new credit lines. I think the nastiest thing you could do to someone would be trying to freeze their credit during a home buying transaction and potentially spoiling that transaction, if the lender couldn't pull a followup credit report. Also you would still need access to some private information like their SSN to go through the credit freeze process. I think there are so many other ways to do damage to someone with less time/effort/money than paying $45 and freezing their credit.
  10. Guild Wars 2

    They gave it melee range around your character as well as the cone in front. This means it's effective to use it when stacking because you can hit people next to you in melee with the shout and don't need to be behind them and pointing the cone perfectly. Yes it's not a huge range, but that's a major quality of life upgrade. Shouts and banners tend to have 600 range.
  11. Games and Gaming News

  12. Guild Wars 2

    https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/2698/firebrand-specialization-updates-for-the-path-of-fire-launch Firebrand mantras hitboxes now apply in both AOE and Cone. They also cut some of the extra cast time on them. Looks like Kuhla finally gets hit full support guardian, although there does appear to be some burn/dps specs floating around. Spellbreaker got almost no changes and I expect it will be only used in pvp/wvw. Scourge got the nerf-bat super hard. Sidenote: Finally crafted Bolt yesterday. Looking forward to this weekend and putting some time into the new expansion. Also, I have gone full elitist - I'm starting to get mad when I see pugs do terrible dps numbers or fail basic t4 fractals mechanics. I need to find a real guild...
  13. Financial Markets

  14. Cell Phones & Service

    https://www.theverge.com/2017/9/21/16343342/google-htc-deal-apple-iphone-war Looks like Google is going forward and buying HTC. People are saying this is "nothing like when they bought motorola." I'm not entirely convinced but it seems like they've made a much more aggressive move towards being a hardware company than previously. I sincerely hope this mean that the newer pixel 3/4 phones won't look like garbage and will actually compete on hardware with LG and Samsung.