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  1. Cell Phones & Service

    i wonder how much they offer the current pixels for the trade in. if any
  2. Guild Wars 2

    that hydra staff is sick
  3. European Trip

    Paris + Rome + FANGs https://photos.app.goo.gl/yqetIw1P7RjNm0783 Germany (Munich, Ingolstadt, Stuttgart, Cologne) https://photos.app.goo.gl/Z0KEtGa2p5iiqePI2 I have more photos on my slr these are all from my phone. might add later Paris. The city is honestly fine. Its not super clean its not super dirty either. immigrants who are beggings and just sitting bum is kinda sad. some have kids pets, and luggage. its hella busy and people are just not tourist friendly. not all but yeahh... food ? im honestly not a fan; Icecream, Gelato + deserts + croissant are fantastic. their subway is confusing as fuck. we have to ask people to make sure shits are correct. its prob fine but its just not obvious enough for me. maybe im dumb. Rome Its dirtier but with characters. old buildings, graffiti everywhere. people are much friendlier and they are funny. restaurant waiter by our hotels keep inviting us to sit to eat every time we pass. food? i love pasta soo its good. except i dont like it if its too cheesy Germany Munich i love this place. people are Super nice. one lady come up to us and ask if we were lost. i know this is like one encounter but i feel like people in general always have a smile and its much more approachable. Autobahn i love this shit. i follow my speed limit and i was driving ok i think. nobody honk or flash me. the fastest i went was 180kmph. i couldn't go any faster rather comfortably cause its relatively busy and ford bmax (standard btw). google map. works fantastic but when i have a shit signal the direction would lag and i would miss a turn and guidance, and it would change its mind and rerouted me to a different road altogether. city driving is rather difficult because of above reasons + constructions. aside from the autobahn i wouldn't drive and rent a car any more in Europe because gas is expensive and parking cost $. im glad i did try it tho. Subway and long distance train. easy to navigate make sense, some confusion on the bahn but i can always ask for directions. Ingolstadt NO speaks engrish. i was only here for the Audi forum aniway Stuttgart some speak engrish. Porsche/ MB museum, even if you dont like car i think this museum is fantastic. they have soo much stuff and nice building, architecture. Cologne everybody speak engrish, i dont feel like im in germany not sure why. lots of different people or maybe cause i was already home sick. Overall it was expensive trip its worth it. enjoyable + hanging out with the FANG REN + Christina love VAT, and no tipping is best. get to see some cool cars and i was surprised very little/barely Japanese cars. Germans are better anyway . VW/AUDI/ Porsche / MercedesBenz/ BMW/ SEAT / Vauxhall / OPEL / Renault / Peugeot / Fiat or ban NO i dint go to a full blown oktoberfest shitshow but i get to see people wearing lederhosen and havin a good time when we roam at night.
  4. Cell Phones & Service

    yes front facing speaker. the pixel speaker sounds like ass. i got o last week and few things i notice. they move shit around on the menu. for the better i think. just need to relearn where shits are. not bad. i like the lighter color on the settings. bootup is way faster. battery seems about the same gps went crazy for w.e reason for few times.
  5. Titanfall 1 and 2

    i knew it was something silly
  6. CS GO

  7. Fallout from Charlottesville.

    if it was my own opinion. i would say no. they should not be allowed. because of the racist chants, promoting hate. but freedom of speech right ? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ All these would be illegal to do in Germany right ? the march thing.
  8. Fallout from Charlottesville.

    aside from the obvious stuff thats already allover the media. i honestly dont know much about this mess for me to talk about it comfortably. but yeah that counter protester thing made it worst. XD the marching and screaming racist garbage is crazy. it is damaging to society
  9. Official VW/Audi Thread

    i get it. i just like the idea of fast wagon. i love the golf but the wagon just makes sense if you are in the market for suvs. i refuse to buy suv. its expensive, driving dynamic sucks, heavy. the cabin is exactly the same like the golf. you only gain trunk space.
  10. RAnd0m Au7om071v3

    upcoming shenanigans Socal Euro Sep 3 2017 https://www.big-euro.com/big-socal-euro/ OC Autoshow Sep 28 - Oct 1 2017 http://autoshowoc.com/ LA Autoshow Dec 1-10 2017 https://laautoshow.com/tickets/