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  1. Official VW/Audi Thread

    you should fit just fine with the sunroof. the sunroof is panorama and they retract out instead of in. takes smaller space. interior dimension should be the same. you can try sitting on kats car if you like. the white honestly growing on me and i think i prefer the lighter color on the 7.5. the fins on the fogs is agressive on the 7.5 and it create a nice contrast. that white pearl is gucci. while i prefer darker color on the mk7. dont get me wrong but they both looks good.
  2. The Division

    i was surprise that the expansion still cost like 30 dollars and i feel like the only thing worth getting is prob the underground(the first one). survival; ive never really play it (2nd one), and last stand is prob too pvp based but each of expansion have new incursion and some new stuff i think.
  3. havent been following but what are the real threat to me on consumer level ? the real talk im just a gamer at home.

    1. yea remove combat drone / scouting drone uav is fine. 2. Either make jumping less spam able or make the hit reg better. prob less spamable cause its dumb even on semi tactical shooter. 3. i thought the destructible is fine but tank is too slow and annoying to maneuver on those terrain. kinda lame. (also why i like rush game mode better. i get to destroy new shit and i have cover.)
  5. i honestly love my shield. the game streaming works fairly well. noticeable slight lag on like racing game. youtube tv, netflix, game, plex. i think they do plex server. you just have to attach the nas.
  6. Games and Gaming News

    i played some 1.8 and it seems legit. from what ive heard they make everything(guns and sets) viable. the horde aircraft carrier thing is interesting. underground is revamp
  7. Overwatch

    junkrat tho
  8. Cell Phones & Service

    or you can get it from the google store. 100 bucks google store credit google mini and w/e your trade in credit is.
  9. Keyboards & Mice

    i have the logitech orion spark if you want to try it out. nobody give me offers you can have it if you want.
  10. Monitor Discussion

    soo why is that 120 overclocked. do i expect them to fail ? or is it not designed to run @ 120.
  11. Titanfall 1 and 2

    so before they were just publisher ?