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  1. Monitor Discussion

    soo why is that 120 overclocked. do i expect them to fail ? or is it not designed to run @ 120.
  2. Titanfall 1 and 2

    so before they were just publisher ?
  3. Black Friday 2017

    yeee i need some space. bigger ssd or just a fat storage.
  4. RAnd0m Au7om071v3

  5. RAnd0m Au7om071v3

  6. Cell Phones & Service

    looks good but now a days its kinda hard to ignore a so so camera on a cellphone. that sound grill tho. lint from pocket.
  7. Cell Phones & Service

    i was under the impression that the rebate is a tmobile credit. is that still the case ? its used to be like that.
  8. Keyboards & Mice

    people gon be happy
  9. My New Car: 2015 VW GTi

    i'll drop it off tonight if youre home. gas cap ? prob intermittent shit. intake flap, miss fire all sorts of shit
  10. Monitor Discussion

    i wanted to upgrade but i dont want to upgrade. the problem is that i have a gtx1080 and i cant seems to play current games @1440p with max settings with the frames i like. soo 4k is gonna be worst. most games now have the slider with resolutions scale ussually helps increase texture qualities. and also for the love of god. i dont know if this nvidia or windows issues. if i decided to play my game with non native resolutions my 2ndary monitor resolutions is all messed up. is this everyones problem or it only happens to me ? how to fix it?
  11. Cell Phones & Service

    the hangout features i think if you jump out you just get a google voice number and you still get those sms on hangouts. whichever way you do it. you still get those msg. i would move keep your number as a google voice number and get new number on tmobile. or the other way around get new google voice number and port your number to tmobile. but you have to tell those people your new google voice number in order for you to keep receiving text on hangout.