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    Cyberpunk 2077

    Here's the review thread since the DLC launches September 26 and the 2.0 patch launches tomorrow on the 21st. https://old.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/16nnhaw/cyberpunk_2077_phantom_liberty_review_thread/ tl;dr - The 2.0 update is really good and the DLC is a solid excuse to dive back in and experience the game. I believe they also have an option to start a new save/character at the correct level to jump right into the DLC. They did this previously with witcher 3 DLC. I'd be more inclined to play through the entire game (once I finish Baldur's Gate 3, so it might be a while). The 2.0 update is a huge revamp which I'm not going to detail, but the major changes that caught my eye are: Revamped Skills & Cyberware, Vehicle combat, unlimited generated side missions, police revamp - including max tac. I think this is also one of the few releases that make use of DLSS 3.5 (details here).
  3. I stumbled across this rather neat article regarding stock and bond correlation. https://mailchi.mp/verdadcap/an-update-on-the-stock-bond-correlation Traditional thinking is that stocks and bonds should be negatively correlated, when equities go down, fixed income goes up and vice versa. My issue is that we've seen at least a few instances of this not being correct. 2022 was a great example where both equities and fixed income both declined. These charts give a bit more color on what stock-bond correlation actually looks like. The rolling 3 year stock/bond correlation shows a change from a strong negative correlation into a strong positive correlation currently. This includes the rolling one year as well, which adds a bit more noise to the chart. Here's an even better chart showing inflation vs stock/bond correlation: Low inflation = low correlation. High inflation = high correlation. Now that's rather interesting. Just a note: we haven't seen inflation above 5% since 1990 during a recession caused by the savings and loan crisis, so the right hand side of that graph is overrepresenting data from 30+ years ago. Random Commentary: The financial industry always looks for uncorrelated assets or ways to mitigate downside risk, this has traditionally been done through fixed income investments. I have been less than thrilled with fixed income investments, especially as a negatively correlated asset; I think they still serve a purpose I just wouldn't count on them to help reduce downside risk. This article might just be confirmation bias (throw in some recency bias too for good measure), but it's interesting to see people far smarter bring this up.
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  5. CPU: Ryzen R7 5800X3D COOLING: Noctua NH-D15 SE-AM4 GPU: PNY RTX 4090 MOBO: Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws V 32GB(2x16) DDR4-3200 NVME: Sabrent Rocket 2TB (x2) CASE: Factal Design Torrent PSU: Seasonic Prime Ultra Titanium 850W Display: LG 34GK950F-B (Primary) I ended up going big and getting the 5800X3D and 4090. I felt with the very reasonable 5800x3d pricing it made sense to take advantage of the AM4 upgrade path to really stretch this system. I went with the 4090 for several (admittedly dumb) reasons; partly because of the price to performance of the 4080 being mediocre, with the 4090 being very close in cost per frame, and just a general feeling of: why shouldn't I - which stems from the absurd cost of the 4000 series. Something about in for a penny in for a pound. System is running great, everything is maxed out and humming along. I played with some fan curves and mostly feel like I have everything as quiet if not quieter than before. I've briefly looked at temps but didn't see anything weird. I made extra sure to jam the power connector in very tight and not bend the adapter too much, thankfully I have a large enough case to accommodate this without issue. I also made sure to adjust the built in GPU anti-sag bracket.
  6. Malaphax

    Baldur's Gate 3

    I've played a fair bit of this and I'm close to done with Act 1 (of 3). I'm level 5 (max is 12) and playing a vengeance paladin. I'm sure glad I know a bit about Dungeons and Dragons Some people claimed that you don't need to know anything about D&D, they're full of shit. The entire game is built on the underlying systems of D&D and understanding what type of dice is being rolled, how to influence that dice and other key mechanics are fairly critical to your success in both combat and roleplay/conversations. You absolutely can play as anything, but I do feel like you should strongly consider playing a class with an emphasis on charisma. Because that affects the majority of conversation checks, including persuasion/intimidation. The game gives you other opportunities but it still leans heavily on having a "face" character that can handle the talking. You can start a conversation with anyone in your party but I do feel like having someone other than your character as the person making decisions in conversations is weird. Paladin, Warlock, Sorcerer, and Bards all take high charisma and therefore have some advantage. You do get class specific prompts, along with racial and background prompts as well but I still feel like charisma is emphasized. Combat can range from cool immersive sim style stuff to basic - I hit them with my sword. I lean more towards the simple variety, but I may explore a bit more as I progress deeper into the game with more levels and potential multi-classing opening up. Even simple combat can have some depth with various magical items, battle maneuvers, or just plain shoving people off high places for big damage (or instant death). Graphically the game holds it's own, I'd argue the characters and lipsyncing is better than some bigger budget games, but honestly that pales in comparison to the fact that the entire game (minus the protagonist) is voiced. While this game feels far more like the witcher 3 than mass effect in terms of how morality is portrayed (more gray), it's clear that a more good aligned path is the preferred path. I think the solution is playing a bit like renegade Shepard or Han Solo, be sleezy when it suits you, but stick mostly to the good path. There's no game mechanics stopping you from becoming a murder-hobo but I can't say I recommend it. All of the quests feel properly crafted. There's no simple fetch quests, and the game doesn't feed you the answers. I have used the wiki and looked stuff up, that doesn't bother me but if you're very opposed to that idea you will miss some content and find certain parts of the game annoying. The game throws a ton of magic gear at you. In fact one companion's quest involves consuming magical gear, and without that magical garbage disposal I think you'd just end up hoarding more loot than a dragon. I'm still overrun with magic gear and spent a good chunk of time doing inventory management. You can respec yourself and your companions for very cheap - I found this useful and I suspect I'll use this even more later in the game to try out a few different builds. You can also resurrect people if they fully die in combat, basically the only way to game over is a full party wipe. The game is super impressive and will almost certainly be considered a genre defining classic. But for all the impressive nature, it's not an easy recommendation.
  7. While I liked the series, I didn't enjoy the ending. There's a bit of deus ex machina combined with a major character revealing all of their secrets and having an emotional breakdown, which is the complete opposite of the character in question. The fantasy setting with zero magic* was a nice change of pace compared to most fantasy I've read, but the pseudo viking inspired setting didn't really go much deeper than that. I appreciate that each book is told from different character perspectives while still having characters from earlier in the series be present, but the third book added multiple pov characters and felt muddled. I guess I'd give this a soft recommendation. Currently reading: A Memory Called Empire - This won the hugo award for 2020, so I'm hoping it's a solid piece of scifi. The premise is sort of interesting, and the initial chapters seem to set up a very intimate portrayal of the "stranger in a strange land" trope.
  8. That totally long ass post right above you goes over it. California (and the US) does not track foreign buyers or corporate buyers. At best they survey mortgage brokers and agents to get a loose approximation. Source: https://www.car.org/en/marketdata/data/countysalesactivity Currently the quantity of home sales is on the decline, down 10% Y/Y and 3% M/M. The price Y/Y and M/M are either flat or very slightly up. It's because the people who do have money (existing home owners with high incomes) are the few that can afford anything and they're buying at the top end which drags up the median, while anyone at the lower end is priced out. If you're wondering if these are all cash buyers, that's possibly the case, but I suspect anyone who's buying a home for $1M+ can afford the mortgage. I doubt this is majority foreign buyers, and I especially doubt it's majority chinese buyers - the chinese real estate market is in the shitter and it's dragging their entire economy down. Anecdotally, I'm seeing price reductions on zillow and redfin at the lower end. I think with the current interest rates being ~7%, new home buyers can't make the payments they could a year or so ago, which is deflating the housing market. Inventory is very low at the lower end of the market, which despite the high mortgage rates and general unaffordability, is helping maintain a price floor.
  9. Any details on California's Foreign buyers? https://www.dailybulletin.com/2023/08/30/inland-empire-homebuying-drops-22-in-a-year Doesn't make sense that home prices in the area up while home sales are down by approx. 1/3rd? I hear cash buyers but I doubt that's most Americans. This looks like a Bubble.
  10. This year just feels too stacked with great releases, I feel like I'm drowning with gaming options (mostly single player). I think between covid delays and some funky release windows I think we're going to see smaller games get canabalized by larger/popular releases. A non-complete list of major releases (and a few games I'm into): More complete list here: https://www.polygon.com/23493762/new-video-games-2023-release-dates-calendar-upcoming Zelda - Tears of the Kingdom Harry Potter - Hogwart's Legacy Atomic Heart Dead Space (remake) Resident Evil 4 (remake) Company of Heroes 3 Darkest Dungeon 2 Star Wars: Jedi Survivor Street Fighter 6 Diablo 4 Final Fantasy 16 Remnant 2 Expanse: Telltale Series Armored Core 6 Baldur's Gate 3 Blasphemous 2 Coming soon(ish) Starfield Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty (DLC) Mortal Kombat 1 Payday 3 Assassin's Creed Mirage Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Alan Wake 2 Spiderman 2
  11. Winter King - has been... meh. It's not quite as pulpy as the Last Kingom. Instead it feels like its taking itself too seriously, which I'm not opposed to but I don't think they're hitting the mark. Also the action scenes are suffering from severe shaky cam syndrome - I can't tell if they're trying to cover up poor stunt-work or just making a poor design choice. I'm hoping this picks up because so far I've been disappointed. Ahsoka - I'm severely biased because I've watched all of the clone wars and rebels. I felt so far this is a strong 7/10 star wars show. It's not as bad as some recent star wars offerings and also not even in the same discussion as something as good as Andor. There's also some valid criticism being leveled at the show. I do think Rosario Dawson is playing a bit too stoic and aloof, which is a different take on the character, but I also understand this is an older version of that character. I think we're seeing a return of the completely inept ruling faction (in this case the new republic), which is not just tedious but annoyingly so. We've also seen a few instances of weird space maguffins involving maps, in this case a map to a person's location which is just... so dumb. Not to mention light sabers are dramatically less lethal now that we've seen multiple series show characters get stabbed in the gut and just seemingly walk it off (RIP Qui Gon Jinn), this is even more wacky when we could have seen a lesser and more believable injury like slashing the meat of someone's leg so they can't chase you. Despite all my critical feelings of the show, I still want it to succeed, and not just because of my nostalgia regarding the character. Foundation Season 2 - This has been surprisingly engaging. I still have sincere issues with some of the acting of Gael and Salvor, but at least the plot seems to be moving briskly and not just retreading old ground. All of the additional characters this season have also been solid. The Knick - I picked this up on a random recommendation from the internet and so far this has delivered. I think this fits the "good show, but nobody watched it" category. Which is ironic considering the writers/creators of this show also did Perry Mason, another good show that nobody watched and that was recently cancelled because of the poor viewership. This is also one of the few tv shows that used a single director for the entire run (Steven Soderbergh) which I think leads to a more cohesive style and less variability in the quality of episodes. We get season 2 of Wheel of Time this week. I'm going to give this a second chance even though the first season was pretty bad. Considering Amazon's track record of high budget fantasy shows, I'm not holding out much hope.
  12. I'm mostly interested in the X3D chips due to the increased game performance, I know it's not across all games but I've seen enough benchmarks to see the benefits. I don't have need of the additional horsepower that a 5900x would provide, but thanks for the offer. I'll mull this over for a little bit longer. I might also check that my RAM is put in the preferred slots (you never know). Again, if I was getting more issues with bluescreens or other weird stuff while using the PC I would be dramatically more concerned but I don't have crashing issues or other weird performance problems - it's just the occasional boot looping that quickly fixes itself. I should probably take your recommendations for a full CMOS clear after a clean BIOS update. I don't think it's PCH temps or anything like that but I'll take a look. I'm not on windows 11 and I'm not particularly inclined to upgrade from windows 10.
  13. Regarding a 5800X3D. I've been considering moving my rig to a 7x00 series right now and I have a great 5900X + mobo + ram config (or if you just want the CPU), I could let it go for cheap. I upgraded from the 3900X to the 5900X when the opportunity came around, and it was a small noticeable upgrade, but my new display situation has pushed my CPU needs even more. #2 and #3 would be the cost effective way of managing this. I've been debating #3 myself, but its annoying right now to turn off game mode based on what I'm doing with my PC regularly. If there is some type of annoying issue It sounds that equivalent for you is the bootloop issue which I'd consider the following options to get it addressed: BIOS update (duh) - do a clean clear CMOS and reconfigure your settings. Do a complete CMOS/EEPROM wipe with a battery pull + jumper clear. Also check your PCH temperatures, I had to repaste motherboards heat spreader because it was overheating initially. Do you have fTPM enabled with WIndows 11? That caused a lot of issues with me, and might be another source of problems.
  14. Thoughts: I thought I heard 5800x3d inventory was really low/gone? Just checked Microcenter website and looks like they still have plenty in stock so I am wrong. Take a look at the image above taken from this HU video. It's not an exact comparison to your scenario but it's showing the same old problem is still valid. At 4K or similar high resolutions, in modern games, the CPU doesn't make much difference. The GPU is the bottleneck. Your current CPU is not slow and I don't think it's going to prevent you from enjoying new games. Can you cherrypick examples like Assetto Corsa or BG3 like you posted? Sure but they are the minority. About your concerns about your recent issues, if your PSU is not the problem and memory is not the problem and GPU is probably not the issue then that leaves only CPU and motherboard. Replacing the CPU would eliminate one of those leaving you with just one last variable. Thoughts: For your immediate concerns of new games, this option seems the most reasonable. Prices have been trickling downward. There is no massive new generation leap coming. Thoughts: I like this option the most. Is there hype for Ryzen 8000? Are you considering x3d? Thoughts: I do not like this option. It seems emotional and a waste of money even if you can afford it. Regardless of everything I wrote above, I guess I'm just wondering what your expectations are. Your system is good enough that, even in brand new games, you are not going to be running everything on "low". So what are you problem are you overcoming? Or is it just a hypothetical? No matter how awesome of a new build you put together it isn't going to help if the game you play is poorly optimized or unstable. I will admit I feel a little conflicted because I sometimes feel like I'm always on the side of saving money.
  15. Once you get under 80g I really feel like weight stops being worth discussing. Shape/comfort is pretty much always king these days. If you have even a little doubt about what kind of shape you really prefer, I would recommend trying the zowie shape kit. Pulsar Endgamegear Lamzu Delux HyperX I'm not actually sure why I started typing our brand names or what my goal was here but yeah. Razer, Logitech are the two big boys. Most other brands are competing for 3rd place.
  16. Kinda competes with the M32U except that it's more expensive.
  17. I think we've hit full circle on content fracturing. When streaming first came out, there was massive consolidation and an effort to get everything online and easily accessible to cut down on piracy, and it worked. Now we have too many streaming services and they're also moving towards ad-supported models or premium pricing for less content, same thing with the VPN and password sharing crackdowns. I know recently Netflix said they saw an increase in subscriptions when they implemented their policy against password sharing, but I suspect we'll start to see more movement towards piracy. I'm personally at my limit on netflix, and if they increase the pricing on my plan or make it any worse I might just drop it and get my content elsewhere. Sidenote: ESPN+ (owned by Disney) made a deal with some gambling shit recently. I'm not normally someone who tries to ascribe characteristics to mega-corporations, but it does feel weird to think that Disney is now in the gambling business. I also think there are some obvious ways for some of these streamers to make money with live sports streaming, especially since sports is already ad-supported. I can just imagine more people would be willing to pay a single fee for all the playoff games of particular sports, or big events like the world cup, but as far as I know right now they're still sticking with the monthly subscription model instead of offering a more pay-per-view model for big events.
  18. not sure if i post this rant on the right thread but as some one who wanted to watch multiple diffrernt football leagues/soccer. why is it so fucking dificult and expensive; i literally have to sub to 3 different subscriptions to watch all of those matches.i get it this is all due to contract and deals for those streaming service but its getting ridiculous now. one league one service. premiere league = peacock nbc bundesliga = espn + premiere league = paramount + dumb
  19. I rehomed my PC a while back into the Fractal Torrent case. I'm much happier with the noise profile and I think the components are running a fair bit cooler. I'm debating a couple of upgrade paths: Buy a 5800x3d + 4080/4090 GPU. Estimated Cost ~ $1,500 - $2,000 This would definitely be a huge upgrade to my system and would involve minimal effort. My concern is that I really haven't run into too many games that actually stress my system enough to warrant that type of upgrade... but multiple big games are coming out this year which very well might (cyberpunk expansion, starfield, etc.) Also, I have some modest concerns about my current PC: About 1-2x per month when I boot up it seems to go through some sort of boot loop; it doesn't even make it to bios, fans spin up to max and then stop, repeating 3-5x before eventually sorting itself out and getting into windows. I've had very few crashes or bluescreens, I've run memtest and it's come back clean, I have updated bios with little to no change. I have no idea if this is just an intermittent ghost in the machine that's upset with me, or something is actually wrong (maybe mobo, but no idea). My concern is what would happen if I drop in a new CPU + GPU into the system (probably nothing) and if that could make things worse. Worst case scenario is that it actually ends up breaking shit and I need to sink more money to replace more components and end up having to basically build a new system (at least DDR4 is cheap). My logical brain is telling me this is an overreaction and nearly every PC I've ever had has occasionally been temperamental. tl;dr slightly worried about sinking more money into my current system when its not working perfectly. Buy a 4080/4090 GPU. Estimated Cost ~ $1,200 - $1,700 I could "save" money by opting just for a GPU upgrade, since very few games would in theory be hit by CPU bottlenecks at 3440x1440. Counterpoint, you absolutely can choke a higher end GPU with a much weaker CPU, and considering how poorly optimized games have released this year, that's a very real possibility. Also there are games that do run into CPU limits - here's a very recent example from Baldur's Gate 3. This seems like the actual worst option considering how inexpensive (<$300) a direct upgrade like 5800x3d is and would dramatically mitigate any CPU issues. I'm also not interested in dropping to anything below a 4080, and as much as I would like to support AMD, I don't think their high end offerings are currently worthwhile. Patiently Wait and do a full upgrade later. Estimated Cost = FREE This is what I had been leaning towards for a while. We'll get AMD 8000 series CPUs sometime next year, alongside whatever competing CPUs from Intel. We supposedly will get some form of RTX 5000 series probably late 2025. Those dates are looking further away than I would like, but I'm sure I could stretch it out if I really wanted to. I guess the crap shoot is that newer tech isn't good value (worse than 4000 series - god I hope not) and having to fight the angry hordes on launch day trying to get components. Fuck it buy a whole new system NOW. Estimated Cost ~ $3,000+ I don't really wanted to entertain this, but it would most likely involve a new mobo + CPU + RAM + GPU and then salvage the case and PSU. Either way I probably won't make any hard decisions until closer to labor day since I might be able to snag some small sales (not counting on it). I guess I could wait until black friday, but I'm again not counting on major GPU price reductions, and I suspect that the 5800x3d isn't going to drop much below $300 either.
  20. I'm glad you're liking the new mouse. I'm slowly wearing off some of the side grip on my razer viper. I bought some third party grip replacements a while back and I should probably just spend a bit of time one weekend and replace the stock ones. I just haven't found the motivation. At some point I should look a little bit more closely at the lightweight mice options out there, my viper isn't super heavy (74g) but I'm seeing more stuff in the 50-60g range which would be a substantial reduction. Speaking of not finding the motivation... I actually have a keyboard (or two) that I need to build, but just haven't found the time or desire to get my shit together. I'm seriously debating having a "professional" build it for me so I can just get it done and move on. I'd probably still end up having to do some programming for it (hopefully I can hack together some of my prior code).
  21. T1no

    Keyboards & Mice

    after many many many years since the begining of time i start gaming really. i always have used a logitech mouse. i recently ditch the gpro superlight to a pulsar brand x2v2 mini prelease. https://www.pulsar.gg/products/x2-v2-mini-gaming-mouse its only been 2 days but so far so good; hopefully good long term. i was worried about reliability due to the first batch ot the original x2 is bad. even kuhla warned me about this. glad that I delayed the purchase. what i like smaller / lighter / shorter (height) low hump click feels good main and side btns usb c (deal breaker if its not usbc) cheaper than the other wireless superlight flagship mouse. the bonus 4k dongle support coming motion sync
  22. Good Omens Season 2 - A nice short season that felt very much at home with the books and first season. There's some blatantly obvious "we filmed this during covid, give us a break" moments in the show that they tried to integrate but felt ham-fisted. I was beyond amused to see them parody the parable of Job, and portray the angels as so enlightened that they're clueless about how humans function. Clearly Neal Gaiman is more than happy to get involved in tv shows now and so far they've all been fairly decent. Star Trek Strange New Worlds - I'm still enjoying this but the second season was a bit worse. Since this is one of the few Star Trek shows that hasn't been cancelled, I'll be interested to see where they take it. I also don't like what they've done with the Gorn. I understand they wanted to move away from a dude in a goofy looking rubber lizard suit but they've made them too animalistic. I just can't fathom a species like that achieving warp or having advanced capabilities - it would be like if James Cameron's Alien suddenly started piloting a starship, it would seem so out of place as to be unbelievably ridiculous. Foundation Season 2 - This is about on par with the first season. The empire storylines still feel far better than anything related to the actual foundation. Most of the new characters/actors feel like a good fit, but Salvor is the worst actress on the show and Gael isn't much better. Anime Garbage Heavenly Delusion was solid. My only note of caution is that it's a mystery box show. I have extremely low tolerance for mystery box bullshit but it was still interesting enough to watch. Animation was very solid and the world building was a unique take on post apocalyptic. I hope they put out another season because the show is clearly unfinished. Hell Paradise isn't nearly as good as people recommended, I'll skip through a bit more but I'm not impressed. Jujustu Kaisen Season 2 - The first few episodes are a giant flashback sequence that essentially acts as a standalone arc. The animation is phenomenal, and the antagonist was fantastic. I'd almost recommend watching those few episodes as an intro to the series rather than start with season 1. Bleach - The animation quality is still great and they're absolutely keeping up the pace. Most episodes have at least one fight sequence, the plot feels like someone took a standard battle shounen and cut all the bullshit, it's refreshing. Mushoku Tensei - Still the best anime airing. Upcoming Stuff Winter King - King Arthur stuff, based on books by Bernard Cornwell, who wrote the Last Kingdom. I'm down for more early English sword and sandals type shows so I'll give this a shot. Ahsoka - Its Star Wars so it could be good or could be terrible. I'm expecting it to be right down the middle, probably about the same quality as the Mandalorian, maybe a little worse.
  23. Someone brought up foreign home ownership. Here's some very light reading I've condensed (fuck me this turned into an essay sorry) and some recent statistics. tl;dr - Hard data is spotty at best and surveys and estimates vary wildly. It's probably an issue but no one really knows how big of an issue. First let's start with abroad. New Zealand banned foreign home ownership in 2018. Canada put in place a 2 year temporary ban on foreign buyers starting in 2023, there are some minor exceptions. Canada's real estate market is considered one of the most expensive in the world. But what about California? Older article from 2018 talks about foreign purchases (harder to measure because California does not require disclosure of if the purchaser is foreign) and more explicitly tracked all cash purchases (as a proxy). California Association of Realtors estimates foreign purchases were between 3-8% during the mid 2010's but that all cash transactions were between 23-32% for the same period. They also estimate that foreign buyers are 70% from Asia (the suspicion/implication is majority Chinese). California supposedly represents 40% of all Chinese home purchases far outpacing any other state. This may also be connected to visa programs like EB-5 visas which are tied to investment objectives and lead to green cards. More recent numbers from National Association of Realtors (these were based on broad surveys not data sets). Nationally they estimate foreign purchases to be 1.8% 42% of foreign purchases were all cash 50% were vacation/rental properties (not owner occupied) 13% Chinese, 11% Mexican, 10% Canadian, 7% Indian, 3% Columbian 23% Florida, 12% California, 12% Texas, 4% North Carolina, 4% Arizona There was a tangentially related bill in California that would have barred foreign purchase of farmland - this passed the legislature but was vetoed by governor Newsom back in 2022. I don't believe any additional legislation has passed in California. There are some other states that have tried (Florida man strikes again) and it's getting some pushback from the federal government. I believe the feds are concerned that this is a form of discrimination (it is) based on nationality and don't want that codified into state laws. Totally cool opinions and analysis: Chinese investment in real estate is absolutely occurring and they often select housing markets with strong growth appreciation (like California or Canadian cities) which can also help them gain citizenship for themselves and their children. [That doesn't even touch the birth tourism that happens here in America.] Economically it was also a way for wealthy Chinese to park some of their money outside of China, which is attractive for diversification (and other reasons). HOWEVER, all of this data is backwards looking. China's economy isn't doing so great, and they're currently in the process of their own real estate collapse. I suspect there will be less Chinese investment in the US over the next few years as they deal with their own economic issues. Mechanically, I think there are two separate issues. Our data is shit, and I think it would be a much easier legislative lift to require all real estate purchases to collect broad information about the purchaser including: nationality, corporate/trust information (such as where they're based and if they take outside investment). I also think there should be some additional data collected on weather these homes are owner occupied or for short-term or long-term rent. This would probably need to be collected (and randomly audited/verified) by the county assessor when they collect property taxes - failure to comply should result in a big fat fine. We would be able to asses just how much foreign home purchasing was going on and how much corporate homebuying was happening - both issues we should address. The other issue: banning ownership of assets/property based on various criteria begins to run into problems with discrimination. As much as I would like to wave a magic wand and ban foreign & corporate ownership of individual homes - the current court system has ruled that corporations are people and discrimination based on race/ethnicity/nationality isn't allowed. Even with the substantial anti-China sentiments we're seeing in this country, I'm not sure it would be a good idea to pass any laws that could be compared to the old/racist Chinese exclusion act. There are also underlying issues across these states and countries with expensive real estate - namely not enough housing is being built. That's a whole other issue, which I feel rather strongly about but I'll save that for another time.
  24. https://www.rtings.com/tv/tests/longevity-burn-in-test-updates-and-results Interesting burn in tests on 100+ displays.
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