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  3. This is the second spin off series they've done on the show Yellowstone. I honestly do not know how they've managed to get Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren and Timothy Dalton to sign on, other than a shitload of money. I tried watching a couple episodes of the other spinoff 1883 (why are there so many shows with years/numbers now?) and it was so goddamn slow and boring I lost interest. I do watch yellowstone and it's basically a cowboy soap opera, but I feel like the show has gotten up it's own ass recently. I think Taylor Sheridan the creator had success and now Paramount is just desperately pushing anything with his name on it.
  4. I was running into an issue with my old chromecast ultra (which is old and no longer sold) with weird occasional buffering/stuttering on plex. This is partially to do with the location of my tv and there being a stone fireplace between the tv and my router. Either way it pissed me off enough that I just decided to pick up a new chromecast 4k with google tv since this includes dual band I was hoping it would improve connectivity. Installation was fine; except you're greeted with gratuitous bloatware and a UI that tries it's best to be the least usable and most obnoxious attempt to sell you content you don't own. Luckily this thing is basically a small android box so I managed to find a new launcher that completely replaces the existing terrible android tv. I went with projectivy - there are other options but this one has recent updates and didn't require any fun stuff like sideloading or adb commands. It's brutishly simple and I've cut it down to a small list of streaming apps as the only thing on the home screen. I would prefer some better customization, but it's more than usable, especially considering the only thing the launcher does is provide me with a menu to access other streaming apps. I have not run into the issues with plex streaming (yet) and sincerely hope this will have fixed the issue. I did a test with some 4k content and even seeking/chapter selection looked fine. Also it looks like the TV is now correctly sensing dolby atmos and dolby vision off of plex files. Sidenote: The included remote is universal and can power on the TV, change input sources and tv volume. I haven't really tried to use it for changing channels or anything but it effectively means you can ditch the tv remote if you just want to navigate to the chromecast even with everything powered off.
  5. What did you guys end up buying?? If anything? Trying to do my hauls now: World of Warships DLC Apple Air Pod Pro gen 2 for future girlfriend New full motion mount to replace the $120 costco one Garage Shelving Roomba J8+ from costco 1400 THREAD SHEETS F YEAH - $50 macys Bath Towels DID NOT BUY: Reolink camera sale ended and it was $8 more now than earlier this week. New Oven (I can wait on this since its not really on black friday sale) AV Receiver, want but not need to prioritize doing my backyard (~$40 - 70k ) but stock market crash hurt me bad Debating buying this guy but need a place to store it: https://www.costco.com/newage-products-5-piece-classic-stainless-steel-outdoor-kitchen-with-drop-in-stainless-steel-platinum-grill.product.100972666.html Currently if I want to cook a steak, it takes me 10-15 minutes of prep work and take it to my community pool to grill it then come home. Its a PITA but its doable. Still way cheaper than paying $30-50 for a restaurant steak. Going to make a Home Depot / Costco run to check out a few things such as: Headlamp for camping + backyard work New doggy bed Other regular household maintenance items
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  7. Secret Chinese weapons technologies.
  8. Same here, due to stocks I'm feeling extremely uncomfortable spending anymore than needed. Will certainly skip the AVR, but the oven is my big question.
  9. everything seems to break before thanks giving soo im poor and still to recover financially.
  10. That movie title is aptly named. Needless to say, queued up for next date night.
  11. Ignore the font That is the default I had to revert after deleting something I shouldn't have Will continue to tinker with it EDIT: Opacity should be better now. Will work on font tomorrow.
  12. Theme seems ok, it's just a little bit busy, if the opacity was reduced a bit, I feel like it would be better. But either way it's totally usable.
  13. Finished this. I guess I just kind of had fun with it. 2nd book had quite a bit more "action" but still focused on a lot of in-universe politics. Currently reading "The Empire's Ruin" (Ashes of the Unhewn Throne #1) by Brian Staveley. Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/39863316-the-empire-s-ruin?from_search=true&from_srp=true&qid=NAD0NrX8ZQ&rank=1 I'm not far enough in yet to give much of an impression. For some reason I cannot read this fast. Writing style makes me slow down.
  14. Romy & Fred again.. - Strong Nedaj - jpeg Pola & Bryson - Under (ft. Lauren Archer)
  15. Try out this new theme for a bit. Provide feedback. It might become the new default. Eventually I will be deleting all the "old" themes.
  16. I preferred the Jedi Fallen Order example where you can request a hint from BD-1 if you're stuck otherwise you can just keep trying. Seems like they're desperate to keep the flow going and have characters blurt out solutions way too fast. I hope a patch fixes this.
  17. My 3 most expensive things include: A wall oven since I don't like the one that came with the house (no convection feature) since it takes 20 minutes to pre-heat and basically 40 minutes to cook a pizza. Looking at a new wall oven with all the smart features is $3200+$200 Best Buy Total Tech to remove the old one and install the new one. $2500 for a refurbished new AV receiver. I don't really need a new one but I really would like VRR / ALM from my Xbox to my TV through the receiver. I cannot do this currently without a bunch of wires show up. I can probably sell my old receiver for the same price or higher than my original purchase price of $1400. New full motion TV mount, I realize why Best buy sells a TV wall mount that costs 3x more than the Costco one. The more expensive ones are much smoother to move and with how damn thin LG OLEDs are, i could really use a higher end TV mount. For gym bag, I'm still using free "string backpacks" from college so they're about 15 years old at this point. Also since I'm dating, I'm also in the cloth shopping arena now too so trying to fix style. I have no idea how to buy clothes nor do I understand the market whatsoever since I've historically put very little attention to style. This is still difficult for me.
  18. I'm really not sure which site is the best now. RIP BFADS.net I'm very possibly going to be doing a mostly new build. My current PC is a little dated right now. I should review that microcenter ad in detail. Bare minimum New CPU New mobo New GPU Very likely will need a new case to fit above components which won't fit in current A new 32" 4k monitor would be nice so I can retire the 27" 1080p TN panel one I have Even before black friday I should probably check on some clothes Replace some polos (jcpenny I'm comin) Check chinos Maybe jeans too although levi outlet store is always alright Maybe some button ups too Keeping an eye on some bang bang accessory stuff I don't know I just got a new phone This list isn't very useful anymore I saw a deal on a "nice" gym bag which would be nice considering how much I use it. The layout and size of my current one is great but the build quality is hot garbage (I got what I paid for) so most of the zippers don't work.
  19. Did some work on the site yesterday (maintenance windows lolwat). There was some downtime but no one probably noticed because of how little traffic this site has. If you experience issues, please let me know. There will probably be some more work in the near future. At some point we may have to "start over" with themes and logos, deleting what is there now and getting some new ones. The existing ones have actually caused some problems and have been half-baked for a long time.
  20. Interesting Deals: 2 TB SSD for $80 https://bestblackfriday.com/deal/233542 Some cheap CPUs as well.
  21. Any idea where the best ad scans are available at? https://bestblackfriday.com/ads Micro-center ads here: https://bestblackfriday.com/ads/micro-center-black-friday Not necessarily going to buy anything on this list other than garage shelving and probably a roomba but this is my current list.
  22. Korean Scifi version of the division. Supposed to be a full fledged MMO.
  23. I have a lot to say about this but don't want to type this out right now. Unless you have specific use-case in mind for why you would consider a DIY type of setup I would probably encourage the all-in-one setup. I have personal experience with both types of setups. It's not an easy vs hard thing but more of what is a "good fit" for your setup. A DIY setup that is not well planned can quickly spiral in cost without providing any real benefit.
  24. It's time... to spend recklessly. Playstation 5 (?) - This would be a pure impulse buy, almost entirely for God of War: Ragnarok, and some other PS5 exclusive games. I normally make better financial decisions... Fractal Torrent Case - I want to re-home my system. My current define 7 is great when idle , but the airflow is poor so when gaming everything spins to 100% and it's loud as hell. Webcam - these aren't in such short supply anymore and some new/better stuff has come out this last year. I'll probably keep it simple but I should have one. MX Master 3S - I have an older MX Master 2 I use at work that has been slowly getting chewed up, I'd like to replace it. I don't want full ergo and the side scroll-wheel is nice for excel stuff. KVM / USB Hub switch (?) - Not sure if I need anything like this but it might make some work from home easier if I can use my own monitors/peripherals. Router (?) - My current AC88U is fine, but I have had some minor issues that were most likely firmware related. I should consider some upgrade options; doubtful anything I'd want will be on sale. There have been a few recent videos (another one) about "building your own router" which has some very limited appeal. Not sure I want to engage in the headache of being a part-time sysadmin. I should really consider doing some limited ad-blocking on my current setup, there's diversion/amtm, or a pihole. Clothes (?) - I actually bought some stuff already, not sure how much more I want to do, Post your reckless spending ideas, it might inspire me.
  25. I managed to find time to watch 1 episode over the weekend, and it felt really really really slow but entertaining to someone who enjoys Star Wars. This is NOT something I'd bring someone new to Star Wars to watch.
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