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    Guild Wars 2

    Release Date February 2022 - currently available to buy for $30 Fishing & Boats (skiffs) Siege Turtle mount - 2 players, one pilot, one gunner 9 New Elite Specs Mesmer Spec called Virtuoso, no clones but stored daggers instead, looks very bladesinger inspired. Necro spec was teased, seems to have a pistol There will be betas between now and launch with 3 elite specs available to try out for about a week, one final beta with all elite specs and siege turtles towards the end of the year No news of fractals, raids or dungeons They mentioned that their releasing several new strike missions (10 man matchmade activities) with challenge modes that should "appeal to raiders" I can't tell if this is Anet dropping support for raids/fractals or if we'll get more info later, so far it seems like the hardcore players are big mad New Legendary weapons (not really) The new legendary set is all themed the same and looks mysteriously like a black lion / cash shop weapon set that they added a trail/footfall to. Many people are also big mad about how low effort this legendary set looks THIS IS NOT THE LAST EXPANSION - PLANS TO CONTINUE EXPANSIONS AFTER END OF DRAGONS Reddit Summary: https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/osqmhk/content_summary_end_of_dragons_first_look/ Overall the entire expansion seems very meh. I'm glad the price point is reasonable but It doesn't have a big wow element like gliders or mounts. Fishing/boats isn't nearly the draw that they think it is. The classes might be cool but I'll reserve judgement. Outside of the expansion they are finally updating the engine to DX11 this year, which sounds good, but I doubt that's going to fix the terrible framerates when there are large numbers of players. It might help them use newer engine stuff moving forward, but everything I've read about the guild wars engine is that it's full spaghetti code from when they built the original guild wars 16 years ago. I could see myself playing this again, but it would be ultra casual.
  4. Doesn't looks great. But it does remind me that we already got a sick bladrunner anime short film:
  5. Good call. I will give that a hard look once my keycaps arrive.
  6. Unfortunately keychron doesn't support QMK/ZMK. They're supposedly working on it: https://github.com/qmk/qmk_firmware/issues/7370 You absolutely can pop off keys and rebind stuff, it might be a little bit weird to have holes/gaps in the keyboard like that but if you're ok with it you could certainly try it out (maybe experiment with that on my ymdk96 first). I'm going to throw one more option at you since you mentioned full size. https://www.pcgamingrace.com/products/gmmk-full-brown-switch You can configure that on their website with no keys and no caps for $60. That's probably the cheapest hotswap board you can get at that price. Looks like it's plate mounted stabilizers, and it does use an "open" or low profile style mounting where the case does not enclose the switches and they sit out on top of the plate; that probably won't make a difference but any RGB is going to be full rainbow puke instead of just keycap backlighting. Also no QMK support (there is on the GMMK Pro but even that's a bit shaky right now) but Glorious does have their own software, which I've heard middling reviews for.
  7. I just had a thought. Can't I take a K4 and get 90% of the way there by "blanking" (removing) some switches+keys and using something like SharpKeys to remap some of the other keys? Idea image:
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  9. Don't let your dreams be dreams - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpWGAJr2AU7LPUwVYbBQZRg/videos Good luck.
  10. There. That is my perfect custom layout. Layout is as close as possible to what a full size would be, and includes every key, but the overall size should be close to a TKL. Courtesy of: http://www.keyboard-layout-editor.com
  11. It is not allowed to have ANY partition and completely disappears from the windows Disk Management. All partioning happens within the StoreMI and things happen at much lower level than Windows I think. I suspect this happens at the hardware level since they emphasized in the documentation the drives need to be connected to the same SATA interface as the HDDs and cannot be on 3rd party controllers or that is just a software limitation.
  12. I'm assuming the cache drive becomes completely unavailable for use as storage? Or is just split off like a partition?
  13. After installing the 3080 Ti, I'm finding myself enjoying this game more. Better graphics do equate to more enjoyability for me after all....
  14. Interesting that StoreMi requires you to manually link the drives you want to act as the cache partition versus figuring it all out itself which means this is happening at the chipset level. I assigned 400 GB to my Games drive and 50 GB to my Media drive, will assign another 50 GB to another drive that is currently offline.
  15. That's exactly what i want to avoid. The new single SSID allows seamless switching between the 2.4 and 5 GHz for better performance and roaming coverage.
  16. If I want device X to be on 5 Ghz, I only connect it to the 5 Ghz SSID. That SSID is not available on 2.4 Ghz. I never connect that device to the 2.4 Ghz SSID. It never switches.
  17. The problem with this is that it breaks seamless roaming. I'm 5 GHz indoors, but if I walk outside to my front yard, I drop to 2.4, and if I'm on a VOIP or WIFi call, that won't be seamless like it is with a single SSID.
  18. I forgot I wanted to comment on this too. I resolved this issue by making different SSIDs and only advertising them on one frequency or the other so my devices have no choice.
  19. I don't think there is going to be much debate on that but price just cannot be ignored here. A lot of Ruckus hardware is going to be 2x (or more) the price of the roughly equivalent Ubiquiti solution unless you find some good deals on ebay used.
  20. This is the most technical comparison I found: Ruckus is higher end hardware compared to Ubiquiti. The RF elements design is much more complex and advanced in Ruckus APs. The software is more complete and stable than Ubiquiti as well. My network is not stable at all and I'm constantly fiddling with the UniFi settings. I currently have 20+ clients, but2-3 clients are constantly giving me trouble. A lot of devices drop off and my end devices have trouble deciding between 2.4 and 5 Ghz. Signal is amazing though, so that isn't the issue but rather than handshaking process with my 6 LR + asus router is giving me a lot of grief. I've ended up turning off a lot of the "functionality" to ensure reliability. Features that are present on the mobile App are missing on the UniFi controller (Optimize for IoT devices? yeah... MIA on the controller but several additional features are available on the App). There is a lot of polish, but a lot of little bugs too.
  21. For reliability, yeah I've seen a lot of praise for Ruckus wireless units for a while now but in the big picture I don't feel like the are different enough and they are definitely priced for enterprise.
  22. This is one of those things which has been in the enterprise space for so long that now is showing up in consumer stuff and a lot of people I think are just wondering what took so long.
  23. For this question, the "newer" use cases, please see my previous post quoted below. Absolutely not. Sometimes I need all my upload bandwidth. The hosting itself is cheap. ( https://www.iwebfusion.net/ ) It's not really a concern. The main other expensive is the IPB license ( https://invisioncommunity.com/ ) which is also manageable. If there was a clear path to migrate off of IPB to one of the free, open source boards I would investigate it but the last time I checked (like a year ago) that was not an option. The small step down in features I think would be fine for 99% of what we do here. Noise and heat. I turn this server on and off. I don't have it running 24/7. I will probably run it more often if I can build it up the way I want to but it's still going to be turned off sometimes.
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