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    github - https://github.com/obsproject/obs-studio/tags wat
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  4. yea 2021 is gonna be interesting. i think i posted this before but i like this idea. while we know that rapidtest is somewhat unreliable, but they were saying if we do it enough like twice-three times a week and people can do it at the comfort at their own home and reasonably priced. it should help containing this mess.
  5. Certain immunizations have been needed for entry into this country, although that was mostly back in the Ellis island days of immigration. You're correct that vaccinations are required by schools, but not all school's will require those vaccinations (there was also a big fight in California regarding medical exemptions), private schools may elect not to require that, or you could homeschool your kids (please don't). The difference is that now we're potentially tying freedom of movement or patronage to vaccines, and that's a whole different level of restriction. I think for entry into d
  6. This is the next movie from studio Ghibli, and damn does it look like shit.
  7. 9 million is a huge number equivalent to all of a major automaker's production for a whole year....
  8. Pretty sure vaccination was a requirement for a long time, I had to get vaccinated to go to high school for example etc.
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  10. article - https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/uk-vaccine-covid-19-restaurants-bars-blocked-1.5822648 This is in reference to the UK and I think the chances of something like a "vaccine passport" is really low but this is starting to get into more complicated territory. You have to incentivize vaccination right? How far can you push that without infringing on body autonomy?
  11. article - https://arstechnica.com/cars/2020/12/truck-emissions-mods-pollute-more-than-dieselgate-epa-says/ It has always been stupid and I am sure that this info will not stop anyone who is currently doing it. I do not know the legality of it in other states but I sort of wish more could be done about it. 550k doing the same damage as 15x that number.
  12. At this point we're all the way down to the 3060ti for $400, and it's still beats a 2080 super. Rasterized performance is basically the same and raytracing is slightly better. The performance of the 3000 series seems genuinely really good, especially compared to the 2000 series cards, which many people were disappointed with. But we're still running into serious supply constraints. There was also some news reported a while back about Nvidia selling cards directly to crypto-miners which further depressed retail supply, but that's the sort of raw capitalism I would expect from a p
  13. other than the computer stuff i got phone portable vacuum
  14. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MWDUXZ0/ My one sexy black friday purchase so far
  15. T1no

    New Build 2021

    updated: cpu + mobo Total ~1410 + tax + some shipping. w/o video card. im done i can start building as soon as everything gets here. was debating hard between the gigabyte auros elite pro and the asus tuf. wanted the rog but its too much and i lose features that i care or i would have to spend north 300. the tuf cause it has bluetooth 5.0 and usb c in the i/o. and newegg have a promo 20 dollars off. it does have realtek lan vs the intel on the auros.
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  17. Old school term would be "antivirus product". The reason that term was sort of deprecated in the security industry is because it's just not accurate anymore; too many people associate that with the download-file-hash-lists-and-scan-files routine. Almost any modern security program you would load on a workstation/server has a lot more heuristic-style features now for file behavior, often also monitors actions in memory, script engines and possibly networking too. EDIT: Not to mention cloud everything cloud all the things cloud this cloud that
  18. I have no idea what an end point protection product is.....
  19. Please please please do not take any endpoint protection product as an excuse not to have a robust backup methodology for data that you care deeply about. I have directly worked with multiple enterprise grade solutions and even those are not 100% effective.
  20. Thanks for the verification, I guess I'll skip NOD32 these these. On a side note, I ended up ordering the G9 directly from Samsung, looks like my sister's government discount kicked in, but unfortunately cashback doesn't apply:
  21. Queen's Gambit - It's a romanticized fiction about a woman playing chess at the professional level in the mid-sixties. It's well acted, and well written, the pace of the miniseries is quick enough that it doesn't overstay it's welcome. It's also done wonders for people's interest in chess, similar to lord of the rings legolas and hunger games katniss everdeen did for archery when those films released. They don't go particularly deep with the themes of mental health and addiction struggles, but they do play with the idea of madness and genius being two sides of the same coin. There's also a
  22. If you are using Windows 10, keep it up to date on patches, and fully enable Windows Defender's features then it can go toe-to-toe with most commercial endpoint protection products these days.
  23. This will be my on-going list of BF 2020 purchases: LG Fridge LG Washer/Dryer + Sidekick Sanus TV Mounts 3x WD 14TB Externals Synology DS1520+ NOD32 Antivirus What else is on the Radar: Samsung G9 49" since my buddy wants to buy my CRG9. Would be a nice upgrade.
  24. Usually steam sales get their own thread but this one is basically a black friday sale so yeah https://store.steampowered.com/
  25. article - https://thehill.com/homenews/news/527408-cdc-director-covid-19-vaccine-will-be-rolled-out-second-week-in-december Timeline seems to fit with most estimates I have seen from other sources. article - https://pmj.bmj.com/content/early/2020/11/12/postgradmedj-2020-139065 It has already been pretty universally agreed upon in the health and fitness community that just about everyone should be supplementing vit D3 and this is just another reason. There have also been multiple articles already talking about certain common vitamin and mineral deficiencies causing additional
  26. Got my Synology 1520+ with $70 off coupon: https://slickdeals.net/f/14596429-synology-diskstation-ds1520-5-bay-nas-enclosure-630-free-s-h?p=142745059
  27. I heard with the number of incentives you can drop a $60k Mach-E down to around $40-45k potentially. Will be an interesting competitor for sure but my previous experience with Ford EVs have been relatively lackluster so I wonder if they'll finally put the engineering resources required to make it good.
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