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  2. I agree. I have no symptoms right now (don't know if I am infected or have been or not) but I am wearing a mask when I go to any stores. Good video. I would trust the data out of Korea. 20% without symptoms. 90% of the deaths are in people over 60.
  3. MAsk Mask Mask Im also slightly disagree with WHO and The CDC guide in terms of not wearing a mask when you are NOT sick (last month). while i do understand that they Maybe trying to prevent shortages for medical professional. but i think now since its going out of control; i would strongly suggest that you wear a mask when you go out. we dont have N95 all we got is a level 3 surgical mask.
  4. i watched that entire thing
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  6. Its a lack of the good stuff. When I looked at the TIM they provided, it was a very dry looking and thin pad that was somewhat reflective and didn't look like the typical gray TIM pad thats used. It was perfectly applied in the center though. I just think Gigabyte went with a very poor quality TIM (that was a PITA to remove too but thank goodness i had Artic Solution cleaner).
  7. I found this video kind of interesting as this guy (who is not a medical professional) tries to make like a data model + visualization about infectious diseases.
  8. Yea my only consolation to the EPA suspension is that due to the massive amount of business shut down and people staying at home, we're actually experiencing deep cuts to carbon emissions and pollution. I know I've seen multiple posts regarding this and while I suspect it's temporary at best, it's oddly enough one of the only things Humans have collectively done to substantially reduce greenhouse gases and combat global warming. Not to mention the current oil glut from OPEC might temporarily shut down a large portion of US and Canadian shale producers, further cutting potential carbon emissions. To swap back to the sad side again, I've heard that most experts predict Wuhan and China as a whole to actually see an increase in carbon emissions year over year as they run factories at higher rates to try and catch up on lost production during the outbreak. So we might see an over-correction like that in the EU and USA when the current restrictions are lifted.
  9. article - https://thehill.com/policy/energy-environment/489753-epa-suspends-enforcement-of-environmental-laws-amid-coronavirus Sad.
  10. Starting to eyeball that tax return wondering if I should start investing in a home gym at the house since this shut down is likely to extend more than just two more weeks. https://www.fringesport.com (because Rogue is cool but Rogue is $$$$) https://www.titan.fitness (because Rogue is cool but Rogue is $$$$) https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/search/sss?query=bumper plate&sort=rel Even if I decided to pull the trigger a lot of stuff is out of stock 🙁
  11. Last week
  12. Quality seems much higher in general, skipping through I didn't see any of the stuttering that happened in prior streams.
  13. Sort of space related but apparently mid-May there will be a comet as bright as Venus in the sky for those of us in the northern hemisphere. https://astronomy.com/news/observing/2020/03/comet-atlas-may-soon-be-visible-to-the-naked-eye
  14. https://steamcommunity.com/games/546560/announcements/detail/2100307193365928745 They added smooth turn. I'm definitely going to try it tonight. I think it will look and feel better than "snapping" 30 deg angles at a time. Other than the fact that I need to turn off the mic (which is located right next to my nose) can I get some feedback on last night's stream? is it OK now? I'm probably going to fiddle with it a bit more tonight.
  15. Good resource. I wish I had seen that before I started streaming yesterday. I really want to stream quality to be much higher since there is a pretty large discrepancy between what I was seeing inside the headset and what was showing up on Twitch.
  16. The gun mechanics are a strong contender for why VR games feel more immersive, it's one thing when you have to do all the actions of a physical reload in a game and it's another when you just hit R and watch an animation complete. As far as movement, I think there's still an option to use an analog stick and walk forward, I've seen at least one streamer who did a bit of standard movement and teleport combination, but that could have been tied to room scale, I'm not entirely sure. I've also heard there are a few bugs regarding the quick-turn options, but that's all second hand. All of valves puzzles make perfect sense, you're just bad at videogames and a big dumb dumb /s I briefly looked up the puzzle, it wasn't complicated but it did require specific view of the environment from a set angle. Some of the stream was totally watchable but a few times when you restarted it was a choppy mess and headache inducing. I think valve put out a stream recommendation article but I'm not sure how useful that is: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=1367-QDNM-8600
  17. Speaking from personal experience on this. I think there are multiple reason for the much slower pace. Teleportation movement and snap rotation movement (as opposed to smooth movement) makes every movement very deliberate. Also the shooting is unforgiving and limited ammo. Reloading the pistol requires everything it does in real life (drop the magazine, grab a new magazine, insert new magazine, release slide or re-rack if you already released it). Reloading the shotgun is similarly comparable to real life (open tube, load shells, close tube, charge it). I do wonder how the game would play with smooth movement (it's not even a selectable option right now). The puzzles are kind of interesting and do make good use of the 3D nature of the world like the one where I had to rotate a ball while aligning a beam (see 52min 10 sec mark in the stream). That being said I had at least one puzzle that I found very frustrating and confusing. The world is very detailed and you can interact with a lot of stuff so they are also rewarding exploration (magazines, upgrade parts, etc.). Ignoring the gravity gloves they are rewarding the simple fact of bending down to pick up a box to check what is underneath it. Overall it is a positive experience so far. Sidenote: I am hoping to stream again tonight but at smoother and higher quality. Inside the headset it is not as choppy as it is on the stream but last night the only option I could get to work was window copy of the "preview".
  18. I've watched some half life alyx being streamed and I've noticed a few minor trends across all the streams I've watched. The pace of the game is way slower than any FPS or even RPG I've seen played. Oddly enough most players are playing the shooting sections much closer to real life, instead of running/gunning they're taking cover and methodically peak shooting at enemies. Most people are spending significant time messing with environments, playing with mechanics and just looking around. I think valve themselves mentioned that they noticed their original alpha testers playing slowly and taking much more detailed looks at the environments, which prompted them to bump the fidelity and make sure all models looked decent from any available angles. The gameplay itself is very much an extension of halflife 2 and both episodes. There's a bit of combat, then some random puzzles, some minor bonuses for exploration etc. It's unmistakably a proper halflife game. I know valve had been banking on this being one of the first AAA platform exclusives on VR that hopefully prompts more developers to make games in VR and from all the positive reviews I'm seeing of the game, it looks like they succeeded. I'm sure most people are glad to see that valve can still make good games (artifact lol) and I think this has certainly reassured people. In a time when Blizzard, Bioware and Dice are all shitting the bed, Valve seems to still be capable of making something excellent.
  19. article - https://www.roadtovr.com/hp-reverb-g2-valve-microsoft/ I bet it is going to be expensive but Microsoft AND Valve are involved with this too? This will probably be something special.
  20. It also gets weird because there's differences between copyright, trademark, fair use and other elements that all blend together in messy ways. Should Disney still hold control of Mickey Mouse, a character they made in 1928 (steamboat willy), but also still use as a mascot currently? That seems reasonable, in the same way that a company logo should be protected so long as it's been in recent use. Should Disney be the sole owner and still control distribution of the original steamboat willy cartoon from 1928? I'm fairly certain most people would agree that's excessive. The video presenter suggests a 50 year copyright period, which is fairly reasonable, that would mean even child actors/musicians would control their works into their 60's, and would effectively be akin to a copyright for the life of the original creator. I'm mostly ok with that in theory, but I also think there needs to be more thought given to what constitutes fair use versus what's copyright infringement. If I post a meme image/gif on this forum should a creator be allowed to charge me for it? What if I do the same thing on a professional news site that makes money from ads? What if message the meme in a group chat? Stuff like that gets ugly, and there's no perfect system for it. I think the transition to Patreon and other direct revenue systems that creators have begun pushing for is a better way of handling things on the internet, but there's always going to be someone that pushes limits and there needs to be recourse for smaller creators to remedy that.
  21. I'm only 1/2 way in but to me, the existing copyright system is complete trash and can never work in our modern technological world where anything that can be displayed on a screen can be perfectly and instantly duplicated to infinity
  22. Perfect example of what I was talking about.... https://www.businessinsider.com/work-from-home-sneek-webcam-picture-5-minutes-monitor-video-2020-3
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