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  2. I don't think this is going to change the weekly/monthly unemployment figures being released by the BLS. I still think those numbers will dominate mainstream business news. I think the change is that the Fed is giving less focus to the BLS unemployment number and more towards the participation rate of eligible workers. I wouldn't call it bad or good, just different. As a note, the Fed is very data driven and because it's made up of separate Federal Reserve offices, sometimes different offices will focus on different metrics. As much as Powell gets the limelight as chairman, it's no
  3. The unemployment rate as historically measured is a good a metric for measuring true un-employment (people looking for work who cannot find it). With this definition change, you add in a lot of social factors which makes the number much less useful for tactical decision making but more useful at the country level where you want your population to be productive citizens, versus leaving the workforce entirely.
  4. So the new metric is going to be "participation rate of eligible workers"? If that is true, what is "bad"/"normal"/"good"?
  5. Doubling up on J Pow news. He is now stating the Fed doesn't care about the BLS stated unemployment figures but is instead focusing on the employment rate compared to the population - seeking high participation. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-fed-powell-econ/powells-econ-101-jobs-not-inflation-and-forget-about-the-money-supply-idUSKBN2AN2EM
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  7. I suspect it's going to be ~$400 because of the larger 6.2" screen. I think the oddball we got last generation was the 4a-5g. This seems like a direct replacement for that phone, and even if the internals and camera are slightly better, it almost seems like a pointless device. I think the covid delays to the pixel launches meant that the 4/5th generation were oddly spaced and didn't make a ton of sense. I've been very happy with my 4a and I would absolutely recommend it as an inexpensive android option.
  8. "Exclusive first look at the Google Pixel 5a" article - https://www.voice.com/post/@onleaks/exclusive-first-look-at-the-google-pixel-5a-1614036211-183558310 Hmmmm. Price will probably make all the difference like it did for the 4a. My Pixel 3 still going strong but at some point I will have to plan for the next phone.
  9. As mentioned earlier, the main reason I was mainly considering a standing desk was due to back pain but it seems trying to motorized a desk is a clear over-engineering solution to other options. I had an exercise ball laying around and i'm using it now its a perfect height. Way better than spending thousands over to try to get a standing desk to fit my needs.
  10. The Hyundai Kona felt more cramped than my Spark EV. Its a terrible excuse for an SUV. The floor is really high due to the bad battery design and I don't recommend that vehicle to anyone unless they want an SUV look and at the time it was the only reasonably priced SUV looking EV outside of a Model X. Since then the e-trons and mercedes have come out with EVs but yeah.
  11. The other thing is if they're using the same chip design, they could improve yields by saying oh this feature XYZ doesn't work on this chip when its normally required by gamers, I can still sell its as a mining card and vice versa etc. This has potential benefits there as well.
  12. " House Republicans propose nationwide ban on municipal broadband networks " article - https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2021/02/gop-plan-for-broadband-competition-would-ban-city-run-networks-across-us/ haha it's so pathetically obvious fuck them
  13. https://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2021/02/18/geforce-cmp/ I understand why Nvidia is doing this and why they're selling mining specific cards/gpus as well. However I don't think this is the solution. I doubt this will even dent the supply issues that the 3000 series is having. I'm not trying to defend miners but this type of behavior limiting what you can do with your own hardware is wrong. There are already limits on how many nvenc streams geforce cards can utilize (I believe it's 3) compared to quadro cards (10 or more) and that type of behavior is incredibly anti-consumer.
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  15. T1no

    Destiny 2

    i have to say that mission was enjoyable. i would recommend running it without guide the first time.
  16. " Hyundai reveals redesign to 2022 Kona Electric SUV " article - https://electrek.co/2021/02/16/hyundai-reveals-redesign-to-2022-kona-electric-suv/ Not terrible looking. Current year model comes in at $38k. Probably going head-to-head with the 2022 Chevy Bolt?
  17. I know it's "just Disney" (they just want to make money with established IPs), and I understand having sympathetic villains often makes for better stories, but I feel there is something wrong about this trend of picking old villains and then rewriting/retelling their stories.
  18. The new disney trend of taking an obviously irredeemable villain from a classic film and then spinning off a prequel that attempts to humanize them.
  19. I sincerely doubt that Russia or China will allow starlink connections amongst the bulk of it's citizens. They'll do exactly what kuhla mentioned, they'll criminalize satellite dishes if you don't have proper authorization. They'll track payments and bank records to follow the money to determine if you're trying to circumvent these restrictions. Overly restrictive countries have cracked down on VPN services and encrypted messaging services before and this won't be any different. I think starlink has a better chance of being useful for other applications - provide internet access to in
  20. Maybe something like this? But then why make this overly complicated. Membership requires payment. They only have to follow the money. Anyone making payment to business XYZ gets flagged. So the next question is will StarLink allow for people to join "anonymously" and pay with things like bitcoin? Then you could also play the game of identification by omission. A house has a bunch of computers? Netflix membership? But no accounts with the local ISP? Highly suspicious. Target for raid.
  21. The main thing is that Starlink is for rural areas. You can probably get away with using a long time in places like Siberia....can't send me to the Gulag....if i'm already there! But really there isn't a good solution for this except to hide the dish when authorities come.
  22. So what is a blunt force trauma option here? Any satellite service needs a dish. Tell cops if they see a dish on a roof to crosscheck against government membership list for "Sphere". Not on the list and not a VIP? Take the dish down, beat and then fine the homeowners. I imagine the tech savy folks will have to fall back on private or home spun-up VPN services.
  23. One of interesting things was that Russia was planning on spending 20 billion for 600 satellites and if they all move to starlink already they'd lose all that revenue. https://www.fool.com/investing/2021/02/15/why-russia-is-terrified-of-spacex-and-starlink/
  24. It will be interesting to see how these countries respond to cheaper options like StarLink.
  25. While we can't stop content hosting sites to stop walling off their gardens StarLink does at least have the potential to bypass a lot of the great firewalls of their country. China / Russia etc. https://arstechnica.com/science/2021/01/russia-may-fine-citizens-who-use-spacexs-starlink-internet-service/
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