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  2. I want a better dashcam. https://old.reddit.com/r/Dashcam/ https://old.reddit.com/r/dashcams/ Like https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08GG4S2QW + https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JQ1JYPJ
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  4. I'm not sure what you mean by this? Registration is open. Anyone should be able to join. Increasing the number of active members on the forum would be a nice-to-have but it's not really a priority for me.
  5. In order to make this forum more popular, it would involve brining in more people. In order to bring in more people we would have to unlock the ability for people refer members in. Most importantly is bringing in more people.
  6. I just have mine connected to my Echo Show via an alexa skill. I haven't had to do anything major which is nice.
  7. This starts very slowly, I understand they wanted to set up the event to give some contrast before it becomes a survival/dystopian show, but it does come across as a bit pondering in the first episode. The acting is very solid, mostly Diana Lane as the president and Ashley Romans as agent355. There are some rather blunt politics thrown in, but thankfully only in small doses. Overall the show seems fairly interesting and is easy enough to watch.
  8. Started thinking about this because of a recent email from Invision Community about a price increase for the forum license. It is technically a big increase for a percentage (+60%) but in terms of total dollars it is actually inconsequential for me so there is no need to change anything however I have had this annoying feeling for a long time now about being "locked in" to the Inivision system. I don't like feeling locked in to any system. Even if the size of this forum community grew (and I would love if it would grow a bit) the way we use it is very very basic. Behind the scenes there is a marketplace, calendar, etc. that we never use but are part of the suite. There is open source forum software out there that is basically feature equivalent for the simple things we do. One of the main reasons I have not entertained moving to different software in the past was the migration/conversion process. When I took over ownership of this forum (2013-ish?) that was something I was considering but I quickly discovered that migration/conversion was basically considered impossible or extremely expensive depending on what you were coming from. Looking at popular and more modern open-source forum software that is out there right now, like Discourse, it seems that the migration/conversion process has progressed in the last few years and it's not as painful as it used to be. No plans right now. Just throwing this out there. I will be doing a bit more research before I consider proposing anything.
  9. Docker running. Home assistant running. Bought the E1 zoom. No cloud connectivity or reolink account needed for initial setup. Had a hard time getting it to join 5ghz until I went and found in their documentation that it does not support all 5ghz channels ( 1 , 2 ). Had to change my wifi settings for 5ghz to a fixed channel. Did not leave a good taste in my mouth. Once it is on the network, it runs a web console where you can modify settings. Now I need to join the camera to home assistant (it's not one of the "officially" supported integrations) and then start experimenting with triggers.
  10. kuhla

    Guild Wars 2

    Even though I have not played in a long time I feel like there has been a real reduction in the sense of uniqueness to each class.
  11. Malaphax

    Guild Wars 2

    Seems like the "gunsaber" is just the new adrenaline mode. The actual new weapon that warriors get is an offhand pistol. I have to admit at least this elite spec looks interesting, the other ones have been rather boring looking. The guardian elite spec not only looks uninteresting but the weird animations they're using look terrible. They're still scheduling betas to try out the new classes, so we should get some videos and thoughts from the community before the expansion launches. On a whim, I watched through a sort of story/lore recap of the most recent season - I wasn't particularly impressed.
  12. Marvel - That actually looks fun. Star Trek - That looks awful.
  13. Finished this. It did pick up a bit later in the book but I actually think it never was supposed to have the same "intensity" as the first book. Different story. Different character. Not the same. I similarly enjoyed this book compared to the first one. China MiƩville sure does know how to build a crazy little fantasy world (I actually would hazard to call it steampunk). I'm not feeling adventurous in my book reading right now so I'm just going to move on to the last book in the series, #3.
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  15. lol horse paste dewormer. this actually reminded me growing up in Indonesia where people would take meds just based on words of mouth. when i was a kid my mom; yes my own mom would give me an antibiotics every time i had a sorethroat. and i would stop taking it when i get better. which is the worst. yes, you used to be able to get stuff like that without prescriptions in Indonesia.
  16. From reddit: https://old.reddit.com/r/movies/comments/pkxa0k/the_matrix_resurrections_official_trailer_1/ wtf
  17. Finished book 2 and I'm moving on to book 3 (The Tyrant Baru Cormorant) There was one small section that discussed economics, specifically it gave a sort of abbreviated tulip-mania element to the story but it wasn't entirely central to the plot. The rest of the book was far more focused on spycraft and a very slow introduction of occult elements. I'm still very interested where they're planning on going, but this book did feel more middling than the first one. They've leaned very heavily on the morally gray aspects of major characters - I enjoy this, but I can understand how some people wouldn't. I've noticed a trend of various trilogy series. The first book is almost always more self contained, with a teaser for a sequel. The second seems to suffer under the weight of propping up the middle and almost acts more as a prequel for the third novel - and then the third novel tends to end well (or at least bombastically). I heavily suspect that authors write the first novel - then write the second and third concurrently, which leads to this feeling like the second novel is almost more of 1/2 of a larger novel than an actual standalone book. I also stocked up on a large number of other sci-fi and fantasy books (partly based on the NPR list) so I have a decent sized backlog built up moving forward.
  18. No. I have learned the hard way that most people do not want to have a "real" conversation about health/fitness/diet and would much rather just complain about it. I still feel strongly enough about those issues that I will still make broad statements(*) when the opportunities present but I just have no desire anymore to really engage anyone about their specific issues/goals. * I generally try to stick to statements that can be backed up with published research.
  19. This is a slight variant of the hydroxychloroquine meme that we had at the start. Until I see some FDA double blind studies showing strong efficacy then it's simply a distraction. The reason why I don't take any of these alternative treatment/preventative medications seriously is not just because it always seems to come from anti-vax people; but more-so that we already have a near miracle drug with the mRNA vaccines (90%+ efficacy is fucking ludicrous). Anyone in this country is capable of being vaccinated - for free - and we've even seen some very limited vaccine tourism from foreign nationals. But instead people are suggesting that you should avoid the vaccine - and purchase a drug that is primarily used on livestock (hope you get the dosages right you fuckheads because there are reports of people overdosing and further straining hospitals). What kind of backwards logic is that? If there were vaccinated people going out and taking this medication, I could at least understand their logic - in the same way that some individuals were going out and getting booster doses before boosters were approved. However I haven't heard of fully vaccinated people taking ivermectin, or doctors/immunologists recommending it for fully vaccinated people. It also appears to be a treatment regime rather than preventative, which means even if ivermectin was 100% effective at reducing viral loads from covid, you'd still need to catch covid first - and potentially spread it or experience symptoms before becoming aware of the infection. Yes, the horse jokes are funny.
  20. Did you mention it to her?
  21. The main competition is the Aruba Instant-On AP22 vs the U6 LR. https://evanmccann.net/blog/2021/7/aruba-ap22-review A little bit of update on the situation: On this note: Great Room - Its currently a 77" OLED CX (kind wish I got the C1 due to the better darkscene SDR content performance) Loft - Using my 55" 2012 Samsung 3D TV Office - To Buy - 55" LG OLED (C1 or C2 or whatevers) Master - I was going to get a 65" OLED for here but I'm pretty happy with my 75SJ8570 in here right now with no plans to swap it for an OLED. I've installed 2 out of the 4 camera locations and I have a floating blink camera running around. I currently have 3 RLC-822A's but haven't bought the 4th yet because this guy is around but i still have NO justification to buy a PTZ camera. I get pretty good coverage with just my 822As. The main niceness of the 823A is the spotlight feature, motion tracking an object, and 2-way audio where none of my current cameras offer that. I can see value for that outside but not sure if its worth the cost/weight/power aspects. $75 vs $250.
  22. Another one of those "Controversial. Let us talk about it. I don't want to shy away from topics just because they are difficult." type things Ivermectin - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivermectin The jokes are kinda funny but I don't like some of the discussions surrounding the topic. I definitely seems like the large majority of the people advocating for its use are anti-vax or covid-skeptic or just repeating a crazy Facebook posts so there is an association problem however it feels like many people on the opposite side are immediately dismissive of it for that reason alone. It was originally developed for human use. It is FDA approved for human use (non-covid related conditions). A short study from September last year hinted that it could be worth further investigation for covid treatment. If we are going to make decisions based on data then even just those few reasons above seem good enough for it to be honestly evaluated. Being immediately dismissive feels like a mistake to me. I'm still going to make jokes about this because people going to the pet store and taking horse meds is funny. Thoughts?
  23. My AC-Lite is still going strong right now but I did not realize the U6-Lite was that cheap. Somehow I expected it to be more expensive. https://store.ui.com/products/unifi-ap-6-lite
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