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    Best option I have seen to date and for a not-rediculous price.
  3. Slight update to the low profile brown switch struggle that kuhla has been facing. Keychron K1 now comes in brown, reasonably priced wireless bluetooth TKL at $70 for white backlight and $80 for full RGB THIS IS A "PREORDER" and it ships June 10th https://www.keychron.com/products/keychron-k1-wireless-mechanical-keyboard?variant=31871561695321 Hexgears Venture, fullsized wireless bluetooth and full RGB for $130 https://kono.store/collections/all-products-list/products/venture-mechanical-keyboard?variant=29416531820627 And if for some reason you wanted to use a 96% style layout that seems to be made by someone who's never actually used a keyboard before you can try out this monstrosity: https://kono.store/collections/all-products-list/products/hexgears-x-1-mechanical-keyboard
  4. Like a G9..... https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1554566-REG/samsung_lc49g95tssnxza_49_c49tg90_gaming_monitor.html
  5. My Model 3 has a similar situation as well so I have be careful on the type of snow chain I use because it can eat into the suspension arm as you indicated. "Chains should only be installed on the rear wheels of the Model X. The use of non-recommended tire chains has been shown to cause suspension and other vehicle damage. Do not exceed 30 mph (50 kph) when driving with snow chains installed." https://shop.tesla.com/product/model-x-snow-chains I don't think this will likely ever change on the Model X so it will never be an off-roadable vehicle by just changing the tires.. My other concern is that with off-roading there is a high risk of puncturing the battery pack.....I would be extremely hesitant on using a non-CyberTruck Tesla on any offloading adventure.
  6. I'm personally using these pages: Ford: https://finviz.com/quote.ashx?t=f Tesla: https://finviz.com/quote.ashx?t=tsla I showed my calculations, Insider + Institutional - Total = ~Individual / Retail. While I'm not entirely certain, I suspect that employee pensions make up the bulk of Ford's 50% "individual / retail" holding in my calculations and that the 1% number from cnn business is referencing insiders. In general, most stocks are majority held by institutional investors, sometimes as individual positions but more often as part of various investment products like ETFs and Mutual Funds. Tesla most likely has an outsized "retail" ownership, I suspect that's partly because of the people who are excited about the company, and also due to the potential growth / volatility. I just wanted to show that Ford, technically has a larger individual percentage ownership, I again suspect it's predominantly held by their pension fund or UAW. Same with GM. I'm also not sure what percentage of TSLA employees receive stock grants, options, etc. and if that also makes up a decent percentage of the 30% retail ownership. Honestly the largest difference between Tesla and Ford/GM is not the retail investor space, but the insider ownership percentage - Musk owns a shitload of Tesla, and in that sense the company's ownership structure is much closer to Amazon or Google, where owners/founders hold large positions (although that gets weird when you look at different classes of stock). People sometimes refer to Tesla as behaving more like a tech stock than an auto manufacturer and while I think it's true they offer more than simple auto manufacturing, most of their products still remain physical goods and in that sense they're substantially different from many tech stocks.
  7. I'm not sure what you guys are exactly talking about but the institutional number is in the first paragraph on those pages you linked.
  8. I'm not sure where you got ~50% retail for Ford checking these two charts which has a better breakdown: Ford is ~1% accord to this data https://money.cnn.com/quote/shareholders/shareholders.html?symb=f&subView=institutional Tesla is 31%: https://money.cnn.com/quote/shareholders/shareholders.html?symb=TSLA&subView=institutional If you look at this source both Tesla and Ford has the same institutional percentage: https://www.nasdaq.com/market-activity/stocks/tsla/institutional-holdings https://www.nasdaq.com/market-activity/stocks/f/institutional-holdings
  9. I'm not aware of the limitation you're referring to??? Tires are tires, but the Model Y tires are kinda large already? Are you talking about total dimensions? I.e. larger diameter than stock tires? I can imagine many cars would have issues with that (not to mention screwing up the speedometer). https://tsportline.com/blogs/owners-guide/the-tesla-model-x-wheel-guide
  10. Maximum russian. That reminds me, I have not looked into this but have they changed the suspension system for the model y so it does not have the same design problem as the model x where you cannot use larger/3rd party tires? Also in other news. "Get the First-Ever 2021 RAV4 Prime Starting at Under $40K MSRP" https://pressroom.toyota.com/get-the-first-ever-2021-rav4-prime-starting-at-under-40k-msrp/ Nice.
  11. I watched through several episodes in Season 1 (maybe up to E6 or E8) and skipped a bit into season 2, but my general thoughts were it was kinda boring to me and I don't think I"m going to continue watching. I did enjoy seeing Talulah Riley doing some limited attempt at acting early on but generally I was never able to enjoy this series.
  12. I actually watched this over the past weekend enjoyed it. Found the christian biblical references and story to be quite entertaining personally. Definitely a mix of Attack on Titan + Evangelion themes here. I'd recommend.
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  14. That's nothing compared to China's bike issue: https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2018/08/china-abandoned-bike-share-graveyards/566576/
  15. If it's cheap I will give it a shot. A lot of associations with Deus Ex.
  16. Never played the original system shock, at this point I've heard most people say that Prey is basically the closest you can get.
  17. It definitely has more room to grow but I wonder at what pace. I still feel quite strongly that it will always remain a minority of gaming market so I assume the funding for it is going to be similarly limited. VR is just too physically and mentally demanding to compete with the couch+controller gaming.
  18. It's the end of the world as we know it "Uber sends thousands of Jump e-bikes to the recycling heap" https://www.engadget.com/uber-scraps-thousands-of-jump-bikes-193541447.html Stuff like this just makes me both angry at the company and at society. Why is there no way to deal with the liability terror? Why does there have to be so much waste? These were not only perfectly good bikes but Ebikes.
  19. Again, I think the lighthouse setups can be better, but as you mentioned, they require more work, and if you're looking to take advantage of full body tracking with a lighthouse setup, you're going to need more than 2 lighthouse units. The inside out tracking is really good, and performs way above what my personal expectations are - in the video I posted comparing the index to the lenovo WMR, you can see he tests how accurate the tracking is even when moving the controllers behind his head, and it still performs well. Also as you mentioned the additional setup needed for lighthouse style tracking is substantial, not just extra cables and mounting but having to dedicate a play space to VR. The controllers on the other hand... clearly the standard style WMR controllers aren't great, aside from no finger tracking they also do prevent certain movements due to the bulky tracking units on the top. The classic example being trying to rack the slide on a pistol in half life alyx - you end up smashing controllers together trying to complete the motion, but the index's knuckles don't have that limitation - of course they are $280 separately which is more expense than some low end VR setups, especially when they're on sale. Again, I feel like we're still in the early generations of VR, and we'll probably see improvements over the next 2-3 years, and hopefully some additional VR games that take advantage of a growing VR segment.
  20. I know lighthouse setups, like the Index uses, are just plain better for performance but just don't want to have to mount units and run wires...... Inside out tracking with multiple cameras is just so much more convenient even if it has some limits.
  21. Popularity is sorta true, but on paper they don't have a significantly larger retail investor presence than even other auto manufacturers. TSLA - Insider 20.51% + Institutional 51.5% = ~30% retail investors F - Insider 0.1% + Institutional 52.6% = ~50% retail investors GM - Insider 0.2% + Institutional 77.9% = ~23% retail investors (This is a more traditional S&P500 equity ownership) Of course that leads to your second point, which is that Tesla isn't strictly an auto manufacturer, which I would agree with. They still sell substantially lower numbers of vehicles than most auto manufacturers, but they also see a healthy demand - shown by some of their wait lists. I agree Tesla is more similar to Amazon in the sense that they're willing to push into new/different business areas with some competence, but unlike Amazon they haven't really shown the ability to produce sustainable revenue. They're also notorious for missing deadlines, missing revenue guidance and that's before we even touch Elon's general weirdness.
  22. They are more extreme because two primary reasons: Popularity - Retail customers have a large say in their matter due to their large ownership percentage . Elon has spent the past decade developing the brand and himself (inserting himself into mainstream media as earlier as Iron Man 2) to avoid advertising costs and increasing the popularity of EVs for the masses. This is reflected in the stock being purchased by people who do not look at the numbers but only the feeling. Large potential disruption - Tesla isn't only competing in automotive sector. They're also competing the energy generation sector with Tesla Solar. They're competing in the Utility sector/energy transportation with Tesla Energy. They're competing in the insurance market, the trucking sector (buying up transportation companies due to logistics issues with the Model 3 deliveries), machine learning, neural net processors (TPUs), charging infrastracture and I'm not even going to talk about the advances they're making in the IT sector as they're they've been redesigning their internal sales platform due to SalesForce being insufficient to handle their backend. Tesla has proven to be disruptive in the markets they enter usually becoming the 800 lb Gorilla. That's why I believe the stock will eventually be valued at $5-15,000 range but its a question of when. Given the volatility of stock based on Elon's comments (with agility comes issues), if Elon kept a lower profile than he does presently I would've bet the stock would've been closer to $2000 today on the basis of his comments. That being said, I think its also a core strength of his companies by communicating in such a fashion. Double edge sword there.
  23. As if 2020 couldn't get any worse for the world, we have a locust problem.... https://indianexpress.com/article/explained/explained-why-we-have-a-desert-locust-problem-this-year-6431837/
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