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  3. kuhla

    Keyboards & Mice

    Nice keyboard but those switches look really really similar to the kailh switches I have...... but I paid like less than 1/3 the price....
  4. It's time for more great news about housing. Currently the US economy is in an expansion, and if we compare the current market cycle to the last one - housing prices are rising at the same rate but wages are lower and we're building far fewer houses. If everyone remembers Economics 101 there something called elasticity, which describes the relationship between two variables (often price/demand or demand/supply). Housing elasticity has fallen = home builders aren't responding to the demand for housing. Graphically that looks like this This article links directly to a pdf of this study: https://marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolution/2019/08/the-supply-of-housing-has-become-less-elastic.html Direct link to the pdf: https://editorialexpress.com/cgi-bin/conference/download.cgi?db_name=IAAE2018&paper_id=397
  5. I watched this review of the g915 and he does specifically mention that the keys are "co-developed" with kailh.... so you're paying a shitload of money for chinese switches that logitech are rebadging. I'm curious if they'll stick with their romer-g stuff for their main lines or if they've decided to go with chinese manufacturing instead of japanese (Omron) moving forward.
  6. Looks like asrock delivered a decent itx board again and the price is high but not crazy in the x570 segment.
  7. kuhla

    RAnd0m Au7om071v3

    article - https://www.reuters.com/article/us-volkswagen-recall-idUSKCN1VD19N I will test this at some point but I'm not particularly worried about this. That being said, I may make a mental note that this get addressed the next time I need service (if they don't bring it up).
  8. I'm picking Saturday, August 31st. It's a supermoon (it's close) but it is also new moon (it's blocking). This should work pretty well. Also 3 day weekend so I can recover a bit from sleep deprived Saturday night.
  9. Valve as usual knocking it out of the goddamn park with their source film maker content. Stuff like this is always super impressive. Titanfall x Mirror's Edge - Looks solid.
  10. article - https://www.caranddriver.com/news/amp28784342/2020-chevy-bolt-ev-range/ Small improvement but nice. I would like to see if they could build a slight larger vehicle (think CUV) with the same tech at maybe the cost of some range. Probably would not help the price though since it already starts at $37k.
  11. T1no

    RAnd0m Au7om071v3

    honestly this car is big. im imagining covering serious distance in the autobahn very very quickly. its so euro, so german, so audi, so avant. wont sell well prob in the us.
  12. Battlefront 2 continues to be updated. They're adding the clone commando and next month they'll add another planet. Closing out the year they'll release some tie-in stuff for the next star wars film. While I personally think EA/Dice really screwed up the last two major launches, I have to admit they're at least putting in some serious effort to push out new content and fix some of what was initially broken. This is the most recent community update and roadmap they've released. https://battlefront-forums.ea.com/discussion/143163/community-transmission-a-look-ahead-at-what-s-coming-in-2019
  13. It probably is....i still have a tube of 13 year old Artic Ceramique....I was using that for the past 6 months.....works alrite.
  14. The G915 looks yummy but i agree $250 is far too steep. If i'm going wireless I'd want to replace my G502 for another G903 as well.
  15. 😯 you better be careful with that do you know if the heatsink is aluminum?
  16. For T-Mobile its hard to beat if you have a lot of family lines. My average cost per line is $32/month unlimited data. Maybe you guys should all just join a family plan lol. Here's how my lines work. Yellow the end cost per person. 1st 2 lines is $120, and each additional one is $20.
  17. Apparently your system temp is at 30C (86F), mines is at 43C (110 F)....its also around 80-90 F in my room at times because i'm too cheap to run the AC sometimes. KYRONAUT???I GOT SOME CONDUCTONAUT I think I just need to improve airflow in my case.
  18. I think more "mature" (oh boy that's a heavy word) readers ask the question "why" more often. I think generally speaking the reason morally grey characters feel "better" is because the author is then obligated to explain their goal/their motivation. They have to. If you don't explain why the good guy did a bad thing or why the bad guy did a good thing then the character doesn't make any sense. Black and white characters don't need any explanation. The good guys are doing good because they are good. The bad guys are doing bad because they are bad. Mechanically it works but there is no explanation, no "why". This feels unfulfilling. I think you can still have a "main character on a quest to save the world" and still have morally grey characters but it just does not happen very often. Now mary sues on the other hand almost always feel like garbage. How am I supposed to connect/empathize with this character? He can do everything and he can do it well and if he cannot do it right this minute then he can somehow learn it faster and better than anyone else. How can that character truly have any conflict? Anything challenge that appears will be overcome either immediately or shortly thereafter. Every event in the story just ends up feeling useless since you know how it's going to end.
  19. I have not been installing GFE for a long time now. At best I have no use for the features it provides. At worst it's just another program that adds another screen overlay, or another driver, or some security vulnerability, or another thing checking for updates/doing stuff in the background when I don't expect it to, more complexity that can introduce problems.
  20. I initially used it to help get some basic graphical settings recommendations. They started pushing for logins and were somewhat recently hit by a security vulnerability (I believe that has been patched). The geforce experience can stream/record/highlight pretty well, and there's nothing wrong with using it to stream - it's far simpler than OBS. But I like the different features OBS provides (even if I use very few of them). Beyond that I'd rather cut down the bloatware I have on my computer and reduce the attack surface my computer represents, within reason. Nvidia drivers already contain some substantial bloat, the audio driver over HDMI (I don't use) and 3d vision and a few other pieces that aren't needed. So cutting the geforce experience is an easy part I can opt out of.
  21. do you guys not install the geforce experience ? stand alone driver ? i use them to stream and it seems to work alrite i supposed. but yeah extra garbage.
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