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  1. Anyone here following UFC/Strikeforce?
  2. If you're watching a TV show while doing cardio, you're probably not doing it as efficiently as possible. Intervals should be pushing you towards passing out Hybridizing cardio with movies leads to ineffective cardio. No go. If you can concentrate on a movie, that concentration can be better spent finding the willpower to step it up a notch. As for weights, a different set of music helps /w weights if you can find the right cadence/rhythm. When I go, I try to find a song that fits /w what I'm doing... its usually not too bad. I say just use your phone for now while you experiment. Music might be good for that extra boost...
  3. Sirry

    Chevy Volt

    your turn What rims would you want on your volt?
  4. Sirry

    Fighting Games

    that is hilarious
  5. IIIA is $4500, which is a steal, if I was a drug cartel lord.
  6. impossible. <3 games too much. It will be the death of me, but I will die happy There definitely is so much to do though... how happy could you be playing only weekends? :/
  7. Mind throwing an invite my way? edit: thanks Ren!
  8. Wow that is hilarious. Happy Birthday Ren! Happy New Year Everyone! Hopefully I'll be following you in your footsteps Turvy, so I'll play 1 game of LoL a day to get my IP bonus. Just need to get burned out on SWTOR, and then hoepfully I'll be much mroe productive
  9. Sirry

    Vanity Plates

    HOLY CRAP did you jump on the volt Richard?
  10. www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xW43-CPv7A http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfnRNTzyNw4 can't believe the make is just a kid...
  11. prob not the music i usually see here, but I like it a lot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6dCufvUCxA a couple mixes here are sic too: http://kapslap.com/
  12. nvr heard that term before, but after looking it up, it appears that is what I'm talking about on another note what is a good weight for leant-built 6'2" male? 185?
  13. You're right about downhill, but we still *can*, just not optimally As for the diet, I thought we were just talking about gaining lean muscle, but cutting fat. I was just telling you how I can mass and muscle fastest I can.. haha. Cut later
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