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  1. I'm going to order this for my backyard in lieu of a PTZ camera. Far better option to have continuous but lower resolution coverage. On sale right now for $92 with code reolinkduo. https://reolink.com/us/product/reolink-duo-poe/
  2. The bubble isn't likely to pop and if it does it will be a slow deflation versus the massive drop that occurred in 2008 which was a once in a generation type event I think. The current analyst predictions in 2024 to 2026 IF there is another crash. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/money/other/house-prices-will-boom-before-crashing-in-2026-we-speak-to-the-man-who-forecast-the-last-two-slumps-but-will-his-18-year-property-cycle-be-right-again/ar-AAKAgYV
  3. https://slate.com/business/2021/06/blackrock-invitation-houses-investment-firms-real-estate.html "While normal people typically pay a mortgage interest rate between 2 percent and 4 percent these days, Invitation Homes can borrow money for far less: It’s getting billion-dollar loans at interest rates around 1.4 percent. In practice, this means that Invitation Homes can afford to tack on an extra $5,000 to $20,000 to the purchase price of every home, while getting the house at the same actual cost as a typical homeowner."
  4. Consistency has never been my strong suit, so I have to do spurts in order to meet my goals. On some days I eat 600-900 calories, on other days, I eat 2000 calories. So my average is probably 1200-1400 or so. I don't keep a strict count of count of food but I get a good feeling of it by having good estimation of calories. Ultimately, my goal is to lose weight as quickly as possible then switch over to a sustainable diet. I chose 2 lbs/week which is what I understand is the healthy limit. Anymore more is unhealthy.
  5. Breakfast: Espresso or Coffee Lunch: Light Meal, Skip, Tea, or Snack Dinner: Heavy Meal Light if light meal during lunch Snack if heavy meal during lunch
  6. Some additional thoughts on the Calorie Deficit conversation we had the other day. Since Kuhla was surprised that I had a 1000 calorie/day dietary budget as a "GOAL". Reference weight as of 8/6: 170lbs Current weight as of 10/4: 164 lbs. Goal weight is 145 lbs TDDE Estimates (Basal Metabolic Rate i.e. BMR) Current weight: 1658 cal/day Goal weight: 1572 cal/day That means for a week my BMR is: 11606 calories (1658*7) . In order to lose 2 lbs a week, I need to cut 7200 calories / week. That means my food intake week needs to start at 11606 - 7200 = 4406 / 7 or 630 calories / day of food. Of course that amount food is extremely, low so I can start adding on exercise / movement to determine what my actual food budget is. Sedentary Life style: 332 calories /day. New daily calorie budget: 962 cal/day Add in some light to moderate exercise: 250 calories/day (average) New daily calorie budget: 1212 cal/day I expect myself to go over the budget but its my personal stretch goal but I don't expect myself to actually meet it regularly due to my desire to snack. So I try to portion my meals to match "GOAL" but allow the snacks/sweets to be made up via exercise. If I can mentally hold off the need to snack/dessert it would be the equivalent of extra exercise in my mind. Trying to hit 145 lbs is extremely tough in my weight range. Since I like eating large meals, I have to limit myself to literally 1 meal a day and snacking the whole day to keep within calorie limits which is basically intermittent fasting. A single In N Out combo would destroy my diet and I'm usually still hungry after eating that. Double Double: 670 calories Fries: 370 Pink Lemonade (22 oz): 300 calories (lots of ice + 1.5 refills) Total: 1340 calories. Back in 2016 I optimized an In Out Meal diet: Double Hamburger Protein Style: 340 Cal Fries: 370 Cal Water: 0 Total: 710 calories This would allow me to continue to snack throughout the day (300 calories) and maintain a sedentary lifestyle or enter a cutting phase. That's about 1/3rd of a can of a party size Pringles or a single set of little Debbie Nutty Bars or the like. In order to keep my hunger at bay, I would drink green tea, chew on gum or snack on low calorie protein such as cheese crisps, meat sticks, toasted seaweed, etc. I was able to lose 20 lbs in 2.5 months in 2020 using this method without adjusting my sedentary life (working 12+ hour days in front of a PC). Unfortunately, I'm at 2 months this time around and I've only lost 6 lbs so I'm a bit upset that I haven't been able to get my diet lower despite significantly increased exercise. So I need to cut more.
  7. Wow the 3080 series idle power consumption is quite interesting with multi-monitor setups. Full load power is like 325-400 Watts Idle consumption with 1 display is ~ 40 watts Idle consumption with 3 display is ~ 40 watts (Primary @ 120 hz, 1 secondary @ 60/75 Hz) Idle consumption with 3 display is ~ 80 watts (Primary @ 120 hz, 1 secondary at 120 Hz) Idle consumption with 3 display is ~ 100 watts (Primary @ 120 hz, 1 secondary at 144 Hz / 165 Basically the GPU with higher refresh rate second displays cannot ramp down to 210 core / 100 MHz RAM clock but stays at an elevated level you see below.
  8. Any thoughts on a good body fat scale? Or should I try to measure it myself through a tape or caliper method? Saw a WYZE one here but I don't mind spending a little more. https://www.amazon.com/Bluetooth-Composition-Wireless-Percentage-Smartphone/dp/B086CYBVH9 Here's a cheap model for $20 https://www.amazon.com/Bluetooth-FITINDEX-Wireless-Bathroom-Composition/dp/B078HW8BPY
  9. I restarted my gym membership at LA Fitness now. I'm pretty set on living a healthier life style right now. But working on cutting calories and unhealthy things out of my diet the past month and a half so I'm down 5 lbs or so. My resting TDDE is somewhere around 1500 calories and will increase to maybe 1800-2000 with exercise. My goal caloric intake during the cutting phase is around 1000 daily calories which basically means small snacks (50-200 calories) throughout the day and a single large meal during lunch or at night (800-1200 calories). Need to create a work out plan that fits me: Cardio - will bike to the gym (2 miles each way) - 10-15 minutes (15 minutes uphill, 10 minutes downhill) Abs (Crunchs, Sit-ups, knee raise) Chest (Chest pull ) Arms (Bi-ceps/Triceps) Back (TBD) Legs (TBD) For meals my main thoughts are: Main Proteins Chicken (Bagged breaded chicken, herb crusted, etc.) Steak (for salads and occasional entrees) Salmon (to be added) Need to figure out: How to add eggs to diet (mostly hard boiled and fried) Main Veggies: Frozen stir fry right now - microwaved Asparagus Boiled Broccoli / Baked Broccoli Salads (Spring Mix) First meal: Learned to how to use the broil function for the first time to add the crispy browning at the end of a cook cycle. Still want to sell my oven and replace it with this guy so I can have convection / air fry, and MUCH faster pre-heat (it takes like 20 minutes on my current oven).
  10. https://reolink.com/product/reolink-duo-poe/#compare I have a FOV issue in my backyard where I can only cover half my yard and I have a very short throw. This camera seems to solve an issue in my backyard because someone could climb over my fence and come through the other side leaving a wide blind spot. Very interested in this model (POE version of course).
  11. In order to make this forum more popular, it would involve brining in more people. In order to bring in more people we would have to unlock the ability for people refer members in. Most importantly is bringing in more people.
  12. I just have mine connected to my Echo Show via an alexa skill. I haven't had to do anything major which is nice.
  13. Did you mention it to her?
  14. The main competition is the Aruba Instant-On AP22 vs the U6 LR. https://evanmccann.net/blog/2021/7/aruba-ap22-review A little bit of update on the situation: On this note: Great Room - Its currently a 77" OLED CX (kind wish I got the C1 due to the better darkscene SDR content performance) Loft - Using my 55" 2012 Samsung 3D TV Office - To Buy - 55" LG OLED (C1 or C2 or whatevers) Master - I was going to get a 65" OLED for here but I'm pretty happy with my 75SJ8570 in here right now with no plans to swap it for an OLED. I've installed 2 out of the 4 camera locations and I have a floating blink camera running around. I currently have 3 RLC-822A's but haven't bought the 4th yet because this guy is around but i still have NO justification to buy a PTZ camera. I get pretty good coverage with just my 822As. The main niceness of the 823A is the spotlight feature, motion tracking an object, and 2-way audio where none of my current cameras offer that. I can see value for that outside but not sure if its worth the cost/weight/power aspects. $75 vs $250.
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