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  1. The latest pixel's look pretty terrible on a hardware pricing standpoint. It wouldn't be a big deal if it wasn't for the prices. I just don't understand the Pixel 4 XL's pricing. I'm looking at: Pixel 4: https://www.anandtech.com/show/14988/google-pixel-4-and-pixel-4-xl Note 10s: https://www.anandtech.com/show/14712/samsung-announces-galaxy-note10-note10 Comparing: Pixel XL 128 to a Note 10+: Price: $999 vs $1099 DRAM: 6 GB vs 12 GB Storage: 128 GB vs 256 GB + MicroSD Screen Size: 6.3" vs 6.8" (for 2 mm difference in size) Refresh Rate: 90 Hz vs. 60 Hz Battery: 3700 mAh vs 4300 mAh Charging: 18W vs 45W Rear Cameras: Dual (missing Wide Angle) vs Triple (not going to get into details) Front Camera: 8MP vs 10MP WiFi: 802.11ac vs. 802.11ax aka WiFi 6 And Samsung also has: reverse charging (WPC & PMA),
  2. Big name, big markup. Business Marketing 101.
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    Car Washing

    Just wondering, how do you guys wash your car today? I let nature wash it for me I use paid automatic car wash I use paid hand wash I hand wash myself I use to do paid hand washes by my office in Pomona ($8-12/wash that was a pretty good job, although now its $15). I also use to hand wash at my companies wash bay but since I've moved offices I've lost access to that resource. Most recently I got my new car with ceramic coating where I've only been using a waterless wash & wax for the past year. Been pretty good but most recently I ran over a recent tar puddle in Anaheim and got a thick layer of either dirt or dirt+tar on my car. I invested in a foam gun from the Chemical Guys ($25 only) at the OC Autoshow because I wasn't ready to invest in a pressure washer + foam cannon just yet. Have to say the foam method is much easier to use to clean than than old 2 bucket method with scrubbing....what are your guys thoughts?
  4. Does housing supply include only single family homes or does it include multi-family dwellings? Driving around OC lately I"m just see a sprawl of MUD (Multi-Unit-Dwelling) being built EVERYWHERE (Fullerton, Anaheim, Irvine, Garden Grove, Orange are the main cities I'm seeing them in) but they're all the luxury type which really makes me wonder on the affordability of it all....I've worked with low-income ones too in Pomona but generally everything in OC looks expensive....(example Fullerton)
  5. You have to go to a store to order a Standard Range ($35,000 MSRP + $1,200 delivery fee, most manufacturers charge $500-800 or so) at the store and get a downgrade. Features will be removed. Presently Tesla has a logistics issue so its cheaper for them to include the hardware and software lock it, than to offer multiple trims and supply chain issues associated with it. I heard it costs Tesla something like $2-4,000 to actually deliver a car to a customer presently due to said logistics issues.
  6. The Bolt is commonly available new right now for around $28k BEFORE (right now its $31k) incentives meaning ending price is somewhere around $21k-$24k post incentive. Currently used Bolts are around $17-22k (many more are expected come off 3 year leases in the next several months) Standard Range (SR) Model 3 can still be ordered for $35,000 but that's 220 miles. There was a Long Range RWD available for some time as well. SR RWD | 220 | $35,000 | $159.09 SR+ RWD | 240 | $38990 | $162.45 LR AWD | 310 | $47999 | $154.80 Before the LR RWD was discontinued it was LR RWD | 325 | $43990 | $135.35 The Bolt based on the pricing I mentioned above is closer to: Bolt | 238 | $28000 | $117.65 The prices above are all before incentives. For shits and giggles I bought my Spark EV in 2015 for around $12.5k AFTER incentives. Spark EV | 82 | $12500 | $152.43
  7. It seems the trend is going towards LCDs to remove Screen Door Effect (SDE) at the cost of more muted colors, backlight bleed (black contrast), and possibly other things. Inside out tracking is pretty good but its terrible when you need to do physical movements like crouch, and shift, and use your body generally. I definitely do get issues a lot with positional height (during the calibration step), and moving my arms from my side during rest periods (additional side cameras tackle this compared to the 2 on the Odyssey+). The big plus is portabilty and setup ease compared to lightroom cube setups.
  8. I'm pretty happy with my iPhone 7 my company gave me last year in October but just wish it had wireless charging. In terms of Android vs. iOS, no contest Android FTW.
  9. I'm still more annoyed by the constant ramp up/ramp down of the PCH fan but I haven't had time to really investigate the issue. I only get a few hrs a day to go on my computer and most of that is email chores + warship dailies. I will say that I saw my CPU hit 80C+ (i'm using Grizzly Kryonaut) and I'm not sure which PCH temperature i should use in HWInfo (there's 2 reported with one being about 15-20C higher than the other). I'm on the F4a BIOS but will update next chance I get to the F6i? or something.
  10. I wonder if my chipset getting hot is mostly a function of the GPU covering the intake....
  11. It probably is....i still have a tube of 13 year old Artic Ceramique....I was using that for the past 6 months.....works alrite.
  12. The G915 looks yummy but i agree $250 is far too steep. If i'm going wireless I'd want to replace my G502 for another G903 as well.
  13. For T-Mobile its hard to beat if you have a lot of family lines. My average cost per line is $32/month unlimited data. Maybe you guys should all just join a family plan lol. Here's how my lines work. Yellow the end cost per person. 1st 2 lines is $120, and each additional one is $20.
  14. Apparently your system temp is at 30C (86F), mines is at 43C (110 F)....its also around 80-90 F in my room at times because i'm too cheap to run the AC sometimes. KYRONAUT???I GOT SOME CONDUCTONAUT I think I just need to improve airflow in my case.
  15. Was wondering how your X570 is doing and your nVME SSD in terms of temps: Here's mine: Hitting 80C for the PCH feels a bit hot...seems like it could use a repaste.
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