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  1. Really loving the new rims, the tire efficiency is still TBD as my driving habits haven't been able to give it some consistent performance. Despite having a set of free referral wheels from Tesla incoming, due to their unreliable estimates I decided to buy new 18" rims to replace my 20s while I wait for the mystical set of forged referral wheels. I chose a TSportline 18" rims because I wanted the ability to select Tesla's 18" MXM4 Primacy All Season tires for efficiency, ride comfort, and acoustic foam. Ended up paying $2600 with local pickup but should be able to sell my old 20" rims + tires for ~$2000 so it won't be a huge net cost. Here's the final look: I ended up doing the swap myself since I plan on swapping a set of sports rims/tires to my new dailies as desired. Ended up buying the following equipment mostly from Habor Freight: 21mm Impact Deep Socket Pittsburgh 1/2" Torque Wrench Pittsburgh 3 ton low profile floor jack Got a set of jack pads for my car as well I was originally thinking I could connect my impact drill to the deep socket but I was wildly wrong on that assumption due to 1) not having the correct adapters for a 1/4" chuck to a 1/2" bit. 2) my tiny 1/4" impact drill doesn't have the necessary torque to actually undo the lug nuts (usually you want a drill with 400 ft-lbs of torque at least). My little drill probably could do maybe 100 foot lbs (1200 in-lbs) at most. Forgot to buy a breaker bar as well so I had to borrow my neighbor's infiniti spare tire wrench to get the lug nuts off. Was such a PITA to get all the lug nuts off. Also since my tires are so flush to the car it was kinda difficult to actually torque the necessary 129 ft-lbs on the nuts when putting it back on. I was successful though. Ended up buying the following for future work: 1/2" 25" Pittsburgh Breaker Bar Extension drive bits to not make the tighting and loosing so difficult
  2. Haven't watched the video yet but that screen-cap reminds me of a retro Volkswagen. If this comes to market and has reasonable specs I think it could be a win based on designs and emotions alone.
  3. I don't understand the desire to minimize the size of your keyboard to get ever smaller and smaller. I got my full size and I'm quite happy with it. The trade off of requiring extra software and key presses to emulate what was previously dedicated keys just boggles my mind.
  4. Alex Kurtzman list of film credits kinda anti-star trek:
  5. Its like they're anti-selling the vehicle....
  6. I find this funny because the last few times i went into snow conditions, I more or less wore what I did in SoCal Winter: Same baggy Khaki pants Combat boots (from Airsoft) Gloves Winter jacket Warm headgear The only real complaint I have is the pants but I kind of just sucked it up. Obviously not recommended for seriousness but I would be terribly ill-prepared for some serious outdoor activities. Its not an area I spend a lot of time in thus I have not invested in it.
  7. Regardless of the incorrect physical shape in the casting of Wonder Woman, I think she's done a fine job of acting the part into a likeable star.
  8. That makes sense if Wonder Woman was a normal human with human type attributes however she is a supposedly half god type figure so her physical appearance may not match what is considered to be super strong by human standards. If she was like a Gina Carano type character with the associated muscle mass its possible that she could be even STRONGER since we only have the reference point of her being 1. demi-god (reference point against human cannot be applied) 2 . training all her life (does not imply buffness as you use to reference Navy Seals who train regularly does not have this appearance either. Could be lean performance) 3. a super buff mma type demi-god could exist and is even more powerful than wonder woman.
  9. RICHARG was a popular one you guys suggested lol
  10. Jedi2155

    AMD Ryzen 4

    https://www.anandtech.com/show/15324/amd-ryzen-4000-mobile-apus-7nm-8core-on-both-15w-and-45w-coming-q1 https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2020/01/amds-third-shoe-finally-drops-at-ces-2020-7nm-zen-2-mobile-cpus/ It's coming and it looks pretty good so far. I haven't done a deep dive yet.
  11. Why do you believe that she isn't the right actress?
  12. I'll just say that some of the physics doesn't fly based on the numbers he presented. His crux is "driving conditions" which means under 40 mph.
  13. Contemplating changing my plate to that....since I don't really do much battery engineering anymore..
  14. 1. The premise that you have to replace the battery at 100,000 miles is a flawed one for multiple reasons. EV batteries should be designed to last for the life of the vehicle but this is an example of poor vehicle design. Current Model 3 Tesla's packs are designed to last between 300,000 to 500,000 miles before a pack replacement is expected with a 1,000,000 battery expected in the next few years. SCE had tested 100,000 mile range battery packs back in 2003. The world has have advanced tremendously in understanding battery physics since then. 2. Putting a smaller battery is bad from a life perspective as well. You just potentially doubled the emissions because your pack is half the size. This is because lithium-ion battery life is based on the Depth of Discharge (refer to table 2). Basically, if your 10 kWh battery last 300 cycles (30,000 kWh) using it from 100 to 0%, it can last twice as long if you only used 10% at a time 6,000 cycles (60,000 kWh). 2. Secondary use is a thing. Just because the battery is dead from a vehicle perspective (dead battery means the battery typically still has 70-80% of original capacity), doesnt' mean it can't be used for other purposes example One, Two. 3. Recyclability is the real key. Redwood Materials founded by Telsa's recently stepped down CTO JB Straubel is considered to be the real key to "close the loop" in sustainability for the EV world is making a lot of progress in this front. No no Mr. Bond, the reason you gave that spin of a response is because your designers couldn't figure out how to put more than 35.5 kWh in your product safely and cheaply and you're just giving a BS excuse.
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