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  1. What did you guys end up buying?? If anything? Trying to do my hauls now: World of Warships DLC Apple Air Pod Pro gen 2 for future girlfriend New full motion mount to replace the $120 costco one Garage Shelving Roomba J8+ from costco 1400 THREAD SHEETS F YEAH - $50 macys Bath Towels DID NOT BUY: Reolink camera sale ended and it was $8 more now than earlier this week. New Oven (I can wait on this since its not really on black friday sale) AV Receiver, want but not need to prioritize doing my backyard (~$40 - 70k ) but stock market crash hurt me bad Debating buying this guy but need a place to store it: https://www.costco.com/newage-products-5-piece-classic-stainless-steel-outdoor-kitchen-with-drop-in-stainless-steel-platinum-grill.product.100972666.html Currently if I want to cook a steak, it takes me 10-15 minutes of prep work and take it to my community pool to grill it then come home. Its a PITA but its doable. Still way cheaper than paying $30-50 for a restaurant steak. Going to make a Home Depot / Costco run to check out a few things such as: Headlamp for camping + backyard work New doggy bed Other regular household maintenance items
  2. Secret Chinese weapons technologies.
  3. Same here, due to stocks I'm feeling extremely uncomfortable spending anymore than needed. Will certainly skip the AVR, but the oven is my big question.
  4. That movie title is aptly named. Needless to say, queued up for next date night.
  5. My 3 most expensive things include: A wall oven since I don't like the one that came with the house (no convection feature) since it takes 20 minutes to pre-heat and basically 40 minutes to cook a pizza. Looking at a new wall oven with all the smart features is $3200+$200 Best Buy Total Tech to remove the old one and install the new one. $2500 for a refurbished new AV receiver. I don't really need a new one but I really would like VRR / ALM from my Xbox to my TV through the receiver. I cannot do this currently without a bunch of wires show up. I can probably sell my old receiver for the same price or higher than my original purchase price of $1400. New full motion TV mount, I realize why Best buy sells a TV wall mount that costs 3x more than the Costco one. The more expensive ones are much smoother to move and with how damn thin LG OLEDs are, i could really use a higher end TV mount. For gym bag, I'm still using free "string backpacks" from college so they're about 15 years old at this point. Also since I'm dating, I'm also in the cloth shopping arena now too so trying to fix style. I have no idea how to buy clothes nor do I understand the market whatsoever since I've historically put very little attention to style. This is still difficult for me.
  6. Interesting Deals: 2 TB SSD for $80 https://bestblackfriday.com/deal/233542 Some cheap CPUs as well.
  7. Any idea where the best ad scans are available at? https://bestblackfriday.com/ads Micro-center ads here: https://bestblackfriday.com/ads/micro-center-black-friday Not necessarily going to buy anything on this list other than garage shelving and probably a roomba but this is my current list.
  8. I managed to find time to watch 1 episode over the weekend, and it felt really really really slow but entertaining to someone who enjoys Star Wars. This is NOT something I'd bring someone new to Star Wars to watch.
  9. Interesting. I'll definitely have to watch the first episode and make a judgement myself as well. This showed up on my FB feed of a criticism on Andor. I've had a tremendous amount of trouble trying to get people into the Expanse as well but probably only 1/5 people I recommend the Expanse to I can get them to enjoy it.
  10. Still haven't gotten around to watching it, but will be excited to. Question though is if it is interesting to someone who might have zero background to Star Wars (have no previous history or understanding of anything about it?) Debating if I should watch it by myself, or with my guest or if I should provide the guest the machete order star wars films first.
  11. I agree with you that Bad Travelling had a huge plot hole. My favorite is: Jibaro Bad Travelling Very Pulse of the Machine In Vaulted Halls Entombed Swarm Kill Team Kill Masons Rats Night of the Mini Dead Three Robots: Exit Strategies
  12. So apparently 338 Norma Magnum is an interesting caliber between 30.06 and .50 cal developed as an alternative for the Lapua Magnum round but meant to serve as something stronger 7.62 but without the power of .50 cal for anti-vehicle purposes. Can't tell if its more powerful than Lapua or less powerful since the internet content is conflicting each other. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.338_Norma_Magnum The machine gun below is ~25 lbs and fires at 600 RPM which is significantly more portable than a .50 M2. Dat recoil: https://www.instagram.com/p/B7hCLDUl1kI/
  13. Since I do not read books and had no backstory on the direction the show was heading, I felt a little bored (not too much) and wasn't sure what the point of the show was. I spent some time this past week to realize that was an impending civil war and now it makes more sense.
  14. This is basically the only issue I have with the 4090. i don't have a strong use case for it compared to going from the 1080 Ti to the 3080 Ti. I only play World of Warships and I get uncomfortably warm from my PC when I game. That being said, with the performance aspects today, I'm debating switching my display to 240 Hz (from 120 Hz) and seeing how steady frames I can get. Although that adds DSC to my display which is a challenge still with the 4090 since its only DP1.4. Would also have to upgrade my display to handle DP2.0 as well but I don't see Samsung launching a new DP2.0 display anytime soon without the right graphics cards.
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