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  1. The current pricing I think is an overcorrection in the supply chain situation, so if you're buying used, its a great time to buy. If you're buying new, there is further opportunity for price drops I think but I don't think it will be significant as what Malaphax has mentioned already.
  2. I was wondering the same thing, near the end of the video they had 3 guys flying in at the same time so they're definitely sharing the expertise. I suspect flying something like this is equivalent to a wingsuit, and learning a lot of other things.
  3. Rent increases can be completely arbitrary. Usually it happens with new listings rather than existing tenants. If someone moves and spot opens up, you can expect it to be at the current market price, usually from my experience small time landlords tend to keep rent prices relatively stable with good clients at the risk of losing them, but big corporate owned rentals tend to adjust as needed since they care much list about the individual unit since they have so many more units to manage.
  4. https://www.kuow.org/stories/seattle-housing-market-is-going-into-hibernation-but-its-not-all-good-news
  5. Action gets better. Story gets more bad.
  6. That is helpful advice, thank you.
  7. On a side note, I'm debating hiring a personal trainer to keep me on track. I don't think I have enough motivation to go on my own right now.
  8. Doesn't look good
  9. Finished: Halo - 1st Episode was good....started going down hill real quick. Agree with Malaphax comments that they stayed true to some of the core aprocrypha (Halsey etc.) but definitely WTF near the end. Watching: How I Met Your Mother (S2) - Finished S1, teaching me a lot about social interactions and some modern dating practices The Office (S4)- Teaching me a lot about humor Densha Otoko (Ep4) - Teaching me a lot about social issues and dating Seinfield (S1E7) - Teaching me a lot about dry humor SW: Book of Boba Fett (Ep5) - This feels extremely woke, and writing feels poor SW: Obi Wan (Ep2) - Better than Boba Fett but not as good as Mandorlian at all. ST: BNW - Really enjoying this so far, no big complaints as the writing seems superb and logical so far, even with the diversity so far, none of the characters diversity feels force, and all of it feels natural. ST: Picard - I stopped at Episode 7 or 8 and its just getting too hard to watch at this point. First 2 or 4 episodes was strong the modern LA sequence felt like a drama than any Star Trek. Its like they blew their whole sci fi budget early. Orville: - Just about finished Season 1 and enjoy Seth McFarlene greatly Pacific Rim: The Black (S2-E1) - Dirty Robot fun with an anime twist.
  10. Used vehicles are similarly impacted. My neighbor bought his Model Y in October 2021, and is just sold it for a $5k markup (post tax) after driving it for 16,000 miles and 9 months.
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