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    Indian accent at that....
  2. Interesting topic, I never really investigated or understood. Legal is not one of my preferred subjects of study as I generally find myself disgusted by language form of the whole topic but both my career and personal life has resulted in a greater need to understand it. That being said the primary reason I looked into this was due to this interesting ruling in Germany: Tesla’s wiper controls are ruled illegal in Germany after someone crashed while using them which was really a media spin on the situation as Germany is getting to be really anti-Tesla due to it impacting one of their primary industries. More important is the false headline in the article due to Germany being a Civil Law rather than Common Law country where the ruling does not really apply to Tesla as a whole in Germany but rather in that specific case. Interesting food for thought. In general though, I believe our current justice system requires some significant reform due to the social issues that are impacting the country today (POTUS flagrant disregard for many previous expected norms and the BLM movement due to perceived injustices in the system).
  3. https://www.pcworld.com/article/3569182/whats-wrong-with-intel-and-how-to-fix-it-former-principal-engineer-unloads.amp.html More on the screwed up decisions of Intel. Jim Keller recently left intel as well. I think Intel pissed him off TBH.
  4. Copying over from Google Hangouts: https://onlinelaw.wustl.edu/blog/common-law-vs-civil-law/#:~:text=The%20main%20difference%20between%20the,law%20systems%2C%20codified%20statutes%20predominate. https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-pros-and-cons-of-common-law-versus-civil-Roman-law-Which-are-representative-countries-for-the-various-systems-of-law i feel we should really switch to a civil law system.... " Well, here's my opinion: If I were to be prosecuted for criminal charges, I'd pretty much prefer a common law jurisdiction if I'm guilty and a civil law jurisdiction if I'm innocent. If I were to be in court for some issue with a contract or other, non-criminal, matters, I'd prefer to be in a civil system if I'm righteous and in a common law system if I'm actually liable." Sounds like a lot of america's problems is related to its common law system
  5. No one ever wants to get their hands dirty.... On a side note, the new FFG(X) program is using an Italian builder...looks like a varation of the Italian FREMM https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FREMM_multipurpose_frigate new ALAMO round used in the LCS and FFGX in the 57mm turret:
  6. To summarize: Polestar has a far better interior (and likely better build quality compared to US built model 3's) Fully loaded PoleStar in UK is cheaper than Model 3 (although its a lot cheaper for the Performance 3 in the USA) Tesla better in any other metric (driveability, range, usability etc.) My opinion, admirable attempt by Volvo and definitely a great vehicle, but it just can't compete against a company that is literally applying every edge of technology development the moment its developed onto its products. This results in a product that doesn't have the same refinement as the Polestar but literally the state of the art the moment you buy it (which has its own pros and cons).
  7. Jedi2155


    I have a lot more learning to do. I might also bring a passenger along for the ride. Definitely amazed at how enjoyable it was although a bit scary at times.
  8. Jedi2155


    So when do we want to try this again? It was fun last time.
  9. Updated my new usage pattern based on a new laptop I received for work. It was a Dell Latitude 5400 (buisness) instead of the originally planned Precision 5540 (engineering) due to my recent role change. Just ordered the P2020DC
  10. If you look into the details, Tesla has solved the overheating issue with additional software tweaks (Track Mode among other things). I was showing the guys during our drive on Saturday that i can overclock my AC compressor on the car to provide additional cooling . https://www.tesla.com/support/track-mode I absolutely agree that the use cases are extremely limited and really on applicability to very few instances. That being said, its just one of those halo-type features of "wouldn't it be cool...." and helps you sell the car even though you'd never use it. Its marketing and it works really well. It's part of the reason I upgraded to the performance package back in 2018 for an extra $5k.
  11. The importannce of battery cooling is a big deal in any EV, and why I still think Tesla's decision to go small form factor continues to be a genius move compared to the large format designs by EVERY other EV maker. Porsche Taycan here slowing down due to overheating... https://www.thedrive.com/tech/32362/watch-a-porsche-taycan-turbo-s-hit-top-speed-then-slow-to-save-its-batteries
  12. Jedi2155


    I suspect its due to the following: Tighter turns on the 1st route Me trying to catch up more in the first run as I was less experienced With Tino, I gave a bit more room and had more trouble catching up.
  13. Jedi2155


    Feedback: Definitely would consider doing this route again. Lead vs. follower: I definitely enjoyed being the follower more because it gave me confidence needed to push myself harder to the limits of the vehicle. As a lead: I was almost never using my brakes (almost regen entirely) far less lateral g-forces which means I need to push myself harder as everything felt really smooth and easy (even at 50 mph). I was putting way too much safety margin (taking turns at 50 mph vs. 60-70 mph) vs. going in a turn at high speed then hitting brakes to improve turning. Amazed at the efficiency of this "spirited drive" and the overall calmness of my vehicle. I have a LOT of headroom to grow into and the limit presently is definitely the driver. Would like to close this limit some more. I'm definitely hit 90-100 mph on the Upper Big Tupunga Canyon drive. Felt a lot more g-forces when I was following Drew in the Angeles Forest why though. Still shocked to see how many high powered vehicles were in the area. I felt really bad about not giving space to the Porsche was who was tailing me. Not familiar with how to do that, what proper protocol was etc.
  14. Jedi2155


    I will wash my car and swap my wheels tonight. And charge my car to 95% SOC for maximum vroom. Just confirming the following: Everyone packs their own lunch/brunch/snack. (or eat by yourself on the way back) Sync up at Richard's house at 7 AM. Be on the road at 7:15-7:30 am. Sync up at 7-11 @ 1001 Foothill Blvd, La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91011 ~8 AM Everyone can take their own pace and style going up the mountain. Sync up at Mountain High, 24510 CA-2, Wrightwood, CA 92397 where we practice social distancing while eating the lunch/brunch/snack we packed. Some picnic tables there I think. This should be somewhere close to 10:00am. By 11:00ish drive back down the mountain through the 15 freeway (1 hour or 1.5 hours reverse course). Everyone can take their own pace and style going down the mountain. (Optional) Sync up at Fontana Superchargers @ 15234 Summit Ave, Fontana, CA 92336 (Optional) Sync up at Rancho Cucamonga Superchargers at Victoria Gardens @ Rancho Cucamonga, CA 12505 North Main St Everyone is back home by about 1:00pm (assuming about 3 hour drive total + 1 hour lunch + 1 hour drive from lunch to home). https://goo.gl/maps/fhzSmXw4g9Fcm4di8
  15. Jedi2155


    Sounds like Angeles Crest is the desired point, I'm fine with that. I might want to supercharge (although not required, I expect only 30-50% battery usage) on the way back which also usually be a good location to have lunch. Just a suggestion. Definitely will need coffee. Not entirely sure if I had something else in mind on top of this.
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