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  1. I just ordered the first 2 RLC-822A. Will put 1 in the front outdoor, and 1 in the living room. Ultimately these will both be indoor but for now, front and livingroom is more important given that the 511 is still unavailable.
  2. This has been on my radar for a while since I never touched any of the originals since I was busy with school at the time. Really want to put the time into playing this.
  3. FINALLY Found the perfect mulit-zone amplifier to do all sets of combinations that I need: Been debating between 4 amplification channels or 6 now. Since its only $100 more for 2 more channels I might do the 6 so I do bridge amplifier outputs as necessary. https://www.osdaudio.com/12-channel-6-zone-digital-home-theater-amplifier-mx1280-outdoor-speaker-depot.html It has an amazing amount of combinations (Dual Bus, Line Input, Individual Triggers, and Bridge mode so gives me a ton of options on how I want to setup my multi-zone setup). My patio speakers are 75W though
  4. I've also asked myself if I have anything particularly valuable, and the question goes back to....do I? Besides my PC and raw data itself, I feel like most things are readily replaceable. I do not own anything non-technology that is particularly valuable other than my data, and I share that freely. That being said, what i don't find tremendously valuable doesn't mean thieves don't find value (tons of stuff they'd take) especially since they're willing to saw a catalytic converter for $75, so my previously point is valid, but in terms of luxury goods, not particularly, and replaceability,
  5. Honestly, I do not have a comprehensive security plan as I never valued security greatly as part of my mental energy. Its bad I know it, and I need to get better which is why I'm finally investing in such a system now. My security in the past was to always have someone home via roommates, but I'm not sure I would be able to rely on that still, that plus I believe I'm in a slightly greater risk neighborhood than before. 1. No idea about geofencing, something to investigate down the road. I'll be using the Synology's system with my own cloud, there won't be a 3rd party involved in storing m
  6. Sag calculator: Also if I wanted to revisit the Home Depot materials as oppose to the monoprice, this guy made it work with a 39" depth x2 and 24" side depths.
  7. Season/Vol 2 was released and I've been complaining left and right about it on Reddit.
  8. The front looks like any other good modern Android phone (all screen with a pop out of camera). The back looks definitely stylish and unique. I like their camera layout bar vs. the pod design in Samsungs. Huge improvement there.
  9. The 12v battery on the Model S/X is well known to be a real sore spot due to the number of C/D cycles done on it where even an AGM battery could not handle it with more than a 3-5 year life. The S/X puts about 3-5 full C/D cycles on it and they tried to move the Model Y into a architecture without the SLI battery but it just proved too difficult at this time (safety being one of the biggest issues). It's something I'm watching carefully as well on my Model 3 since they didn't full solve the problem when I got my car and there were loads of Model 3's that had to get them swapped out pre-de
  10. What would you say is above average and excellent in terms of Comic book movies? Not sure if your scale is an absolute rating or a relative rating.
  11. Jedi2155

    Apex Legends

    Spitfire and Bocek nerfs are here:
  12. I got a huge discount on my foam blaster by buying it directly from Chemical Guys at an Autoshow as shown on my Google Hangouts screenshot ($~25). They sold it for $35 at the show and I Chinese pennycented them into a 30% discount by buying more stuff. $25 is about what its worth IMO. Definitely not $50, as when you approach $100-150 you're looking at a pressure washer $100 + $15 foam lance combo. This is what the hose Foamer can do. Hose soap doesn't produce a lot of long lasting foam which is why i want an upgrade Versus a good gas pressure washer foam (>1000
  13. https://gizmodo.com/the-armys-new-night-vision-goggles-look-like-technology-1846799718?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=pe&utm_campaign=pd New Nightvision Systems
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