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  1. A lot of people love the official reveal video and I find it fun too.
  2. Tesla Released a relative big update on Tuesday in a super limited beta: https://twitter.com/teslaownersSV/status/1319142259086913536?s=20
  3. Loved the film and concept as predicted. I loved Oblivion as well.
  4. Those flaps.....those wheels...
  5. I heard this was the comparison:
  6. Seeing that we are in separate communities now, we each need to take control...because.....Only through me you can achieve a power greater than any Jedi.....
  7. This was one of the ideas I proposed to my co-worker when we were both considering moving into the same community. We could be a powerhouse on the board of the community by enforcing additional restrictions on the street parking (paid street parking). I need to put some time on the HOA aspects because a few things didn't make sense, but I'll get to it when I get a chance. I've already started trying to make friends with new neighbors by greeting each of the people I see at the community and introducing myself so definitely on my roadmap to fix stupid HOA rules and to play nice.
  8. I haven't chatted much about battery day, but the announced plans are outrageous and what the world really needs to transition to renewable energy. Elon laid it out simply. We need batteries, and A LOT of it. Without giant advances like what he brought up in battery day, we simply won't get there, but he laid out a realistic plan on what truly is necessary to transition to solar + wind / intermittent strategy. A 135 giga factories was not going to cut it. https://www.businessinsider.com/teslas-new-battery-design-is-brilliant-says-a-top-researcher-2020-9 Elon's 1st principles type th
  9. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/31409/everything-we-know-about-americas-sword-blade-hellfire-missile-and-its-latest-target Was not aware of this weapon system.....flying blades for targeted assassination.....
  10. Fold up, fold down, FOLD IT ANYWAY YOU LIKE IT. How about removable as well? I think that's the next stage.....
  11. From what I generally understand the interior should be up to me. The exterior probably fully under control of the HOA. I suspect there might be issues with things like repainting my house, adding things on the roof, Christmas decoration length etc. Some things that came to mind was HOA would require a full plan on what I wanted to landscape in my backyard and would require drawings to be approved before I could do it. Also limited to 2 pets. The by laws are about 40 pages. They actually hired an external company to take some default templates and will let home owners vote in their own H
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