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  1. I'm surprise this gif is still working after 13 years.
  2. Did you guys ever go? I would think Borrego Springs is a reasonably nearby site to visit and see. https://www.darksky.org/anza-borrego-desert-state-park-recognized-as-an-international-dark-sky-park/ It's only about 100 miles (2 hr drive) so isn't crazy. I have an 8 in dobsonian so I'd love to go astronomy star gazing etc.
  3. In terms of Acai bowls, this is my favorite: http://www.mybluebowl.com/locations
  4. I'm still trying to finish Voyager and DS9 and Stargate SG1
  5. 6 months out pre-orders sold out: https://slickdeals.net/f/13682036-star-wars-the-child-11-plush-preorder-24-99-baby-yoda?src=SiteSearchV2_SearchBarV2Algo1 https://slickdeals.net/f/13684163-the-mandalorian-the-child-baby-yoda-funko-regular-or-supersize-10inch-pop-8-78-or-29-99-preorder-at-amazon-29-99-8-78?src=SiteSearchV2_SearchBarV2Algo1 It's referred to as "The Child" in marketing. Sold out too. The fact that it wasn't ready meant that execs had no idea this would have appealed as much as it did.
  6. To me, the question is, can it detract from the experience? From my use cases I haven't ever encountered a situation where it's arguable worse. I have my 34" UW next to a 27" QHD and vertical usable space is nearly the same (mm's difference). I've rarely encountered a UI issue I couldn't overcome but the added experience of ultra wide makes it far more enjoyable. I even play DOS box games without issue. The fact is many games have tried to have multi-monitor support well before ultrawide was around so there's quite a bit of usability even among older content. Regarding blackbars in web video, I have an chrome extension that automatically allows me to zoom/stretch youtube videos when that does occur. I usually don't watch netflix on my PC but when I do I have a secondary 4K monitor for 16:9. I think the detraction isn't terrible, and I still think dual monitor can solve most solutions, but even in a single monitor enviorment I think the ultra-wide is just better still. Not going to go into productivity aspects as that's extremely user dependent (many don't use their computers for productivity for example) but I love having a browser reference document next to my word or excel file.
  7. I have not had much issue with my ultra-wide that I couldn't work around and have been pretty happy with it over the past 3 years. I'd on the boat of highly recommending ultra wide if its affordable and now i'm about to jump into the Super Ultra-wide territory with my recent Samsung CRG9 order. Not sure why you wouldn't recommend an UW today. My biggest concern is going with a VA panel due to the history of ghosting present in it. The average G2G time isn't terrible but the highest G2G is where I see real issue.
  8. Linus did a review on this guy and compared to the previous King of the Crop The Asus ROG-Swift PG35VQ For reference the LG you mentioned is: https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-38GL950G-B-gaming-monitor +HDR400 $1800 While the Asus which offers: https://www.asus.com/us/Monitors/ROG-SWIFT-PG35VQ/ 35" 3440x1440 UW HDR1000 G-Sync 200 Hz FALD $2500
  9. I think Episode 4 was a weak point but good overall still. Definitely seems like it continues to be a PG-13 and main character is definitely a protagonist versus a character with serious deficiencies that works through them which is what we usually see more of when we reached R-rated shows/films. I don't think Disney could stomach a character with bad traits due to their family oriented nature and PG13ness which I think is how most people like stories because it provides more realism to a character.
  10. The most interesting facet to me is: It takes 100 kWh for 300 miles vs 75 kWh for 330 miles on the Model 3, and 75 kWh for 300 miles on the Model Y. The 75 kWh version of the Mach-E is only 240 miles.
  11. Which headset? I don't expect it get much cheaper, maybe $150 at lowest which was what the acer/lenovo WMR's were going for before they ran out of stock.
  12. Samsung's CRG9 monitor is down to $1050 on sale.... https://www.samsung.com/us/computing/monitors/gaming/49-crg9-dual-qhd-curved-qled-gaming-monitor-lc49rg90ssnxza/ If anyone wants to buy my old 34" Acer X34 100 Hz and 27" Yamakasa Catleap 2B, I'm willing to let it go for cheap..... Can't justify buying a new display until I find home for my old displays.
  13. Since someone asked I thought I might provide my shopping list: BFads Buying Guides (Top 10 deals in stores and various TV/Laptop guides etc.) https://www.bfads.net/Buying-Guides Here’s my current shopping list along with likelihood of actually buying (High / medium / low) [High] 5 TB Portable WD for Wife - $90 [High] Bed in Bag covers $20-40 (my dogs chew up a set yearly) [High] Ring Video Doorbell 2 + Echo Show 5 ($139) [Medium] Samsung CRG9 49" Dual QHD - $1050 (from $1300, MSRP $1500) [Medium] LG Sound Bar $200 + Surround Speakers ($100) [Medium] New wheels ($2300 from $2800) for my car since Tesla is taking FOREVER with their forged referral wheel program. [Low] 12 TB WD External drive (shuckable for NAS devices etc.) - $180 [Low] UHD Blu-ray player PS4 or Xbox? Don’t really play console games…. I've been eyeing an 86" TV but that probably won't be for 3-5 more years before I'm really considering a new TV again. My 2012 Samsung 55" 3DTV is "sufficient" for my bedroom, 75" is sufficient for the Family Room, and I don't need a TV in the computer room or living room yet. Let me know if you have any particular needs and I’ll be happy to provide advice.
  14. The general feel is that Microsoft wants to cut support for WMR so I expect it to have limited support from Microsoft over the future. Consider it an EOL product at the price points you're seeing. Despite that, there is no cheaper option to get your feet into VR without paying the crazy prices for the Vive Pro or Valve Index ($500-1300). If you have money to spare, I'd definitely still consider it as its the cheapest way to experience HL Alyx. https://www.neogaf.com/threads/microsoft-cuts-support-for-wmr-vr-windows-mixed-reality-vr-pushing-more-focus-on-xbox-and-surface.1472536/
  15. That means it will be under $20k after California incentives. Range still sucks though. Definitely usable but barely. I think 80 mile range is usable as a daily driver but it limits anything to the outer edge of LA and back without charging. This being rated at 120-140 is probably 120 in realistic side should get you about 50-60 miles radius.
  16. Looks like its designed to compete with the Model Y - Pricing is still a little high to compete with the Y though.. Model Y 280 to 300 miles 0 to 80% ~30 minutes (see above changes) Dual Motor ~450-470 HP, 530 ft lbs Zero to 60 - 3.5s Starts at $48,000 BEFORE incentives 2020 Q1 expected production
  17. I did not realize the level of underwhelming until I looked at the numbers.
  18. While I don't agree with the findings as it was a weakly supported argument, the comments and topics aren't necessary wrong. It's kind of obvious. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2019/10/17/economists-identify-an-unseen-force-holding-back-affordable-housing/#comments-wrapper
  19. I like Chipotle's sofritas. I prefer steak, but I consider the meatless alternative to be sufficient. I also go to KBBQ because I enjoy that. I hate the impact meat has to the environment/climate/animals but I'll transition slowly where I can. I tried a beyond burger at Carl's and it was meh. More important it was outrageously expensive if I did not use a coupon at nearly $7 for what is normally a $3 burger. If I did not care for the the above reasons, why would I ever consider a lower quality, and less enjoyable option at twice the price? That's the stumble that the alternative options need to be. Elon/Tesla succeeded in making EV's viable to the masses not because it was the right thing to do, but because it was the better/cool thing to do that everyone wants. We will never get widespread acceptance until either economics or quality trumps (preferably both) the existing options.
  20. The latest pixel's look pretty terrible on a hardware pricing standpoint. It wouldn't be a big deal if it wasn't for the prices. I just don't understand the Pixel 4 XL's pricing. I'm looking at: Pixel 4: https://www.anandtech.com/show/14988/google-pixel-4-and-pixel-4-xl Note 10s: https://www.anandtech.com/show/14712/samsung-announces-galaxy-note10-note10 Comparing: Pixel XL 128 to a Note 10+: Price: $999 vs $1099 DRAM: 6 GB vs 12 GB Storage: 128 GB vs 256 GB + MicroSD Screen Size: 6.3" vs 6.8" (for 2 mm difference in size) Refresh Rate: 90 Hz vs. 60 Hz Battery: 3700 mAh vs 4300 mAh Charging: 18W vs 45W Rear Cameras: Dual (missing Wide Angle) vs Triple (not going to get into details) Front Camera: 8MP vs 10MP WiFi: 802.11ac vs. 802.11ax aka WiFi 6 And Samsung also has: reverse charging (WPC & PMA),
  21. Big name, big markup. Business Marketing 101.
  22. Jedi2155

    Car Washing

    Just wondering, how do you guys wash your car today? I let nature wash it for me I use paid automatic car wash I use paid hand wash I hand wash myself I use to do paid hand washes by my office in Pomona ($8-12/wash that was a pretty good job, although now its $15). I also use to hand wash at my companies wash bay but since I've moved offices I've lost access to that resource. Most recently I got my new car with ceramic coating where I've only been using a waterless wash & wax for the past year. Been pretty good but most recently I ran over a recent tar puddle in Anaheim and got a thick layer of either dirt or dirt+tar on my car. I invested in a foam gun from the Chemical Guys ($25 only) at the OC Autoshow because I wasn't ready to invest in a pressure washer + foam cannon just yet. Have to say the foam method is much easier to use to clean than than old 2 bucket method with scrubbing....what are your guys thoughts?
  23. Does housing supply include only single family homes or does it include multi-family dwellings? Driving around OC lately I"m just see a sprawl of MUD (Multi-Unit-Dwelling) being built EVERYWHERE (Fullerton, Anaheim, Irvine, Garden Grove, Orange are the main cities I'm seeing them in) but they're all the luxury type which really makes me wonder on the affordability of it all....I've worked with low-income ones too in Pomona but generally everything in OC looks expensive....(example Fullerton)
  24. You have to go to a store to order a Standard Range ($35,000 MSRP + $1,200 delivery fee, most manufacturers charge $500-800 or so) at the store and get a downgrade. Features will be removed. Presently Tesla has a logistics issue so its cheaper for them to include the hardware and software lock it, than to offer multiple trims and supply chain issues associated with it. I heard it costs Tesla something like $2-4,000 to actually deliver a car to a customer presently due to said logistics issues.
  25. The Bolt is commonly available new right now for around $28k BEFORE (right now its $31k) incentives meaning ending price is somewhere around $21k-$24k post incentive. Currently used Bolts are around $17-22k (many more are expected come off 3 year leases in the next several months) Standard Range (SR) Model 3 can still be ordered for $35,000 but that's 220 miles. There was a Long Range RWD available for some time as well. SR RWD | 220 | $35,000 | $159.09 SR+ RWD | 240 | $38990 | $162.45 LR AWD | 310 | $47999 | $154.80 Before the LR RWD was discontinued it was LR RWD | 325 | $43990 | $135.35 The Bolt based on the pricing I mentioned above is closer to: Bolt | 238 | $28000 | $117.65 The prices above are all before incentives. For shits and giggles I bought my Spark EV in 2015 for around $12.5k AFTER incentives. Spark EV | 82 | $12500 | $152.43
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