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  1. Was wondering how your X570 is doing and your nVME SSD in terms of temps: Here's mine: Hitting 80C for the PCH feels a bit hot...seems like it could use a repaste.
  2. Is this machine aimed for a parent?
  3. Looks like AMD did a huge update on their compiler which should help a lot on the software side optimizations for Zen2 + EPYC. https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=AMD-AOCC-2.0-Released
  4. Keep us updated on your ram experiences. I went with the E-Die set while yours is likely B-Die which to simplify is Rank 2 (2x4GB ) vs Rank 1 (1x8GB) densities. E-Dies have performance that closely matches B-Die but of course B-Die is best. Supposedly my ram might do 3600 at CL16 but time will tell, This guy showed some serious performance boosts (at 1080p cpu limited resolutions of course) with manual timings. BTW my CPU batch is 1930 (so week 30). Someone rumored that the newer batches are lower binned 3900x but I'm doubtful of that rumor. I've already put some of my system info in here for comparison purposes but I'll be following up once I get a chance. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1c3RTF_ZPjep-Zfimgoca2Ef1gSjZM0rSHVWLkknbfUI/edit#gid=0 I had some hardware swapping I had to do between my laptop (nVME 960 Evo) and desktop (SATA 860 Evo + 840 Evo) and I'm waiting on a new AM4 bracket for my H105 + some Grizzly Kryonaut coming in Friday. I have some spare conductnaut but I'm going to avoid liquid metal for now on the desktop. My entire 2019 build is a simple update of parts from my 2014 machine: CPU (3900X) + Motherboard (Aorus Ultra) + RAM (Ballistix DDR4 3200 CL16) ~ $875 + Tax = $950.
  5. Jedi2155

    Socal Euro 2019

    Well, I have ceramic coat on my car so its basically reinforcing that as an alternative to waxing. What is Mk1 btw? I know my car is not the fastest around, but its among the fastest stock cars (0-60 in about 3.2s). Nothing compared to a Model S P100D with ludircous at 2.28s. Tuner cars can of course beat my car. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fastest_production_cars_by_acceleration#By_0–100_km/h_time_or_0–60_mph_(0–97_km/h)_(3.0_seconds_or_less) And then there's Roadster 2020
  6. Now that Neon Genesis Evangelion (original tv series run) is on Netflix I've been watching that and quite enjoying the expanded character arc compared to what I saw on the Rebuild films. I feel the main character far more relatable in the anime run compared to the rebuild which might be the thought process difference between western and eastern audiences.
  7. Regardless, I plan on buying it on blu-ray to support it. I haven't bought a film since Pacific Rim so.....yep.
  8. I love that movie.....got me first interested in Brie Larson too as I preferred her voice at that band vs. the original metric artist.
  9. I haven't been in this thread for ever so apologies if its been posted:
  10. Jedi2155

    Battlefield 5

    Hmmm...just saw this trailer...Metro and M1 garand has me piqued.
  11. Jedi2155

    Socal Euro 2019

    Why don't you just use meguirs detail and wash spray? $10 at walmart is what i use for my car weekly
  12. It must be part of the CCX binning that was mentioned previously somewhere where the current chips have 1 good, and 1 okay CCX, while the later 3950X might have 2 good CCX controllers.
  13. I've been hearing about HAMR since high school but it sounds like they're.....
  14. Enjoying my VR so far BTW. Also caused me to take out my joystick for some good shoot'em ups. Mostly a time issue due to the variety of games and limited RL time I have. Games I've purchased: SuperHOT BeatSaber EVE Valkyrie (joystick use here) Contractors (purchased but not played yet) Also ordered an Xbox One controller for $32 but haven't been able to use it with VR games yet. Just racing games that I never get to use otherwise (NFS Most Wanted).
  15. I'm still CPU limited because I almost always run multiple applications at the same time as gaming. I almost never play just a single game in Full Screen. Its why I'm still mostly focused on Ryzen compared to Intel because MOAR CORES.
  16. I was seriously considering a b-stock eVGA 2080 FTW3 Ultra for $520 yesterday but decided against it. The XC ultra was a better deal IMO for $480 but that was quickly sold out. Couple of thoughts now that I've finally gotten around to crunching/comparing numbers. FTW3 Ultra boosts to 1860 Mhz (342.2 GT/s), has triple fan XC Ultra boosts to 1815 Mhz (334 GT/s), has dual fan Stock boosts to 1710 MHz (314.6 GT/s) Now a 2080 Super changes the following: Cuda cores to 3072 (from 2944) Boost clock 1815 Mhz (348.5 GT/s) Ram to 15.5 GHz (496 GB/s) from 14 GHz (448 GB/s). Potentially higher boosts from AIB vendors but we'll see what happens when its actually released. So really just a 10% boost to ram and 2% boost to core performance compared to the $520 B-Stock (1 yr vs. 3 yr. warranty, + 1 year via CC warranty) for roughly 35% more cost ($180 increase). Missed a great deal but something I'll definitely continue to look out for. Also for reference is a 1080 Ti 331 GT/s 484.4 GB/s Which isn't significantly worse than a 2080 Super as we know.
  17. As i'm in the same system upgrade path, couple of thoughts on cost optimizations. I'll be using a lot of old system parts (PSU, AIO, Case, SSDs) so my components opinions are limited to the following: CPU: I'm heavily wondering if I want to go with 16 vs 12 cores as well. You bring up an important metric of 50% cost increase for 33% more cores which is a huge negative for the 3950X plus lower base clock despite a higher turbo. TDP is the biggest limiting factor why I think the 3900X does make more sense. If AMD had allotted the 3950X a higher TDP budget, then I think the 3950X might be a much bigger selling point (since they'd optimize the turbos and whatnot to handle the increase heat budget). Mobo: Why the Master vs Ultra? Is the extra ESS sabre + 14 direct vs 12+2 VRM setup really worth an extra $60 difference? In either case, I'll be picking mine up likely from Microcenter for the $50 bundle savings ($250 vs $300, or $310 vs $360). In my case I have zero use of motherboard audio since I run a sound card still. RAM: I'm likely going with a Crucial Ballistix which has a bundle deal at Microcenter as well $125. Same latency, similar performance (e-DIE supposedly for Ryzen compatibiltiy).
  18. https://www.techspot.com/review/1877-core-i9-9900k-vs-ryzen-9-3900x/ Best summary of gaming performance across a wide range of games. Stock Overclocked
  19. I suspect used 1080 Ti's is going to drop to the $400-450 price range. I'm of the opinion of sell your cards early to minimize the depreciation, and buy now. Net cost of computer parts are relatively low as long as your can cash in your residual value.
  20. Jedi2155

    AMD Ryzen (Zen)

    Price Speculation from r/amd also good list of mobo's. I'm probably considering an ASRock or Gigabyte mobo. Probably in the $150-250 range because expensssive. Also would like WiFi....
  21. Jedi2155

    Raspberry Pi

    Shipping is insane at $16.....but i can get the similar kit on Amazon pretty cheap...
  22. Jedi2155

    Raspberry Pi

    Really debating getting a RasperryPi for my car for automatic dashcam cloud uploads *edit* nevermind only for Pi Zeros (W)
  23. https://www.forbes.com/sites/kenkam/2019/06/25/tesla-beating-competitors-even-with-its-hands-tied/amp/ This is a most interesting that Tesla is continuing to sell really well despite the crap they put buyers through.
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