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  1. Falling Up - Hotel Aquarium Sorry, i don't have my system stats or world population to go with my music choice! :-(
  2. And that's when we would all die....
  3. Oh lawd. Make sure it's by a Junior Highschool. You see, i have my own house and while it may be open to ladies 24/7, they never come by as much as you'd like....
  4. The graphics were cool until i saw teh moon elf ladies...then i cried at the style...
  5. ImCoolerThanRichard

    Far Cry 2

    Looks interesting, although i miss the old feel of the farcry graphics...it's all dull and dreary now and not the bright, vibrant island it used to be...
  6. Eh, i'm not a huge fan of the look tbh...
  7. The review/preview thing looked promising although i believe i'm set in the peripheral department for a while...
  8. Lol.... 4000dpi...is it really necessary?
  9. At first i thought that comma was a period and my head almost exploded at the thought of a car like that for 640 bucks...
  10. You can turn off your UAC you know. Just go to Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Turn User Account Control On or Off. That's usually the first thing i do. But as for vista, with my new system i'm running 64-bit home premium and i love it. I haven't had any real performance problems to speak of, although vista is a bit of a system hog. 64 bit is just as easy to manage as 32 bit as well.
  11. People don't realize how many harpoons they need when they talk to women in mmos....
  12. I'm gonna stick with my current set right now seeing how I just dropped a decent-sized wad of cash on a computer.
  13. Sentences end at periods, not in random, contextually convenient places!
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