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  1. Wanted to listen to something generic dancey
  2. That's what I already have and am using now. I transferred it over from my old desk.
  3. "Fox Sports used a Sony A7R IV to give NFL broadcasts a cinematic look" article - https://www.engadget.com/fox-sports-gives-football-a-cinematic-look-with-sony-mirrorless-cameras-200048816.html There are some videos on youtube of this if you want to see examples of what it ended up looking like but I bring this up because I wanted to make a different point with this. It looks professional and costs a fraction of what the previous setups did (assuming they end up using it more and make it a standard). I think this was already apparent from the live streamers, the podcasters, t
  4. "‘Babylon 5 Remastered’ now available to buy, or stream on HBO Max" article - https://www.engadget.com/babylon-5-remastered-hbo-max-digital-download-080058907.html Is this it? Is this finally my opportunity/excuse to rewatch this series? The last time I saw this show was on personal VHS tapes which I used to auto-record the show since I was not home at the time it was airing.
  5. disney using apashe was not on my bingo sheet for 2021
  6. article - https://abc7.com/society/watch-today-california-lifts-regional-stay-at-home-order-statewide/9997141/ Regardless of the ICU data, I guess I can see the pragmatic benefit of getting rid of them. The people and businesses that are taking it seriously will take whatever precautions they can with-or-without official orders. The people and businesses that do not take it seriously will do whatever they want with-or-without official orders.
  7. *accent* let them fight BRAAAAAAAAMPPPPP this looks so stupid
  8. "Is It True That '100 Companies are Responsible for 71% of Carbon Emissions'? " article -https://www.treehugger.com/is-it-true-100-companies-responsible-carbon-emissions-5079649 Probably not the most unbiased source but an interesting question anyways since I have seen people repeat the "100 Companies are Responsible for 71% of Carbon Emissions". I don't entirely agree with the conclusions of the article but I do agree that headlines like that quote are too broad and dismissive; too easily used to try and absolve all responsibility away from individuals and their personal action
  9. Yes All through Othena.com From what people have been saying, people have been getting turned away who did not have an appointment or try to fake eligibility, etc. They are no longer doing bum rush the website at a specific time each day to make an appointment though. Now it's register and wait for an email which will tell you that some appointments have opened and you have been selected to be able to make an appointment within the next 4 hours good luck everyone. Some people have reported getting the email at like 8am and some at 9pm so it's all over the place.
  10. wiki - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Fifth_Season_(novel) Currently reading The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin and I am about half way through. It was on some list somewhere I cannot remember which one. Sci-fi. It's easy to read so it's going pretty quick. The world is kind of interesting. Characters are OK but I'm especially kind of creeped out about how they are handling a relationship between two characters where there is also a large age difference. There are a few items where I'm still wondering where they are going with it. Also there is that story mechanic where it's following t
  11. EDIT: Looks like nobody liked this layout and these models are not even sold anywhere anymore. Kinda? I'm just really appreciating that this is the same physical layout/shape:
  12. imdb - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6857112/ Even though this got a lot of positive hype around it when it released I was not interested in it because most horror movies don't really interest me and seem low quality. I saw a post about this on reddit last week that had a spoiler in it and the particular event it was describing in the movie sounded kind of interesting in a kind of psychological horror way which piqued my interest. I watched about 1/2 of the movie and then realized that I was once again suckered into reddit's rose tinted glasses and ended up fast forwarding
  13. Cooler Master Quick Fire TK - https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/peripheral/keyboards/quick-fire-tk/#image-Item3 Ooooooohhhh. I have not seen this before. I do not like this keyboard but I do like this layout. The arrow keys + function buttons keep their traditional layout while saving some space by being integrated into the numpad which gives numlock a real purpose again. That must be really close to the same size as a tenkeyless keyboard without losing the tenkey.
  14. kuhla

    Apex Legends

    Nice! Just felt in the mood to blast something?
  15. imdb - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9140560/ So I watched the first 2 episodes (they are only like 25 min each) and I'm not confused but I am sort of questioning what the point of it all is. There is maybe a whole 5 minutes of time per episode where they seem to actually be moving the overarching story along. All the rest of it is nothing but lighthearted laugh lines and plot points emulating classic TV shows. Based on the trailer I guess they are going to move through other TV eras but if it's only a tiny bit of plot in each episode then I'm quickly going to start jus
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