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  1. kuhla

    Destiny 2

    Grenade launchers are garbage. I refuse to believe otherwise. I have tried to spend some time getting used to them but it is extremely frustrating when I miss the majority of my shots assuming that I'm not using it like a shotgun at very short range. So many bounces between legs or early remote detonations leading to nothing. I wanted to like them because they have so many mods available and their dps numbers are good but it's just not going to happen. Back to shotgun, sniper rifle or trace rifle for my special slot....
  2. This post is mainly as a note to myself. Not so impressed with Eufy anymore. Reolink E1 Zoom + Home Assistant maybe https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Z841XYD/ https://reolink.com/product/e1-zoom/ https://www.home-assistant.io/ + https://www.home-assistant.io/getting-started/presence-detection/
  3. I also just finished the series. As someone who has become very harsh on anime over time, I still feel like this was definitely a decent show and that I would not be worried to recommend to anyone who has even a passing interest in anime. This definitely needs to be emphasized again. There are moments here and there where I really like what they did with the animation, just so fluid.
  4. It's a little strange looking at STALKER with the benefit of having played multiple METRO games in the meantime. Cinematic trailers are fun but without any gameplay it's always such a dice roll of what will actually get released.
  5. I know you have all been eagerly awaiting an update on this. After reading quite a few different opinions and watching a few videos, I have decided to subscribe to the one-bucket wash method (as opposed to the two-bucket wash method). Either this weekend or next weekend (probably next weekend) I will be attempting to follow this process: Mix soap and water in bucket. Place 6 microfiber chenille wash mitts into the bucket to soak. With the car cool in the shade (this is going to be hard/impossible), spray down the car with just water and some sort of focusing attac
  6. Something a little different to be enjoyed at high volumes.
  7. kuhla

    Battlefield 2042

    From Tino.
  8. kuhla

    Battlefield 2042

    STEAM: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1517290/Battlefield_2042/ Official website: https://www.ea.com/games/battlefield/battlefield-2042 Especially check the specialist section Random thoughts: Class-based characters with abilities hmm. I am OK with this. lol Maria = Ana shooting you with healing darts. Season passes? I think they did this with BF5 didn't they. I have to go look back what they did. I don't like this but everyone is doing it now. Required for specialist unlocks? $60 - $90 - $110. Ooof. It's near future. Loo
  9. Looks kinda DOOM-ish
  10. 2 bucket + 1 mit 1 bucket + 4 mits grit guards start kits https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FTRZLM5/ pre-wash after wash quick detailer
  11. Neill Blomkamp for me means near-future sci-fi not supernatural. Not sure how I feel about that.
  12. You are not worried about alert fatigue? I'm guessing it's connected with one of those private security companies for them to send someone to do a drive-by? I found an old LA Times article that states the LAPD reported their average response time of like 5-6 minutes for emergency calls (much longer for non-emergency). Thinking about some of the videos I have seen........ .......by the time you receive the alert, recognize bad activity is occurring, make the call, somebody arrives at the house, the thieves are already gone. At that point the video is more valuable as evidence to
  13. kuhla

    Streaming Tech

    Here is a reddit thread about the email I think Twitch sent to all streamers (including me) about DMCA. https://old.reddit.com/r/Twitch/comments/nmsz1s/an_important_update_about_dmca_by_twitch/ Just hilariously out of touch.
  14. "Moderna to take mRNA flu and HIV vaccines into Phase 1 trials this year" article - https://www.biopharma-reporter.com/Article/2021/04/15/Moderna-to-take-mRNA-flu-and-HIV-vaccines-into-Phase-1-trials-this-year HIV vaccine soon? Not directly related to covid but with the "successful" use of mRNA vaccines (so far) it looks like the future is bright for this technology since it would seem we now have the ability to tell the immune system to target almost anything assuming you can find something unique enough about whatever it is.
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