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  1. If the $600 stays true for the base Pixel 6 then that is cheaper than the base Pixel 4 and Pixel 5s at launch.
  2. I'm pretty sure the same 3 people that went last time are pretty serious about committing to doing it again. For anyone else in the group interested I would ask for you to please reach out to me, malaphax or T1no to be included in planning.
  3. If anyone needs an ISO for a fresh build, Microsoft is making that available just like with Windows 10: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows11 Especially for gaming, you may want to consider turning off some of the new enabled-by-default security features if you cannot afford the ~5% performance drop: https://www.techspot.com/news/91613-here-how-you-can-disable-vbs-windows-11.html
  4. imdb - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0804484/ I have been watching this for a few weeks now. I like it but it had a strong start and has lost a bit of its steam since then. It's definitely very sci-fi but also mostly drama focused. This is not a fast paced action show even though they try that a few times and don't really pull it off. Pretty inoffensive so easy to recommend.
  5. imdb - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10954652/ I don't know why I keep giving M. Night Shyamalan chances when I am repeatedly disappointed. This movie has more plot holes than plot. I don't recommend this to anyone for any reason. If you are curious about the story just read the wikipedia plot summary with the spoilers.
  6. Nice. Also still keeping a close eye on Pixel 6 news. Most of the specs already known/leaked but the price is still kind of unknown (EU prices not a good estimate). Trade-in options might be interesting too. Made a quick search filter of what else is out there and just sharing: https://www.gsmarena.com/results.php3?nRamMin=8000&chkCameraOIS=selected&chkGPS=selected&chkNFC=selected&chkUSBC=selected&s5Gs=0&sOSes=2&sOSversions=2920&sFingerprints=1 Pixel 3 is still working but battery has definitely been starting to feel a bit short and I am no longer receiving security updates so I'm starting to keep an eye on new options.
  7. I felt that this was good, maybe even great, for a James Bond film. There were plenty of things to groan at but they are all parts of the usual James Bond style-action catalog and you should already be expecting that going into it. Beautiful women. One-liner quotes. Gun fights that seem a little silly. Flashy cars. Big stunts. Gorgeous scenery. For the Daniel Craig series of Bonds films I actually rank this one right behind Casino Royale (which I and many other people seemingly consider the best one). There was just a bit more "heart" in this movie as they tried to give Bond just a little more motivation than "save the world/UK/western civilization". I also felt like they gave Daniel Craig a little more room to act, more than the usual James Bond, and he pulled it off because he is a capable actor. If you like James Bond at all I think this is easy to recommend.
  8. I have seen online but also heard in-person so many people quietly hoping for some sort of bubble to pop so they finally afford buying a house but as it stands, and especially with stuff like what you posted happening, I just don't think it's going to happen. I only sees housing (and many other things) going up for now.
  9. I mean congrats to Phanteks but dropping $30 on fans has always been a little weird. Niche on top of a niche kind of thing and that physical switch needlessly complicates it.
  10. kuhla

    Battlefield 2042

    Played a few rounds yesterday. My opinion and notes on a few items: TTK is too low. I would like to see some numbers and comparisons (especially older BF games) but it feels too low. I'm not wishing for it to be as high as Apex (too high) but higher than it is so I can actually have an exchange of fire. Performance is worrying. With everything (I think) on low I am upper 60s fps average at native resolution (1440p). I really hope that gets better. If not I will have to start messing with resolution scaling to push my FPS a bit higher. I was OK with the concept when it was first being described but seeing the loadout system in action I feel a lot more mixed about the issue now. Specialist + class + weapons is a little TOO flexible. You want to have grapple hook and AT rocket and sniper rifle? It's allowed. Battlefield is supposed to push you into certain roles and require a diversity of roles to really win/ Maybe this is just first impressions but grapple hook is stupidly OP. It goes far and goes fast. You can traverse buildings like fucking spiderman. It puts your mobility on a whole other level. I guarantee we are going to see some super wonkey shit with it. Grapple snap to vehicles to quick plant C4? It's coming. I know this is an old problem but aircraft have a little too much HP. Even if you are in a ground vehicle, you have to put in some serious work to take down even a little bird. By comparison it's much easier to take out a ground vehicle. The skin/soldier visuals thing has already been discussed to death so I don't need to add to that. They look too similar. Friend and foe visual identification is hard. Tornado is cool. Destructibility is OK. Definitely had some "moonscape" moments already. Movement and object vaulting is OK. Every BF has solid audio. Menus need to change colors or style or both. Some of them are confusing with colors changing when you mouseover. The in-game HUD needs to be scaled down a bit and be a bit more readable (less transparency?) and that giant top of screen notification bar things has to be changed.
  11. Why Microsoft Is So Hell-Bent On Windows 11 TPM And Cloud Security Requirements article - https://hothardware.com/news/why-microsoft-is-so-keen-on-windows-11-tpm-20-and-vbs-support On my PC: Really Microsoft? When I was building my machine a few years ago, I very specifically had a TPM 2.0 chip as a requirement on the motherboard since it was not standard at the time and I wanted it. I am pretty sure I am not missing any CPU features unless I am missing something. I know there is still ways to force a fresh install but it's looking like that might not be a good long-term solution.
  12. Alan Walker - Paradise (Lyrics) ft. K-391 & Boy In Space Oxygen (Franky Wah Remix)
  13. https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2021/10/04/windows-11-a-new-era-for-the-pc-begins-today/ Not really unexpected but I will keep an eye on the news about this.
  14. I am glad that you put together a plan. Now having seen how you calculated some of your number I still stand by what I said. Your numbers are too low. BMR is not TDEE. BMR is like the calories you would burn in a coma. If you are awake and doing anything then you are burning more than BMR. TDEE tries to factor in your other activities while being awake. Those calculations usually ask you to estimate your "activity level". This number is always going to be higher than BMR. A 35 year old male, weighting 164 lb, 5' 8" tall with a mostly sedentary or lightly active lifestyle probably has a TDEE of like 1800-2000. Shooting for a daily caloric deficit of 500 calories is very strict. It can be done but many people advocate for a 200-300 calorie deficit instead to try and avoid burnout and possibly unwanted mental/energy/thyroid/hormonal side effects that come with low energy. Do not forgot that some of the fitness personalities advocating for hard cuts have the benefit of legal and illegal drugs to help maintain lean body mass (talking about muscle) which they will not disclose. Weight loss is a marathon. Not a sprint. I think a daily caloric goal of 1600-1700 would make a lot more sense for you and make sure you are getting enough fat (saturated fat too) and fiber. Combined with some regular exercise, I think this is a much healthier and more sustainable plan that will still lead to the desired weight loss if maintained.
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