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  1. I agree. I have no symptoms right now (don't know if I am infected or have been or not) but I am wearing a mask when I go to any stores. Good video. I would trust the data out of Korea. 20% without symptoms. 90% of the deaths are in people over 60.
  2. I found this video kind of interesting as this guy (who is not a medical professional) tries to make like a data model + visualization about infectious diseases.
  3. article - https://thehill.com/policy/energy-environment/489753-epa-suspends-enforcement-of-environmental-laws-amid-coronavirus Sad.
  4. Starting to eyeball that tax return wondering if I should start investing in a home gym at the house since this shut down is likely to extend more than just two more weeks. https://www.fringesport.com (because Rogue is cool but Rogue is $$$$) https://www.titan.fitness (because Rogue is cool but Rogue is $$$$) https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/search/sss?query=bumper plate&sort=rel Even if I decided to pull the trigger a lot of stuff is out of stock 🙁
  5. Sort of space related but apparently mid-May there will be a comet as bright as Venus in the sky for those of us in the northern hemisphere. https://astronomy.com/news/observing/2020/03/comet-atlas-may-soon-be-visible-to-the-naked-eye
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/games/546560/announcements/detail/2100307193365928745 They added smooth turn. I'm definitely going to try it tonight. I think it will look and feel better than "snapping" 30 deg angles at a time. Other than the fact that I need to turn off the mic (which is located right next to my nose) can I get some feedback on last night's stream? is it OK now? I'm probably going to fiddle with it a bit more tonight.
  7. Good resource. I wish I had seen that before I started streaming yesterday. I really want to stream quality to be much higher since there is a pretty large discrepancy between what I was seeing inside the headset and what was showing up on Twitch.
  8. Speaking from personal experience on this. I think there are multiple reason for the much slower pace. Teleportation movement and snap rotation movement (as opposed to smooth movement) makes every movement very deliberate. Also the shooting is unforgiving and limited ammo. Reloading the pistol requires everything it does in real life (drop the magazine, grab a new magazine, insert new magazine, release slide or re-rack if you already released it). Reloading the shotgun is similarly comparable to real life (open tube, load shells, close tube, charge it). I do wonder how the game would play with smooth movement (it's not even a selectable option right now). The puzzles are kind of interesting and do make good use of the 3D nature of the world like the one where I had to rotate a ball while aligning a beam (see 52min 10 sec mark in the stream). That being said I had at least one puzzle that I found very frustrating and confusing. The world is very detailed and you can interact with a lot of stuff so they are also rewarding exploration (magazines, upgrade parts, etc.). Ignoring the gravity gloves they are rewarding the simple fact of bending down to pick up a box to check what is underneath it. Overall it is a positive experience so far. Sidenote: I am hoping to stream again tonight but at smoother and higher quality. Inside the headset it is not as choppy as it is on the stream but last night the only option I could get to work was window copy of the "preview".
  9. article - https://www.roadtovr.com/hp-reverb-g2-valve-microsoft/ I bet it is going to be expensive but Microsoft AND Valve are involved with this too? This will probably be something special.
  10. I'm only 1/2 way in but to me, the existing copyright system is complete trash and can never work in our modern technological world where anything that can be displayed on a screen can be perfectly and instantly duplicated to infinity
  11. Perfect example of what I was talking about.... https://www.businessinsider.com/work-from-home-sneek-webcam-picture-5-minutes-monitor-video-2020-3
  12. Don't forget schools and private businesses too. When you take an asset or install a program from either one you are also inviting them into your home. EDIT: Realized I did not really complete my thought. With the increase in working from home I would also expect them to start leveraging the visibility that comes with this.
  13. Plugged in a USB headset to avoid yelling into laptop integrated mic. Plugged in HDMI to main monitor. Plugged in a webcam to avoid having to turn towards the laptop. Plugged in mouse and keyboard. Adjusted chair more upright. Dressed like a casual Friday. Makes such a big difference. I already feel more productive (seriously).
  14. Especially with the phone situation, it does not have to be free, but I need to pick a setup that is simple with the billing and will not blow up the bill with frequent calls to germany
  15. Nice. I feel like when it comes to thermal paste/pads/etc. that even high end OEMs cannot be trusted to use the good stuff or to apply it cleanly. 👍👍👍
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