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  1. I think more "mature" (oh boy that's a heavy word) readers ask the question "why" more often. I think generally speaking the reason morally grey characters feel "better" is because the author is then obligated to explain their goal/their motivation. They have to. If you don't explain why the good guy did a bad thing or why the bad guy did a good thing then the character doesn't make any sense. Black and white characters don't need any explanation. The good guys are doing good because they are good. The bad guys are doing bad because they are bad. Mechanically it works but there is no explanation, no "why". This feels unfulfilling. I think you can still have a "main character on a quest to save the world" and still have morally grey characters but it just does not happen very often. Now mary sues on the other hand almost always feel like garbage. How am I supposed to connect/empathize with this character? He can do everything and he can do it well and if he cannot do it right this minute then he can somehow learn it faster and better than anyone else. How can that character truly have any conflict? Anything challenge that appears will be overcome either immediately or shortly thereafter. Every event in the story just ends up feeling useless since you know how it's going to end.
  2. I have not been installing GFE for a long time now. At best I have no use for the features it provides. At worst it's just another program that adds another screen overlay, or another driver, or some security vulnerability, or another thing checking for updates/doing stuff in the background when I don't expect it to, more complexity that can introduce problems.
  3. I'll wait for the next one. https://old.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/csvqh5/game_ready_driver_43602_faqdiscussion_integer/ According to this thread, with a post from someone claiming to be an Nvidia Community Manager, this was a bug and they took the drivers down for a while and it has now been fixed.
  4. So for Mint, looking at the non-promo prices, $35 per month gets you.... 8GB 4G LTE (gsm, tmobile mvno) and then throttled after that Unlimited talk and text (assuming within USA) Free international calls to Mexico and Canada That seems pretty decent.
  5. Recently finished reading the The Dark Elf trilogy of books by R. A. Salvatore. This is the fantasy story about Drizzt, the Dungeons & Dragons character. There are more books but I stopped after that. It was easy reading but I was already getting pretty bored half-way into book two. The story just feels so reptitive and the main character is such a mary sue. I do not think it is marketed as young adult fiction but it certainly felt like it. Currently reading A Spell for Chameleon by Piers Anthony and I'm about 3/4 of the way through it. It is fantasy and part of a longer series of books ("Xanth series"). The setting is "super magical" as in pretty much everyone and everything has magic (including animals, water, etc.) although some of it is consider totally useless (one example given in the book is someone who can change the color of their urine to any color on command). It's weird because it moves very very fast and feels almost episodic in some sections. Main character is on a journey and along the way runs into some new person with a basic problem, he helps them with their problem and then leaves and that new person or their issue is not mentioned again. Easy to read and I'm sort of curious where they are going with the story. Still very much on my to-do list.
  6. article - https://variety.com/2019/film/news/matrix-4-keanu-reeves-carrie-anne-moss-lana-wachowski-1203307955/ Why? Why?? Stop It's already dead
  7. kuhla

    Destiny 2

    Actually the other way around, this is a client side option no? This could mean an influx or new players in crucible, gambit, etc.? If yes, I look forward to some fresh meat. Competitive crucible has been brutal (I think we can all attest to that). EDIT: Wait, cross PLAY or cross SAVE? EDIT2: Ok. It's cross SAVE.
  8. I'll wait for the next one. What is this? Why have I not heard of this? https://www.amd.com/en/technologies/radeon-software-anti-lag https://www.techspot.com/article/1879-amd-radeon-anti-lag/ *reads* Ahhh. Ok. This is basically about limiting prerendered frames. This has been done before. It's not all upsides. EDIT: Nvidia added more compatible monitors too https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/products/g-sync-monitors/specs/
  9. ? ? ? DEATH STRANDING ?? ???? How can we have this must footage and discussion about it and I still don't understand what it is about. Walking baby ladder simulator??
  11. Ghostrunner reminds me a lot of Mirror's Edge. Mark me down as interested.
  12. When I transferred my number from t-mobile to google fi (project fi at the time) it became a google voice number.
  13. kuhla

    Keyboards & Mice

    If the G815 got below $100 I would consider it with the tactile switches.
  14. What do you mean by google voice integrations? I think Google Fi is bad price for people that use a lot of data and for family plans. Other providers do much better in pricing for either one of those. That whole public Google WiFi thing is practically bullshit. I've been connected to it once EVER. I spend a lot of time on wifi but not the "official" one. When I'm on cellular network I watch my usage, no netflix, very little music streaming, limited youtube viewing. I'm usually around 2GB of data usage but occasionally go up to 4GB but almost never exceed 5GB. When I'm home I do everything through Chrome, messaging, phone calls, etc. International coverage with Fi has been great in Germany, Bali and Taipai. I would only encourage someone to check out Fi if they are willing to spend a lot of time on wifi, have low data usage off-wifi, really want international coverage
  15. ....and again https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/samsung-hmd-odyssey/8n2d0nk20p8m?activetab=pivot:overviewtab I think I'm going to stop posting about this item and price. It drops to this exact same price every other month or so.
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