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  1. imdb - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7462410/ Watched 2 episodes so far. I did read a few of the books many years back but stopped before completing the full series because it just felt like one of those endlessly dragged out "epic fantasy stories". Production value feels pretty high, and they have plenty of source material to flesh out a world, but this has YA all over it. Surprised at the amount of blood and gore for a YA show though. I might watch another episode or two but I can see myself dropping it. I just can't get myself immersed in a show with the main characters a group of well manicured, young, pretty people going on a hero's journey with romance sprinkled in.
  2. I rapidly lost interested in this show over the last few episodes. The story, dialogue, characters, everything just seemed to decline. By episode 10 I no longer understood anymore why people were doing what they were doing. The story now seems to be going a completely different direction. I feel bad for the book readers because I'm sure this is not following the source material.
  3. Walmart Target Best Buy Newegg Micro Center
  4. Toyota Sequoia Do I fit? No. Sat in this randomly. I think it was the first car we saw. I was surprised that it is such a big car but it was very small inside. Toyota Corolla Cross Do I fit? Yes I vaguely knew this came out but forgot about it. Kind of surprised me. Kind of basic but it was a good size. Mazda3 Do I fit? No. It was a wagon shape and if you showed me the specs you could have just told me it was a Mazda Speed3 and I would have believed you. Chevy Trailblazer Do I fit? Yes. I don't really know what this is or how it is different from the just "Blazer". Chevy Colorado Do I fit? Yes. I already expected to fit in this. I have been fitting in this for years. It's a nice truck imho. Hyundai Santa Cruz Do I fit? Yes. I had already seen some videos about this "ute" but somehow in person it actually seemed like a pretty OK all around vehicle with many possible use cases. Of course people are going to complain that it's trying to be a truck but it is not. I disagree with those people. Hyundai Ioniq 5 Do I fit? Yes. Odd looking outside. Odd looking inside. Seat and steering wheel had odd ergonomics. Just felt odd. Kia EV6 Do I fit? No. Kia Forte Do I fit? No. Subaru Crosstrek Do I fit? No. Just a perpetual feeling of disappointment with this vehicle. Subaru Forester Do I fit? Yes. Just feels like a more complete package compared to the Crosstrek. Subaru Solterra Do I fit? Maybe? The vehicle had no power and the seat was in a bad position for me but I could not adjust it. Solterra left a good impression on me even having seen some videos online beforehand. Respect to Subaru for putting this out on the floor that you could get in and another one up on a platform for a presentation. Toyota brought the BZRZRB4 whatever name but only put it on a platform. The whole presentation at Subaru was this like Rainforest Cafe vibe with a rescue dog petting zoo section that was kind of cool. Ford Fake Bronco Do I fit? Yes. Ford Maverick Do I fit? Yes. I already had some idea of what to expect on this one but was still kind of impressed. The compact size/shape, interior, everything seems to be very pragmatic and useful. Combined with the hybrid engine. I hope they sell a lot of these instead of Rangers, F-150s, etc. Ford Mach-E Do I fit? Yes. Ford Bronco Do I fit? Yes but they only had 1 model you could get it in the soft cover. VW ID4 Do I fit? Yes. It basically was what I expected it to be. Rear leg room seemed very large for a vehicle of this size. VW Taos Do I fit? Yes It looks kind of like a Golf and feels like one too.
  5. imdb -https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9737326/ Saw a little bit of praise for the show and the trailer did not look too bad so I decided to watch the first 3 episodes on a whim. I don't know if I will continue watching. All of the main characters (which are not connected) are just totally uninteresting to me and most of them feel like classic archetype ABCD. You have the lone soldier, the family, the little boy, the world-weary sheriff, the obsessed scientist, etc. They try to wrap in a bunch of people drama on top to try and keep you emotionally invested in them. For the alien events/moments in the show I cannot even tell if they are building to some climax or not because I cannot tell if the events being shown are in chronological order. I may still watch a bit more of this show but very casually.
  6. Finished this. It was easy to read, story and characters felt a little different than the norm but it didn't really do anything to really grab me. There is 2 more books in this series but I am just not really interested in finding out what happens next. Maybe I will revisit this in the future but there was enough closure at the end of this book that I can just step away now. Not sure what I will/can start next.
  7. Nice Glad we are keeping to a standardized connector that has sort of broad cross-and-backwards compatibility
  8. I will try to make progress on the topic this weekend but I would ask if the individuals on this forum could kind of make a mental decision before then if they are committed or not to this since it will involve money being put down ahead of time.
  9. Green screen Blue screen Sand screen Desert power
  10. You referring to the group you are driving? I think your group will be focusing/interested in different cars for the most part. I figure we will probably join up for a bit when both groups are already there but probably not stick together.
  11. kuhla

    Battlefield 2042

    All guns need like a 20% reduction in their recoil. Way too much recoil on everything without mods. All guns need like a 20% reduction in their accuracy cone. Many of the guns are way too inaccurate without mods. Most of the games I have played so far I have struggled in gun fights of any kind with any gun. All vehicles need like 20% less health or need to take more damage from rockets. Yes C4 will still do the trick but that is just not realistic for air vehicles. Random lag spikes that affect everyone on the server are a problem. I am rarely getting even 70fps with all settings on low at native resolution. I have had moments I dipped into the high 40s too. If I can find a way to lower the settings even further I will because this is painful. I thought the "call a vehicle anywhere" would solve the problem of "ok I have to now run 400m on foot to the next objective just to die along the way" but that is not true. I still find myself doing a lot of running. The specialist system is a bit less broken then I thought it would be but there are definitely some loadouts which are way more useful than others. I really wonder if this game would play a lot better on smaller maps with smaller player counts. It's hard to judge certain things on the extra-large servers when it's just chaos everywhere and you are just dying without any chance to respond.
  12. @T1no: If we leave Brea at 8:30am on Saturday, we likely get there no later than 9:15am. Add time to park and walk and we probably get inside by 9:30am. I think after 3 hours (probably less) we are probably pretty done with everything. We leave and can do lunch somewhere close nearby or come back to OC for lunch. Back home by mid-late afternoon. How does that plan sound? I did a quick search but do not see any ticket discounts/coupons so it's $20 a person. Buying ahead of time versus in front of the event probably good idea.
  13. I am not sure where to go to check ad scans anymore. ??? https://slickdeals.net/blackfriday/ads/ ??? https://blackfriday.com/ads/black-friday
  14. https://old.reddit.com/r/Skigear/search?q=title%3Agloves&restrict_sr=on&sort=relevance&t=year
  15. Gidge - Quasar Swedish House Mafia & The Weeknd - Moth To A Flame (KAAZE Arena Mix) KIDSØ - Finja
  16. I feel obligated to give a warning on this. There is a point-of-view section from one of the main characters of when she was very young child and forced into sex trafficking. It is long and very uncomfortable especially because of how mundane it is presented. If this is revisited again in the book I'm just going to drop it.
  17. Quoting this because I'm thinking again about trying to do this at some point in the future. I just took a quick look at some other first aid type courses. Some are just too basic. Some are very expensive ($500+). Some are long (3-4 days, 6-8 hours each).
  18. Prices on everything inflated. Supply chains screwed. Chip shortage. Ok but what are you all waiting for sales on for end of this month? Me: Probably a new cell phone. You all already know that from the other thread. I might want to buy 1-2 more UPS units. If there is a dirt cheap 27" 1440p IPS 144Hz monitor I may buy that to finally replace by 1080p BenQ. Maybe some networking gear? Outdoorsy stuff or safety stuff or I don't know.... I don't really need anything....
  19. imdb - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1160419/ I saw this last weekend in imax but I am just now posting about it. Right away I will just say it was very good. I would basically recommend it to everyone but there is some mature themes and violence that is not for the kids. Even if someone is not really into sci-fi I think there is a lot to enjoy here from the visuals and the audio. Denis Villeneuve directs another movie I like. This guy. I did read the books this is based on so there were a few times when I wondered if that makes it difficult for me to be objective. In my opinion this adaptation is very faithful bearing in mind that no adaptation is going to be an exact copy. There is occasionally almost a creepy/horror vibe which I was not expecting but felt right. I do have some criticisms of the movie, which holds it back from being great, but they are actually not related to the source material being adapted. Even then, they feel small compared to how good many other parts of the movie are. The visuals are fantastic. Everything feels like it is epic in size. The audio is mostly great too, very unique, but sometimes it feels like there is barely a gap from one audio track to the next. I think that will work for an opening post.
  20. Carpooling not going to work. We are coming at it from a different direction freeway. 11:00am would work for me but I actually was hoping for even 10:00am.
  21. "'It's not science fiction': New East Bay facility producing lab-grown meat plans to produce 400,000 pounds per year" article - https://www.sfchronicle.com/food/article/It-s-not-science-fiction-New-East-Bay-16590589.php Let's go.
  22. It's a combo of top speed and acceleration but I'm more focused right now on the acceleration. Grandma is going to end up taking the car out of reverse, going into drive and ending up inside the pharmacy still buckled in. The grocery store vehicles don't need that type of acceleration. Leave the high performance to the vehicles designed and marketed just to the enthusiasts.
  23. I really appreciate that reviewers are checking this and calling out companies on this especially if we are talking about cars advertised as "sporty". At some point though I think there needs to be some kind of decision made on how performance is handled with EVs. I realize that we are getting to (or are already at) the point where you can "have your cake and eat it too" with an EV that can cover all the practical needs and also go fast but, as far as the "goes fast" part, that should not be on everything. I don't think most EVs should be capable of "driving hard". Model 3 + Performance pack is rated for 0-60mph in 3.1s. I would not feel comfortable with my mom driving that car. Just like I would not feel comfortable with my mom driving a car with 400+hp. And before anyone says it, no, different driving modes are not the fix for people like her which are not comfortable with a lot of technology. I realize that what I am advocating for does probably mean artificial restrictions/governors for some vehicles but I don't think everyone driving super fast cars is safe.
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