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    Nvidia 3000 Series

    Then why bother asking the question? Reviews for AIB cards will be out soon and will give a definitive answer.
  2. New Nvidia drivers. https://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/163528/en-us 456.38 Released today. Newly supported stuff. Nothing crazy.
  3. kuhla

    Nvidia 3000 Series

    It's not starting to plateau, it has been plateaued and for years. Fundamentally almost all of the AIB cooler designs are about the same now; open design, as many heatpipes as they can squish in there, 2-3 fans, aluminum fins, basic backplate, basic TIM, a couple small heatsinks for VRMs, etc. Any real differences in cooling performance seem to have more to do with fan tuning. If you told me this was an AIB 3080 design, at a quick glance, I would not have any reason to doubt you (hint: it's not, it's 6+ years old).
  4. kuhla

    Nvidia 3000 Series

    This statement extends to both GPU and CPU coolers: I'm not convinced there is much room left for innovation with coolers. A little better fans, a little better heatpipes, a little better flow, a little better water pumps sure but the fundamental formula has not changed for many many years now. Assuming a cooler is using more of the more "proven" designs, I prefer to compare other variables like noise, size/compatibility, price, etc.
  5. kuhla

    Nvidia 3000 Series

    Considering recent history, it will be interesting to see how prices and availability hold up. They are listed on Nvidia's direct shop at MSRP: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/shop/geforce/?page=1&limit=9&locale=en-us&gpu=RTX%203090,RTX%203080,RTX%203070&gpu_filter=RTX%203090~1,RTX%203080~1,RTX%203070~1,TITAN%20RTX~1,RTX%202080%20Ti~2,RTX%202080%20SUPER~11,RTX%202080~4,RTX%202070%20SUPER~22,RTX%202070~11,RTX%202060%20SUPER~6,RTX%202060~29,GTX%201660%20Ti~20,GTX%201660%20SUPER~4,GTX%201660~11,GTX%201650%20Ti~2,GTX%201650%20SUPER~8,GTX%201650~26
  6. kuhla

    Nvidia 3000 Series

    NDA for 3080 expired this morning. Reviews all over the place but not on Anandtech yet. I have not seen anything yet that differed from what most people were expecting based on the previous info and leaks.
  7. kuhla

    Destiny 2

    Arbalest broken?
  8. Agreed. The design is getting "louder".
  9. Not exactly holding my breath for this one but curious to see what they can cook up. All we have is a picture for now.
  10. We did not have a thread for this? Well here is the season 2 trailer.
  11. kuhla

    Keyboards & Mice

    .....and now they made a wireless version for $80.
  12. EDIT: Woops. Just finished The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers. Apparently it was initially self-published with Kickstarter. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22733729-the-long-way-to-a-small-angry-planet https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Long_Way_to_a_Small,_Angry_Planet It was not bad but I did not really enjoy it. The spaceship's crew was just too much of motley mix for me to take it seriously. The wacky, barely contained, engineer? The tech nerd who wants to have relations with the computer? The promiscuous pilot? The chef boyardee cook? The grizzled captain with a heart of gold? The list goes on. The book slowly has crisis after crises and each crisis is this perfectly engineered set of circumstances that allows each character to tell about their backstory and explain them more as a character. Maybe I could have still been invested at that point if the wider universe it was set in was interesting but that didn't do much for me either. I found myself getting somewhat bored towards the end and will not be continuing the series. Started something new but so early I'm not ready to post about it
  13. Just wanted to give a brief update on this since I got the ball rolling on this again. The home phone will be the first service to switch. I looked at Google Voice (with Obihi now part of Polycom) and VoiPo and Ooma and Vonage. Decided to go with Ooma because I know their easy to understand international plan and actual tech support will be seen as a big plus. The porting of the house number will be a small multi-week project on its own apparently. The next phase will be bringing in the new internet. The phase after that will be cancelling the old internet and TV (and phone) service. The last phase will be the new TV service.
  14. kuhla

    Keyboards & Mice

    I guess it's only a natural evolution to see optical switches come to keyboards too but I imagine the quantity of switches (compared to a mouse) is going to drive up the price a lot (more than they already are with some of the "premium" models out there).
  15. I know it's a little bit trope and a little bit reality but is there the usual "observe as the rich do ridiculous things and act as if it's completely normal shtick"?
  16. So I watched 2 more episodes. I am still not sure which side they are want the viewer to sympathize with but both options feel very uncomfortable. Maybe that is intentional? I'm not sure but I'm invested to continuing to watch this to answer this one question alone. Moving beyond the story for a moment. The production quality is typical HBO; above average. The acting is convincing enough so far.
  17. kuhla

    Mini ITX / SFF

    I probably should have just posted a video review when I made that post. This does seem like a really well rounded ITX case option. Good job Cooler Master.
  18. imdb - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9170108/ wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raised_by_Wolves_(American_TV_series) This is strange show. There is atheists and believers. Humans and androids. I watched the first episode but I really have very little guesses on where it's all going. Guess I just have to keep watching and find out....
  19. kuhla

    AMD Ryzen 4

    If you decide to go with 3000 series I would recommend going for X570 chipset. It's technically better but also some of the B550 motherboards are not cheaper (even though they should be) so why not. X570: https://www.newegg.com/p/pl?Submit=Property&Subcategory=22&N=100007625 8000 4814 601334781&IsPowerSearch=1&PageSize=96&Order=2 B550: https://www.newegg.com/p/pl?Submit=Property&Subcategory=22&N=100007625 601352805 8000 4814&IsPowerSearch=1&PageSize=96&Order=2
  20. .....and we keep going down that road, before you know it, we are back to separate data and power cables like we just left behind 😕 Before anyone gets the wrong idea, I like a lot of things about the M.2 form factor. I use it myself but with the heat issues on the horizon and the idea of pushing more and more stuff onto the motherboard, increasing complexity, increasing cost, increasing size (for now) is a trend I am getting worried about.
  21. A knee-jerk reaction could have been understandable and forgivable but that is not what happened here. If this was a situation where there was risk to life or injury then absolutely throw all the options for a response on the table, even disproportionate, even unfair however this was a slap with a piece of pizza followed by (maybe also preceded by) some ugly words. If there was a need for any response at all it should be proportional. That video was an example of calculated violence, that could have ended in loss of life or serious injury, in defense of what? His honor? His clothes? His reputation? If a bully taunts someone, would it be considered reasonable for the victim to break the bully's leg? Is that how he stands up for himself? Escalation, turnabout, fair play these are all terms with degrees and levels that require two parties. The highest level is reserved for life and injury and if one side is going to go that far, there better be an objectively good reason for it.
  22. .....and it's all running through your motherboard yipee (/S)
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