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  1. Hey guys It's been awhile! Well I'll get right to the point. The company I work for is currently seeking to employ a Developer/Programmer. I will post their graigslist listing below. If you feel qualified please send your resume. They are getting a little antsy as the lack of this Developer/Programmer is slowing the companies growth. PHP / LAMP DEVELOPER Anyways - Thanks for reading this!
  2. eww wireless Haha yeah ive looked at the one, the wired ones just have better sound quality i hear. I have it for the 360. But I can rent it for the ps3 if you wanted to play for a few days.
  3. So guys im looking for a new Surround Sound headset for my xbox 360. I have been looking around the two ive kinda been look at are the Tritton AX Pro, and the Astro A40. The price difference is pretty big Tritton's for 150. Astro's for 250. The Tritton are apparently True 5.1 DD SS. While the Astro's are Simulated 5.1 DD SS. I know you are a PC headset guy but i was wondering if you had any input. Would be greatly appreciated. Also if there are other head sets you suggest let me know.
  4. Anyone need a job, I know of an job opening at CHOC Mission Hospital. Granted It is a drive to Mission Veijo. Mon/Wed 5-11pm Sat 3-11pm Title :Screener let me know if your interested or would like some more details.
  5. Tengen

    New Dog!

    For those of you, who fail at social networking. Pictures of my new companion. He is a White Golden Retriever, and is 8 weeks old. Dont ask his price tag.
  6. Your my facebook friend. We have pics on there.
  7. interested, not sure if the GF has anything planned that day.
  8. This isnt another COD. Hence why it isnt in the name What more do you want, new guns, perks, more customization?
  9. Tengen


    Yeah. Its free radio over the internet. You pick a band/song you like and it plays band/songs similar to it.
  10. Tengen


    Anyone use/heard of Pandora? Ive been using it lately, and I absolutely love it. Almost perfect song selection(with some tweeking)
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