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  1. Hey guise. A friend would like to know if anyone of you bois would consider a position with a company. Here is the job description, as sent to me. If you're interested, contact me and I will give you the contact information ( I don't want spamm3rz hax0ring anything). Also, if you know anyone who may be interested, do tell them! Information: CTO/Engineer Wanted ? no prior formal work experience necessary A startup in the location based services industry with emphasis on data aggregation and payment automation is looking for ambitious integral partner to take on both engineering and development responsibilities. Unlike many postings, we are not looking for grunt labor, but instead an individual to serve as a collaborator and manager - eventually to head up the whole tech department. Individual will work directly with founders and board. The position requires a level of entrepreneurship, creativity and technical prowess. Requirements: Technical requirements: Must be proficient in: PHP Java Script HTML CSS Ruby on Rails XML XSL MySQL Experience in GUI designs Must be proficient with database work, managing, QA, "data scrubing". Must be willing and able to learn new tech skills as required Has a good "eye" for aesthetics and design Be able to help stream line technical business processes e.g. help make data aggregation process more efficient and incorporate new technologies to improve it. Wants to become a CTO in a startup and will eventually take a leadership roll managing entire technology team Startup contains 2 full time members and 6 part time including board members. Location: Santa Monica Must be able to come into office a couple of days a week but otherwise can work from home. To find out more contact: -contact me- or -contact me-
  2. i am koming i can eat piksa or anything or we can go bay sam hawaii fod ew can alsow hev som diet peksi or redbul for drenk
  3. marcinovski


    my friend got a new toy so i went and took some pictures :3 tell me what you think guise. the picture #2(the dark one with city lights in background) is not actually photoshopped at all. some police came to check out what we were doing and shined their lights on the car - I took advantage and quickly snapped a picture(hence it being slightly crooked :[ ) here's all the pix0rz: http://www.flickr.com/photos/19964937@N08/...57611795704122/
  4. I have a video of everyone arriving at tinos December 31st of 2008. Don't ask me how I did it.
  5. The guy has been doing it on my UCLA account for a year. He doesn't do anything illegal. Just hosts a couple HTMLs on ur server guise. Worth the moneys...
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