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  1. Razer released a new mechanical keyboard recently. It's still got proprietary optical switches and a weird wire stabilizer per switch that I haven't seen before, but several people on the /r/mk sub think it's halfway decent.
  2. Malaphax

    League of Legends

    Also we have a LoL card game now. Cue the dota 2/artifact crowd reaction: https://playruneterra.com/en-us/ They also announced league of legends mobile/console versions: Riot Shooter called Project A: Riot Fighting game called Project L (made by the same devs behind rising thunder and the cannon twins which run Evo). LITERALLY A FULL ANIME (or at least animation) There's some other minor stuff in a full stream available here as a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4FGqymg4k4
  3. Here's one of the first very obvious abuses of a red flag reporting law in action. An 84 year old Korean war veteran and former police officer (60 years of service) who worked as a crossing guard - was fired from his position and had his guns seized, because of unkind comments he made about the school resource officer were overheard by a waitress, who reported it to police. Not only did the police take his guns, his concealed carry permit, but they filed no charges, and also turned his guns over to his step-son. So the man was clearly not considered a threat, was not charged, and the police did not even provide paperwork to him regarding the seizure of his firearms. A random waitress should not be able to file a red flag law on a patron, based on a conversation she overhears. https://www.mvtimes.com/2019/10/11/crossing-guard-relieved-duty-guns-seized
  4. In most of the US, a non-prohibited person can legally manufacture their own firearms. In California (and I assume a few other states) they first passed laws that any firearm sold needs to go through an FFL, and is registered with California DOJ, sitting in a database somewhere. They then passed a law requiring specific serialization requirements and registration with California DOJ, thus preventing lawful citizens from circumventing registration by finishing 80% firearms. At this point they're now requiring all 80% kits be sold through FFLs, even though any California citizen that buys an 80% kit and finishes it without registering it with Cal DOJ is already breaking the law. This seems like a "feel good" law that makes no mechanical sense. If the California government was worried about illegal production of 80% lowers... that's a very strange thing to be worried about because eventually people are going to have files that allow for nearly the full 3d printing of firearms - maybe on a website that's distributed defensively. So at this point the decision to require 80% kits to be sold through FFL's seems arbitrary. It's not closing a loophole, it's not preventing people from creating firearms it's just making it slightly harder. Of course the real cynical part of my brain is thinking about where the cutoff will be moved to next, what happens when people start selling 79.99% lower kits? Or 70% lowers? Or 0% lowers? If someone from California DOJ had provided evidence of weapons manufacturing based on 80% lowers being sold illegally to criminals - this law still wouldn't make sense. Illegal possession of a firearm is already a felony, manufacturing a firearm without registering it in California is a felony. This law serves only to make it harder for a lawful citizen who wants to buy an 80% kit, have to go through an FFL, it only serves to add barriers to legal purchases. If we want to talk about the legality of 80% kits as a whole, that's a federal standard, if we want to lower that completion percentage that's another discussion; and again, one that will be made completely pointless in a few years when people are fully 3d printing the majority of firearms components.
  5. Governor Newsom passed 15 bills relating to firearms regulation. Here's the full list: https://yubanet.com/california/governor-gavin-newsom-signs-gun-violence-prevention-legislation/ Just as a note, I actually support one of those bills. That seems fairly reasonable. I suspect the number of people this might apply to is limited, but it might close a possible loophole and/or allow a prosecutor to tack on a weapons charge. Most people are focusing on two bills SB 61, which prohibits anyone under 21 from purchasing a firearm (previously they could purchase a long-gun but not a pistol) and also limits all firearms purchases to once every 30 days, effective July 1, 2021. Basically people who are under 21 no longer have 2nd amendment rights in California. I want to again suggest that we as a country figure out what the age of adulthood should be - I'm getting sick of this weird fucked up middle-ground that 18-20 year olds find themselves in. The second is AB 879, which limits precursor parts sales - which is specifically targeting the sale of 80% lowers and AK stamp kits. Unfortunately a bunch of people on the internet are spreading the misinformation that AB 879 is limiting the sale of ALL GUN PARTS right down to magazine springs and other innocuous stuff, but it's fairly specific in it's wording and targeting of 80% lowers. That being said... the California DOJ has a rather poor history of pushing the envelope of their enforcement duties, and they could conceivably try and interpret this law more broadly by suggesting that other "firearm precursor components" need to be sold through an FFL.
  6. I guess Asgard's Wrath qualifies as the first AAA VR game. Most reviews I've seen have been positive.
  7. Kuhla might appreciate cherry's newest low profile scissor-key keyboard. https://www.cherry-world.com/cherry-stream-keyboard.html
  8. I'm calling this now, the new picard show is going to be dogshit. I'm still going to watch it.
  9. Malaphax

    Destiny 2

    Depends on how you plan to use the exotic. If you're using them in PvP or Gambit, there's no reason to even infuse an older exotic because the power levels are normalized, just continue to use your existing 750 exotics if they have good rolls. If you're using them in PvE, then you should pull from collections and infuse it up. I would hesitate to infuse an exotic 1.0 up to current light levels unless it has really crazy rolls that don't exist - see this cheatsheet. Weapons with random rolls cannot be re-pulled. If you have something you really like you need to infuse it. If you have something you only sorta like, you can attempt to farm a specific weapon from the vex offensive or from the moon quests, or other activities. Exotic weapons can safely be infused.
  10. Malaphax

    Destiny 2

    If you're below 900, don't bother with any sort of infusing, just suffer with garbage until you hit 900. You can talk to shaxx and dump materials on him when you have an uneven power level across gear, it will also slowly level up your gear (up to 900) but it's expensive. I've also been hoarding the armor that you get in the season pass, so that when I have a piece that I need to bump, I can pull it specifically from the season pass, which helps make sure the next drop I receive is going to increase the level rather than just bump a lower power item up to what my other gear is. Weapons are a little different, I personally think you should take your favorite weapons and infuse them up to the highest level you can (especially once you hit 900), then every 5-10 power you should infuse them again. You can scrape by with shitty gear, but shitty weapons make for a terrible experience. Thankfully between vex offensive and all the other powerful gear you should always have something that's giving you better weapons to use for infusing. Worst case hit up shaxx or zavala and they'll give you weapons/armor at your current power level. I personally have been trying very diligently to keep my armor inventory very clean. I keep exotics (almost entirely 2.0) and whatever the highest power gear I have either equipped or if it's a 1-2 power difference blue, I might keep wearing a lower power purple if I've put some mods on it and upgraded it up to 5 energy. Normally that means I only have 1-2 pieces of each armor (barring exotics) which helps me easily track what power my armor is at and what I need to upgrade or keep. Speaking of energy, I don't push anything past 5 energy because it starts using enhancement cores, everything up to level 5 only uses glimmer an a few legendary shards, which I have a reasonable supply of. All the special armor mods are 4 or under so you can still take advantage of the seasonal artifact stuff, especially dealing with barrier/overload/unstoppable champs. Because I've been playing two characters, I've noticed that leveling a 2nd or third character is actually easier and cheaper than the first. Right now I"m trying to leapfrog in a sort of A>B>B>A setup. Because you can transfer higher power weapons easily between characters and help boost up your other characters quickly. For one character, I would just focus on doing every possible powerful quest you can, and knocking out the few random exotic quests like risk/reward and the deathbringer exotic quest that eris gives you.
  11. Malaphax

    Battlefield 5

    https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/battlefield/battlefield-5/news/free-trials I guess BF5 is going to have free to play weekends during October. I'm not particularly interested, I got my fill during the initial betas.
  12. Malaphax

    Playstation 5

    From what little I understand, AMD is responsible for both the Xbox Scarlet and PS5 hardware (both CPU & GPU), and they're rumored to have very similar specs. There are other minor things that have been announced are HDMI 2.1 support, but considering the current TV market, I'm not sure how many people will be able to take advantage of that. I think Microsoft's broad strategy of focusing on both Xbox and windows, as well as their upcoming streaming platform is a better long-term plan compared to Playstation and Nintendo's more traditional exclusive games driving hardware sales. But that being said, it seems to still be working for both Sony and Nintendo. I've debated getting a Playstation 4 (and a Switch to a lesser extent) for certain console exclusives, but I've generally decided against it. There is the option of using Playstation's streaming service, but I've heard the graphical quality from the stream isn't great, and the delay is rather noticeable - both of which detract from the experience. I'm curious to see how Playstation handles backwards compatability moving forward, since their exclusive catalog is their most valuable asset. I suspect the Last of Us 2 will end up being either re-released/remastered as a launch title for PS5, similar to how the original was.
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