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  1. Even though this is technically "just a remake" this is probably one of the best things I've seen graphically in a while.
  2. Another article talking about the huge increase in gun sales, up 91% year over year for March-September period. https://news.yahoo.com/u-voters-agree-one-thing-190444273.html
  3. If AMD's charts are to be believed (I mostly believe them) the 6800XT is very comparable to the 3080. Of course it's also $50 cheaper with an MSRP of $650. I actually don't give a shit about the 6900 XT or the 3090, both of them are halo products that make no sense. Hot take: AMD could be extremely competitive with Nvidia and even slightly cheaper, but I'm still worried about AMDs drivers. There's also the slow adoption of ray tracing, I'm not sure if games that currently support RTX will support AMD's DX12 implementation or what the performance will be like. AMD generally has an ans
  4. It's actually worse than that, you only need control of the majority of state delegations. So California's 53 delegates get 1 vote, but Wyoming (least populated state, only 1 representative) gets the same 1 vote, you need a majority of state delegations (which the Republicans currently have). I'm not sure on the tie breaker rules but you would need 26 state votes to win, potentially 25 if they use the VP tiebreaker rule that the senate uses. If you think the electoral college is crap, this is even worse. To make matters even less fair, I believe the state delegations are the current state
  5. tl;dr $500 performance very similar to 2080ti (better in raytracing). Partner cards should release in a couple days. Some technical notes, this is not the same GPU as the 3090/3080 (GA102) it's the GA104. Also Nvidia (or Samsung) is having serious issues with yields, and this is why we won't see much in the way of supply. AMD announcing their new cards tomorrow, but not launching, probably a month or two away from actual launch. I suspect some level of supply issues on these cards as well even if the performance isn't spectacular.
  6. Malaphax

    Fighting Games

    I find it genuinely hilarious that they got Stallone to do the voice, but they couldn't get Arnold to do the terminator's voice.
  7. It reminds me more of the resident evil type of games. The focus is clearly on adventure with a horror theme but you character isn't powerless, they still have the ability to fight back and clear obstacles. I still think the H. R. Giger aesthetic is cool, but not much else. If the storytelling is more ambient like what they've shown, I suspect that this game won't gather much attention.
  8. I knew some of what went into this move before watching this but it's still very interesting. Skip to 40:00 if you want a lovely horror story about scuba diving stunts gone wrong almost killing Ed Harris
  9. It absolutely was political theater, the CEO of Foxconn has done this multiple times with multiple countries, including recently in India where they just finally announced that the proposed project isn't going to happen. The former repuplican governor pushed this through with a handful of protections that prevented tax breaks from being claimed without a minimum number of jobs being created (a saving grace of this fiasco). But on a local level the town had closed door meetings and eventually condemned a sizable number of houses through eminent domain for a "factory" that is currently so
  10. Anyone remember a few years back when Foxconn lobbied the every living shit out of a small town in Wisconsin? How about how multiple people in the town quickly realized that the billions in tax subsidies were being given out for a plant that was producing old technology? Or that multiple people realized that this entire thing was a sham and wasn't going to actually be built? Well here's a lovely article from the Verge talking about the details and how badly this all went. https://www.theverge.com/21507966/foxconn-empty-factories-wisconsin-jobs-loophole-trump
  11. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1070874/ Aaron Sorkin has a well deserved reputation for his screenplays, most people give him a tremendous amount of credit for The Social Network, but he also wrote Moneyball and the tv show The Newroom both of which I really liked. All that wonderful praise aside - this film is very average. The acting isn't poor, but you'd be forgiven if you thought some of the characters were caricatures of real people. I tend to give docudramas significant leeway in how they tell their stories but this one just felt especially flat. Sidenote: As much as I have li
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