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  1. They have a beta for this, and I'm looking forward to seeing what the final version looks like. I'm also curious if other major platforms like steam/epic/origin will encourage this and compete - or shut it all down and be a pain in the ass. Probably the latter, but who knows.
  2. Malaphax

    Fighting Games

    Arcsys again showing they are the masters of making 3d animation look as close to anime as possible.
  3. While I agree smoking and vaping are not safe in any quantity - I disagree with the idea of banning it completely and I especially disagree with this weird half-step of banning specific flavors as an attempt to reduce teen use. I think we should strongly discourage the use of tobacco and any nicotine products, including heavy taxation and possibly other means - but I don't think it should be banned. I totally understand the argument of "it provides no benefit to society" but I draw the line at curtailing people's freedom. Someone can choose to drink alcohol to excess every day of their life, and suffer health consequences and that's perfectly legal. Same could be said for over-eating, or lack or lack of exercise or a myriad of other personal choices that remain legal. The few times I can support bans/restrictions would be when it affects the public at large, such as banning smoking in most buildings, and this already has strong support. I think we need to treat vaping exactly the same as smoking (which is basically what we're doing now), but banning specific products due to their flavor is misguided.
  4. Malaphax

    League of Legends

    Yea we did that a while back... actually even further back... I'm also expecting some additional kpop stuff, and another big music video for the world's competition which is coming up in the next month.
  5. I'm not a fan of vaping/smoking but I feel as though this ban is misguided. Are we going to ban flavored liquor as well? The issue of teen/youth vaping isn't purely because of the flavors, it's attacking a symptom instead of the root problem. I think a better question would be why in the fuck was Juul invited to school campuses to discuss vaping, and then why were they allowed to flat out lie about the health affects? Source1: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/juul-came-to-a-9th-grade-classroom-and-told-teens-their-products-were-totally-safe-according-to-teens-testimonies/ Source2: https://truthinitiative.org/research-resources/emerging-tobacco-products/5-takeaways-congressional-hearings-juul-and-youth-e I think the obvious restriction would be hitting e-cigarette brands with the same restrictions as normal smoking brands - limiting their ability to advertise. My limited understanding is that Juul (owned 35% by philip morris/altria) is going to start moving forward by opening retail locations - which I think should be strictly controlled. As much as I hate to suggest some sort of public information campaign, I do think proper education for children in school about the negative impacts of vaping would be another step in the right direction.
  6. Malaphax


    I finished this last week. The main story isn't great, and I personally enjoyed reading the lore from various collectables far more than the dialogue/exposition. I still consider this to be the best version of RTX currently on the market (and probably for the significant future), even if you treat this game as an RTX tech demo it's probably worth buying. There's some announcements that this game will get DLC sometime next year, as well as some additional free content in the future. I'll pick that up when it comes out. https://controlgame.com/control-community-blog-whats-new/
  7. New Agesa versions are being released by motherboard vendors - the beta versions are already out and should pass testing sometime this week. This version fixes some of the lower boost clocks. There was a minor kerfuffle when DerBaur posted a video with a survey of Ryzen 3000 owners that showed most people weren't hitting the advertised boost clocks. Of course Intel then decided to take the results from this survey and put it in their marketing material... along with some other sleazy/misleading bullshit. This latest Agesa version appears to fix the "low" boost clocks and some minor thermal performance. Most people are seeing between 25-75hz improvements on single core boost, which equates to single core performance of +2%, I'd consider that within the margin of error but w/e.
  8. I finished the show, it's mostly garbage.
  9. I guess this is being pseudo-crowd funded. I assume they're using this as an interest check, and for extra crazy people you can buy a percentage/shares of the potential profits from the full release. https://www.fig.co/campaigns/homeworld3
  10. Malaphax

    Guild Wars 2

    Who's ready for some disappointment? Additional info: https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/cxkecw/guild_wars_2_living_world_the_icebrood_saga/
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