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  1. Minor bit of news, the New York AG is currently attempting to dissolve the NRA. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/08/06/new-york-nra-lawsuit-ag-james-accuses-gun-group-execs-of-self-dealing.html There are multiple issues with the NRA, not the least of which is their leadership. There are other better organizations like the 2nd amendment foundation or the gun owners of America and others that would increase in size if the NRA is shut down.
  2. I think that's a pretty gross simplification of common vs civil law. I do think there are issues with common law: Elected judges - This creates huge conflict of interest at lower levels, sometimes these judges will ask local attorneys for contributions to their campaign, these are the same attorneys who will most likely be presenting cases to these judges. The upside of elected rather than appointed judges is that you can remove them through voting rather than more complicated means. We have both types of judges in the US, with some judges like federal judges being appointed for life. Juries - Juries are supposed to represent the general population but there are severe issues with how jury selection is generally handled. Most working professionals try to get out of jury duty because it represents a financial burden (generally jury duty is unpaid, and the stipend is a joke) this means that the jury pool isn't a great representation of the general population Also remember that no attorney will ever be selected for a jury pool, both the prosecution and defense do not want people with education in law on the jury for their own reasons Depending on the type of case juries have the authority to convict (guilty/not guilty) and sentence (determine punishment) which can result in some very odd sentencing. I tend to prefer the idea of judges handing down sentences using guidelines and having to provide clear reasoning for sentencing outside those guidelines. Note that sentencing is probably one of the most disparate issues with our current justice system, multiple studies have shown that women receive on average much lower sentences than men for similar crimes, and likewise people of color often receive harsher sentences than whites for similar crimes - I firmly believe that fixing this issue alone would be a huge benefit to our justice system Prosecution & Plea systems - Prosecutors actually do not want to take cases to trial, they're far more likely to try and get people to plead guilty for lesser charges or reduced sentencing. This is because these guilty pleas add to their record of convictions "I'm tough on crime I prosecuted many cases and have a 90% conviction rate" Some of this has been changing recently with some district attorneys focusing more on criminal justice reform rather than the traditional tough on crime platforms. Conversely prosecutors when they do have to try a major/public case will often over-charge the defendants as both a scare tactic (to try and get a plea deal) and because it again makes them look "tough on crime" this can often result in cases being ruled in favor of the defense because the prosecution overplayed their hand. This is seen very often with police involved cases where prosecutors try to appeal to the community by charging for murder or manslaughter 1 when they should actually charge for a lesser crime to guarantee a conviction. *speculation* this is done on purpose to help prosecutors play to the crowds while also letting police off the hook */speculation* In a civil law system you have a different set of issues. Judges - generally appointed but also harder to remove. Also while it's nice to say that judges should remain impartial, they're still people and still make decisions based on their principals. Prosecution/investigation is sometimes handled by a judge which means you're fate is decided by basically one person. Juries are flawed but in cases that require unanimous convictions (capital murder) you only need to bring a reasonable doubt to 1 out of 12, which is a much lower bar - this is somewhat mitigated in most civil law countries because they do not have the death penalty (china/japan being exceptions) Verdicts are probably more consistent in a civil system but that can also be limiting. If a standard range in a corporate negligence case is established, a judge might have a hard time levying a larger penalty even if the case they're reviewing is especially egregious. I think we could make fixes/changes to our existing system that could improve it drastically. Sidenote: Louisiana uses civil law.
  3. Street Fighter 5 is adding Dan, Rose, Oro and Akira from rival schools. Their current timeline goes out to end of year 2021, so I guess we aren't seeing a new fighting game from capcom for quite a while. https://www.eventhubs.com/news/2020/aug/05/revealed-street-fighter-5-champion-edition-season-5/ Horizon Zero Dawn was released for the PC, most reviewers say it's a good port. https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/i48o7k/horizon_zero_dawn_complete_edition_for_pc_review/ EDIT - further reading says the horizon zero down is not a good port, serious issues with consistent frame hitching, cutscenes not designed for 60fps and weird performance numbers. Digital foundry put out a long video listing some of the issues with it.
  4. This was made fairly clear with Ukraine and invasion/war that's still happening. Germany seems content to let Russia just slowly gobble up former soviet states. The fact that they're not interested in defending a NATO ally is just plain sad, especially because they would absolutely expect to be defended if they were attacked. Why do I have this weird flashback about Poland getting screwed over while other countries watch? I still firmly believe that some of these multi-lateral treaties, like NATO, need to get serious about having member abide by the rules and standards they've agreed to. Germany and several other countries consistently don't meet their target goal of 2%, if that's the case why the hell should the US abide by that same treaty? There needs to be some mechanism to address non-compliance and penalize countries that don't meet their agreements otherwise NATO itself becomes pointless.
  5. Pixel 4a review thread on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/i2ykyh/google_pixel_4a_review_thread/ tl;dr - great camera, decent specs, no frills, low price. I'll order one to replace my pixel 2. I refuse to buy a phone with only face unlock, plus as many people have mentioned it doesn't work with our current new mask trend. I did see some slightly mixed thoughts on the "speed/smoothness" of the phone, and multiple people mentioned that since this doesn't have a dedicated image processing chip it does take a few seconds to process photos if you take one and quickly switch to the gallery. I doubt I'll use the audio jack much, but I could maybe see myself buying a halfway decent pair of IEMs for travel, not entirely sure. Other rumors indicate that the 4a 5g version ('rona included) is a larger phone and more akin to the 3a XL with a slightly better spec sheet. Also pixel 5 has been officially confirmed but no details. Considering how late the pixel 4a was we might see the 5 in just a few months. As a reminder, the pixel 4 launched at $800 and had price drops almost immediately afterwards, so I would suggest some patience around the launch. Also I hope Google was smart enough to put the fingerprint reader back, cause I'm fairly certain face masks aren't going anywhere for a while.
  6. Malaphax

    Destiny 2

    Destiny 2 raid thoughts and various shitposting. Raid List: https://d2.destinygamewiki.com/wiki/Raids Leviathan - we've done this, it's pretty easy at this point. Eater of Worlds - did this last night, slightly harder and shorter, still interesting Spire of Stars - I sort of want to do this for the emote, but the videos I've watched show a ton of mechanics to deal with. Last Wish - I want to do this, I've heard it's arguably the best raid in the game, this is also sticking around after the next expansion so there's no rush. Scourge of the Past - Got my anarchy, I'll run if necessary but I this raid didn't do much for me. Crown of Sorrow - I want to do this, seems interesting. Garden of Salvation - I want to finish this, I think this is one of the more mechanically intensive raids but it was interesting. Other notes: Pugging is very hit or miss (just like other mmo's) I had one group that ran scourge 2x with no major issues and was mostly ok. I also had one group that ran scourge and had an utterly obnoxious 12 year old memelord leading the group or at least dominating the coms; that was... unpleasant. On the flipside all our clan raids have been absolutely great, everyone pulls their weight, good banter, fun times.
  7. Currently watching the second season of Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu, the first season was really good and the second season is shaping up to be just as solid. Strongly recommend this. I've also been cruising through the second season of Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans on Netflix. I've never been a big gundam fan but a year or so ago I saw this recommended as really solid and quickly watched the first season. While the premise of "ace pilots in giant mechs" is still absolutely there, they go wayyy off the beaten path by setting the main characters as child soldiers, often called "human debris," and their quest for to protect an independent mars. The show also has much more of a combined arms feel than other gundam shows, with a large bulk of armies using tanks/apcs and mobile suits being considered special and actual gundams being rare and very powerful. They also play a few tricks with the standard gundam formula by making the ultra-powerful and rich military also a fractious pile of snakes with everyone backstabbing one another looking for a way to the top. Plus one of the "bad guys" is actually given a really solid motivation about why he wants power and much more morally gray rather than pure evil. Sidenote: Netflix has absolutely been doing a solid job licensing anime, I've seen a fair amount of varied anime available on their platform.
  8. There are very few places besides a track that you can hit a car's top speed. Honestly I used to think the electronic top speed limiters were lame, but I don't think that hitting 150+ mph is a realistic goal unless you find a serious track or plan on renting a car in Germany and driving on the autobahn. Also, Tesla literally had the exact same thing happen to it... https://www.teslarati.com/tesla-model-3-performance-autobahn-high-speed-test-video/
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