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  1. https://www.vive.com/us/product/vive-cosmos-elite/overview/ The headset specs are literally identical to the standard cosmos.
  2. This is a neat look behind the scenes at their real time green screen rendering. I have a strong feeling this will eventually become a new standard instead of just running pure green screen and doing all cgi in post-production.
  3. What follows is a big esoteric rant that I probably should have deleted.
  4. Some previews for Amazon's new MMO: New World https://www.ign.com/articles/new-world-hands-on-with-amazons-upcoming-open-world-mmorpg https://www.pcgamer.com/new-world-hands-on-classic-mmo-questing-with-50v50-territory-wars/ This game has been overhauled at least once from a survival style game, although many of those elements still remain. Both previews suggest the combat is good and feels more action oriented than the vast majority of mmos but there's an obvious focus on pvp. There's no classes, but rather an open skill tree system. I have a strong feeling there's very little PvE content and there's no dungeons/raids or other traditional PvE endgame (at least at launch) so this is going to be a very tough sell. Unfortunately it looks like the amazon dev team didn't really know what they were working on and are trying to slap an 'MMO' label on a survival/crafting game with some open world PvP and simplified territory control. I know there was once a time when big open PvP was a really cool idea (DAOC gets cited plenty) but after playing guild wars 2's WvW, I can safely say that it holds no interest for me.
  5. Boku no Hero Academia - https://anidb.net/anime/14416 This is the third season of the show. It's shounen garbage but it has it's moments. Dorohedero - https://anidb.net/anime/14483 This show is actually kinda neat. It does make use of some substantial CGI elements especially in the first episodes but it's still primarily traditional 2d animation. The setting is extremely unique and while the overall tone is a weird blend of light hearted slapstick and flat out body horror, it's an easy recommendation. I don't know how popular it is, there's only one sub group. I'd heard of the manga a long time ago, so it must have been popular enough to get an adaptation. Blade of the Immortal - https://anidb.net/anime/14912 This was originally made in 2008, and now it's being remade? They cut the release into two seasons and I've watched the first part, I'll probably marathon through the second part when I'm looking for something to watch.
  6. Another day another damning report. https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2020/02/california-auditor-releases-damning-report-about-law-enforcements-use-automated
  7. Here's some gameplay for Outriders.
  8. No, it was early access until the launch date - today... 2/13/2020 - try clicking that link again. Sidenote: I tend to avoid early-access on principle, I don't generally replay games so I want a finished game when I play through it. However, there have been a few really good examples of early access work that come to mind are Deep Rock Galactic - https://store.steampowered.com/app/548430/Deep_Rock_Galactic/ Hades (now on steam) - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1145360/Hades/ Risk of Rain 2 - https://store.steampowered.com/app/632360/Risk_of_Rain_2/ All of which have seen substantial updates and are genuinely worth playing right now - also most of them share roguelike elements / procedural maps - which helps. I've considered easing my personal rule against early access for some of these games, especially since the developers have proven themselves, but I haven't made the leap quite yet.
  9. Encryption is a crime. That's it. They finally released this guy, the federal appeals court ruled that no individual can be held in contempt of court for more than 18 months (original law stems from 1970s). Of course I suspect this type of case might make it's way to the supreme court. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2020/02/man-who-refused-to-decrypt-hard-drives-is-free-after-four-years-in-jail/
  10. EDIT - here's another Wolcen gameplay overview from someone who's playing the pre-release beta. Outriders doesn't have too much in the way of gameplay just yet, but it's a looter shooter (looks like a destiny clone). There's a few additional gameplay clips in this video here:
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