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  1. Minor tweaking with undervolts and curves allows you to quickly tame that 95c stock performance to much much lower. Partly dependent on silicon lottery but it seems like AMD did some wonky shit with their optimizations. This little set of tweaks seems like a must for anyone who doesn't want a goddamn space heater from ryzen 7000.
  2. That looks wild, haven't seen destruction like that since bad company 2. It's supposed to be 4 teams of 3 with some sort of highest money wins mechanic which is why they're trying to deposit that golden cube. Downside is Nexon is publishing and owns a majority of the studio so it could end up being tainted once it releases. Also steam is changing their sales dates to be more evenly distributed. Lunar sale is getting bumped to March and called the Spring Sale. I still think the autumn sales are too close to the winter sale but w/e Upcoming sales dates for this year & next: Autumn Sale: Nov 22nd to Nov 29th Winter Sale: Dec 22nd to Jan 5th Spring Sale: March 16th to 23rd Full steam blogpost: https://store.steampowered.com/news/group/4145017/view/3282583269823858400
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    October 4th it becomes available. I believe you retain all your previous skins/unlocks from overwatch 1. The fact that heroes now require unlocks through the cash shop or battlepass is absolutely a stupid decision in a game where counter picking is so crucial. I plan on trying this out because why not, but I have a feeling the terrible matchmaking queues will end up killing this off unless you love playing tanks/healers.
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    ITs cheating..

    Yea they've had these for a long time. I would argue even back when they only allowed you to use Mouse and Keyboard on a console it was still a form of "cheating" because you were receiving an unfair advantage. I'm fairly certain no tournaments would allow the use of such a device. I think macros generally are a form of cheating. I care far less about that in PvE, and obviously far more about it in PvP. Honestly Destiny 2 has multiple issues (mainly netcode) that prevent it from being a legitimate competitive game. I would never take PvP in Destiny 2 seriously, but I totally get that people using cheats (hardware or software) is crap and should be actively opposed by the developers. Bungie is in court suing some cheat makers so they're not asleep at the wheel, I guess they could try and ban these devices but I'm not entirely sure how they would enforce that or prevent their use entirely. The Ring0 or kernel level access stuff is a totally different issue. I get it's a way for developers to have strong anti-cheat, but it's also a great way for a malicious actor to really fuck up your system. We've seen multiple examples of 'remote code execution' hacks that have effected multiple games (recently the dark souls games) and can lead to huge headaches for players and developers. I really dislike the idea of giving Riot games or EA (they just recently announced this) access to my kernel just so we can help stop cheaters. Especially when cheaters have never been entirely stopped, VAC or battle-eye or whatever has always been bypassed and will always be bypassed (for a while) it's a cat and mouse game. Kernel level access isn't a magic bullet and really shouldn't be promoted as a solution. I think this speaks to the bigger issue of many tech companies looking for a automated technical solution. I feel like hiring a bunch of additional moderators to review reports of cheaters would probably be very effective but that costs money on an ongoing basis. Sidenote: Fighting games briefly had an issue with hitbox style controllers allowing you to hold forward and back at the same time but partly that was due to old spaghetti code and has since been fixed with the hitbox makers going an extra mile of programming their controllers to register both imputs as neutral.
  5. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9253284/ The first three episodes were solid. The cinematography didn't look as cheap as obi-wan or book of boba fett. I appreciate that they're willing to make Andor more of an anti-hero. I also enjoyed that the showrunners are putting in more non-human background characters, I feel like this was severely missing in some of the recent star wars shows. My concern is the plot and what stories they can find that aren't over the top but still fit as a prequel to rogue one and the original series. I guess this is a soft recommendation if you're not burned out by star wars.
  6. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt12650832/ I watched 2 episodes and I have a big fucking smile on my face. This show is absolutely bonkers, studio trigger is unhinged and I'm totally here for it. Don't expect this to blow your mind with great writing, just sit back and take in the insane visuals. This show reminds me of redline, in all the right ways. If you're even remotely interested in cyberpunk 2077's worldbuilding or near-future settings in anime, this is a solid recommend. This has got me hyped up to go back and play cyberpunk 2077 again.
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