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  1. This starts very slowly, I understand they wanted to set up the event to give some contrast before it becomes a survival/dystopian show, but it does come across as a bit pondering in the first episode. The acting is very solid, mostly Diana Lane as the president and Ashley Romans as agent355. There are some rather blunt politics thrown in, but thankfully only in small doses. Overall the show seems fairly interesting and is easy enough to watch.
  2. Malaphax

    Guild Wars 2

    Seems like the "gunsaber" is just the new adrenaline mode. The actual new weapon that warriors get is an offhand pistol. I have to admit at least this elite spec looks interesting, the other ones have been rather boring looking. The guardian elite spec not only looks uninteresting but the weird animations they're using look terrible. They're still scheduling betas to try out the new classes, so we should get some videos and thoughts from the community before the expansion launches. On a whim, I watched through a sort of story/lore recap of the most recent season - I wasn't particularly impressed.
  3. Finished book 2 and I'm moving on to book 3 (The Tyrant Baru Cormorant) There was one small section that discussed economics, specifically it gave a sort of abbreviated tulip-mania element to the story but it wasn't entirely central to the plot. The rest of the book was far more focused on spycraft and a very slow introduction of occult elements. I'm still very interested where they're planning on going, but this book did feel more middling than the first one. They've leaned very heavily on the morally gray aspects of major characters - I enjoy this, but I can understand how some people wouldn't. I've noticed a trend of various trilogy series. The first book is almost always more self contained, with a teaser for a sequel. The second seems to suffer under the weight of propping up the middle and almost acts more as a prequel for the third novel - and then the third novel tends to end well (or at least bombastically). I heavily suspect that authors write the first novel - then write the second and third concurrently, which leads to this feeling like the second novel is almost more of 1/2 of a larger novel than an actual standalone book. I also stocked up on a large number of other sci-fi and fantasy books (partly based on the NPR list) so I have a decent sized backlog built up moving forward.
  4. This is a slight variant of the hydroxychloroquine meme that we had at the start. Until I see some FDA double blind studies showing strong efficacy then it's simply a distraction. The reason why I don't take any of these alternative treatment/preventative medications seriously is not just because it always seems to come from anti-vax people; but more-so that we already have a near miracle drug with the mRNA vaccines (90%+ efficacy is fucking ludicrous). Anyone in this country is capable of being vaccinated - for free - and we've even seen some very limited vaccine tourism from foreign nationals. But instead people are suggesting that you should avoid the vaccine - and purchase a drug that is primarily used on livestock (hope you get the dosages right you fuckheads because there are reports of people overdosing and further straining hospitals). What kind of backwards logic is that? If there were vaccinated people going out and taking this medication, I could at least understand their logic - in the same way that some individuals were going out and getting booster doses before boosters were approved. However I haven't heard of fully vaccinated people taking ivermectin, or doctors/immunologists recommending it for fully vaccinated people. It also appears to be a treatment regime rather than preventative, which means even if ivermectin was 100% effective at reducing viral loads from covid, you'd still need to catch covid first - and potentially spread it or experience symptoms before becoming aware of the infection. Yes, the horse jokes are funny.
  5. https://hyte.com/revolt3-lp/
  6. Malaphax

    Destiny 2

    Recap of today's stream: https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/parryf/destiny_2_showcase_recap/ tl;dr Expansion launches 2/22/22 - Fighting Savathun in her throne world, mix of swamps and castles. Adding Glaive weapon, energy weapon, first person melee. Does have a "medium ranged" attack as well. Normal Price $40, Deluxe $80 (includes seasons 16-19) Adding weapon crafting, they claim you can fully choose the gun and the stats you want (EXTREME SKEPTICISM UNTIL I SEE THIS IN ACTION) Campaign has a hard mode - they made a really big deal of this for some reason Updating each of the light subclasses with the same mods as stasis - one per season starting with void in season 16 New Season launched today - Season of the Lost "Prequel" focused on Mara Sov and the awakened city 30th Anniversary - Sounds like a mini season, but it costs $25 Free 6 player activity, the rest is paid Adds a new dungeon based on the loot cave from D1 Lots of cosmetics, including some cool guns and armor sets - leaks suggest some halo themed cosmetics that haven't been announced yet Ghallerhorn rocket launcher (I guess D1 people really wanted this) Overall announcement seems... decent? Clearly bungie was worried about an extra long gap between this season and the expansion so they're dropping some extra content with the 30th anniversary bundle, but it seems really pricey for what content it contains. If you really wanted the cosmetics that came with it I could maybe understand it - I'm also worried about how big of a dungeon it will launch with, either way the price point is the issue. They're also rolling out anti-cheat and crossplay, which are neat features but don't exactly sell the product. I may go back to this, or even buy the current season just to have a mindless grind game to take up some time. Not decided yet. I certainly won't be pre-ordering the expansions anytime soon.
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