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  1. I did a double take at the intro music.
  2. This is another good article about the gamestop shenangans. There's some especially good points about reflexivity. https://paranoidenough.com/2021/01/25/The-Battle-of-Gamestop.html There's also this article from Matt Levine who goes into more of the financial elements surrounding the GME activity. https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2021-01-25/the-game-never-stops
  3. Not sure how much I believe this, but supposedly there were a number of legal challenges against the lockdowns and the state officials weren't confident they could win the cases. The obvious question any judge would ask is "can you demonstrate the lockdowns reduce the infection rate" and I'm not sure the state has that data - partly because the lockdowns haven't been taken seriously by a large portion of the population. There's also been some limited reporting that suggested strict lockdowns aren't particularly effective because there's no real enforcement and when it becomes too onerous peo
  4. Fresh rumor-mill stuff: New KOTOR game coming and it's not being developed by bioware or EA. Supposedly an unknown studio is making it. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/a-new-knights-of-the-old-republic-is-reportedly-in-development-outside-of-ea/ I never played the KOTOR games but I've always seen very high praise for them, I'm curious if they'll be able to live up to the legacy of those games. Supposedly Baldur's gate 3 is living up to the legacy of it's predecessors. I played some devil may cry 5 and even streamed some of it. I enjoy a nice mindless hack and slash
  5. Nice short article from financial times about the current Gamestop short squeeze being orchestrated by /r/wallstreetbets It hit $158.18 briefly this morning, it opened at $96.73 which itself was way up from the previous close on friday of $65.01. I'm not sure what will eventually happen to the people who get into this, a retail investor doesn't really have any regulations to follow and this is basically the internet version of listening to mad money cramer and getting all your friends to buy the stock. It's also starting to spread a bit, with 2.1 million subs I'm starting to see so
  6. I mean, most keyboards today support macros and layers and you could absolutely put your arrows and nav cluster on the numpad if you want. Having used a 96% layout for a while, honestly I grew to hate the small zero key, I prefer a 2u zero key. There's a reason the only 1800 style keyboard that ever interested me was the Austin, since it keeps a 2u zero key and gives you a page down and up key as well. Plus the keyboard you linked has a huge piece of unused space above the numpad - you can easily fit either more navigation keys up there or something else. I'm leaning more towards
  7. Seems like a slightly more compact version of an 1800 layout. Here's some examples of 1800 layout keyboards:
  8. I think the classic TV theme is sort of novel, but I'm assuming that they'll have to move past it relatively quickly. It feels like each episode had slightly more "plot" elements and it will eventually get linked to Scarlet Witch's powers. Also since this is listed as a mini-series, I assume this will be standalone. I'm also curious if the MCU is going to start running into the same issues that the comics have where character power levels are wildly variable depending on the storyline. My limited knowledge of Scarlet Witch is that she's supposed to be incredibly powerful and capable
  9. I've seen plenty of ugly gucci glocks and some decent ones. This has to be the classiest custom work I've seen. I'm not entirely sure I would even want to shoot this thing it looks so good.
  10. This is basically an updated version of Shattered Horizon, which I own and played a little bit. I recall being somewhat frustrated because we're not really trained to think or predict in 3 dimensions and sometimes when people were moving in different planes and different directions, trying to track them was almost impossible.
  11. Manhunt (2017) - The first season is a docudrama surrounding the unabomber and the FBI profiler that helped capture him. It's well acted and produced, certainly easy to sit through, although I think it ran a little long. Each season is self contained. There's a second season focused on the atlanta olympics bombing, I might try that as well.
  12. It's HDR 600 which isn't great, I also suspect that peak brightness is very limited. It's not as bad as HDR 400 which is what most displays have (mine included), HDR 400 is pure marketing and not HDR, it's not even worth using. Seems like a solid monitor. It sounds like the 144hz is for displayport and 120hz is for HDMI. I assume the next few years of displays and tvs will push pretty hard to support hdmi 2.1 and variable refresh rates, especially since both consoles support that tech. I've heard there have been some minor teething issues with getting the full bandwidth out of hd
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