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  1. https://www.half-life.com/en/alyx/ https://www.half-life.com/en/alyx/vr
  2. Stadia launch is a complete dumpster fire. If you pre-ordered (sometimes day 1) you might not have received your $130 controller and chromecast ultra yet, but people ordering today are getting shipping estimates for 1-2 days out. Even if you received the physical hardware you most likely have no received an activation code - these were promised to be processed in order of people who pre-purchased - people currently ordering are reportedly receiving codes ahead of pre-purchasers. Even if you received the activation code - you need to download the stadia app to input the code and activate this account, it must be a gmail account (gsuite does not work) and this code must be input on a list of approved phones - ie google pixel devices To recap, a bunch of people prepurchased a $130 kit of hardware which is currently locked behind a code that has not been properly sent out to the majority of prepurchasers and even if you get the code it needs to be activated on a pixel phone, which some people don't have. You can't even activate it to stream games to chrome webbrowser or chromcast without using the google stadia app - which again only works on pixel devices. I'm not a google fanboy for several reasons, but their complete ineptitude when it comes to any hardware is genuinely impressive. The stadia subreddit is currently a bunch of memes and people complaining about how busted this launch is. I'm going to echo my above post and make a bold prediction that stadia won't last until 2022 - let's see if I'm right.
  3. I know where and when you heard this song today...
  4. Malaphax

    League of Legends

    I think it's a strong middle ground between adding in random elements to help spice up individual games without going completely overboard. They already had the elemental dragons with specific buffs, now they're adding in minor changes in the map. They also tied this theme of "elementals" into their teamfight tactics game mode, which is a pretty neat. I have a feeling when riot eventually releases some of their other games we might see some solid crossover from their marketing - Blizzard has been the gold standard for that level of integration. League is one of the games I don't actively play but I keep engaged with.
  5. Reddit Review Megathread: https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/dwlti8/star_wars_jedi_fallen_order_review_thread/ I've been streaming this most of the time when I've played it, and so far I've been enjoying it. I personally loved Sekiro and this game steals is heavily inspired by Sekiro's combat system with strikes, parries, dodges and a posture meter. My issue is that the parrying and dodging just don't feel as tight as Sekiro - maybe I'm just crap and haven't mastered the timing, but in Sekiro I could reliably manage to parry long strings of combos from bosses without too much issue but in this game I struggle with certain parry timing. I need to really focus on not button mashing and learning to hold the block button after a parry, every move has start up frames and learning their system is tough at higher difficulties. The movement system also don't feel quite as "tight" as other games I've played, I have jumped off ledges expecting the character to wall run only to see him fall to oblivion and I've also had weird issues with death from above attacks not registering correctly. Unfortunately my biggest complaint is actually about traversing the game world. In Sekiro (and all soulsborne games) you can teleport between bonfires/shrines which can help cut down the backtracking through levels - there are still enemies that respawn and you may need to fight through them but at least you don't have to walk through an entire level. This game makes a really weird design choice of not providing fast travel and combined with rather large multi-pathed levels this can lead to significant amounts of downtime as you spend 15-20 minutes navigating through large portions of a level that you've already explored before. There are shortcuts but even with the shortcuts navigating the world takes time, not to mention the possibility of getting lost (which I've done several times). This is exacerbated by some absolutely massive levels, it reminds me of the recent tomb raider games (including finding unlocks to help you progress/backtrack). The in game map is really well done, but even after consulting it you can get a bit confused trying to determine the path you want to follow. Sidenote: It's funny playing this on an ultrawide monitor because all the ingame cutscenes are rendered at 16:9, and there are a ton of cutscenes. I'm honestly surprised at just how many cutscenes there are throughout the game. The star wars stuff: Visually this game is pretty amazing looking. It nails the clean industrial look of the empire and contrasts it with the various biomes of the plants you travel to. The lightsaber customization is absolutely wild, you get like 20 different parts/looks for 4 different pieces of your lightsaber - and you can change the blade color. You also get to customize your characters clothes, poncho, droid color and ship color - all of this is scatted throughout the game in crates, and feels like a neat reward for exploring, without punishing you for trying to just power through the story. This minor stuff makes this game really feel like it fits in the Star Wars universe. There's also lore hooks that line up with the prequels/clone wars content, including planet Dathomir with Night Sister and brothers. The inquisitors are the main villains and I'm glad to see them fleshed out as well, considering they've primarily been relegated to the Rebels animated show and the comics. They've done a solid job with the limited force powers of: push, pull, time slow and a few unique strikes. Overall I'm enjoying this game, but I'm wishing the combat and movement systems were as tight as sekiro. I never played the old star wars games (jedi academy or kotor) so this is a neat romp through that universe, and it helps smooth over some of the rougher edges.
  6. The 3950x is a basically a threadripper in the AM4 socket - which is why a seemingly esoteric naming scheme makes sense. The threadripper 3 product stack starts at 3960X and 3970X. Last I heard the 3700X was the better recommendation because the small boost clock advantage of the 3800X wasn't really worth the $70 premium, but that was way back at launch and things might have changed. The 3000 series doesn't really allow for much overclocking headroom, so some people might prefer paying for the slightly higher boost on a stock processor. The 9700K is also a much better buy for the majority of people than the 9900K - the better value is always at least 1 sku down than the top of the product stack.
  7. The MSRP of the 3900X is $500 and the MSRP of a 3950X is $750 where did you get the twice the price from? I think some crazy people can convince themselves that the 3900X is AMD's ultra-high end gaming offering as it competes well with the Intel 9900K variants (including price) but also crushes multicore tasks like video editing or CPU based streaming etc. Although anyone reasonable would suggest going with a more modest processor and spending big on a GPU. The 3950X is on another level, most reviewers are basically saying that unless you make money off of your PC, there's no benefit to buying this, and even then, you'd need to weigh the benefits of the AM4 platform against going full HEDT/home server with a threadripper setup. Frankly, the 3950X doesn't truly belong in the desktop space and only exists in the AM4 product stack because it's what a ryzen 3000 series with every core activated/binned looks like. I'm more impressed at AMD's binning, the fact that 3950X's are running at the same power consumption and thermals as 3900X's (or slightly lower) is absolutely bonkers. They're legitimately putting people like silicon lottery out of business with the golden silicon they're selling.
  8. Here's a 3950x review megathread, spoiler alert it's really good https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/dwaaat/ryzen_9_3950x_review_megathread/ Most people were wondering why the launch was delayed so much, and the answer is that AMD binned the hell out of these processors, the 3900x's are basically "rejects" with some reviewers showing the 3950x providing better performance at lower thermals / power consumption. Sidenote: I've read AMD is currently outselling Intel 4:1 right now in the OEM/desktop space. Combined with Intel's current CPU shortages, this is just hilariously bad for Intel. I hope we see the empire strike back in a couple years, but for now it's really hard not to recommend team red. Appropriate quote from the anandtech review
  9. Microsoft X019 happened today. I'll be posting a few trailers I found interesting. Here's a big reddit thread that covers all trailers and announcements. https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/dwd6d0/x019_rgames_discussion_megathread/ Project X-Cloud sounds pretty solid, it's coming to PC in 2020 and they even support other blutooth controllers including the sony dual shock 4. I was already rather skeptical of Google's Stadia and it looks like Microsoft is willing to be a loss leader to capture the majority of the games streaming market. I'm somewhat curious if Stadia will even survive past 2 years at this point.
  10. Malaphax

    Destiny 2

    Rampage works by adding stacks of damage incrementally with each kill, up to 3x for a total of 33%. Kill clip is 33% after a reload, and multi-kill clip is 50% at x3. Currently recluse activates master of arms based on any kill (including other weapons) and then provides the damage buff. So it's essentially a better version of kill clip but with weird damage numbers because it boosts body shot damage by 98% and headshot damage by 20% (in pve). It basically has a super powered version of killclip with some weird multipliers. I think keeping the perk activation from kills on any weapon is kinda neat, but the damage number should probably just be brought down to where kill clip is, which would be a slight buff to headshot damage but a pretty dramatic cut to body shot damage. That would still make the gun unique in a sort of "kill something big and swap to recluse to clean up red bars" but it might be enough to make other non-exotic energy options viable.
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