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  1. The "ghost guns" situation is more virtue signaling than real legislation. My limited understanding of existing legal precedent is that you are allowed to make your own guns. "Best case" would be they ban the sale of 80% kits that include everything needed to manufacture in a single purchase, maybe you need to buy multiple parts individually. "Worst case" they try to actively ban 80% builds - do they set a new threshold? Are we just going to move the goal posts to 50% or something along those lines? None of that stops 3d printing lowers and buying parts. "Unthinkable case" they tr
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  3. The US military is currently in trials for a new rifle and one design is a bullpup. https://www.defensenews.com/news/your-army/2020/10/14/the-armys-saw-and-m4-replacement-is-headed-to-troops-by-2022/ https://www.militarytimes.com/off-duty/gearscout/irons/2019/10/15/these-are-general-dynamics-ngsw-contenders-and-its-a-bunch-of-bullpup/ Some concerns I've seen mentioned regarding bullpup designs are reloading based, especially while prone. The magazine is just much closer to your torso and it can make things awkward - sort of a reach towards your armpit and reloading by feel. Standar
  4. Finished some anime. Mushoko Tensei: So this is absolutely a solid show. It has some major anime tropes and the main character is mega-horny with some 'problematic' elements regarding the physical age of a character and the mental age of the character. All that being said, the production values are almost off the charts, there are episodes and action sequences that look better than some anime movies with bigger budgets - I've seen some great action sequences and this is right up there with them. The world and themes are very basic but everything seem ultra-polished and well put tog
  5. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6741278/ The show is decently animated, the detail is better than DC animated films that use Bruce Timm's style, it's more reminiscent of Legend of Korra. There's plenty of gore, which to my knowledge is fairly accurate to the source material. The storyline and dialogue isn't going to win any awards but it's well voice acted with some big name actors. It's clear this show was given a decent budget, especially with the episodes being ~45 minutes long. It's a little weird to see multiple shows/movies deconstructing superman, on the one hand the character is
  6. That's exactly what they are. In fact many condos were once apartments that have been converted. There are some minor benefits to this - if the roof leaks or some other major maintenance needs to be done, it's paid by the HOA and even in the worst case where the HOA can't cover it, the pain is spread among multiple owners. I understand the American dream of a standalone home with a white picket fence is still a kind of barometer for home ownership, and I can see the appeal. My point was more that there are other options available, and in an "affordable" price point. It's not like t
  7. Actually, Orange Counties' median sales price according to CAR is $995,000 so you might as well round that up to $1 Million (note this is specific to existing single family homes). To paint a slightly nicer picture, I have seen <$500,000 homes (town homes and condos mostly) that are available and look pretty good. Remember that the median price is exactly as it says on the tin, the middle. First time home buyers are basically priced out from median priced homes, but there are still homes available at different price points. There's still a clear wealth gap that's exacerbated by hom
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