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  1. This show clearly has a huge budget behind it, but could use some better writing. The empire plotline is the part that kept me entertained. Lee Pace does a good job with what he has. Gaal and Salvor are boring characters and neither actress is doing a particularly good job. The god awful narration makes me feel like someone on the writing team likes noir films and threw that in there as a last ditch effort to flesh out characters but it feels cartoonishly bad. There's also some genuinely weird plot holes and space wizardry that I'm not particularly enjoying - it's extremely hard to take seriously and has been done much better *cough* Dune *cough* I guess we're getting a second season at some point, and I'll probably tune in just to see if they can salvage a big budget scifi show.
  2. Malaphax

    Battlefield 2042

    I think the covid work from home excuse isn't some catch all for poor design decisions, bad UX and a history of broken releases. These games aren't made in 1 year or 2, they take 3+ years. Battlefield 5 released November 2018 (3 years ago) and even if you think they kept their entire dev team on for another year to help with content (take a look at bf5's content and tell me that with a straight face) That's still 2 years of development. I'm fairly certain most devs made the shift to work from home right at the start of the pandemic and have been dealing with that for nearly 2 years now. If they really thought it wasn't ready, they could have delayed - if the choice was to release in this state with no delay, that's a management decision, not a pandemic decision. EA isn't so broke they can't afford an extra year of dev time. Also, lets be clear, there are other games being released right now that had to deal with the same shitty conditions and they're not in such a poor state. I may not like back4blood but that thing at least released feature complete and with major issues. Battlefield 4 released like hot garbage, battlefield 1 was a messy release and battlefield 5 was released ugly, even battlefront 2 released ugly and had to make major fixes. Fact is Dice release some janky ass games that often are saved 1+ year later with a bunch of additional content and balance updates (mostly). What concerns me is that the bones of 2042 feel wrong enough that I'm not sure it can be saved. Specialists feel meh, and the universal class system leaves a ton to be desired. Scoreboard and UX stuff isn't going to be an easy fix, might not even be possible at this rate. The lack of content and balance stuff can be fixed but I'm not sure what that would take and if it would even be worth it. We might get an anthem situation where they just abandon it and move forwards to try and cut their losses. I'll still play because I'm desperate for a multiplayer game to sink my teeth into, and I enjoy battlefield, but I'm not going to sit there and act like there aren't severe structural problems with the game - or defend releasing games in this state.
  3. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9174558/ This is a docudrama about the opioid epidemic. It's a tough watch at points because of what it glosses over. It's well acted but not overly polished, it reminds me of other based on reality docudramas like Spotlight (also starring Michael Keaton), where there's an intentional attempt to keep the show grounded and almost boring looking. It's worth a watch if you're at all interested in the subject matter, they do a fairly good job showing the complete moral bankruptcy of the executives at purdue and their super aggressive sales tactics, they also provide some nice historical context about how purdue was caught in the 1970's doing similarly shady shit. Unfortunately, anyone who follows the news also knows that the sacklers are still filthy rich and managed to escape mostly unscathed from the various lawsuits and bankruptcy proceedings they agreed to. There is a tone of "nothing is going to change" that is clearly felt throughout the show and while they try to present some victories in the final episode it's hard not to take to heart that very little actually changed and we're still experiencing a massive opioid epidemic. I've also watched a documentary on hbo max Crime of the Century - the first part about the sacklers and Oxycontin and the second part about other highly abused opioids. Probably a more succinct version of this mini-series but still gets the point across.
  4. Giving this another bump. I did speak with my neighbor, that's not an option for lodging. So we have AirBnB or the hotels. I can provide the Subaru Crosstrek again for driving up, but I'm going to split driving duty with you guys. If you have gear you need to get I would try and find it now - supply chains are turbo-fucked. If we could get this nailed down by the end of the month, I would appreciate it. If we want to schedule a little bit of time on voip to hammer out details, let me know.
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    Battlefield 2042

    Initial thoughts after putting in some substantial hours this weekend. Maps are bad. They're large, but often without real cover or small light vehicles to help transport people from one spot to another. I feel like ATVs and the rivian trucks need to be spawning at most points on a short cooldown because otherwise you're forced to run everywhere or attempt to call in hovercrafts. The wingsuit specialist has some advantages for traversal if you can start from a higher elevation. Conquest seems better set up and balanced than breakthrough on maps but in some ways suffers just as bad regarding the large map size and running between objectives. Why did they hype up the sectors thing in all the promo-material? Most sectors have 1 or 2 points, and there doesn't seem to be anything especially interesting about that except there's bonus points for holding both? Breakthrough is basically defenders win unless miracles occur. I've only seen 2 attackers win ever, and some of the capture points are genuinely stupid - tops of buildings seem like a cool capture point mechanic until you realize that the attackers don't have enough air power and defenders are calling in anti-air vehicles on top of the buildings and camping the elevators. Using hovercraft to spider man up the buildings only does so much when you have 20+ people on a rooftop with AA and rockets. Gunplay has issues. They did something between the beta and full release - I see a bunch of posts about random bloom or heavy penalties for firing while moving. What's worse is that it seems to be applied inconsistently, the beta weapons seem hardest hit with the rifles being absolute crap, but the bizon and SMGs are easier to use. I had a mostly ok time with the LMG, but something is really screwed up with the bullet spread. Oh and there also appears to be some nasty hit registration problems combined with server lag - overall it feels like gunplay has major issues. Vehicles feel overtuned. I think hackerman can help balance that out by neutering a vehicle, but if a heli pilot is doing quick strafing runs it's hard to see hackman getting a full hack off. Also the complete absurdity of tanks and transport vehicles beings split on the upgrades screen just shows how few actual vehicles are in the game. I have no idea where the weakpoint is on some vehicles. I've had hovercrafts die in 1 hit when they were near full HP and same with tanks. I've also personally landed 3 AT rockets into a hovercraft and it was still fine. No idea what's going on here. I don't understand how the repair function works. I've had times where I used it and quickly saw the vehicle repair and other times when I've used it and nothing happens. Seems really inconsistent. Surprisingly enough the servers held up (mostly) throughout the weekend. Yea I've had stutter and lag, yea I've had unlocks stuck until the server synced 20 minutes later. I've even had a few errors. But I haven't been kicked from a match all weekend. I haven't had issues preventing me from playing. I halfway expected servers to be a complete dumpster fire (maybe next weekend) but so far I can at least play the game. Not sure if the wider release is going to suffer from bigger problems. Graphically this game isn't special, but it performs poorly. I think both battlefield 1 and battlefield V looked better than this game, and performed better as well. Not sure why performance is so bad, the added map size and number of players must really be a serious performance impact. Bugs. Yea there's plenty of them. I've only run into 2 that were game breaking. The doom bug where I can't aim up or down, that fixed on respawn. And the bug where you can't interact at all, which often requires leaving the server and rejoining. I find it extremely annoying to see that revives don't always work (and often get me killed in the process) and the visual bug where a friendly soldier doesn't have a dorito is also annoying especially since it looks server side (I see multiple people shooting them). Is the game battlefield? Yes. I'm still having fun, but I recognize this game is busted on multiple levels. I'm not sure if Dice can fix this thing or how long it will take to fix it, but for now I'll just enjoy myself losing braincells.
  6. Media list, current, backlog and upcoming - why is this so fucking long... Succession Season 3 - mostly caught up, makes for a nice Sunday watch Foundation Season 1 - decent show, there's some good acting and some bad acting, plot and premise are kinda neat but execution has been mediocre. I'll stick in there because it's big budget scifi but I'm seeing some cracks and have concerns about the writing. Mushoko Tensei Season1 (part 2?) - really good, I find myself disappointed every time an episode ends because I want more. Yellowstone Season 4 - This is in the backlog but I'd like to catch up, if it's anything like the previous seasons it's a solid drama that throws in a few action sequences which have come very close to jumping the shark. Acting is solid, I have a healthy respect for the writer Taylor Sheridan (Siccario, Wind River, Hell or High Water). Speaking of which there's another series he's working on that star Jeremy Renner and airs next week. I might throw that into the backlog pile as well. Mayor of Kingstown Narcos Mexico Season 3 - This just released, it goes on the backlog pile. Trailer here. Cowboy Bebop (Live Action) - This comes out in a week, it will be added to the pile. Acane (League of Legends animated series) - This dropped 3 episodes and more will follow in the coming weeks. This is absolutely on the backlog list. Hell it has me flirting with the idea of playing league again (terrible idea). Blade Runner Black Lotus - I might check a few episodes of this when it airs but only because I like blade runner, the animation style isn't something I like and I suspect it's going to be mediocre. Wheel of Time - This comes out shortly. Major fantasy series (young adult?) I'll give this a shot but if it starts giving me Shadow and Bone vibes, I might just bail. Sidenote: I was right about the series authors. It was originally written by Robert Jordan and then Brandon Sanderson finished the last 3 books in the series. I've read two of Sanderson's series and generally enjoy his work - I doubt that's going to translate to this tv show. Hawkeye - Comes out at the end of the month. I normally loathe christmas themed content, but the trailer seemed decent. I'll certainly give this a shot. Critical Role: Campaign 3 - I'm only a little bit behind. I don't know that I'd recommend this to anyone because of how niche this is. Unless watching voiceactors play dungeons and dragons sounds appealing, it's a tough sell. The content is generally good, but there's also a fair bit of filler/improv that doesn't always make for great watching experience. Imagine someone watching you do random sidequests in a videogame - probably wouldn't make for the best viewing experience.
  7. The new Deep Rock Galactic update is out. So far it feels like a good bit of content. There's a new mission type, some additional events (prospectors/data nodes) and the 4 new weapons. The season pass seems a bit odd though. The traditional season pass with levels does provide cosmetics and resources - but there's also the scrip currency and the cosmetic tree as well. The tree gives you more agency when picking certain cosmetics but it feels odd to have both. New weapons seem cool, the scout plasma carbine is kinda interesting but it feels a bit on the weaker side right now. Some of the base upgrade tree seems more impactful, which is nice. I haven't used the new engineer weapon yet but I've seen a few people using it and it seems interesting, one of the more unique weapons for sure. At this point I'm just resource starved in game trying to fully unlock the weapon trees and overclocks as they come through. If this is the type of updates we can expect on a 3-4 month basis, then I think the game will continue to be in a healthy place moving forward.
  8. The film is indeed very good, but it does suffer a bit from relying on the audience to have knowledge of the source material to understand some of the details They relied on some additional universe building relating to the Atreides house - the bull imagery was heavily featured and I saw a thread talking about the final duel showing Paul holding back killing blows and asking Jaris to yield 3 times before striking him in the back - being very similar to the way a bullfighter handles bulls in the arena. Supposedly the expanded books took the throwaway line about Leto's father dying in a bullfight to suggest the Atreides are Greecian and claim lineage from Atreus. The Harkonnen's were portrayed well - the Baron isn't some goofy fat asshole flying around he's much more brooding and merciless which I think was closer to the books. Huge credit to Stellan Skarsgard for his performance. The visuals are fantastic and the music is wonderful. I think this is one of the few movies where the sense of scale was genuinely epic. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that some of the visuals and music are almost self indulgent - I didn't mind the slower pace and broad sweeping shots because I think it really adds to the film and the sense of scale but I'm sure some people thought it was a bit bloated and slow, especially in the first half. This is one of the movies that really deserves to be seen on Imax or at least in the theaters - A large portion of the scenes were filmed in full 4:3 imax aspect ratio, Bond for example really only had a small number. Also I'm sure a nice home theater setup has it's advantages but I think between the music being a key "character" in the movie and the epic scale or everything - it would be a real loss to see this on a smaller screen with simplified audio. Sadly this movie suffers from some studio bullshit - The title sequence clearly says "Dune: Part 1" and the story is obviously incomplete - in fact the final act feels a bit off because this huge battle if followed up by smaller scenes and a duel before abruptly ending. I really hope we get to see part 2 because so much of this film was great, and I'd love to see more. I'd even enjoy if they decided to do the first 3 books similar to the old Sci-fi channel miniseries. The bad: Some of the dialogue is genuinely awful - "Desert Power!" Chani/Zendaya is basically in a music video for the entire film. The voice is still just as cheesy as it is in book form, but I preferred the first display of it instead of the ANGRY FILTER version they used later in the film. Pacing and stakes seem a bit off especially for the first half of the film. Finally I really hate that they're tiptoeing around the word Jihad - Paul just mentions visions of a "religious war." I understand it has a different cultural context now than it did in the 1960's but it feels weird to be omitted. Also kinda odd that the Fremen didn't include a single middle eastern actor, when they're at least partially coded as middle eastern. At some point I'll re-read the books (maybe I'll make it past the third novel this time) but for now this film is doing a great job of bringing this universe to the big screen.
  9. Glad to see this getting some additional media coverage. They correctly point out that a large number of armed black 2nd amendment supporters marched through Tulsa Oklahoma on the anniversary of the Tulsa race massacre and there were no incidents. Additionally we've seen a marked increase in "left leaning" groups promoting getting armed, and creating more inclusive alternatives to the NRA and traditional gun rights organizations. There are also protestor groups now realizing that while unarmed protests can be successful, police have in the past been more prone to brutalizing protestors when they know they're unarmed. I don't think we're at a tipping point, as these left leaning and minority gun rights groups still make up a small percentage of gun owners, but we're seeing some momentum that undercuts some of the appeals for gun control legislation from the democratic party. Sadly the septuagenarians we have running the DNC still think it's worth spending political capital to try and push for more strict gun control legislation.
  10. While I absolutely agree this is an issue - I can likewise envision grandma flooring it by accident on an turn and careening off into the sidewalk - the sad reality is that grandma really shouldn't be driving. I don't want to go off topic talking about the need to retest older individuals, but we really need to get a handle on that as the baby boomers are all starting to hit that age. Likewise I think a 16 year old with a fresh drivers license will invariable abuse that type of acceleration and end up killing/injuring themselves and other people. Drunk driving with that kind of performance is also a recipe for disaster. While I'm normally not a fan of artificial limitation put on things people own, I support the idea of governors/acceleration limits on electric cars because there are safety concerns that override the personal freedoms. Auto manufacturers need to stop chasing 0-60 times on a family vehicle, instead focusing on a "good enough" performance metric and better safety or efficiency numbers. MPG/Range isn't particularly sexy, but I'd rather see the focus shifted towards that.
  11. Malaphax


    Some additional details about the mechanics of my live-aboard trip to Saba. I was on a boat (115' long), arrived in St. Martin on Saturday afternoon, checked in on the boat Saturday evening for dinner, and then the boat made 2-3 hour crossing to Saba. I was informed at dinner that the last crossing back had been rough, ~7/10 and that I should take some anti-nausea medicine and go to my room, turn out the lights and hang on for dear life. It was in fact a very rough crossing. Once we woke up the following day we settled into the wake up, dive, eat, dive more and sleep pattern for the duration of the trip. The schedule looked something like: wake up at 6:30, breakfast, dive 1, snack, dive 2, lunch, dive 3, snack, dive 4, dinner, night dive, shower, maybe a nightcap and then sleep. The boat itself did not have any sort of stability system (some new ones do) and really did rock constantly and significantly. It wasn't uncommon to see both guests and crew stumble or catch their balance quite often, or see some utensils slide off a plate during meal times. There were also some very narrow stairs, and I found myself using the hand railings whenever I was going up or down the stairs. As we were on a boat near a relatively remote island, I had basically zero cell service until day 4 when we were within site of a port town on Saba - this didn't bother me as I was expecting zero internet for the entire duration on the boat. The point of most liveaboard ships is to sail to places further afield than most dayboats, so I suspect most of them have very limited internet connectivity - some probably have satellite internet and are willing to sell access to guests for additional fees. The boat can handle 18 guests (9 rooms with double occupancy), I was on with 7 guests and 7 crew (captain, 1st mate, cook, engineer, 3 dive guides). Everyone had their own room and frankly it would have been an unpleasant experience if I had to share a room with another person. The other 6 guests I was with were all from northern California and part of a group, which was fine - no issues getting along and almost all of them were more experienced divers than I was, one being a master diver and another being a dive master/instructor. The other guests were all 60+ so there was a clear age gap, I've heard liveaboards tend to skew older, and I wasn't surprised by this. The only issue I had was the group took ages to suit up and get into the water, one of the dive guides even complained to me about it saying we were the slowest group he'd had. 4 out of 7 guests completed all 27 dives (this includes me) and the other 3 only missed 1-2 dives each. The accommodations were spartan but reasonable. However the cabins themselves were very small. My cabin was on the lower deck near the middle of the ship. The bathroom was a marine toilet complete with "oh shit" handle (which you genuinely need when the boat is rocking hard) and a shower smaller than some coffins I've seen. The shower was in fact so small, I could not stand up straight. The shower also had no temperature control, the water was hot, but you have a simple on/off lever. Likewise the AC in the room had no temperature control, with a simple damper that you could close/open slightly - I found the AC a bit on the cold side at night but the provided bedding was enough to keep warm. The lower bunk bed was wider than the top bunk, but it was roughly 14" between the bottom bunk and the top bunk, meaning I could not even sleep on my side under the top bunk section, my shoulders were too wide. Also while I don't consider myself claustrophobic, I wouldn't want to wake up at night in the pitch black with 4 inches between me and the bunk above me. We were also encouraged to keep the room door open during the day to help let the air circulate throughout the quarters. There were quite a few low ceilings on the boat and I did bang my head on a few lights and door jams throughout the voyage, but nothing too terrible. You basically only use the room to hold your bags, get ready and sleep, it was perfectly fine but by no means as nice as some of the resort rooms I've been in. The food was very good. The cook was a relief chef and the crew was thrilled because the usual cook sticks to a set weekly menu (which I can understand could be obnoxious to have week after week for 12 weeks straight), the cook we had was fantastic. Breakfasts were simple, normally different types of eggs and an option for something unique, like french toast or eggs benedict, you had to option of just asking for simple eggs instead as well as some toast, bagels, cereal and fruit provided. Lunches were solid with some standouts being taco Tuesday and a greek meal with lamb and various add-ons with pita bread. Ingredients were fresh with most dinners offering a soup and salad alongside at least 2 different meat options and some veggies. There was even one meal with filet mignon. Desert was provided after each dinner, from crem brule to freshly made nutella ice cream and even key lime pie when one guest requested it. Snacks were generally a variety of freshly baked cookies, fresh fruits, and even granola & yogurt. The food was good and it was impressive to think that this was being done in a small kitchen while the boat was rocking constantly. Alcohol was included but you couldn't dive after you started drinking, this was strictly enforced, so people didn't have any drinks until after the night dive. The dive deck was fine, there was a reasonably sized "camera table" in the middle, as well as plenty of tanks lined up on both sides of the boat. The water entry was rather high, it looked like a 6 foot drop from the side of the boat into the water. The rear portion of the dive deck had two sets of very narrow stairs and multiple guests opted to have some or all of their gear/weights removed before climbing up to the main dive deck. Several group members had very large underwater cameras and lighting setups, these were often lowered into the water after they had jumped in on a special rope/fastener system. We did do a few live drops and live pick ups which involve everyone lining up to jump off the boat in rapid succession or staying in a tight group while the boat comes past and you grabbing onto a rope at the back before pulling yourself up onto the rear ladders. Towels were provided and they had some bungee cord and wooden clothes pegs to hang anything wet - warm towels were provided after the night dive. Again, with 7 people the dive deck was not crowded, but I imagine 18 would have been absolutely cramped as hell. Tanks were filled on the boat between dives, and we were provided an analyzer to check the oxygen content on all nitrox fills, with the crew requiring we document the percentage and tank pressure before every dive. The crew would help you if requested but you were generally expected to be able to manage your own equipment in a safe manner. Dive guides were solid. They were knowledgeable about the local flora and fauna, including finding a few rare species of very small creatures and pointing it out to the group. They led the dives well, with a good eye towards safety, including calling one dive when the group was split up in low visibility. The captain was another fill-in, he was really solid and very much a people pleaser - however he would often talk in circles instead of saying a simple no, which I'm sure he learned from dealing with entitled guests. The captain also lead some dives and was very experienced dive master in his own right. I believe all the dive guides were very well credentialed with at least 2 of them having degrees in marine biology or similar, and thousands of dives each. They were not the most attentive guides I've had, opting more for a hands off approach with an understanding that most of the guests were experienced divers that could be left alone - they very rarely proactively asked your tank pressure, instead opting to have you inform them when you hit half tank or 1000psi depending on the dive. Most dives used a mooring line and safety stops could be performed on this line, the boat did not have safety stop bars at the bottom of the boat (I've been on boats that have had these). Some dives included a swim from the mooring line out to a dive site, where the guides would use a reel and lightly filled DSMB on the sandy bottom as a landmark. While they did request that all divers have a light (and recommended a backup light for night dives) as well as a DSMB, they didn't have much else in the way of equipment requirements. Only the captain had a non-standard equipment configuration, he had a backplate and wing as well as a long hose setup with an integrated inflator/second stage, everyone else including guides were in a more default recreational setup with yellow octopus hoses and standard jacket style BCDs. I did ask for some critiques from the dive guides on my diving. Most said I was doing quite well considering my ~30 dives I had at the start of the trip, with some mild praise about my buoyancy and trim. The captain attempted to show me how to fin backwards, I couldn't get it and although it's a rather specific skill I would like to practice my finning technique. I was overweighted for about half the week and once I resolved that felt like my buoyancy became a bit better - I still have room to improve on this. My gas consumption was fine, I was never the first one running out during the dives and I was the largest person on the boat, one dive guide even commented that my gas consumption was good for my size. I have some minor adjustments I still need to make to my gear setup, but it performed quite well. One thing I noticed is that I needed to really crank on the waist strap otherwise it would hang a bit loose resulting on some of my weight pockets shifting or hanging a bit off my body when horizontal. Stuff for next time? Having experienced a dive trip with 5 dives a day, I have a hard time thinking I'd accept a simple 2 morning dives vacation again. While it was borderline excessive, I'd rather be offered more diving than deal with empty afternoons. I'm still a big proponent of nitrox, one group member was on air and had to either cut some of his dives short or float above the group on successive dives, none of the rest of us had to work about no-decompression limits - I also consider it a safety factor (even though PADI gets mad when you say that). I probably won't push for nitrox on a local dayboat but any sort of repetitive diving I will want to push for nitrox. I did some brief research regarding liveaboards before this trip (duh) and I have some ideas for what might be next, but I was also told that some dive resorts will do 5 dives a day, so I'll keep an eye out. Some locations that were recommended to me were: Philippines, Indonesia (Raja Armpat & Komodo), Costa Rica (Socorro islands), Truk Lagoon (holy grail of wreck diving) and Palau. I also decided to bite the bullet and register with DAN for dive insurance- it wasn't expensive and it covers me when I'm diving here in the US, I still would need separate scuba trip insurance (which I had for this trip) but I feel I should be a responsible adult and make sure I'm properly covered in case I end up needing medical care. Minor tangent - I had initially booked a trip to the Bahamas. About 1.5 weeks before I was set to go, I was told that some fishing boat had rammed the liveaboard late at night (how fucking stupid do you have to be to hit something in the middle of the ocean?). I had to panic rebook with the Caribbean, and everything worked out well enough. Wasn't exactly a fun experience to re-book flights and handle travel details on that short of notice - I was lucky that I was using a travel agent and they sorted out some of the details for me. I'm leaning towards using a travel agent for trips like this moving forward - one of the group members was the travel agent that handles these types of trips and traveling with a group makes a fair bit of sense.
  12. I mean governors have existed for quite a long time, especially on commercial vehicles. I don't think there should be any issues with putting a reasonable governor on a vehicle. If they're using the same powertrain you could be cheeky about it and have the governor removed in higher trims or with a "performance pack" upgrade or similar. Grandma doesn't need 0-60 below 6 seconds. Aren't a large number of cars electronically limited to 150mph? Not sure why they even allow that high of top speeds outside of the autobahn or a racetrack, but there's not much difference in limiting a car's acceleration. Plus, the people who would care about removing governors will flash ECUs or do some other hack to get what they want, just like people who were flashing ECUs 10 years ago for better performance.
  13. Malaphax


    I just got back from doing some extensive diving in Saba. I may break more details about the vacation into a separate thread at some point. Diving wise this pretty good. Quick stats: 27 total dives, 5 of which were night dives, 1 was a dawn dive. Every day was 4 day dives & 1 night dive, except the final day which was 1 dawn dive & 1 early morning dive. 21 hours and 40 minutes spent underwater in 6 days of diving Deepest of 96.6' - average of 63.3' | Longest dive of 1 hour - average of 48 minutes All diving was done on 32% Nitrox Water temp was 83 the entire time, so I went with just a long sleeve rash guard and board shorts. Visibility for the first 4 days was poor, some dives were 20' and others were a bit better at 30' - however on the last 2 days some current must have run through and the visibility jumped to 100'+ arguably the best visibility I've ever experienced - I say 100+ because you honestly couldn't make good estimates with visibility that good, one dive guide suggested it could be as much as 200'+. You could look down from the boat and see the reef at 70' no issue, that night dive was so clear the only limit on visibility was the range on my flashlight. Night Dives - I had never done them before now I have 5 under my belt. They're certainly unique, probably not my favorite but I did see some bio-luminescent squid. I didn't bother with the gopro on the night dives because gopro's have notoriously bad low light performance and I didn't feel like juggling a dive light, my buoyancy controls and a camera all at once. Very little in the way of rough conditions, only a few drift dives, most were static. EXCEPT - one dive where we had absolutely ripping current. That dive actually had me a bit concerned for my safety. The current was so strong the group was almost blown off the dive site, and we all had to make a very challenging swim back to the mooring line. I flat out dropped to the sandy bottom and half swam half clawing along the bottom. I did get to the mooring line first and started pulling other people onto the line - until I realized I had blown through most of my gas and had to make a fairly swift exit after my safety stop. For reference I was normally making it back to the boat with between 400 - 1000 psi remaining but that dive I was down to 250, some group members made it back lower than that, I think two people said they were at 190 and 110 (yikes). Gear held up very well - I got some genuine compliments from two of the dive guides for a "clean" setup Still need to do some additional tuning, I think I'm going to try going back to my shorter SPG hose and mount another d-ring on my belt behind a weight pocket. Dive light was fantastic, during the day I could quickly turn it up to full to help point out something interesting, night dives I did on the lowest setting and it was plenty to navigate by. Dive computer is an absolute monster - took the 6 days of diving ~22+ hours of on time and was still reading 60% battery life. Fins chewed up my feet, need to invest in some lycra socks or very thin neoprene booties - the small booties I brought were too large to use with my travel fins. I'll add or edit more later if I remember something worthwhile.
  14. I think Casino Royale received universal praise, most people still rank it the best Danial Craig Bond film. I'd give that a try even if you're not particularly interested in James Bond.
  15. I'm super excited for this game. I'll do what I did with Hades and wait for the full release before I play it, but it's looking good so far.
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