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  1. Minor tweaking with undervolts and curves allows you to quickly tame that 95c stock performance to much much lower. Partly dependent on silicon lottery but it seems like AMD did some wonky shit with their optimizations. This little set of tweaks seems like a must for anyone who doesn't want a goddamn space heater from ryzen 7000.
  2. That looks wild, haven't seen destruction like that since bad company 2. It's supposed to be 4 teams of 3 with some sort of highest money wins mechanic which is why they're trying to deposit that golden cube. Downside is Nexon is publishing and owns a majority of the studio so it could end up being tainted once it releases. Also steam is changing their sales dates to be more evenly distributed. Lunar sale is getting bumped to March and called the Spring Sale. I still think the autumn sales are too close to the winter sale but w/e Upcoming sales dates for this year & next: Autumn Sale: Nov 22nd to Nov 29th Winter Sale: Dec 22nd to Jan 5th Spring Sale: March 16th to 23rd Full steam blogpost: https://store.steampowered.com/news/group/4145017/view/3282583269823858400
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    October 4th it becomes available. I believe you retain all your previous skins/unlocks from overwatch 1. The fact that heroes now require unlocks through the cash shop or battlepass is absolutely a stupid decision in a game where counter picking is so crucial. I plan on trying this out because why not, but I have a feeling the terrible matchmaking queues will end up killing this off unless you love playing tanks/healers.
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    ITs cheating..

    Yea they've had these for a long time. I would argue even back when they only allowed you to use Mouse and Keyboard on a console it was still a form of "cheating" because you were receiving an unfair advantage. I'm fairly certain no tournaments would allow the use of such a device. I think macros generally are a form of cheating. I care far less about that in PvE, and obviously far more about it in PvP. Honestly Destiny 2 has multiple issues (mainly netcode) that prevent it from being a legitimate competitive game. I would never take PvP in Destiny 2 seriously, but I totally get that people using cheats (hardware or software) is crap and should be actively opposed by the developers. Bungie is in court suing some cheat makers so they're not asleep at the wheel, I guess they could try and ban these devices but I'm not entirely sure how they would enforce that or prevent their use entirely. The Ring0 or kernel level access stuff is a totally different issue. I get it's a way for developers to have strong anti-cheat, but it's also a great way for a malicious actor to really fuck up your system. We've seen multiple examples of 'remote code execution' hacks that have effected multiple games (recently the dark souls games) and can lead to huge headaches for players and developers. I really dislike the idea of giving Riot games or EA (they just recently announced this) access to my kernel just so we can help stop cheaters. Especially when cheaters have never been entirely stopped, VAC or battle-eye or whatever has always been bypassed and will always be bypassed (for a while) it's a cat and mouse game. Kernel level access isn't a magic bullet and really shouldn't be promoted as a solution. I think this speaks to the bigger issue of many tech companies looking for a automated technical solution. I feel like hiring a bunch of additional moderators to review reports of cheaters would probably be very effective but that costs money on an ongoing basis. Sidenote: Fighting games briefly had an issue with hitbox style controllers allowing you to hold forward and back at the same time but partly that was due to old spaghetti code and has since been fixed with the hitbox makers going an extra mile of programming their controllers to register both imputs as neutral.
  5. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9253284/ The first three episodes were solid. The cinematography didn't look as cheap as obi-wan or book of boba fett. I appreciate that they're willing to make Andor more of an anti-hero. I also enjoyed that the showrunners are putting in more non-human background characters, I feel like this was severely missing in some of the recent star wars shows. My concern is the plot and what stories they can find that aren't over the top but still fit as a prequel to rogue one and the original series. I guess this is a soft recommendation if you're not burned out by star wars.
  6. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt12650832/ I watched 2 episodes and I have a big fucking smile on my face. This show is absolutely bonkers, studio trigger is unhinged and I'm totally here for it. Don't expect this to blow your mind with great writing, just sit back and take in the insane visuals. This show reminds me of redline, in all the right ways. If you're even remotely interested in cyberpunk 2077's worldbuilding or near-future settings in anime, this is a solid recommend. This has got me hyped up to go back and play cyberpunk 2077 again.
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    Some additional details. My luck with boats is absolute shit (sort of), I'm 0/2 in ending up on the boats I initially booked. I originally booked the Bahamas and that boat got rammed at sea by some idiot which caused me to panic re-book Saint Martin/Saba with only 1.5 weeks notice. In this case I was booked on the black pearl, and they informed me the day I was due to board that they had "issues" and offered to re-book/transfer me to the Palau Siren (same schedule). This ended up being a better deal in just about every way except I ended up sharing a room with a bit of a weird guy (nothing too horrible just strange). Considering Palau is the only country I've been to where my cell phone couldn't get service and I was basically given no notice of this change, it was annoying to have to deal with issues and rely on limited wifi connections for communication. Speaking of the Palau Siren, it was the boat my travel agent actually recommended initially and with good reason. The crew were fantastic, it was incredibly well staffed with 15 guests and 12 crew. It didn't feel super crowded because there were 4 dive guides splitting up the groups into 5 people per guide max, my group was 4 people and the guide. The directors/managers of the Siren were phenomenal and had years of experience being dive guides in Palau, they ran their ship well and unfortunately are retiring from the ship in another month; otherwise it would be an easy recommendation to anyone interested in going to Palau. Safety. Just a brief note. This crew took safety more seriously than anything I've ever seen. The safety briefing was well over 1 hour and included a muster call where we all grabbed life jackets and reported to our evacuation stations. The crew were all first aid trained and had an AED onboard, along with full firefighting equipment and emergency exits for all the rooms. There was also a night watch every night. Accommodations were much much better than the previous liveaboard. The rooms had 2 separate beds (no bunk-beds) and more storage space available. The bathroom was nice and had a ceiling high enough I could stand up in, plus the shower had temperature control. Rooms were air conditioned but the rest of the boat was not, so stepping out of the rooms was like hitting a wall of heat and humidity. The dining area was outside with 6 fans and the sea breeze to help keep it reasonably comfortable. There was an indoor salon which wasn't very well cooled/ventilated but still comfortable and had a couple of small tables for charging electronics and working on cameras. I avoided the sun deck, mostly because I didn't need to come back as red as a lobster, but we did have one cocktail party up there on the last evening and it was nice. The diving area was nice, with additional storage space for each guest, multiple areas to hang clothes out to dry and a few freshwater showers to rinse off with. Overall the boat was quite nice, but the pictures online were outdated - I heard the ship sank back in 2015 (not fully just took on serious water after a storm) which meant the interiors of the cabins had been updated from very nice custom wood paneling to a more modest manufactured wood paneling. Food was great. The chef was an Indonesian guy with a bit of flair, he would announce the dinner menu every evening with a presentation. Only complaints is that some meals were a bit spicy - one meal in particular was spicy calamari and pepper steak - I heard a few people make some minor complaints that the breakfast omelet was literally too spicy to eat. I think this chef had a bit of a harder time due to the supply chain for Palau being much more restrictive than more accessible locations; he did very well considering those limitations. There was less of a focus on snacks in-between meals, compared to the other liveaboard I was on, but I suspect my waistline appreciated that. We also had one night where the chef prepared a beach barbecue, which was tasty and a cool change of pace, we did get rained on, but not too terribly. Diving was great. I did some land based diving for 3 days and was surprised to find out just how far the land based boats would go, they hit some of the same dive sites as the liveaboard, which meant often a 45 minute ride out (and back) which was a bit long for my tastes but meant I got some great diving done. The land based guides were very good and the lunch provided was quite nice, we even got to eat lunch on a beach one time (the same island they filmed a season of survivor on, I was told). The liveaboard diving was done from 2 smaller boats, often with much shorter rides (with only one exception when we dove Peleliu) and the boat drivers were super impressive. The boats would sometimes give short detours on the way back showing little passages between the many islands and pointing out some cool stuff like pods of dolphins and a dugong and chased after them a bit. Only one dive was cancelled, I tried for a wreck dive but the currents were so strong that as the wreck came out of the distance I realized if I didn't swim over it, I was going to Wile E. Coyote myself into the side of the ship. I managed to go over the wreck and attempted to swim against the current and hide behind the ship, but the current was way too strong and one of the group actually just aborted because he was struggling to breath while swimming as hard as he could. We did have another dive where the current literally switched about 10 minutes in, we went from hooking on a reef on one side of the corner and then quickly realizing that we needed to swim to the other side or we would get blown off the site. The current switched and actually was more of a surge and took a solid 10 minutes of serious swimming to cross the top of the reef to the other side - that wasn't very fun. My issue was I was sticking with my group who weren't swimming very quickly against the current, which led to me going through my gas very quickly, in hindsight I should have just blown past the group to the other side and let them catch up instead of getting stuck behind them. Highlights. Giant manta rays are indeed giant. It's my first time seeing them and it was super impressive. The two deep dives: Blue Holes and Saies Tunnel were very cool from a geological point of view. The dives were basically gigantic swim-throughs or chimneys. I believe these qualify as caverns not true caves but considering both were bigger than the boat I was staying on, there wasn't any feelings of claustrophobia, just a strong sense of awe. I probably liked those deep cavern dives the best. While I still consider cave diving to be crazy, I can start to see the appeal if you're in a cave system with huge chambers like the ones I've heard about in Florida and Mexico. Dive gear. I make it a habit to see what everyone is using. This trip was the first time where I saw about half the guests using backplate and wing setups, while no one had a true long-hose setup, my dive guide did have an octo on a 2 meter hose that he rolled up and stored. The directors of the ship were also dive guides and both dove sidemount with two tanks - I also saw them share air with some of the worse divers to help keep groups down on site for longer. Most of the men on the boat opted for tanks larger than the standard aluminum 80s, they received aluminum 100s. I briefly considered this but found I was managing my air well enough to complete full 1 hour dives without issue, although I'm almost positive I was the weakest link in my group of 4. I did run into two minor issues. I tried using my weight pockets to hold a reef hook and discovered there's enough of a gap that smaller items can fall out (I caught it but that wasn't great), I ended up using the cargo pocket on my swim trunks in later dives. I also found out that reef hooks should be attached to the center chest and not a crotch d-ring, I had one of the dive guides make a simple line connected to a boltsnap that I ran from one of my chest d-rings to the other to give a spot for the reef hook to attach. This worked quite well and I'll probably keep that in my dive bag moving forward. The guests were mostly fun, I met a few I might try and keep in contact with. Again there was a big contingent from northern California, we also had a French couple and one doctor that worked in Saipan (another small island nearby). It skewed older (this is almost entirely due to cost I suspect), with only one person being younger than me, he was a college kid who came with his dad. It does feel a bit weird to see most guests 60+, it doesn't bother me, but I wonder if I can find some slightly younger groups to book some of these trips with in the future. The ugly. Only one incident really threatened to ruin my good time. Covid. The college kid tested positive very early in the trip, he was actually very calm about it and quarantined in his room or out on the sundeck when other guests were off diving. He was also very judicious about wearing a proper mask and avoiding people. His father however, was an absolute fucking asshole that quickly showed his colors and was nearly universally hated by the end of the trip. He tried to bully the guests into letting his son scuba dive with everyone on the second day of his son's infection (he was not only testing positive but the red line was darker that day) he specifically tried to go around the crew by announcing this at dinner, and while some guests were ok with it, several of us were not and it was shot down. He later tried to pull this again, even though the pediatrician (guest) onboard told him it was a terrible idea that could result in permanent lung damage. Finally the crew talked directly to the college kid and explained the risks and their best medical advice (don't dive) and he agreed. While the science is still new, I believe DAN and other organizations all suggest waiting until 10 days after any infection is present. There was also a recent example I was told about regarding a rebreather diver literally drowning as his lungs filled with blood when he went diving with Covid - current estimates is that higher oxygen content (let alone what the PP02 is) can cause bad things to happen. My honest concern was the father was still sharing a room with his son, and while he claimed to have just recently recovered from Covid, I was still concerned about infection. I also believe he refused to test during the trip because he didn't want his own diving to get cancelled - truly a wonderful individual. I did take a covid test upon returning and was negative, I don't have any symptoms so I think I managed to dodge the bullet. The boat being mostly open air was probably a strong factor in other people not getting infected. Sidenote: The flights sucked, no way around that. They were also the largest cost of the trip (yes even more than the cost of the boat). Unfortunately the best diving in the world tends to be far away tropical locations. I might seriously consider getting a travel oriented credit card to help offset some of these flight costs in the future or potentially get bump from economy to business.
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    Cyberpunk 2077

    Also patchnotes for the new patch that released today with some minor tie-ins to the anime releasing next week. Looks like some more official mod support is rolling out as well. I will most likely replay this game from a new save around when the DLC releases. I don't expect to make too many different choices but I'd like to experience it again.
  9. Didn't get as much reading done on vacation but I'm mostly done with 2 books in a sequel trilogy to the mistborn series (more Brandon Sanderson fantasy stuff). I'd read the first mistborn series (books 1-3) a while back and the magic system seemed interesting but having certain characters will all the powers did eventually get dull. This time around the main characters have 1-2 powers that they utilize in a more limited fashion to make some of the action sequences a bit more interesting. They've also moved the timeline along a fair bit going from more traditional fantasy to early industrial with guns and cars. There's also more of a focus on a detective/mystery elements with the main character often being referred to as a 'lawman' which does change up how the plots get introduced and resolved. It's a solid series that you can probably read without having gone through the first 3 books, since any callbacks are mostly explained - with little things like some of the heroes from the first books being deified.
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    Just got back from Palau. Dive wise it was solid, 3 days of land diving and 5 days of diving on the boat for a total of 26 dives and 22.5 hours underwater. It was normally around 85° and 90%+ humidity, the sea breeze helped but it was damn hot. Had some deeper dives, especially Blue Holes and Saias tunnel, which were 109' and 105' respectively Got to learn about my dive computer's various alarms. I had a depth alarm and NDL alarm both of which went off. You can dismiss them with a simple button prompt, it worked very well. Average Depth was 75' and average length was 53 minutes with the longest dives being just over 1 hour. This is a fair bit deeper and slightly longer than the diving I was doing in Saba. My air consumption got better as the week went on, but I felt fairly confident most dives. I was doing well on an aluminum 80 tank. They offered aluminum 100 tanks and I considered going for it, several of the men in the group did, helping extend their bottom times. Currents were mostly mild but I had 3-4 dives that were the true Palau current, one of which was so nasty we just aborted the dive. I was there during a half moon which also leads to unpredictable tides/currents; we even had one dive where our group went down, hit current and the dive guide actually took us back to the surface so we could ride the boat to a different spot and drop back into the water to avoid swimming across the dive site against the current. I also had several dives with reef hooks which were new to me and mostly a way to sit back and watch the show without grabbing onto the reef with your hands. Palau is one of the countries that has made wearing gloves while diving illegal - I understand the logic, I just hate it. My group was probably the second most experienced group, the 4 of us ranged from my low of ~75 dives to well over 500. Our guide was decent but still learning the ropes he had only been on the ship for 2.5 months. The least experienced group got the best dive guides, which were the married couple who ran the ship - they were also diving sidemount and I saw on at least 2 occasions they would offer up one of their tanks to some of the less experienced divers to help keep the groups down longer. The cool stuff was probably seeing giant manta rays, some really awesome tunnels/caves which were basically giant swim-throughs and plenty of ocean life. Jellyfish lake was ok, unique but a bit underwhelming. Unlike that video I also saw a second variety of moon jellyfish that made a comeback after the 2014 drought, they don't sting either. I'll double post more about the boat and various stuff later. I had a great time.
  11. Random/weird gamescom trailers:
  12. South Korean Destiny/Warframe:
  13. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11198330/ First episode seemed alright. I'm still very skeptical because even though the book this series is based on is finished (fuck off George, go write some more books), they might make the mistake of dragging this one for more seasons than they should. Especially considering early numbers show this is doing very well for HBO and they need big releases to keep subscribers. The parts I have some concerns over is that they're doing timeskips and recasting some of the main actors (but only the "young" actors) which I understand from a technical standpoint but might lead to some weirdness - the crown does this but only in-between seasons. Also, I have to point out that they added some absolutely eye-rollingly bad dialogue/references in the first episode that unfortunately did nothing but piss me off and remind me of the shitshow that seasons 6-8 of game of thrones was. Glad to see Alt-Shift X is back - here's a good video with some spoiler free information about the various people and families central to this story.
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    Destiny 2

    Lightfall Trailer: Season of Plunder Trailer: New Darkness Subclass - Strand Grapple hooks for everyone. New planet Neptune, with new neon city (not ruined this time) New allied race of offshoot humans (more npcs I guess) New cabal enemies with more abilities - suppression and super drain New darkness enemies - minibosses No more sunsetting Adding loadouts with Lightfall Adding LFG system (sometime in 2023) Commendation system - I generally think these are fairly useless but not entirely surprised to see it added. Don't be surprised when commendations are tied to rewards and don't be surprised when people beg for commendations at the end of activities. I think most of what's being added is good for the game. They're doing that partnership with epic for free 30th anniversary packs and giving people free access to all expansions this week. I'm not sure if that's going to somehow fix the janky new light experience but it's certainly a nice incentive. I agree with most people that the game is in a very good spot and looks to be building off of the current momentum with decent seasonal content and strong expansions/campaigns. I hope they continue to bring back older raid content and more dungeons because those seem very popular. I think their monetization is still a bit aggressive, they're selling pre-orders for lightfall and giving you an exotic instantly (this seems a step further than previous pre-order bonuses), but I'd also say that this expansion/season pass has been a worthwhile investment. Still curious when they're going to drop support for the older gen consoles, I feel like that's going to be their limiting factor with new content. Also bungie has done some absolutely massive hiring as a studio and just got that playstation money a little while back, so I'm curious if we're going to start hearing more details about their potential upcoming games or if they're going to try and have all hands on deck pumping out these last 2 expansions before making any big shifts. We're going to get some sort of team ability shooter from them and probably a non-destiny game that they actually get to call an MMORPG.
  15. Finished: For all Mankind Season 3 - This show definitely jumped the shark. They seemed hell bent on focusing on their mediocre drama elements instead of the cool space stuff, the last 2-3 episodes in particular were a complete mess on multiple levels. I suspect they want to do more of the show and they do tease another timeskip at the end but I don't know if I'll be interested in watching anymore. Westworld Season 4 - This season was better but still not nearly as good as season 1, or even 2 for that matter. It does put a relatively firm ending in place and I hope that HBO doesn't renew this for another season it would be a waste. The Bear - It's a show centered around a dysfunctional restaurant in Chicago staffed by dysfunctional people. The pacing in much of the show is frenetic, and it's fairly well acted and grounded. I mostly enjoyed this as a palate cleanser, soft recommendation. Watching: The Sandman - Very solid so far. You can tell Netflix invested some serious budget into this show and that the showrunners are trying to do it justice. The author Neal Gaiman has been heavily involved in the show's production and I think that comes through. They've been fairly faithful to the source material (I've only read the first volume), even with some shot for shot recreations of the comic scenes.
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPcVAWd-564 Video capture seems solid, but photos aren't super great. Lots of over-sharpening. He didn't mention anything about shutter lag or delay, but most of his pictures were of still or slowly moving objects so I'm not sure if that's covering for any shutter speed issues. No idea what kinda of outside support the zenfone 9 will get but obviously the g-cam port may help cover up some of the camera issues, but that's far from confirmed at this point. It still seems like waiting for the pixel 7 launch is a smart move, but I doubt pixel 7 is going to see major changes compared to the pixel 6, they're still going to be larger phones with custom silicon that has it's own set of problems. The sony xperia 5 IV is another phone on the ~october horizon but sony always has their own set of weirdness with their phones and generally are priced at a premium for some reason.
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