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  1. I initially used it to help get some basic graphical settings recommendations. They started pushing for logins and were somewhat recently hit by a security vulnerability (I believe that has been patched). The geforce experience can stream/record/highlight pretty well, and there's nothing wrong with using it to stream - it's far simpler than OBS. But I like the different features OBS provides (even if I use very few of them). Beyond that I'd rather cut down the bloatware I have on my computer and reduce the attack surface my computer represents, within reason. Nvidia drivers already contain some substantial bloat, the audio driver over HDMI (I don't use) and 3d vision and a few other pieces that aren't needed. So cutting the geforce experience is an easy part I can opt out of.
  2. I think I have some physical Drizzt books somewhere on my bookshelf. I don't remember if I started at the beginning or just sort of picked a few up. I vaguely remember that the books covering his childhood/upbringing were sort of interesting because the dark elf society was nobility warring against one another with plenty of backstabbing. Something about how Lolth promotes chaos or whatever. Honestly they were super forgettable, and when he later teams up with his companions all of them felt super basic and uninspired. I think a large portion of "traditional fantasy" feels very samey because they often followed the same set of tropes and very obvious black/white morality. I don't know if my tastes have changed but I've found myself seeking more books with some morally grey characters and anti-heroes rather than the traditional "main character on a quest to save the world" books. I'm almost done with the Machineries of Empire series: https://www.goodreads.com/series/160439-the-machineries-of-empire It's a strange sci-fi setting, very handwavy when it comes to tech, but still interesting. The author is a mathematician which is why much of the tech is explained with "calendars and math stuff" but the only time they ever mention specific mathematical elements is something about a timed lock that used prime factorization, which was supposed to be unhackable. The universe building elements are kind of interesting, but the main characters are more of a means to an end than a central driving force throughout the story.
  3. Malaphax

    Destiny 2

    Sorry, that's my bad. Yea it's cross-SAVE. You could theoretically take your current PC progress and boot up the game on another platform. Where it gets weird is licenses are platform specific. While I could technically boot up my character on xbox/ps4/stadia on October 1st, I wouldn't have the lisence to play the forsaken content or shadowkeep, just the free bits that come with new light. I still think we might see an uptick in the PC population, but we won't suddenly be matched against console players (ever since shadowrun, no one does that). Speaking to the crucible grind, I've certainly started to notice the issues. I've started running into leavers, and I've also run into some real pubstompers, with 2x2stacks or a full 4 man, not to mention just way better players. I genuinely believe that their matchmaking system is straight trash and I hope the supposed fixes they have planned for Shadowkeep include some serious updates to their matchmaker. Honestly, this just proves to me that pvp is an afterthought, which is weird coming from the same developer that made the early halo series.
  4. Sort of. Nvidia flat out admits there are 3 settings: Off, On - same as setting max_pre-rendered_frames_1 in prior drivers, and ULTRA. They are adding an extra code/instructions for the Ultra setting that uses a different just-in-time scheduler. Again, Nvidia mentions that this works best in the 60-100fps range when you're GPU limited. So it's not a silver bullet, but it might make games feel slightly more responsive in that fps range. The really big caveat that people aren't mentioning too much is that DX12 and Vulkan already use different rendering instructions so this does not work with either. I suspect that this is basically backporting the vulkcan/dx12 rendering instructions to dx11 and dx9, which has limits. Speaking of Linux, many linux enthusiasts are quietly hoping that stadia helps push developers to properly roll out linux/vulkcan support for newer games. This could be yet another push towards linux gaming (valve has been carrying that torch for many years) which might eventually making linux gaming a real possibility. I did a bit of research into linux gaming recently and the two major issues I came across are anti-cheat software not working (easy anti-cheat being the big one) and the need to troubleshoot games/workarounds. I'm hopeful with many new games moving towards vulkan renderer, and Google throwing money at developers to release on stadia, we might see another big jump in linux support for gaming. I'll continue to keep my eyes open, at this point I think any one of us could comfortably run a dual-boot setup successfully, but I don't think Linux is ready for full time just yet.
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    Destiny 2

    https://www.bungie.net/7/en/Destiny/Shadowkeep?ciid=48001 Some minor/interesting bits. Power cap will be 960. Remember everyone can reach 950, but only "pinnacle activities" drop weapons/gear over 950. Also people are estimating that the seasonal artifact provides +40 max which would put the absolute maximum possible at an even 1000. Some minor rumors suggesting 999 is actually the absolute max because there's some weird lore/items in the game that talk about 999. Either way, they've certainly extended the power cap for the next expansion/season. I'm not sure how I feel about grinding 200 power out, or if each season will further increase the power cap, or just release a new artifact where you can grind up to +40. Either way bungie have said they're trying a few new things with power and we'll see how this shakes out in October. You can now link your battle.net accounts to your steam accounts. Tomorrow they will allow you to turn on cross-play if for some reason you feel like playing destiny 2 on a console/stadia. More info here: https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/csyqht/d2_cross_save_faq_megathread/
  6. Nvidia pushed out some new drivers, 3-5% increase in certain titles. They also enabled a low latency mode, I assume this is to compete directly with AMD's "anti-lag" options. Finally, they also added full integer scaling, which allows pixel art games to properly scale at higher resolutions, that's actually pretty great considering how many pixel art games there are and the current renaissance of that art style. Nvidia press release: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/gamescom-2019-game-ready-driver/ Driver link (win10 64): https://www.geforce.com/drivers/results/150300 As a note some sites mentioned that geforce experience is not optional on this release, hopefully that's just a small bug.
  7. OH BABY, NEW HOMEWORLD ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! Honestly, I should really go and play/finish the deserts of karak, I just never got into it. Considering they've already remastered the old homeworld games, and Blackbird Interactive got the rights to homeworld from gearbox when they released deserts of karak, I suspect we'll be getting a new homeworld. There's not much to look forward to when it comes to RTS titles, I think it's mostly this and Iron Harvest - aka diselpunk company of heroes.
  8. The Answer is simple: Kojima Here's some gameplay clips that show actual "combat" which includes shooting/melee, but it's probably going to play similarly to metal gear solid 5, with a larger focus on traversal/exploration and some stealth/combat thrown in. Honestly, if you haven't played a kojima game, you should avoid this entirely probably try out metal gear solid 5, it has some problems but it is by far the best "sandbox" game I've ever played.
  9. I finished the second season. I think this season was weaker overall, but still interesting. The primary focus was on the Altlanta child murders - which technically still remain largely unsolved, because they could not prove the murderer committed all the crimes. They also show bureaucratic meddling and severe incompetence on the part of the police and FBI, which is refreshing - considering most crime dramas only show the heroic detectives saving the day. I think the show again leaned heavily on the characters' personal stories and relationships, which this season felt unresolved. Sidenote - Netflix usually provides a button to skip the opening credits, but the final episode of this season they changed the opening credits from a piano melody to a boy's choir, and they placed a bunch of single frame cuts of crime scenes and dead bodies throughout the standard opening. Most western shows don't tend to mess with the opening credits, in fact I normally only see that in anime, but it worked really well in this series.
  10. I know people are joking about this being the bootleg/knockoff avengers but the gameplay looks super uninspired. I'm sad to see that taskmaster is relegated to a shit-tier villain and probably means that the real MCU has no intention of using him.
  11. This is idle with the silent fan profile, I'll try and remember to get temps after a gaming session, but it sounds like you're chipset is running hot.
  12. Summary thread talking about all that has been revealed so far.
  13. Malaphax

    Destiny 2

    There was a gameplay stream as well, if that gets uploaded I'll add it to this post. EDIT: Here's a thread breaking down some of the specific things shown on a very short stream. There is a longer event later this evening and possibly additional videos that might come out of gamescom later this week. https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/csk5fz/breakdown_of_the_inside_xbox_stream/ EDIT2: Here's the upcoming season of the undying trailer. It's vex focused and there will be "invasions" across multiple locations. There will also be a raid focused on the black garden.
  14. I wonder if this is going to be more like Abyss or Sphere... either way this feels somewhat derivative.
  15. I believe this was posted in group chat, but I'll add it here for completeness. Logitech's newest keyboards are low profile switches and keycaps. Most likely still using their own romer G switches, although the pictures look very similar to kailh low profiles. G815 $200 (Wired): https://www.logitechg.com/en-us/products/gaming-keyboards/g815-low-profile-rgb-mechanical-gaming-keyboard.html G915 $250 (Wireless): https://www.logitechg.com/en-us/products/gaming-keyboards/g915-low-profile-wireless-mechanical-gaming-keyboard.html While I'm super satisfied with my logitech wireless mice that use their "lightspeed" wireless technology, I think it's damn steep to charge $250 for a wireless mechanical keyboard. That being said, even if you wanted to build your own (which can be way more expensive) you're going to be limited to bluetooth which means you can't game on it, or you're stuck with wired. Also, I find it a little bit disgusting that they're still fiddling with micro-usb instead of jumping to a type-c connector, especially for that cost - it just comes across as cheap. Speaking of craziness, I might do something silly like build my own mechanical keyboard at some point in the future, although I'm currently satisfied with the two I own. As a small personal project I might try building a macropad first: https://keeb.io/products/bdn9-3x3-9-key-macropad-rotary-encoder-support?variant=15959960944734 If I end up building the macropad, I'll take plenty of pictures and post about the process. Seems like a decent starter project to get my feet wet.
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    Destiny 2

    Part 3 of the wall of text: https://www.bungie.net/en/News/Article/48072 I'm not thrilled with some of the stuff mentioned. Changing ranked pvp to be 3 man instead of 4 - could be ok I guess Adding a solo queue for ranked - that's great but that means that the 3 man pvp is going to be filled with mostly 3 stacks and the occasional poor solo getting stuck with a two stack. Why would a solo ever queue for a regular ranked pvp match? Does the solo queue just populate the standard ranked pvp with better rewards? Seems ultra confusing. Nerfing super armor on roaming supers is a good start to fixing the pvp super problem. Nerfing super gain is another good idea. Communal Heavy ammo - but not in ranked. Seems like you're making the team that's winning win even harder than they would be with a single person getting heavy, not sure why they think this is a good idea. "Retooling" damage - yea honestly I don't mind them cutting numbers, I don't normally look at the numbers spitting out of mobs (and frankly I wish I could disable damage numbers entirely) Buffs and Debuffs reworking is a good idea, I suspect this won't entirely fix the current meta but there's bound to be other nerfs/buffs that will shift things Evolving World - This is a shitty idea, I've seen how this works previously and I know they're going to end up running into the same problems as Guild Wars 2, I hope they don't fuck this up the way it comes across in the bungie post. The evolving world stuff sounds exactly like the mistakes they made in gw2 when Anet wanted to have "meaningful events" happen and if you missed them, tough shit. That sounds like a cool way to maintain player engagement; gotta log in and participate in cool new stuff that won't last because of artificial scarcity! But Anet quickly realized that you end up building content that only gets used once, that gets expensive, not to mention if you expand your player base the new players never get to see what went on outside of watching youtube videos. Bungie mentioned that one of the first seasons will have vex outbreaks, which I hope means they'll just spawn in a bunch of vex in areas they wouldn't normally spawn, with maybe a few added roaming bosses or something. But if they add content like a dungeon/strike/map and it gets removed after that season that's where it gets ugly. The karka queen event in gw2 was kinda cool, and the fact that they brought back a smaller version of it after the fact made exploring that area even as a player that missed that event still interesting. But on the flip side -the battle for lion's arch or the giant marionette encounters were one and done, and the entire playerbase desperately wants to replay some of those events. Hell, Anet eventually re-released a different version of the tower of nightmares as a fractal. I'm still interested in D2 and where it goes, I just hope I'm way off on how they do limited time events.
  17. I'm not a normal user when it comes to data, but I'm a perfect case for project fi. I normally sit on my company's wifi all day Monday-Friday and in the evenings I'm sitting on my home's wifi. My history has been mostly under 1gb every month, but that has crept up slowly as I start streaming music more often. I have seen the public wifi connect in a few locations, but honestly I think only really major places like starbucks or mcdonalds are going to be on google's public wifi network. I certainly wouldn't count on it. I will say the international coverage that kuhla and I had in Indonesia and Taipei was goddamn incredible. I was able to make calls (although it didn't like busy signals) text and browse the internet with no issues at all. Considering my bill for that time period is pretty reasonable, I could see that as a big advantage if you travel frequently. I don't think Google Fi is worth it for heavy data users, I know for a fact that some data plans are cheaper on a monthly basis.
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    Destiny 2

    This is a reddit thread that tried to tl;dr the stream about armor 2.0 https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/cqp7et/armour_20_everything_we_know_so_far_affinity_mods/ Honestly my opinions on the armor change are very mixed. I like that they're reducing some of the randomness of the game, and I understand imposing certain restrictions with void/arc/solar armor types. But they mentioned some weird stuff about exotics being fixed rolls if you pull them from collections and that we'd need to chase exotics with the rolls we want? That makes no sense and seems like they've just made our current exotics redundant, which will piss off lots of people. I'll need to see this in action before I can make any final judgements. They're also suggesting that they'd rather players slowly migrate to the new armor system rather than just blow the old one up. I get the reluctance to go full Cortes and burn the ships, but at the same time I'd almost prefer a soft reboot than this weird mix of both systems being used for a while. I wonder how long they'll support the "old" armor, and when they'll finally draw the line. They also aren't mentioning weapons at all, and I suspect they want to keep weapon rolls very random to keep people chasing gear. The guild wars player in me dislikes the random, but I understand where they're coming from. This is part2 of the wall of text from one of the lead devs talking about the past and future of the game from a top-down perspective. https://www.bungie.net/en/News/Article/48064 The article starts talking about power levels and it seems to go up to 1000, but I'm not a fan of a long power grind. I also dislike the idea of people having power advantages if they do pinnacle activities because it basically gives raiders a power advantage. I'm still interested in trying raids (or joining an actual clan) but I know it's a pretty big time investment and that's a bit of a barrier for me right now. I started on the ranked pvp grind last night, so far so good, but we'll see if it gets harder as my ranking starts to climb. No idea how their elo/ranking system works. My primary goal is to get recluse, but I did end up picking up the revoker bounty and I'll see if that happens somewhere along the way. I already have 2 good snipers so it's less of a priority. I managed to finish the wendigo grenade launcher quest, it seems like it does crazy damage but it also has zero splash and there is some projectile speed you need to work with, so if the bosses are moving around too much it can be an issue. I'm also fairly close to getting the hush bow, so I might just alternate between ranked pvp and gambit to try and switch it up. I finished the solstice armor, it was a pain in the ass but mostly reasonable. I also dumped a bunch of bright dust into getting the glows because: why not? As a note, eververse bounties are instant resets, so you can complete one, and immediately go back to the tower and pick up the same bounty. This allows for some relatively quick farming. This week we've got an especially easy note to farm for 70 dust, see this thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/cqotol/easy_bright_dust_farm_for_anyone_who_needs_it/
  19. I tend to agree. The x470 boards seem capable of handling that, but the x370 is more of a risk. I think putting a 3700x on an older x370 board probably the limit, and even then I've heard the AMD chips tend to spike above the rated TDP. But I doubt the people buying $400+ CPUs are also skimping on upgrading to a new motherboard. Honestly the motherboard manufacturers underestimated the first gen ryzen, stepped up on the x470 and zen+ launch, and frankly overbuilt most of the x570 boards. I have a feeling if AMD releases a new socket in the next few years motherboard manufacturers will probably take it more seriously and build in some additional headroom for higher TDP CPUs.
  20. In general I've seen most motherboard vendors are all within 1-2 weeks of each other on recent updates. There used to be a time when vendors weren't very good with keeping older products up to date, but AM4 has seen incredible levels of support across the board. I still would be a little hesitant to pick up a non-gaming brand motherboard like biostar - but even they have a recent beta bios update for the Agesa release. I'm curious how AM4 will affect the CPU market long-term. AMD and the board partners have done an excellent job of 3 generations and 3+ years of support, with most x370 and b350 boards supporting the 3000 series without issue. I somehow doubt intel is going to start suddenly giving a shit about the desktop/gaming market, but I'd be curious to see if they change their strategy due to AMD's current dominance. I also wonder if AMD is going to continue this strategy when they design their next socket (AM5?) and continue a longer support cycle - as well as more consumer friendly practice.
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