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  1. https://hyte.com/revolt3-lp/
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    Destiny 2

    Recap of today's stream: https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/parryf/destiny_2_showcase_recap/ tl;dr Expansion launches 2/22/22 - Fighting Savathun in her throne world, mix of swamps and castles. Adding Glaive weapon, energy weapon, first person melee. Does have a "medium ranged" attack as well. Normal Price $40, Deluxe $80 (includes seasons 16-19) Adding weapon crafting, they claim you can fully choose the gun and the stats you want (EXTREME SKEPTICISM UNTIL I SEE THIS IN ACTION) Campaign has a hard mode - they made a really big deal of this for some reason Updating each of the light subclasses with the same mods as stasis - one per season starting with void in season 16 New Season launched today - Season of the Lost "Prequel" focused on Mara Sov and the awakened city 30th Anniversary - Sounds like a mini season, but it costs $25 Free 6 player activity, the rest is paid Adds a new dungeon based on the loot cave from D1 Lots of cosmetics, including some cool guns and armor sets - leaks suggest some halo themed cosmetics that haven't been announced yet Ghallerhorn rocket launcher (I guess D1 people really wanted this) Overall announcement seems... decent? Clearly bungie was worried about an extra long gap between this season and the expansion so they're dropping some extra content with the 30th anniversary bundle, but it seems really pricey for what content it contains. If you really wanted the cosmetics that came with it I could maybe understand it - I'm also worried about how big of a dungeon it will launch with, either way the price point is the issue. They're also rolling out anti-cheat and crossplay, which are neat features but don't exactly sell the product. I may go back to this, or even buy the current season just to have a mindless grind game to take up some time. Not decided yet. I certainly won't be pre-ordering the expansions anytime soon.
  3. NPR put out a list of Sci-fi and fantasy recommendations from the last decade. So a significant recency bias which is good, and still long enough that several of these series are actually complete or at least multiple books in. https://www.npr.org/2021/08/18/1027159166/best-books-science-fiction-fantasy-past-decade Skimming this for stuff I've read: Imperial Radch Trilogy - It's decent, has a good mix of space opera elements with more "human" aspects. They specifically play with gender by never mentioning any character's gender. Shades of Magic Trilogy - I enjoyed it, it's a simpler story that almost leans towards Y.A. (the author also writes Y.A.) but all the characters are adults. Their magic system is also similar to avatar. The Locked Tomb series - It's on my list. Seems like a weird mix of fantasy and scifi, Very positive reviews. Machineries of Empire series - This is the very odd space opera where math and formations create magic. There's also weird stuff about calendars. It's interesting but a bit on the mediocre side. The Masquerade series - Hey look I'm literally reading that right now (towards the end of book 2). I'd safely recommend this as a fantasy series with zero magic, there's some spattering of economics (nothing too far past econ101) but it's mostly focused on espionage and spycraft. Strong recommendation. Murderbot series - Yea these are neat little bite sized stories, that I've enjoyed. There's a few full novels out at this point and I've enjoyed them. Imagine an exceptionally sarcastic asshole robot (there's actually more than one) that sometimes has issues with emotions. The Interdependency series - I normally enjoy Scalzi's work and this is one of his better series. It's a unique take on space operas and impending collapse. The characters are great, but the overarching story is middling. Oddly the "main" character is so dull that one of the side POV characters sort of takes over.
  4. My stats class is far in the past but I recall the significant number being 30 before you could treat any sample as a proxy for a population. This seems fairly rare - I have a feeling there are more people who get ultra-mild symptoms of covid, but they wouldn't be interested in applying for any studies, or they may not have even realized they had covid once they received a negative test. It seems like the study is suggesting there is an "ultra-mild" version of covid, but I'm far more concerned with both mainline covid and long-covid. Sidenote: Although you may have had all the symptoms for covid, there's still a possibility you had something else. Considering the low frequency of the flu last year, or even the common cold, it's possible that something else caused your issues. I'd also point out confirmation bias. But I'm not a doctor and it sounds like the only way you would know for sure is if you went and got a blood panel that checked for lgA and lgM - per the study.
  5. Isn't this suggesting that these individuals have such an extremely low viral load that the PCR test isn't detecting it? Doesn't that suggest that these individuals have such low viral loads that they wouldn't spread the virus, or would spread it at a significantly reduced rate? Also considering all the patients recovered and did not show positive antibodies that also suggest that either their body didn't produce antibodies, that seems to suggest a very light case maybe?
  6. I bought it out-right, but I'm waiting on a refund from my credit card's extended warranty. If they give me the refund, that would be nice. If they don't, I would have needed to buy a new monitor anyways considering the repair cost is more than a new monitor. I haven't overclocked it to 160hz, and honestly that doesn't even appeal to me. I'm not entirely sure I could easily see the difference between 120hz and 144hz, let alone 160hz. Plus I have no idea if overclocking causes any issues with them manufacturers warranty.
  7. Currently giving a 34GP83A-B a test drive. This is supposed to be the US only and slightly upgraded version of the LG34GK950F that I previously owned. Internet says it's the same panel, I'm inclined to agree. I did briefly see what other options I had, sadly the Alienware AW3420DW wasn't in stock with Dell directly, and was more expensive than LG's offerings. I also read some reviews that buying this product outside of retail/Dell directly could result in Dell not honoring their usual 3 year warranty (which would be the whole point in purchasing this monitor). I must be in the minority of people that had issues with my LG34GK950F, since I see mostly glowing reviews and only a handful of people who had issues (or me who had the same failure twice...). As much as I might be inclined to purchase a third party extended warranty, I'm not sure how worthwhile that might be.
  8. Finished up 3. The combat in 3 is really solid and still holds up. I think andromeda has better combat but only because they gave you additional abilities and more mobility. The story of 3 is one of the weaker ones. There's this whole "unite the galaxy" theme but it feels like you're fucking around dealing with nonsense for way too much of the game. Also while I've seen some strong reviews for the citadel DLC, the leviathan DLC is absolute trash. I feel like the writers genuinely went out of their way to overexplain the reapers and they did it in the worst way possible. The ending is just as bad as I remembered it, but this has the upgrades/changes they put in after I beat it many years ago. The changes make it slightly better, but they're basically using Anderson and the Illusive man as an angel/devil on your shoulder regarding the choices you have. I also found out there's an option where you don't choose - and it's genuinely terrible, it also makes zero sense from a writing standpoint. I know a ton of people hold up this trillogy as something truly grand and amazing, I think that there are some highlights but plenty of bad writing and gameplay as well. I do think the Mass Effect universe is one of the bigger and more interesting ones that's been created by video games in recent memory, arguably one of the few AAA space operas ever created. I'd like to see what they come up with for the upcoming sequel they're teasing, but I have zero faith in the Bioware development team, plus I'm concerned that the push from management to monetize with GaaS or microtransactions will seep in to some of the design and ruin it.
  9. It's surprisingly good. The CGI is very well done. The acting is strong enough to carry some of the more dramatic sections of the movie, but still clearly had plenty of over-the-top nonsense that you would expect from this film. The film is directed by James Gunn who did Guardians of the Galaxy (which is all over the promo material) and it clearly has plenty of shared DNA with the Guardians film. They're not afraid to lean into the gore and swearing that only deadpool has had success with previously - but it doesn't feel overdone. I'd say it's worth a watch.
  10. My ultrawide LG34GK950F is dying, again... I previously sent this in for repairs in May 2020, and I'm starting to see the same issues, which look like horizontal lines across the display. Very obvious on solid colored images. This isn't unique, it's a known defect, appears to be a ribbon cable that wears out prematurely. See examples: One - Two - Three This is frustrating on several levels, partly because at this point it's out of warranty and probably going to cost me. Plus knowing how these places work I'll actually need to wait a little bit until it gets bad enough for some repair tech to actually approve the repair.
  11. Malaphax

    Guild Wars 2

    Release Date February 2022 - currently available to buy for $30 Fishing & Boats (skiffs) Siege Turtle mount - 2 players, one pilot, one gunner 9 New Elite Specs Mesmer Spec called Virtuoso, no clones but stored daggers instead, looks very bladesinger inspired. Necro spec was teased, seems to have a pistol There will be betas between now and launch with 3 elite specs available to try out for about a week, one final beta with all elite specs and siege turtles towards the end of the year No news of fractals, raids or dungeons They mentioned that their releasing several new strike missions (10 man matchmade activities) with challenge modes that should "appeal to raiders" I can't tell if this is Anet dropping support for raids/fractals or if we'll get more info later, so far it seems like the hardcore players are big mad New Legendary weapons (not really) The new legendary set is all themed the same and looks mysteriously like a black lion / cash shop weapon set that they added a trail/footfall to. Many people are also big mad about how low effort this legendary set looks THIS IS NOT THE LAST EXPANSION - PLANS TO CONTINUE EXPANSIONS AFTER END OF DRAGONS Reddit Summary: https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/osqmhk/content_summary_end_of_dragons_first_look/ Overall the entire expansion seems very meh. I'm glad the price point is reasonable but It doesn't have a big wow element like gliders or mounts. Fishing/boats isn't nearly the draw that they think it is. The classes might be cool but I'll reserve judgement. Outside of the expansion they are finally updating the engine to DX11 this year, which sounds good, but I doubt that's going to fix the terrible framerates when there are large numbers of players. It might help them use newer engine stuff moving forward, but everything I've read about the guild wars engine is that it's full spaghetti code from when they built the original guild wars 16 years ago. I could see myself playing this again, but it would be ultra casual.
  12. Doesn't looks great. But it does remind me that we already got a sick bladrunner anime short film:
  13. Unfortunately keychron doesn't support QMK/ZMK. They're supposedly working on it: https://github.com/qmk/qmk_firmware/issues/7370 You absolutely can pop off keys and rebind stuff, it might be a little bit weird to have holes/gaps in the keyboard like that but if you're ok with it you could certainly try it out (maybe experiment with that on my ymdk96 first). I'm going to throw one more option at you since you mentioned full size. https://www.pcgamingrace.com/products/gmmk-full-brown-switch You can configure that on their website with no keys and no caps for $60. That's probably the cheapest hotswap board you can get at that price. Looks like it's plate mounted stabilizers, and it does use an "open" or low profile style mounting where the case does not enclose the switches and they sit out on top of the plate; that probably won't make a difference but any RGB is going to be full rainbow puke instead of just keycap backlighting. Also no QMK support (there is on the GMMK Pro but even that's a bit shaky right now) but Glorious does have their own software, which I've heard middling reviews for.
  14. Don't let your dreams be dreams - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpWGAJr2AU7LPUwVYbBQZRg/videos Good luck.
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