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    I just got back from doing some extensive diving in Saba. I may break more details about the vacation into a separate thread at some point. Diving wise this pretty good. Quick stats: 27 total dives, 5 of which were night dives, 1 was a dawn dive. Every day was 4 day dives & 1 night dive, except the final day which was 1 dawn dive & 1 early morning dive. 21 hours and 40 minutes spent underwater in 6 days of diving Deepest of 96.6' - average of 63.3' | Longest dive of 1 hour - average of 48 minutes All diving was done on 32% Nitrox Water temp was 83 the entire time, so I went with just a long sleeve rash guard and board shorts. Visibility for the first 4 days was poor, some dives were 20' and others were a bit better at 30' - however on the last 2 days some current must have run through and the visibility jumped to 100'+ arguably the best visibility I've ever experienced - I say 100+ because you honestly couldn't make good estimates with visibility that good, one dive guide suggested it could be as much as 200'+. You could look down from the boat and see the reef at 70' no issue, that night dive was so clear the only limit on visibility was the range on my flashlight. Night Dives - I had never done them before now I have 5 under my belt. They're certainly unique, probably not my favorite but I did see some bio-luminescent squid. I didn't bother with the gopro on the night dives because gopro's have notoriously bad low light performance and I didn't feel like juggling a dive light, my buoyancy controls and a camera all at once. Very little in the way of rough conditions, only a few drift dives, most were static. EXCEPT - one dive where we had absolutely ripping current. That dive actually had me a bit concerned for my safety. The current was so strong the group was almost blown off the dive site, and we all had to make a very challenging swim back to the mooring line. I flat out dropped to the sandy bottom and half swam half clawing along the bottom. I did get to the mooring line first and started pulling other people onto the line - until I realized I had blown through most of my gas and had to make a fairly swift exit after my safety stop. For reference I was normally making it back to the boat with between 400 - 1000 psi remaining but that dive I was down to 250, some group members made it back lower than that, I think two people said they were at 190 and 110 (yikes). Gear held up very well - I got some genuine compliments from two of the dive guides for a "clean" setup Still need to do some additional tuning, I think I'm going to try going back to my shorter SPG hose and mount another d-ring on my belt behind a weight pocket. Dive light was fantastic, during the day I could quickly turn it up to full to help point out something interesting, night dives I did on the lowest setting and it was plenty to navigate by. Dive computer is an absolute monster - took the 6 days of diving ~22+ hours of on time and was still reading 60% battery life. Fins chewed up my feet, need to invest in some lycra socks or very thin neoprene booties - the small booties I brought were too large to use with my travel fins. I'll add or edit more later if I remember something worthwhile.
  2. I think Casino Royale received universal praise, most people still rank it the best Danial Craig Bond film. I'd give that a try even if you're not particularly interested in James Bond.
  3. I'm super excited for this game. I'll do what I did with Hades and wait for the full release before I play it, but it's looking good so far.
  4. Oh hey look it's me from nearly 2 years ago predicting that this would happen. God of War is getting a release on PC: https://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/1593500/ I enjoyed this game enough that I might buy it on PC and play it again. This also ties into the Nvidia Geforce Now leak from a while back where there were a ton of current and unannounced games listed on their database for PC, everyone denied it was anything besides placeholders, obviously that leak was pretty solid. We'll probably get ghost of tsushima and several other playstation exclusives (the new horizon zero dawn game) after a brief delay of playstation exclusivity. I'm not sure what Sony will settle on, but I suspect they'll go with something like 1 year on the playstation before dropping a PC release.
  5. So season 2 is airing (or part 2 of season 1? idk). The show is genuinely great, the animation is fantastic and the world building is superb. The show also manages to balance comedic lighthearted elements with some fairly grim scenes. I would give this an unabashed recommendation - except for the "mega-horny / problematic" elements of the show, which I know for a fact will bother some people. Succession season 3 is running, the show is great, just go watch it.
  6. Saw some news about this being cancelled. I doubt it's going to find a new home somewhere else. I'll still probably finish out this season.
  7. Well that's certain a style direction to go with. I don't like that style so I'm hoping that was more of a trailer thing.
  8. Seeing some additional leaks that the pixel will be $600 and the pixel pro will be $900 https://twitter.com/EvanLei1/status/1449875442953949184 Seems too pricey for my tastes. I'm still interested in the performance/battery life since this is the first google produced processor, but I'll probably stick to the A-line of google smartphones at this rate. I'm also curious to see some camera reviews, this is the first time we've seen a new image sensor from google in a long time. I have no idea if Google has managed to fix video but I suspect they haven't.
  9. Bumping this since we talked about it the other night. Obviously this is a very rough draft, we can start thinking about this more seriously mid/late November. Late January (last week?), or first week of February - Generally blackout dates are in early January and mid February (holidays). Prior schedule was Wednesday drive up, Thursday-Friday Skiing/Snowboarding, Saturday drive back - I'd be willing to go for 3 days of skiing but that's probably my limit. I'd also prefer to return on a Saturday, but I'll be flexible if needed. AirBnB either near Canyon Lodge or in the village and make use of the gondola. No promises but I might be able to ask my neighbor if he still has a condo up there Sidenote, once we get a decent idea of pricing as dumb as it sounds we should at least compare it to the hotel costs, I doubt it's cheaper but never hurts to check. Downside could potentially be food costs. Tickets - Costco could be an option (if they have it) otherwise rough estimates are showing ~$125/day per person (Costco was $100/day/person, but it came in a 3 pack) I briefly looked and google flights isn't even showing the LAX>MMH listed. I suspect they cancelled it due to covid and may or may not bring it back. Downside, no car (or fighting for rentals), could be rough. I'll try to bump this later on and see if we can nail down details - but I'm penciling this on my calendar and as we get more stuff locked down I'll ask for vacation days etc.
  10. Some of the better price/performance fans are the arctic p12 and the scythe wonder snail at $10 and $17 respectively.
  11. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2382320/ Saw this in IMAX on Saturday with kuhla. It felt a bit odd and poetic that this was one of the first films that was heavily delayed due to the pandemic, and nearly 2 years later, it was the first film I saw in theaters since the pandemic started. The IMAX experience was solid, the audio was very well done, including some cool positional audio tricks and at least one major sequence filmed in full 4:3 aspect ratio - it was also loud as fuck, the gunshots actually sounded like gunshots, but then again, I haven't been in a theater in... quite some time. The movie itself is good, I'd even say great. They do a very strong job of not only dealing with this being Daniel Craig's last film, but tying together almost all Daniel Craig bond films (at least Spectre) into this film, without it feeling overly burdensome. The action sequences are solid, a mix of traditional James Bond with gadgets, cool cars and chase sequences; another sequence that was borderline John Wick and another that showed more of Bond's resourcefulness and tactics. The villain's plot is the weakest part of the story - Rami Malek does a fine job as an almost understated villain, but his motivation is practically mustache twirlingly evil and he almost feels out of place in the final act. There are other plot points but it devolves into spoilers. The visuals are strong, with a couple very cool scenes that live up to the bond quality level. I'd certainly recommend watching the film, if you feel comfortable going to the theaters, it's certainly worth watching on the big screen or IMAX if it's available.
  12. Injustice: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5012504/ "On an alternate Earth, the Joker tricks Superman into killing Lois Lane, which causes a rampage in the hero. Superman decides to take control of Earth, Batman and his allies will have to attempt to stop him." This was surprisingly decent. I know this is based off of the comics which were based off the video games, but it somehow works. Superman goes full fascist and everyone else either falls in line or tries to stop him. I didn't particularly like the voice acting for some major characters but it wasn't terrible by any means. I also appreciate they were willing to do a cool "what if" style of 'good' superman going overboard. They mix in a fair number of characters, some of which I certainly didn't recognize. They also keep the story pace moving fairly quick, which was refreshing compared to so many other terrible animated dc movies. It's weird to see plastic man as a semi-major character, and not a joke - kinda refreshing. I'd give this a soft recommendation, it's good enough to watch, but I wouldn't recommend it to people without some level of interest in the DC animated movies. Batman: The Long Halloween: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt14324650/ This is a two part movie series focused on a serial killer that's taking down members of the falcone crime family on major holidays. The animation reminded me of Archer. This was reasonably done but not good enough to warrant 2 full movies. It also give a different take on the wayne family, suggesting that batman's parents were at least partially involved in some of gotham's corruption. Unfortunately, too much of the film follows the usual batman formula to be unique or interesting. Also putting a baby bottle nipple on a luger doesn't suddenly make it a silenced pistol - that bothered me far more than it really should have. Do not recommend.
  13. tl'dw phanteks t30 are 30mm thick (+5mm thicker than standard) and they compete quite well with the noctua af 12x25. The phanteks are slightly louder but 3+ degrees cooler. They're also like $30/fan so it's not like they're cheaper than the noctuas.
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    Battlefield 2042

    I've seen plenty of people complaining the ttk was too high - I'm not sure how I feel about the current ttk. I think there are some issues with recoil (especially the AK) and different ammo types that are having serious affects on the ttk at different ranges. Performance is not great - there's also no current settings for DLSS, but there are for nvidia reflex so... that's also concerning. Specialists are not working well. The readability is trash - boris looks like boris on both teams and it's only going to get worse as cosmetics become available for the specialists. The loadout problem is even worse due to the ammo economy. They limit your magazines heavily, they limit the rocket launcher ammo and in general it feels like you can only take 1-2 firefights before you're out. You want a dumb bug/workaround for this? If you swap magazine types it uses a different ammo pool - out of primary just swap mags and there you go. This is clearly not working as intended and absolutely fucking stupid - you're welcome. To make matters worse there is no current specialist that can repair vehicles and carry anti-vehicle weapons. Seems pretty trash. They may instead want vehicle repair to be on a set cooldown similar to bf1 and bfv, but it still feels weird. Falk (medic) also feels trash. You can avoid taking the medic box with her and heal with the pistol, but I feel like ana from overwatch desperately trying to land shots since it has slow projectile speed and everyone has the same small character model size - at least in overwatch the tanks are fat as hell. The self heal takes like 3 full seconds of holding down 3, which feels terrible, not to mention it's not instant but heal over time. Revives feel like absolute dogshit. Even as a medic you run up and hold E on a downed body, it plays some weird animation that feels awful and leaves you exposed. It's no wonder no one is reviving - I have literally yet to be revived in the match by a squadmate or medic. You also can't pre-charge paddles, or anything. Macauly (Grapple guy) feels... ok. I love mobility options and he absolutely has them, but this ain't titanfall or even apex. It has a fairly significant cooldown and predictable path, there's almost no physics on the cable just straight A>B. He's probably a good "default" character. I haven't done much with vehicles but I have shot a helicopter with a gustav and it just sort of tanked it and kept going - that feels wrong. Every battlefield that I can remember if you hit an aircraft with an unguided missile it was a 1shot kill. Movement feels pretty good, I've seen some complaints about characters moving too fast, not sure that I agree. Audio - I tried biaural 3d headphones as the setting, it's either mega broken or something because it sounded awful, the worst of any battlefield I've played. I'll swap it back to standard headphones but so far I haven't been impressed. There's also seemingly very little soldier sounds, I've ran face first into enemies without hearing them coming at all. Menus/UI is poor. I know they won't fix it because some of this is console readability - they want people to be able to play this from a couch 20' away. I had some issues with squad orders, sometimes it was easy to assign "attack objective" other times I would look right at it and it wouldn't do anything except assign waypoints to nowhere Why can I not see a global scoreboard? Map still doesn't work for me. Grenades - I hate the equip/throw style we have now. I wish we could get our usual quick throw. Map - I hate it. I know they used this map because it's probably one of the simplest maps but it feels genuinely lifeless and soulless. I recall most of the battlefield games having a decent beta map, this ain't it chief. Despite all that, I'm still having fun, even when playing solo. But I think some of this is out of desperation for another battlefield / decent fps game. If Dice/EA really is considering delaying this, I would encourage it. I know battlefield launches are always meme level bad, but this seems like it's going to be really awful and buggy.
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    I tested my gear at Catalina last weekend. I didn't die, and everything seemed to work properly. I still have some minor adjustments I need to make especially regarding storing accessories, but I'm basically there. Catalina was cool, not cold, only 65 by my computer's measurements, but it was crowded as hell. I've never seen a dive site that crowded before, probably somewhere between 150-200+ divers on site. Saw a couple of giant black seabass, which was neat. I felt like the dive guide was a bit of a cowboy. Overall a good experience, but I'd probably prefer more boat based diving. I'd like to try out wreck alley down in San Diego / La Jolla, maybe that's a plan for another trip. At this point I'm mostly looking to just increase the amount of diving I do before I make any adjustments or look for any additional training. I'm not expecting this to become an every weekend type of thing, but I do want to try and dive somewhat regularly.
  16. This does not match your criteria. This is simply what I went with for my TWS option. https://www.moondroplab.com/sparks Moondrop is a solid brand of chinese made IEMs they're ultra serious and the sparks are their first/only TWS offering. My initial impressions are that they're good, the interface/controls are shit (no volume control & the app is a fucking QR code for a beta that probably sends your contact list to winnie the poo himself). They're clearly not noise cancelling, but moderate isolation depending upon tips used (they include 3 types of tips in multiple sizes). I bought these mostly to upgrade my ultra-cheap gym headphones (they're so old and cheap the amazon listing is gone) and they've been doing a solid job so far. Sound quality is a noticeable upgrade, but aren't comparable to wired options. I personally have two modes - I'm in the gym and need noise to block out terrible music and the lunk alarm OR I'm at home listening to music with the advantage of a DAC/AMP stack and unlimited streaming quality. For the gym and "casual" listening I've been happy with the sparks. But I'm not expecting much from them, and don't need fancy features. Review/Grade: https://crinacle.com/2021/04/19/moondrop-sparks-unboxing/
  17. I think the obvious answer is the Sony WH-1000XM4's I believe Jabra generally support multi-pairing with blutooth, but I'm not so sure about their lineup. Your feature request list is rather specific and will make finding something that has all of that a bit of a challenge. Multi-pairing blutooth is already somewhat rare, let alone transparency or not earbuds.
  18. I hated the main character from episode one. He's a feckless leech, he's not meant to be admired or lionized. Arguably his mother the president and agent 355 are the bigger stars of the show and more "main character" than yorick. The sister 'hero' (that's giving me flashbacks to snowcrash's 'hiro protagonist') has some potential for an interesting storyline and is a bit more enjoyable as a character even with her obvious faults. I'm still interested in just how far they'll take this. I also hope the series doesn't get drawn out.
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