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  1. Finished up 3. The combat in 3 is really solid and still holds up. I think andromeda has better combat but only because they gave you additional abilities and more mobility. The story of 3 is one of the weaker ones. There's this whole "unite the galaxy" theme but it feels like you're fucking around dealing with nonsense for way too much of the game. Also while I've seen some strong reviews for the citadel DLC, the leviathan DLC is absolute trash. I feel like the writers genuinely went out of their way to overexplain the reapers and they did it in the worst way possible. The ending is just as bad as I remembered it, but this has the upgrades/changes they put in after I beat it many years ago. The changes make it slightly better, but they're basically using Anderson and the Illusive man as an angel/devil on your shoulder regarding the choices you have. I also found out there's an option where you don't choose - and it's genuinely terrible, it also makes zero sense from a writing standpoint. I know a ton of people hold up this trillogy as something truly grand and amazing, I think that there are some highlights but plenty of bad writing and gameplay as well. I do think the Mass Effect universe is one of the bigger and more interesting ones that's been created by video games in recent memory, arguably one of the few AAA space operas ever created. I'd like to see what they come up with for the upcoming sequel they're teasing, but I have zero faith in the Bioware development team, plus I'm concerned that the push from management to monetize with GaaS or microtransactions will seep in to some of the design and ruin it.
  2. It's surprisingly good. The CGI is very well done. The acting is strong enough to carry some of the more dramatic sections of the movie, but still clearly had plenty of over-the-top nonsense that you would expect from this film. The film is directed by James Gunn who did Guardians of the Galaxy (which is all over the promo material) and it clearly has plenty of shared DNA with the Guardians film. They're not afraid to lean into the gore and swearing that only deadpool has had success with previously - but it doesn't feel overdone. I'd say it's worth a watch.
  3. My ultrawide LG34GK950F is dying, again... I previously sent this in for repairs in May 2020, and I'm starting to see the same issues, which look like horizontal lines across the display. Very obvious on solid colored images. This isn't unique, it's a known defect, appears to be a ribbon cable that wears out prematurely. See examples: One - Two - Three This is frustrating on several levels, partly because at this point it's out of warranty and probably going to cost me. Plus knowing how these places work I'll actually need to wait a little bit until it gets bad enough for some repair tech to actually approve the repair.
  4. Malaphax

    Guild Wars 2

    Release Date February 2022 - currently available to buy for $30 Fishing & Boats (skiffs) Siege Turtle mount - 2 players, one pilot, one gunner 9 New Elite Specs Mesmer Spec called Virtuoso, no clones but stored daggers instead, looks very bladesinger inspired. Necro spec was teased, seems to have a pistol There will be betas between now and launch with 3 elite specs available to try out for about a week, one final beta with all elite specs and siege turtles towards the end of the year No news of fractals, raids or dungeons They mentioned that their releasing several new strike missions (10 man matchmade activities) with challenge modes that should "appeal to raiders" I can't tell if this is Anet dropping support for raids/fractals or if we'll get more info later, so far it seems like the hardcore players are big mad New Legendary weapons (not really) The new legendary set is all themed the same and looks mysteriously like a black lion / cash shop weapon set that they added a trail/footfall to. Many people are also big mad about how low effort this legendary set looks THIS IS NOT THE LAST EXPANSION - PLANS TO CONTINUE EXPANSIONS AFTER END OF DRAGONS Reddit Summary: https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/osqmhk/content_summary_end_of_dragons_first_look/ Overall the entire expansion seems very meh. I'm glad the price point is reasonable but It doesn't have a big wow element like gliders or mounts. Fishing/boats isn't nearly the draw that they think it is. The classes might be cool but I'll reserve judgement. Outside of the expansion they are finally updating the engine to DX11 this year, which sounds good, but I doubt that's going to fix the terrible framerates when there are large numbers of players. It might help them use newer engine stuff moving forward, but everything I've read about the guild wars engine is that it's full spaghetti code from when they built the original guild wars 16 years ago. I could see myself playing this again, but it would be ultra casual.
  5. Doesn't looks great. But it does remind me that we already got a sick bladrunner anime short film:
  6. Unfortunately keychron doesn't support QMK/ZMK. They're supposedly working on it: https://github.com/qmk/qmk_firmware/issues/7370 You absolutely can pop off keys and rebind stuff, it might be a little bit weird to have holes/gaps in the keyboard like that but if you're ok with it you could certainly try it out (maybe experiment with that on my ymdk96 first). I'm going to throw one more option at you since you mentioned full size. https://www.pcgamingrace.com/products/gmmk-full-brown-switch You can configure that on their website with no keys and no caps for $60. That's probably the cheapest hotswap board you can get at that price. Looks like it's plate mounted stabilizers, and it does use an "open" or low profile style mounting where the case does not enclose the switches and they sit out on top of the plate; that probably won't make a difference but any RGB is going to be full rainbow puke instead of just keycap backlighting. Also no QMK support (there is on the GMMK Pro but even that's a bit shaky right now) but Glorious does have their own software, which I've heard middling reviews for.
  7. Don't let your dreams be dreams - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpWGAJr2AU7LPUwVYbBQZRg/videos Good luck.
  8. For kuhla: I came across this video which shows a full disassembly and modding of the epomaker gk96s. Some notes: The stabs are plate mounted (not PCB/screw-in mount) which means you're basically stuck with those stabs, you can still clip and lube them but they seem kinda crap. Sadly there's very limited selection for plate mounted stabilizers and I somehow can't picture you going out of your way and modding/lubing them but here's one replacement option: https://novelkeys.xyz/collections/miscellaneous/products/novelkeys-stabilizers?variant=38218595893415 Please let me know if you're at all serious about lubing stabs. Some comments on that video suggest that the wireless function isn't super great on the epomaker keyboard. I have no idea if that's true or not but it wouldn't entirely surprise me. I've heard mostly good things about keychron so that might be a better option (maybe?) - the k4 also has plate mounted stabs (as a direct comparison) If you want to not just go down a rabbit hole but go full alice and wonderland, there are some crazy people that are not just programming keyboards but also handling wireless/bluetooth programming on keyboards. https://nicekeyboards.com/nice-nano/ I sincerely doubt this would be compatible this is simply for informational purposes. Other random bits that I previously discussed/mentioned: Low profile hotswap 60% keyboard: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=106970.0;topicseen Useful info about the keycap compatibility with low profile switches at the bottom of the first post. CHINA STRONG LINK: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=632503216847 Low profile keycap set with a unique profile - SLK (currently in the renders and dreams stage - not a real product): https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=110702.0;topicseen Keycap profile reference: https://thekeeblog.com/overview-of-different-keycap-profiles/ I have some other keyboard projects I need to work on, I'll dump them somewhere on the forums when I manage to actually do something about them.
  9. Black Widow: The latest marvel entry. I actually thought this was one of the better marvel movies. The first 2/3s feels almost more James Bond / Mission Impossible than marvel and only during the final act when a ton stuff is blowing up and flying through the sky (as seen in every trailer) does it finally suffer the usual marvel bloat. Another minor thing that I appreciated is that while the movie is clearly centered around an almost entirely female cast, it didn't go out of its way to remind you of that fact; it's arguably an even better female-centric film than wonder woman, which is quite impressive. The plot is tenuous at best and the villain is practically a cardboard cutout (although well acted); but the standout is definitely Yelena aka Black Widow's sister. I think the sarcastic comments and snarky attitude could potentially overstay their welcome, but they manage to not overuse it. Spoiler Stuff: No Sudden Move: A heist/thriller set in 1954 Detroit with a good cast. The movie is solid, but there's one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb - the fish eye effect is insane in this movie. It's clear the fish eye lens is a stylistic choice, but it almost gave me a headache watching it. I'd give it a recommendation, especially if you've enjoyed other Steven Soderberg movies.
  10. I have a spare 96% keyboard I'm not currently using, and it does have hot swappable sockets. If you really want to try it out you're welcome to it. It's heavy as fuck (brass weight and brass plate) and wired, but it's totally usable. Personally, I didn't like the small 0-key and never fully adjusted to proper numpad entry with it. Also It's not even remotely low profile so... Minor note, when you see something that says "plate mount" it generally means that the switches are missing the stabilizing legs. It's not a huge issue if you're using a plate, and most kits use plates, but it's worth noting what that refers to. KBDFans has those same switches for slightly cheaper ($0.28/switch): https://kbdfans.com/products/kailh-speed-switches?variant=7133813932090
  11. Waco - This series reminded me of both seasons of Manhunt. It's a docudrama about the Branch Davidians and what happened at Waco, although the first episode also covers Ruby Ridge. It makes the ATF look like absolute and complete fuckheads, and the FBI don't look much better. They definitely lean on the sympathy for the Branch Davidian cult, but they also don't shy away from the fact that this dude "married" girls that were 14 (one may have been 12) and then had children with them. They don't shy away from the fact that David Koresh was a charismatic cult leader and when he was given the opportunity to broadcast his views, most people correctly viewed it as a rambling incoherent mess with tangential ties to the prophecies in the book of revelations. The series is well acted and there's quite a few actors I recognized, Michael Shannon being the biggest star. I'd say it's worth a watch if you want to be reminded about what extreme lengths the ATF/FBI/Federal government is willing to go to. Wiki article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waco_siege
  12. I ended up finishing Mass Effect 2. It's solid but the final mission is lackluster, I remember the marketing talking about how it was a suicide mission and you'd need to make hard choices and sacrifices, but none of that happens as long as you use your brain when selecting squadmates for assignments. The final "boss" is also a joke. Some of the DLC was really good. Lair of the Shadow Broker in particular was a highlight with multiple boss encounters and some cool set-pieces. There were two other major pieces of DLC involving some experiments on an autistic dude to potentially control the geth and one involving blowing up an entire mass relay to delay the reapers. This actually provides a much better segue into why Shepard is in military prison at the beginning of ME3, she literally sacrifices an entire system of batarians (just a small war crime). I've only briefly started up ME3 but again I'm reminded that they made substantial improvements to the controls and combat between each game. Mass Effect 3 feels like a modern game, with ability combos, better movement and faster combat encounters. Plus more enemy variety and specific enemies that require abilities to deal with. I'll probably play this off and on when I'm in the mood for singleplayer. Also it's nice that importing a save from ME2 allows you to start with a generous number of powers in the early game. I wish more games gave out substantial skills near the beginning because while it might be a bit much to take in, it does allow for a much better combat experience to start with a more complete set of tools.
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