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  1. not sure if i post this rant on the right thread but as some one who wanted to watch multiple diffrernt football leagues/soccer. why is it so fucking dificult and expensive; i literally have to sub to 3 different subscriptions to watch all of those matches.i get it this is all due to contract and deals for those streaming service but its getting ridiculous now. one league one service. premiere league = peacock nbc bundesliga = espn + premiere league = paramount + dumb
  2. T1no

    Keyboards & Mice

    after many many many years since the begining of time i start gaming really. i always have used a logitech mouse. i recently ditch the gpro superlight to a pulsar brand x2v2 mini prelease. https://www.pulsar.gg/products/x2-v2-mini-gaming-mouse its only been 2 days but so far so good; hopefully good long term. i was worried about reliability due to the first batch ot the original x2 is bad. even kuhla warned me about this. glad that I delayed the purchase. what i like smaller / lighter / shorter (height) low hump click feels good main and side btns usb c (deal breaker if its not usbc) cheaper than the other wireless superlight flagship mouse. the bonus 4k dongle support coming motion sync
  3. T1no

    Destiny 2

    i dont understand how they still dont have 1. remake of menagerie 2. horde mode 3. sparow racing ?????
  4. ive heard lemmy and kbin. its time to bring back google +
  5. i dont think it matters. how big you want it? just make sure you figure it out where you want that planed speaker to be and if it looks ok aesthetically and functionallty for you. soo much monitor lul. im using 3 screens myself.
  6. T1no

    Your BS

    i thought we have this thread somewhere but just list your hardware as you please 2023 edition System AMD Ryzen 5900X TUF-GAMING-X570-PRO-WI-FI PNY 4080 White Define 7 Compact Display(3) 2x Acer Predator XB271HU 1x HP X34 Accessories Logitech g303 shroud / Logitech superlight Logitech G840 pad wooting 60HE schitt Hel Sennheiser hd560s / Sennheiser hd6xx Logitech Z623 Logitech c920 (forever webcam) FIFINE T669 VAridesk Standing Desk 60x30
  7. everything seems to break before thanks giving soo im poor and still to recover financially.
  8. thts pretty good i wonder if i can do the same on my cpu cause i have a space heater.
  9. T1no

    ITs cheating..

    i was just thinking about it the other day, would monitoring input vs what is happening on the videogame engine would still required ring0 kernel access ? is this even been done before ? soo like if the input doesn't match what is happening on the screen then there are external tools interfering therefore ban lol
  10. T1no

    ITs cheating..

    i dislike this. i don't entirely sure how developer think this is fair when controller player have sticky aim assist vs keyboard and mouse player with no assist. but this is the reality of it right now. apex, cod, destiny, battlefield. although some game you can turn off cross play matchmaking but i do understand the benefits. more player pool, you can play with friends who dont own a pc or the same console... etc... this is part of the reason i dislike playing apex or battlefield with the crossplay on. i cant get competitive. thats why i prefer playing cs or valorant for competitive fps. but then again those game have the ultimate problem. just straight up hacks. also on this front. i feel like there are still no reliable anticheat on any games. i guess valorant ring zero thing is close but then people get weird out about that. understandable.
  11. T1no

    Keyboards & Mice

    kat uses my old g903 lol
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