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  1. T1no


    nope tht place prob the place to be sunrise might be sick
  2. by the end of the year i prob will post the entire album of the latest midnight album. its really good.
  3. T1no

    Destiny 2

    some notes i have i still don't understand the fixing mechanic. i understand the tether but i don't understand where is the corresponding + and the tower with the ground; visually it doesn't make sense to me. between the fixing and rotating to get motes and killing the cyclops and mobs i don't see myself doing all that its just too much. when you go to get motes you need to collect 10 * 3 = 30. per side. if the vex steal some that means we need to do more than 3 times? sometimes you cant deposit dunno why ? when does damage phase happen ? when both side have 30 each means 60 total ? visual cues ? or what ?
  4. T1no


    feedback morning is best. the route we took yesterday was good but its honestly better for faster car / more power. tire was doing fine honestly was driving 7/10. hardly pushing any limits on the michelins. brakes were ok for me. i put a conscious decision to not brake as much. keeping them cool and not fade some body roll that i would like to be less; noticeable when i transfer weight from one side to another. a nice coilover and sway bar should fix. i feel like the gti has much better suspension setup. biker mostly respectful. they ride close to you but i can manage and let them pass most of the time.
  5. T1no


    thats a bit much. why go all the way to 15 when we can go down the mt in asuza or mt baldy ? andreuz ? what do you think
  6. T1no


    sure i will be at richard @ 7 tomorrow. but the man hasn't confirm. i can drive with you if you want
  7. T1no

    Games and Gaming News

    something off with the halo graphic i couldn't tell what. i wanted to say the graphic looks flat.
  8. T1no


    sounds good to me
  9. T1no


    im ok with angeles crest. safe bets
  10. T1no


    that road to lake arrowhead; highway 18 only works or enjoyable if there are barely any cars cause some section are only 1 lane. mostly towards the top. im not 100% comfortable picking that one. is NOT one of those road that was suggested on best driving roads on threads etc... jacking this from reddit LA Mulholland Highway is always fun. I like to start on Mulholland from Las Virgenes Road headed west. More open and sweeping, then slow down for the spot where the motorcycle folks like to meet up (20-50+ bikes). After that Mulholland tightens up and this portion is known as the snake. Real fun, but also popular by both enthusiasts and authorities. Never go on Sunday 9AM-2PM, pretty much guaranteed busy, unless you are looking for people to chat with. You can continue and get down to the 1 Highway. Several roads touching the 1 Highway are fun. Decker has a couple hairpins. It is semi-technical and if you keep following it, leads to Westlake Blvd. Latigo is probably the most consistently technical roads off the 1 Highway that is quite enjoyable. It drops you off in the middle of the next road. Kanan is a road with nice views of a couple vineyards and 3 tunnels good to hear some revs in. Leads to Agoura Hills. Stunt Road is a blend of some sweepers, straights, and semi-technical portions that lead to one of the best views at the end. From here it is only another 15 min or so to Tuna Canyon Road. Tuna Canyon Road is a one way road that is a bit of a drive to get to but is really fun and spits you out onto the 1 Highway. I do want to warn you, as I mentioned in another comment here, just because it is one way doesn't mean any fool can't come up the road. I had it happen once and the guy looked high and did not listen to me wavy my hands trying to stop him. Also, make sure you stay in lower gears for engine braking and have your brakes in good condition if you drive it spiritedly downward. Lastly, sometimes people walk this road, especially at the bottom where there are a lot of trees, be careful. lol they all north west of LA XD Santiago Canyon from Santiago Canyon College to Cooks Corner, thats 10 miles of 2-way highway w/o stop lights with only 1 chance of passing Ortega Highway from San Clemente to Lake Elsinor is even better albeit more dangerous we dont have to go that early honestly just be on the road @ 7.
  11. T1no


    sounds like fun but i was thinking earlier. like 7am ish to avoid traffic.
  12. T1no


    soo when should we do this?
  13. T1no

    Destiny 2

    i joined the banana hamockz clan. mostly for the engrams cause they are a bit more active. Edward said you guys are free to join. the expansion is delayed and soo far ive been enjoying this season way more than last time. while the contact activity is arguably funner than the stupid seraph tower shit. i can only do so much contact til it gets soo boring. but i think the uniq exotics weapons and umbral engrams and the new dungeon made this season wayy more exciting than last season. i have to say this is prob one of the better seasons we have after season of the opulence menageries tbh.
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