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  1. thts pretty good i wonder if i can do the same on my cpu cause i have a space heater.
  2. T1no

    ITs cheating..

    i was just thinking about it the other day, would monitoring input vs what is happening on the videogame engine would still required ring0 kernel access ? is this even been done before ? soo like if the input doesn't match what is happening on the screen then there are external tools interfering therefore ban lol
  3. T1no

    ITs cheating..

    i dislike this. i don't entirely sure how developer think this is fair when controller player have sticky aim assist vs keyboard and mouse player with no assist. but this is the reality of it right now. apex, cod, destiny, battlefield. although some game you can turn off cross play matchmaking but i do understand the benefits. more player pool, you can play with friends who dont own a pc or the same console... etc... this is part of the reason i dislike playing apex or battlefield with the crossplay on. i cant get competitive. thats why i prefer playing cs or valorant for competitive fps. but then again those game have the ultimate problem. just straight up hacks. also on this front. i feel like there are still no reliable anticheat on any games. i guess valorant ring zero thing is close but then people get weird out about that. understandable.
  4. T1no

    Keyboards & Mice

    kat uses my old g903 lol
  5. damn 5800x is only 220 now lol. thats nice
  6. ahh balls buying shit that i dont really want because the one i wanted will not be available. heres random youtube video
  7. yah i think that's fair. i don't even own a firearms.
  8. you know for the past weeks I've been just thinking about these stuff. while I'm not fully dummy dumb dumb in regards of firearms but i just don't know where i stand. soo many different opinions, statistics, rules/legislations, the bs or talking point from left and right. ITS SOOO confusing to be honest. now imagine people who have no clue about firearm trying to get their opinion about them. a lot of time when i see discussion is just mostly repeating the same stuff. MEGA STUCK on this one. but really this is just mostly me being annoyed because tbf all the information are out there. i just don't have the time to dove in and gather my data just yet.
  9. i used to put protector every time but for my last ~3-4 phones i don't want to use them any more. i don't like the feel and look. The newer gorilla screen seems pretty durable, much more crack resistance but much softer easier to scratch and stuff. as long as i put my phone screen up on the surface and the only thing i put in my pocket my screen looks flawless.
  10. i think my 4s lasted about ~30000 ish prob could last longer. my alignment was busted and it was eating on the inside. it was almost close to the steel. but there are more rubber on the outer. protip: if you're close to 30000miles on your tires, you should prob check your tire properly. i suspect most blow out happens cause people dont check their tire since a quick glance is not enough especially if its eating on the inside due to poor alignment / rotations.
  11. T1no


    hmm i think the daftpunk ram album is suggested many time that yosi horikawa is a good one. if you want bass just blast timbaland.
  12. T1no


    bringing this shit back. mega old thread but i got new headphones. Sennheiser HD560s i was using the drop 6xx previously. the 6xx is nice for music; but i wanted some more wallhack and directional imaging for video games. the hd560s definitely better on directional imaging and mega neutral. im using schitt hel for dac/amp.
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