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  1. yea 2021 is gonna be interesting. i think i posted this before but i like this idea. while we know that rapidtest is somewhat unreliable, but they were saying if we do it enough like twice-three times a week and people can do it at the comfort at their own home and reasonably priced. it should help containing this mess.
  2. other than the computer stuff i got phone portable vacuum
  3. T1no

    New Build 2021

    updated: cpu + mobo Total ~1410 + tax + some shipping. w/o video card. im done i can start building as soon as everything gets here. was debating hard between the gigabyte auros elite pro and the asus tuf. wanted the rog but its too much and i lose features that i care or i would have to spend north 300. the tuf cause it has bluetooth 5.0 and usb c in the i/o. and newegg have a promo 20 dollars off. it does have realtek lan vs the intel on the auros.
  4. T1no

    Destiny 2

    this game sucks! i enjoy the campaign more than shadowkeep and i think the seasonal events are fine and interesting, but the baggage from sunsetting just gave me a bad taste; they did it poorly and everyone knows that. i miss the big activity mindless shooting. like menageries and escalation protocol. i think im just going to look at this as a base template for the future "Destiny 3" stasis obviously needs to be balanced on pvp but the subclass itself it's fun to play with and the aspect and fragments is wayyy better implementations than the static trees like the ot
  5. T1no

    New Build 2021

    updated: purchased ram
  6. T1no

    New Build 2021

    yeap altho i prob start the build w.o the 3080 cause that seems to be dumb stockwise. prob the cpu too.
  7. T1no

    New Build 2021

    updated purchased ssd, case, power supply, cooler
  8. hmm soo more sticks better depending on the rank. i havent bought ram or decide my cpu.
  9. T1no

    New Build 2021

    im not going to pretend i understand that stuff but what happen if in the future i want to upgrade my video card from the 3080; as i understand the 3.0 and 4.0 doesn't matter on the 3000 line up ?
  10. T1no

    New Build 2021

    https://pcpartpicker.com/list/F3T4dD minimal research. lmk if there are better options on parts. need motherboard. my last 2 boards were from asus and they been pretty good to me and reliable for long time. need recommendation. i tried picking most of the parts plain black thinking of sticking it inside a white fractal 7 compact with window.
  11. the way how i understood it if you are building for a workstation prob fork more for the 5900x instead of the 5800x. the 5800x is 50 dollars too expensive on his scale im guessing.
  12. jesus said 5600x or just make the jump to 5900x if you really do multitasking, editing encoding. or 5800x if on sale but prob anytime soon. (edited) honestly im not to worry having a good performance in game for the 5600x but willing to pay the extra to be able to throw shit at it at the same time and not chug or chug less. but thanks for the visuals
  13. hmmm soo 5600x ? its about 150 diff and i feel like 150 is soo a lot of times when im just gaming alone i have videos going on the side while i game and my performance tank. is that mostly on the gpu ? like would the jump between 6-8 core going to make any different?
  14. T1no

    New Build 2021

    soo i do still have a sata storage drive, would i need a drive rack ? i rather not have a drive rack
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