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    Battlefield 2042

    just delay it. i feel ok with the ttk although i cant judge accurately before all the lag and stuttering disappear. I often get kills with headshots that feel like i don't deserve especially long ranges. it does feels like bfv gunplay soo im ok with that. sounds feels like ambient everywhere. i feel like everyone have dead silence. VSM helicopters and jets feels dumb. console model. i hope they have separate input models for PC ui strange like ya'll mentions i have a hard time snipping people the movement to jittery maybe some jank network manipulation. not smooth. i don't have a good solution with AA and ground troops balance. but yes unguided shit should one shot anything in the air. they need to make stinger 2 shots a minibirds and jets. they have the high ceiling and huge map but they cant harras me on a capture point. but now air units are too powerful. the icons for friendly is hard to see against the map and the overlay filters on the graphics. and i feel like same skins for enemy is just dumb game design. time to jump back in and play with the non preorder peeps
  2. how many meals you have a day ? standard bfast lunch dinner ?
  3. i have the wyze scale, nothing to complain. is it accurate prob not all. i dont have 8% body fat according to it. the weight and heartrate seems to be consistent with other tools i have. its cheap and the app is alrite.
  4. i played this yesterday and had decent fun. not sure what they did but ttk seems reasonable. and new game mode
  5. i was considering this https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/621281/pn/010-02062-00 i like the small factor
  6. lol horse paste dewormer. this actually reminded me growing up in Indonesia where people would take meds just based on words of mouth. when i was a kid my mom; yes my own mom would give me an antibiotics every time i had a sorethroat. and i would stop taking it when i get better. which is the worst. yes, you used to be able to get stuff like that without prescriptions in Indonesia.
  7. T1no


    would you do this shit
  8. this pop up in my head. take a guess before clicking. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0206634/
  9. T1no


    lmao busy man
  10. T1no


    im down for apr 3
  11. T1no

    Destiny 2

    i know you guys haven't been on this season but i have to say this season its one of the better seasons they have. might be better than opulence tbh. while i haven't touch pvp but the pve loop grind and the missions are pretty decent. it could be because last season was soo bad.
  12. T1no


    we dont have to do it this weekend.
  13. T1no


    should we do it on the weekend ?
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