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  1. https://www.vwvortex.com/news/volkswagen-news/mk8-gtis-front-end-revealed-volkswagen/ i like the hex fog lights but that wide intake honeycomb doesn't do it for me. maybe it will look better in person. im actually interested in the golf R mk8. im guessing it will start @ 40+ i also heard the GTI TCR is coming here but thats a little too much for a front wheel drive.
  2. T1no

    Games and Gaming News

    soo bordelands + destiny + division ?
  3. i was honestly ok with the airbnb. it is premium and tbfair i told kuhla i was ok with anything. my gear was good. got uniqlo baselayer which kept me warm. down jacket for my middle layer and the patagucci shell. https://www.montecwear.com/ i consider this stuff and it looked cool but i endend up with the stuff i got i told myself i dont want my clothing to ruin my trip because i was underdress or shit just straight up not working and annoyed the hell out of me. got myself a helmet with amazon cashback money. not free but free. i was initially going to use kelvin stuff but it was already slightly falling apart and a little small. driving was expected 5-6 hours no stupid traffic. unlike going to bigbear or vegas. no issues here and i dont have to deal with driving. thank malaphax. overall it was slightly expensive trip between the snow-gear and the airbnb but for next time at least i have the shit.
  4. can you link me the site that you rent from ?
  5. i need a bunny slope. i suck snowboarding but im debating if i should at least try ski ing.
  6. T1no

    Vanity Plates

    P3 N15 pen one five RICHRG3
  7. do you think we can do some snowmobiling lol i enjoyed it last time around.
  8. T1no

    Destiny 2

    i dont like crucible right now. almost everyone have shotgun secondary. i mean i get it shotgun is a close combat weapon. but the way how the maps and and the game mechanics it doesn't flow really nice. or maybe just the way how i play. so many times i go around corners i just getting blasted with a shotgun instantly. insta death. spawn. repeats
  9. T1no

    Destiny 2

    been away every weekend dint get to play much lately. play some last night got to lvl 10... i want to play more during das horiday tho
  10. it looked soo good it almost looks rehearse or choreograph. dont take this as an insult i dont know anything about this.
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