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  1. T1no

    Socal Euro 2019

    lets aim to get there @ 8 30 in spectrum. leave here around 7: 45? i can pick you up or you can come to my house. either is fine.
  2. T1no

    Destiny 2

    assuming that the content we received in shadowkeep equivalent with forsaken + 3 annual pass. i think its much better deal now for 60 bucks. forsaken full price with 3 annual pass was 70 dollars and 80 for digital deluxe forsaken standalone is 40
  3. T1no

    Destiny 2

    https://www.bungie.net/en/News/Article/48097 lets bail the clan and join a casaul clan want to do some raiding. or just make another clan and LFG in discord or bungie.com want to get ONE THOUSAND VOICES
  4. T1no

    Socal Euro 2019

    11:00 AM Event Begins 5:00 PM Raffles 6:00 PM Event Ends ummm few ways to do it. i casually join these suckas. https://www.big-euro.com/big-socal-euro/caravan/ the audi one is too damn early and i dont know if i want to go that early soo either the one from anaheim or Irvine Sunday 6:00 AM Home Depot - Lake Forest 3651 El Toro Rd Lake Forest CA 92630 Audi Group LA x Audi Group OC Caravan Sunday 8:30 AM Starbucks - Anaheim 101 S Euclid St Anaheim CA 92802 Sunday 8:00 AM Irvine Spectrum 900 Spectrum Center Dr Irvine CA 92618 Leave 9am soo prob either irvine spectrum or anaheim. not sure if im taking my car or the Kat Gti. soo takes about 1.5-2 hr to drive there during the weekend(laborday weekend). get there around 10:30 - 11:00 am spend ~2hr there + eat small overprice foodtruck brunch. leave find REAL food around SD taco and beer, mexican restaurant or something , phills bbq . etc drive back home ~ hopefully back in OC before 6PM ?
  5. did they ever fix the issue where the image quality is significantly worst on 1440p DLSS vs the 4k DLSS. i tried it on anthem 1440p and it looked like absolute trash. muddy and fuzzy it looked like i was playing @ 1080p upscale. ya i gained like 10-15fps but visually its terrible.
  6. T1no

    RAnd0m Au7om071v3

    honestly this car is big. im imagining covering serious distance in the autobahn very very quickly. its so euro, so german, so audi, so avant. wont sell well prob in the us.
  7. do you guys not install the geforce experience ? stand alone driver ? i use them to stream and it seems to work alrite i supposed. but yeah extra garbage.
  8. ok soo i switch to mint. so far soo good i move my numbers to google voice and i get new number from mint. did the same with kat. my goal is so that i can switch carrier and keep my number. kat got a 714 number and i got the new orange county area code 657 feels about the same like a tmobile service. and i save a ton of money over the year. got the 8 gig 3 months and free 3 months on both lines cost me around ~60 bucks
  9. soo if you go to your google voice while having a google fi service. what is your google voice number ? or do you not have one ?
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