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  1. do you guys not install the geforce experience ? stand alone driver ? i use them to stream and it seems to work alrite i supposed. but yeah extra garbage.
  2. ok soo i switch to mint. so far soo good i move my numbers to google voice and i get new number from mint. did the same with kat. my goal is so that i can switch carrier and keep my number. kat got a 714 number and i got the new orange county area code 657 feels about the same like a tmobile service. and i save a ton of money over the year. got the 8 gig 3 months and free 3 months on both lines cost me around ~60 bucks
  3. soo if you go to your google voice while having a google fi service. what is your google voice number ? or do you not have one ?
  4. yea i think i might go that route. i'll use mint locally and international i just pay a google fi or local mobile provider for the month. its just nicer at your transit country to have some kind of service to communicate to people. but then most airports have free wifi anyway. not the biggest deal. still curious regarding google voice integrations with fi tho. if kuhla can chime in.
  5. im considering swapping from tmobile to mint mobile. i have a demo sim comim in a few days to see how their service is. its using a tmobile network (mvno) https://www.mintmobile.com/ https://www.reddit.com/r/mintmobile/ i use a lot of data. (~10gb+) as much as i want to swap to project fi i think its not worth it. i currently pay $132 for 3 lines with 10gb data / line. about $44 / line with mint i can prepaid for 12 months for 300 bucks roughly about 25/month + tax and fee 12gb of data and 2g after limit. X2 ~ 50 bucks a month with project fi if i maxed every month with bill protection i will be paying 135 + tax for 2 people. my question how often does your phone really jump in and out to a public wifi that google fi provide ? im assuming if you use those data it does not go into your data usage ? is it reliable enough ? or is it like almost never ? also i like using google voice. and if i sign up with fi what is your google voice number ?
  6. im down. better be milky
  7. T1no

    Destiny 2

    i wish they make a video director cut the bounties tab is nice but i want them to just make them automatically active or even just put them in one place to get them. im tired running around the tower / another planet every-time i want to play XD
  8. T1no

    Gun Laws

    i dont think i did this but heres what im at i don't own firearms would love to own one expensive hobby but if i owned one i would have to go practice . to use it properly and be responsible about it. kuhla took me shooting once and i enjoyed it i think it should be like a car if you owned one you need a license and you need to prove it that you are capable to use it including safety, maintenance etc. transfer? this is a hard one and i might not know all the current rules, loopholes, etc ... (i dont know) you should not allowed to own a firearm if you have mental issues, past criminal records. magazine capacity. i think most standard ar15 30 bullets magazine is fine. calibers im not sure i think they all can be lethal. sooo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ im aware of many lame laws. bumpstock prob should be banned if we ban automatic fire. ccw. is this true ? its pretty hard to get in california ? like ive seen video some one documenting how hard it is to get one. hindered. 2nd amendment. it clearly says shall not be infringed. should it be changed ? im not sure on this one. changed one or take away some? what about my other freedoms? NRA ? ... too much money going on in there. I think we can do more on the mental issues, social economic problems, educations, horrible parenting, and many other factors. we always had guns, violence and in-fact less firearms laws. thats it for now
  9. T1no

    Gun Laws

    im curious how do you guys feel about 2nd amendment. is it perfect do you think? is it clear? how its worded the way it is now ?
  10. T1no

    Gun Laws

    i honestly neil tweet doesn't bother me. but yeah timing prob the issues. and he posted in twitter.
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