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  1. MAsk Mask Mask Im also slightly disagree with WHO and The CDC guide in terms of not wearing a mask when you are NOT sick (last month). while i do understand that they Maybe trying to prevent shortages for medical professional. but i think now since its going out of control; i would strongly suggest that you wear a mask when you go out. we dont have N95 all we got is a level 3 surgical mask.
  2. i watched that entire thing
  3. [8:37 PM, 3/18/2020] Martino Harly: i hope youre dooing well dogtor [12:09 AM, 3/19/2020] Martin Bazant: Yes it’s healthy times [12:09 AM, 3/19/2020] Martin Bazant: Make sure to eat lots of garlic [12:09 AM, 3/19/2020] Martin Bazant: Not only now but all the time [12:09 AM, 3/19/2020] Martino Harly: i am [12:10 AM, 3/19/2020] Martino Harly: i love garlic [12:10 AM, 3/19/2020] Martin Bazant: Good [12:10 AM, 3/19/2020] Martino Harly: my wiwe made garlic bread with real fresh chopped garlic [12:10 AM, 3/19/2020] Martino Harly: are you seeing panties with corona [12:10 AM, 3/19/2020] Martin Bazant: Only one [12:10 AM, 3/19/2020] Martino Harly: i mean patiens lol [12:11 AM, 3/19/2020] Martino Harly: are you wearing ppe ? [12:11 AM, 3/19/2020] Martino Harly: pe pee ? [12:11 AM, 3/19/2020] Martin Bazant: None [12:11 AM, 3/19/2020] Martin Bazant: No peepee [12:11 AM, 3/19/2020] Martino Harly: really ? [12:11 AM, 3/19/2020] Martin Bazant: Just garlic and big balls [12:11 AM, 3/19/2020] Martin Bazant: Yea, only old people need to worry [12:11 AM, 3/19/2020] Martin Bazant: And stay in house
  4. lol some good info here that people might not care but i had this doctor going in the background while i was working today interesting stuff.
  5. soo regarding fever. do you guys ride it ? or take anti inflammatory ? last time i had a bacteria infection i had a fever all the way to 103. i was like fuck it lets kill this thing. obviously doesn't work because i need a antibiotic. then after a few days i gave up then take advil and go to doctor.
  6. soo SF do 3 weeks. hmmm how long can we go. apparently some china regions already back to work.
  7. im not sure how i feel being in the public. i will prob show up tomorrow for work and go home half day to continue to work from home. some people already work from home friday. in terms of the virus itself. the only thing im worry about is the shortness of breath. ive seen all the numbers and statistics. but ive had some anxiety issues in the past and feeling not being able to breathe sucks and kinda scary. but for the most part im chillin. also some doctor says that this could be more than droplets. the virus can stay in the air like dust particles.
  8. T1no

    Call of Duty: Warzone

    i couldn't get into it. but im down to dick around
  9. T1no

    Guild Wars 2

    im surprised they kept this shit running and going.
  10. my uncle suggested that. he did the research and i just confirming his finding. yeah its just a little box thing and they have the dashboard online and it has google voice integrations. works well. and its free. im sure they have pay plan for extra features.
  11. INTERNET FUCK SPECTRUM PHONE for home phone i switch our home phone last year from ooma to obihai + google voice. ooma is cheap but we paying small fees of tax and service. no issues. i transfer the number out from ooma to google voice. it was a pain; ooma was playing game for a while making transferring number such a hassle. we now use obihai and google voice. https://www.amazon.com/Obihai-OBi200-Adapter-Support-Service/dp/B07FCS1NGM/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=obihai&qid=1583959883&s=electronics&sr=1-1 i even have obi system in Jakarta for my parents place with US number soo every-time i call them it goes to a local us number and they pick up in a handset. free no extra cost. you can also use the google voice dashboard in the browser to handle voice msg and settings etc. no issues so far aside from 911 limitation with voip system. if you want to try ooma i have the old hardware you can have and use. TV i used to have youtube TV i recommend it very much. the ui is sleek and easy to use imo. at the time i was paying 35 bucks but now they cost around 50 bucks for 6 gmail accounts and 3 stream simultaneously (individual profile per account). and i think their dvr functions is pretty sick. for example if you like LA galaxy you just add them into the list and the DVR essentially records everything that is LA galaxy related and you can watch them later. up to 9 months i think. this goes the same like movies, shows, series etc .... im down to get back to it but only if some one was willing to share otherwise its too expensive imo. i only watch them for soccer and local channels.
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