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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/blackfriday/ for my reference.
  2. its only 1500 daulas
  3. T1no

    Destiny 2

    no but i was close. super close
  4. that hub listing must be wrong. on the ads it says nest hub max is 199.99 on black friday the regular nest hub is 79.99 ahh balls. i got a refurbish unit for 80 bucks. im gonna return it to microcenter and pick up one from amazon. the one from micro center doesnt have manifacture warranty.
  5. T1no

    Destiny 2

    lol i fucked ahp. i lost my bounty; now i have to find another one. XD dint know it expired dumb
  6. looking for z623 speaker nest hub max
  7. im waiting for nvidia car RTX GIGARAYS POWERED
  8. T1no

    Destiny 2

    what do we get out of this dungeon ? is there a specific loot for this? legendary ?
  9. looks like the 50 dollar is prob worth it. assuming it will have the same crazy support that nvidia did to the 2015/2017 version.
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