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  1. Woke up at 1:30am and couldn't fall asleep again. Sorry for the late group text. Hope I didnt wake you up, Tino. It is now 5am... I am waiting for it to be a more reasonable hour before heading in to work early. Today is going to be a long day...
  2. Ha! I finally remembered my login password. Sorry-- songs are in Chinese but the melody of each song is pretty. From the new period drama I'm watching. https://youtu.be/Fv8t1bD6kn4
  3. Thank you all for your input. I do use excel a lot at work and have had to compile a few macros. I say compile because I didn't actually write it all.. I search for code snippets and alter it to fit my needs. Tino- I was very interested in Javascript. Richard-- Ren said the same thing about actually learning based on need. I have always found coding interesting and wanted to get in to it more. I may take you up on your offer for tutelage if I get stuck down the road. Thanks in advance. I took a Coding in C back in my undergrad years so I have a little bit of exposure. Took
  4. What programming languages do you guys know and how hard was it for you to learn it? I'm trying to build up more skills but at the same time I am unmotivated and scatterbrained in terms of what I want to do first.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Bsdu57SFZc
  6. I take it you're still doing MT. How is that coming along?
  7. Sorry, just saw Tino's video of terminator and I LOVE ARNOLD now... just for that last line at the 3:00 minute mark. Ha.
  8. I saw this one before. The man had a really bad fall. Look at his head/neck.
  9. So Malaphax, how's your studying coming along?
  10. I don't really follow the legality of certain drugs debate either. On a slight tangent: I recall there are countries out there that basically use "Darwin's Law" in that they provide people who want to use drugs (irc, it was heroin) as much as they want and the addicts end up killing themselves-- the government/hospitals don't bother trying to rehabilitate the addicts because it costs more to do so. Personally, I find addiction depressing and try to steer away from the topic.
  11. =_= don't have. And I'm scared to go out at night...
  12. I can't sleep. What to do?
  13. Kuhla: Thanks! I may look into that. I actually started following a Japanese cook. She's very cute and her desserts look delicious. link: https://www.youtube.com/user/cookingwithdog
  14. Kuhla/Ren: Some say learning should never end. Good luck to both of you. Richard-- I think most times promotions are about timing amongst other things. I am currently taking an online Accounting course and have one more in August... so for the time being, I can still say, " I hate school." No I am not taking classes just because I hate myself-- these fall under the educational requirements for licensure.
  15. ... My english bad. Brain fried. No care.
  16. Kuhla: you are right. I am taking up cooking and Ren is my guinea pig. So far he is still alive and well. malaphax: not quite free. I still have to take two classes for my Cpa license but after that I still want to learn things. I think this group has a leg up in terms of knowing how to code. I had some exposure to programming in c and VBA but not nearly enough to write code from scratch. I totally forgot C... That is something I need to work on.
  17. Wow. Sounds like you have a solid plan. Good for you!! Everyone is different but the best way I found to study was to handwrite notes on a portable medium like a small notepad. Short blurbs to help me memorize or connect concepts. Then I would take my notebook everywhere and whenever I had freetime I would review. That's how I finally passed FAR in the cpa exam. I'm rooting for you! Keep us updated on your progress.
  18. Good luck. It definately isn't easy but hang in there. When I was studying for the CPA, I felt like quitting because of the time investment and the sheer helplessness I felt when I didn't pass a section. Then I read a post about a lady who spent 20 years to get her CPA due to various distractions of course. It then became aparent that you really have to treat these certifications like a marathon rather than a race. In my opinion the CFA is harder than the CPA... so I am sorry but you may have little to no free time from now till you pass but it should be worth it. MBA is easier... m
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