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  1. ren

    Guild Wars 2

    ok I hit level 80, now what?
  2. ren

    Guild Wars 2

    the free game restricts you on a lot of stuff like character slots and such is the main reason im thinking about buying hot
  3. ren

    Guild Wars 2

    I just started playing. wat do I heard elementalist are good? is it worth buying HoT for the revenant class?
  4. Other than trade jobs as malaphax mentioned and others like it- physically demanding and complex, there won't be a future for blue collar jobs. Robots are getting so good that all you really need is someone to manage the robot. Same can be said for a lot of "simple" white collar jobs. People in this sector will have to transition to either service sector or reeducate themselves.
  5. I agree with those points, I don't have much experience with fuel cells but I know a lot of major oems have ongoing programs, especially the Japanese ones. With regards to the process efficiency, I'd imagine there's room for improvement still if there actually becomes demand.
  6. I'd love to see hydrogen take off, but I don't think the infrastructure is there (yet)to make it work. Everyone says in 10 years hydrogen will be a thing but then 10 years later its the same story.
  7. What games would I be playing that I need this video card? or is it just to future proof?
  8. Okay, sounds like a good time to build a new gaming pc. How much is this going to run for?
  9. If I could get 78% of the value from my prius I'd probably sell it too. Theres lots of great new cars out right now.
  10. ren

    Action Cameras

    not that I'd buy one (im not really outdoorsy type) but how good of a value (price/performance) are gopros? I always hear that they're the best but are they good value or just the best you can buy?
  11. ren


    Never had cable (not counting parents house), never will have cable. My current monthly subs are: HBO - $15 (only for game of thrones season) Netflix - $10 Amazon - $5 Spotify - $5 Dropbox - $10
  12. I'm pretty sure that guy hit the summon, crashed his car, then blamed it on tesla. richard try reddit? https://www.reddit.com/r/electricvehicles/
  13. I do alot of work in python, it is much simpler to code in python than c/c++ but keep in mind that it is a scripting language (though you can run this on arduino/raspberry pi's and I think some new ADAS platforms are using this as their main programming language). the biggest advantage is that it has a huge "casual" programming user base and it is incredibly easy to find support/ code snippets/ third party modules. python is also kind of known in the numerical analysis community for having a module of some sort for just about anything, but I don't do much data analysis (other than demos) and matlab is the default go-to in my industry.
  14. if model e was a hatchback or crossover I'd consider preordering. but wait im in michigan I can't order a tesla.
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