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Tactically Inept

Airsoft Playground CQB Field

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Supposedly the largest CQB field around AND they offer gun rentals so everyone can join in!




Prices are as follows



Monday, Wednesday - Thursday: 3pm - 11pm (Tuesday Closed)

Friday - Sunday: 12PM - 12AM


Airsoft Playground Rates:

All Day Weekend (Friday - Sunday): $20.00

After 7 pm: $15.00


All Day Weekday (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday): $15


Equipment Rentals:

Handgun Gas Blowback (KWC Desert Eagle or 1911): $8.00

Full Face Mask: $5.00

Full Set w/ GBB, Face Mask, and 500 BB: $12

Electric Airsoft Rifle AEG Rental: $10.00

So for a completely new person, the price would be around $15+10+5+ BB Costs so around $30+ for a 7-12 Game.



Evike is sponsoring every Friday nite games so that means there will be PLENTY of people.


NEWS UPDATE: We are having problem contacting Samson to update the Airsoft Playground site. But velocity limit will be max at 400 for the no limit game.This Friday we will be running a regular <350 FPS game and a no limit game for those that wants high power games.


NEWS UPDATE: All Evike.com staff, SWAT and other house players for this event will be shooting at 350 FPS for this CQB event.


Recently, it had become way too hot to run big out door operations. So, we will hold on to OPERATION WORLD III until the weather cools down. In the mean time, we will be running CQB night games at the Airsoft playground located at south El Monte every Friday from 7pm to mid-night. It is currently the biggest indoor Airsoft CQB field around!


Lets have some CQB!


SWAT Team members, Evike.com staff Regulators and Samson (owner of Airsoft Playground) will show you a great time at this new CQB field!




2208 Edwards Ave.

South El Monte, CA 91723

Phone: (626) 350-7543



Every Friday starting now!!!

7pm ~ 12am.

If you want kuhla, I would prefer to go to this one as they would not require a FULL face mask allowing me to use that whachamacallit King Arms Neoprene.

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Ok so yea I am pretty much up for it but I do have my doubts (about CQB...and rifles....again).


I don't want to get a rental pistol and I know my springer is no option so you and me will HAVE to use AEGs. Pistols just plain own CQB (unless they let us use full auto... which I doubt).


FPS limit?


imho too many people in CQB would be kinda lame too though :|


*note to t1no if you are reading this, yes I still have your mask, I'll return it to you soon, I have been a bit busy lately and it looks like I may use it again this Friday anytime you need it back though you will have it back instantly*


EDIT : we going this Friday? I'm up for it.

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I see no reason not too. I wonder if they'll let me use 2 pistols lol....

In regards to full auto? The last CQB me, richard, martin and ben played it only allowed semi-auto for the people with rifles.

The difference between the last one and this one is that, the last field was relatively new as well, and not all CQB fields don't allow full-auto. If you could, could you e-mail then just in case? lol.


On another note, they do have both the outdoor and indoor fields. The outdoor field is actually just a large indoor field tho (from what I can tell on the pictures that is)


If I were you kuhla, i would switch out the spring just in case tho. They mentioned the limit was 350 with .2g's although they also mentioned they'll have a high powered game with 400 FPS although I don't know how its going to work really....


But yeah, its probably just going to be indoor.

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Spring changed. Took about 1/3 the time to do it this time. Experience.


I will drive (mom's suv). I have the directions printed up and such.


malaphax as far as I know you are coming(?).


I am budgeting 45min to 1hour to get there since it is roughly the same distance as my work however it is Friday so just in case. That means we have to leave here 6pm. That means I want the rest you two here 5:45 latest (Richard I can pick you up). Yes I will load up my gear before we leave.


I plan on staying the whole time. malaphax, make sure to talk to your mom about this and take enough money to rent either a rifle or a gbb pistol.


Full auto will be allowed :| :roll:


I will be looking into a new route to upgrade my gun's internals including perhaps a re-lub and cleaning next time.

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