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Airsoft 2007


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Well, lets try to get a game in before you go back to school kuhla!!


I just got my gun fixed @ Airsoft Advantage, so I should be good to go except for the fact that I lack BBs to play. I haven't actually tried my gun yet, but it should be fixed.


Oh yeah, the new Marui Type 89 is out, and I would say that if i was to buy a new gun right now....the Type 89 would be near the top of the list!

http://www.airsoftadvantage.com/product_in...products_id=708 - Type 89


Other contenders would be


L85 - ICS/Star

Steyr Aug - CA

AK-74M - ICS

G36K - CA

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Okay, I got my gun back today, and it seems to be okay for the few shots I fired (battery is dried up, so its being charged right now).


I need more BB's (down to about 1500 rounds of .2's). So i'm going to make a stop by Airsoft GI tommorow or Thursday.


I plan to get 3 Bags of .2g 4000 AE bb's for $30 and another bag of .25 3000 rnd AE BB's for $13.50.


Tell me if you need anything. If you want some .25's as well, I can get another 2 @ $12 each.


I'm getting both because I'll use .25's for outdoor games and distance, while the cheaper .2's for target shooting and CQB's.

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So I bought 3 bags of BB's while at AirsoftGI,


1x 5000 rnd AirsoftGI .2g BB's - $9.99 each


2x 3000 rnd Airsoft Elite .25g BB's - $13.50 each


The .2g ASGI bb's would be good for backyard plinking, CQB, and general decent cheap BBs, I might go with alone now for .2g bb's.

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