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A day in the middle east.

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So I don't know if you all have been watching or keeping up on the news coming out of the middle east the last few days but its getting so rediculous I actually found myself laughing out loud today. Its like a bad movie with non stop plot twists!




** Hamas has started an all out war on the rival Palistinian faction Fatah in Gaza with Fatah loosing badely.


** With the popular vote in Gaza going 44% Hamas and 42% Fatah, the civilians on both sides are pissed by the chaos this fighting has caused.


** So now you have 3 sides. Fatah, Hamas and everyone else.


** The U.N. said it will "scale back" operations in the area since I guess its too hot for them.


----------> So that takes care of the Palistinian element. They now seem more pissed at each other than Israel and the US.



** In Iraq a major Shiite mosque was bombed.


** Later in the day Sunni mosques came under attack.


** US accuses Iran of arming Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, Shias in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan


** US trains and arms local Sunni militants in Iraq who vowed to fight al-Qaida


** Everybody seems to hate al-Qaida.


----------> So in Iraq and Afghanistan there is also now seemingly more in-fighting between the locals than with the US/ISAF.



So we are only left with one problem. Who is bringing the popcorn? (note the sarcasm)

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