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They're still making money, but the last quarter they reported their lowest revenue numbers ever. 


Between the huge layoffs, the cancellation of the other game the developers were working on, it looks like Anet might be in a bit of trouble.  I suspect this new announcement is a final hail mary from the company before they put the game into maintenance mode and work full time on something else.  The president/founder left late last year, and I suspect that we might just see the eventual closure of the entire studio unless they manage to pump out another game. 

Depending on when the expansion comes out, I might not even buy it.  I sunk a ton of time into gw2 and enjoyed myself, but I'm not really interested in grinding that game when it seems like it's on it's deathbed. 

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This is the third expansion - first was heart of thorns, second was path of fire and now - end of dragons. 

They've released seasonal content as well their living world chapters, but the release schedule has been pretty crap, with the new singleplayer storymode content being like 2 hours of playtime every 4-6 months.  And the new maps and content that they've put out have been mostly ok, but not particularly engaging. 

I'll have to see some reviews for this before I even think about buying it. 

They're also releasing the game on steam... BUT you can't transfer your non-steam version to steam, so it's just a last ditch effort to get a bigger playerbase before they pump out the final expansion. 

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  • Release Date February 2022 - currently available to buy for $30
  • Fishing & Boats (skiffs)
  • Siege Turtle mount - 2 players, one pilot, one gunner
  • 9 New Elite Specs
    • Mesmer Spec called Virtuoso, no clones but stored daggers instead, looks very bladesinger inspired. 
    • Necro spec was teased, seems to have a pistol
    • There will be betas between now and launch with 3 elite specs available to try out for about a week, one final beta with all elite specs and siege turtles towards the end of the year
  • No news of fractals, raids or dungeons
    • They mentioned that their releasing several new strike missions (10 man matchmade activities) with challenge modes that should "appeal to raiders"
      • I can't tell if this is Anet dropping support for raids/fractals or if we'll get more info later, so far it seems like the hardcore players are big mad
  • New Legendary weapons (not really)
    • The new legendary set is all themed the same and looks mysteriously like a black lion / cash shop weapon set that they added a trail/footfall to. 
    • Many people are also big mad about how low effort this legendary set looks

Reddit Summary: https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/osqmhk/content_summary_end_of_dragons_first_look/

Overall the entire expansion seems very meh.  I'm glad the price point is reasonable but It doesn't have a big wow element like gliders or mounts.  Fishing/boats isn't nearly the draw that they think it is.  The classes might be cool but I'll reserve judgement. 
Outside of the expansion they are finally updating the engine to DX11 this year, which sounds good, but I doubt that's going to fix the terrible framerates when there are large numbers of players.  It might help them use newer engine stuff moving forward, but everything I've read about the guild wars engine is that it's full spaghetti code from when they built the original guild wars 16 years ago. 

I could see myself playing this again, but it would be ultra casual.

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Seems like the "gunsaber" is just the new adrenaline mode.  The actual new weapon that warriors get is an offhand pistol. 
I have to admit at least this elite spec looks interesting, the other ones have been rather boring looking. 

The guardian elite spec not only looks uninteresting but the weird animations they're using look terrible. 

They're still scheduling betas to try out the new classes, so we should get some videos and thoughts from the community before the expansion launches. 
On a whim, I watched through a sort of story/lore recap of the most recent season - I wasn't particularly impressed. 

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