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I still have mine and the vast majority of my old airsoft junk.


I did sell my old tac vest. That thing was pretty useless though because I never bought pouches. I have a south african vest though. Sold my flecktarn jacket/pants. Was always too big for my anyhow.

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umm are guys will still play airsoft if i buy these things ?


and if not are you selling your g36 LOL?


You can borrow my G36 + gear if you want to go but I'm not really selling it right now.


EDIT: ......and I'm not really interested in playing airsoft. Not sure if I ever will be again.

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would your vest be too bik ? what kind of mask you have ? or paintball mask ?


will you ever play again ?


Vests are adjustable. They don't really have sizes.


It's an airsoft mask but most airsoft masks are paintball masks too.


Realistically, probably not.

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how come ? i was just wondering.


1) Airsoft, mountain biking, going to the beach, scuba diving, snowboarding, etc. these are all activities that you need to be able to set aside a couple of hours to make them worth the drive/setup/etc. I do have lots of free time right now (not by choice) but it's in lots of little pieces. I rarely have 4-5 hours of free time in one block, that I can use how I want, that isn't late in the evening.


2) The Airsoft community has a lot of people in it that get on my nerves. I'm mainly referring to the fact that many of them are roudy teenagers and many (both teenagers and adults) take themselves way too seriously.


3) When I was last playing airsoft my financial situation was pretty good. It hasn't been that good for quite a while.

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