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Tino, I need you to come over to help me fix my gun. I just need another set of hands for like 5 seconds.....and my roommate is out till Sunday. Can't freaking fix this without another set of hands or I have to take everything apart which is way too much of a pain and I'm not going to do that.

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I'll take a picture of my work area when I get home. To show you what I mean.




or is it because my house doesnt have a place for you to charge your car ?


shots fired

On this topic, after this August, I'll be removing all limitations on how I use my vehicle, so full use of the range extender will be unlocked.

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So I fixed my rifle at my coworkers house but not sure if my batteries are still good. They're nearly 5 years old, and one of them needs a connector replaced. Trying to revive the other one right now.

Can I try your battery tino?


When are you coming back from Hawaii?


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Not sure if I can make it to this game but considering this:


or with the RAS version:




and ask them to swap it for a 9" RAIL with a flip up


Like this configuration since I have a Holosight:


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