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Finally compiled a list of some of the games I've played on my CRG9 to counter the argument regarding issues with ultrawide/super-ultra wide.


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23 hours ago, Malaphax said:

I'm finally starting to see Google getting serious about doing this, they're currently aiming to kill Google Play Music by the end of this year. 

Every post and review I've seen of the "new" youtube music has mentioned it's a shitshow - but to give some credit, the app is seeing major updates.  Some of the major problems I've seen described:

  • Your youtube suggestions will be flooded with music videos (unless you create a separate account)
  • They're splitting podcasts into a separate app
  • They forcibly separate uploaded music from liked/streaming music

I'm still a bit torn on how I"m going to handle this when GPM is finally killed.  My uploaded music isn't a huge library and honestly I could live without it.  I'll probably give youtube music a try and if it's garbage, just cancel and move to spotify. 

i already did the move and so far i like the design better on the youtube music.

i also enjoy adding music on my playlist when i come across music i enjoy on my youtube adventure.

but then again im not a heavy user on music. as long as i can manage my music playlist im fine with that.

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This article does a good job giving some historical perspective to why Apple (and Google) are now being sued by Epic regarding external payments for apps available on their respective app stores. 
I think this will be an interesting case, partially because the EU has already targeted Google for similar violations, and that this might also apply to other major online storefronts and app stores (amazon comes to mind). 


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On 5/21/2020 at 9:55 AM, kuhla said:

Is long term support of the chipset/socket/future upgrade-ability an important factor for you?

  • Yes > Buy an AMD CPU.
  • No > Does your primary use of the PC take advantage of multiple cores/threads?
    • Yes > Buy an AMD CPU. More cores/threads for the same price.
    • No > Is it just the one primary application (like gaming) with no other major tasks in the background (like streaming)?
      • Yes > Do you increase the graphics detail in games as much as you can get away with or have a very high resolution monitor?
        • Yes > The CPU does not really matter unless it is lower end/budget model or "old". Spend more money on the GPU.
        • No > ("esports champion build") Buy a cheaper Intel CPU with as high a base+turbo frequency as possible. You probably don't need so many cores/heat/noise.
      • No > Buy a cheaper Intel CPU with as high a base+turbo frequency as possible. You probably don't need so many cores/heat/noise.

This was partially an experiment to see if the forum could handle multiple levels of indented lists to create a sort of flowchart.

Just bumping this back up since it's somewhat relevant to a discussion in group chat today.

Here is a CPU review from May, just a couple of months ago,.....


....and if we are just talking about games then if you crank up the graphic details or resolution then the difference between a 12-thread Ryzen 3600 and a 20-thread Intel 10900k (which is double the price) is pathetically small. I am only trying to emphasize the one point that if gaming is a very high priority then the choice of GPU is a much much higher priority to the overall experience.

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Interesting specs on the 980 Pro (7000 MB/s read). MLC is dying/dead, and TLC/QLC is future.


I think NVMe SSDs is going to be a big deal for gamers in a few years because of the new DirectStorage API that microsoft introduced. High speed SSD's are going to enable new types of world building for sure. WIll discuss more in General Architecture Thread.


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47 minutes ago, Jedi2155 said:

The power usage at this point is on par with 7200 rpm dries (9w+ peak) in a M.2 formfactor......the heat must be insane....

.....and it's all running through your motherboard yipee (/S)

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On the one hand I think that level of heat isn't really an issue except for extreme sustained usage, like benchmarks and weird workloads.  Most people aren't slamming their storage at maximum I/O for long periods of time, it's a more bursty workload. 
I also like the form factor, but recognize that it's absolutely trash from a cooling perspective.  If nvme drives keep getting hotter there's going to need to be a better solution, something like a PCI-E riser with active cooling (these already exist). 

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2 hours ago, Malaphax said:

If nvme drives keep getting hotter there's going to need to be a better solution, something like a PCI-E riser with active cooling (these already exist). 

.....and we keep going down that road, before you know it, we are back to separate data and power cables like we just left behind 😕

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, I like a lot of things about the M.2 form factor. I use it myself but with the heat issues on the horizon and the idea of pushing more and more stuff onto the motherboard, increasing complexity, increasing cost, increasing size (for now) is a trend I am getting worried about.

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Average power usage was quoted as 5-6 Watts on the anandtech article. Here's the power consumption on a 5400 rpm/ 7200 rpm drive:

"In other lines of hard drives, the savings are even more modest. An EcoGreen 5400 RPM Samsung hard drive, the HD103SI, has power consumption figures of 5.6/4.4/1 watts, while an equivalent 7200 RPM drive, the HD103SJ, runs at 7.2/6.3/1 watts. Seagate Barracuda launched a line of 5900 RPM "Green" drives that still get decent savings over another of the same brand—the green version uses 5.4 watts during read/write and 4.8 when idle to a similarly specced Barracuda XT's 9.23 during read/write and 6.39 when idle."

https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2011/01/ask-ars-are-green-drives-really-that-green/#:~:text=In other lines of hard,7.2%2F6.3%2F1 watts.

Yeah literally same amount of power. But when we were still dealing with SATA SSD's <1-3 watts was much more common. Not sure whats driving the huge power requirement boost, but these numbers are literally reaching CPU levels on a standard laptop (10-15 watt TDP) so you should really consider your nVME drive upgrade on a laptop if you care about battery life.

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product page - https://www.eufylife.com/products/variant/indoor-cam-2k/T84001W1

Saw somebody link this randomly talking about them as a possibly Wyze alternative. The feature that caught my eye was the local storage only is a feature so you don't have to upload to the cloud like Wyze requires. I'm not replacing anything yet but I will keep an eye on this.

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"GitHub Reinstates youtube-dl After RIAA’s Abuse of the DMCA"

article - https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2020/11/github-reinstates-youtube-dl-after-riaas-abuse-dmca


GitHub recently reinstated the repository for youtube-dl, a popular free software tool for downloading videos from YouTube and other user-uploaded video platforms. GitHub had taken down the repository last month after the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) abused the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s notice-and-takedown procedure to pressure GitHub to remove it.



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