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Destiny 2 is free

you just need a battle.net account, and log in and claim it by 11/18

help me raid so i dont have to play with random bs

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On 8/7/2018 at 9:23 AM, Malaphax said:

Fallout 76 is going to use the bethesda launcher.  I think we've finally hit critical mass of the market being cut up. 

  • Steam - OG, but everyone is ditching them
  • Origin - EA only, solid enough launcher
  • Uplay - mostly garbage although they often release their games on steam... and it forces the launch of Uplay
  • Battlenet - Blizzard and soon to be filled with activision's garbage.  It hogs resources in the background but it's solid enough.
  • Epic Launcher - Mostly fortnite, but also unreal tournament
  • GoG - older DRM-free game releases
  • Bethesda Launcher - Fallout, Elder scrolls, Doom, Rage

There are technically other launchers, one offs for mmos (gw2), or major games (league of legends).  It's getting a bit obnoxious. 

I only bring this up because it's starting to get to the point of needing to use a launcher to manage all the other games/launchers out there.  Yea that's a thing and here's two examples:
Playnite - https://playnite.link/
GameRoom - https://gameroom.me/

Epic Launcher is now directly trying to compete with Steam by offering an 88% revenue split (compared to steam's 70%).  They're also going after google's play store in 2019, which will also be interesting. 

I'm not trying to predict a race to the bottom... actually that's sorta what I'm predicting.  I expect steam to increase their revenue split, maybe an 80/20 or even 85/15.  If they're smart they'll make it a sliding scale based on sales/revenue. 
Scratch that, looks like Volvo woke up and did exactly that.  They're offering bigger revenue cuts to larger devs and more successful games. 

Also as I mentioned previously, I'm currently juggling at least 3 launchers (Steam, Origin, Battlenet) but this level of segmentation is going to end up exactly where the media streaming market is.  I expect people will still like/enjoy steam because from a user perspective it's one of the better storefronts available (and the biggest) so it'll act much like Netflix, but the difference is that Valve doesn't really make games anymore (Artifact... lul) so other storefronts will end up eating more market share from Steam unless they do something drastic - like actually release a game.

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1 hour ago, Malaphax said:

....is going to end up exactly where the media streaming market is....

I think the monthly membership fees of the streaming media platforms really sets them apart from this topic.

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Hades - Hmm. I liked Bastion. I did not like Transistor.
The Outer Worlds - Haha. Is this going to be Fallout done right?
Far Cry - Not interested.
Anthem - We all ready to go for the Alpha yea?
Dragon Age - Worthless teaser.
MK11 - The hell....
Psychonauts 2 - Not really for me but I know there are lots of fans of this IP
DMC5 - Not really for me but I know there are lots of fans of this IP
Rage 2 - This looks like Borderlands. A lot of people doing  the wacky apocalyptic wasteland shtick
SSBU - Not really for me but I know there are lots of fans of this IP


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Hades - Liked bastion, transistor was ok, straight up skipped Pyre (notice they didn't even advertise that one).  I have some confidence it will be solid with good art and music. 
The Outer Worlds - Fallout done right? Most likely.  Obsidian made the best fallout game (new vegas) and I expect they'll do a solid job with this. 
Far Cry - We're courting as much controversy as possible even though our storyline will be shit and the gameplay will be exactly the same as the last 4 games.  No thanks. 
Anthem - It's alpha time baby.  Funny enough this game releases in 3 months, so this is realistically a beta, and considering the release date it's almost more of a demo.  I actually expect this won't do that well compared to Division 2 and Destiny 2. 
Dragon Age - Last I heard this is scheduled for release in 2021.  I really should find a youtube summary of the DLCs because I heard they did a much better job pushing the story forward and crafting a real ending. 
MK11 - Crazy as usual.  I respect their games but I have no interest.  Also terrible music. 
Psychonaughts 2 - I played the first, and maybe I'll pick this up on deep sale.  The first game is unique and decent, I hope they can capture some of the same elements. 
DMC5 - I liked the last DMC game, I might pick this up on sale for some mindless hack and slash action. 
Rage 2 - I didn't like the first game, I'm glad they went more borderlands/mad max on this one.  I'm mildly interested in this.  Maybe on sale. 
SSBU - How many fucking characters are we up to?!? Currently 72.  Dear god almighty. 

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I've never played dungeon fighter online but here's a 3d version being developed on the unreal engine.  Keep in mind this is a korean game so we'll see it launch in the US sometime in 2022. 
Also I have no idea why it's called project bbq.


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A small detail but the fact that I'm not seeing any enemy mob aoe indicators is worrisome. Does that mean your health pool is so huge it doesn't really matter or the enemies barely do damage (either one of these would not surprise me based on other korean mmo I have seen).

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48 minutes ago, Malaphax said:

Actually there's a very faint white enemy attack indicator that you can spot at 142 from the golem looking mobs. 

That's an understatement......


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I just wanted to make a note here about current micro-transactions and various monetization schemes being used in major releases. 

So Carl on Duty Black Cops 4 opened up their micro-transactions over one month after the launch of the game.  This means all major reviews of the game don't include anything about the micro-transactions - and a substantial number of consumers bought the game before the micro-transactions were in place.  They also started selling red dot sights in game.  Here's a long winded rant talking about the issue. 
Red Dead Redemption 2 did the same thing - and while I saw a few articles, it still managed to keep most of the reviewers from mentioning it. 

Battlefield 5 is currently about to launch their micro-transactions sometime in the next 2 weeks.  I've read a few reddit posts and concerns about the current issues surrounding the inability for people to unlock all the non-cosmetic content in the game because DICE hasn't figured out how to provide additional experience/company coin past the max level - but fuck fixing that let's make sure we can make more money. 
I'm sure EA is going to be extra cautious about these micro-transactions mostly because they were burned so badly by Star Wars Battlefront 2.  I also expect more and more games to release with this staggered structure to avoid day 1 reviews mentioning how their monetization scheme works. 

I generally dislike the way companies have monetized their additional content - especially companies that are already selling a $60 game.  When I keep seeing articles talking about outside regulation to prevent gambling/loot boxes, I can't help but think these publishers have put this on themselves.  I'm still waiting for the major backlash over this practice in the various spots games that EA publishes.  Or the eventual crackdown on these weird intermediate currencies that companies use to help obfuscate how much people spend on various micro-transactions.  But for now I'm just frustrated that the new tactic is basically to wait out any scandals and allow their meta-critic score to get locked in before pushing out their micro-transactions and trying to milk more out of players. 

I'll make a rough guess that some of the other major multiplayer focused games will use this same Strategy - Anthem and the Division 2 come to mind as upcoming releases. 

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