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Official Post Anything Electric Vehicle Related Thread

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4 hours ago, Jedi2155 said:

Fold up, fold down, FOLD IT ANYWAY YOU LIKE IT. How about removable as well? I think that's the next stage.....

I mean ..... yea? Sure? With these native EV designs I want to see some more interesting interior designs/features (without sacrificing safety) especially if they increase utility.

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I haven't chatted much about battery day, but the announced plans are outrageous and what the world really needs to transition to renewable energy. Elon laid it out simply. We need batteries, and A LOT of it. Without giant advances like what he brought up in battery day, we simply won't get there, but he laid out a realistic plan on what truly is necessary to transition to solar + wind / intermittent strategy.  A 135 giga factories was not going to cut it.


Elon's 1st principles type thinking again points out a huge issue that is missing in a lot of private companies + academia.

"Meng also pointed out that the 4680 cell is highly innovative. "It's completely new as far as I know," she said. "Academic groups haven't been looking at this design. We usually don't talk about batteries of this scale.""

My personal experience in Academia having worked with a lot of post-docs and PhDs, is that a lot them tend to focus on the minutia, of what's "right" vs. whats "important". Private companies are too focused on the other end, of what's important to the bottom line, vs. what the customer/world really wants. Companies like Apple and Tesla understand this so much better which is how they're able to deliver truly impressive products/developments.

Going to be really interesting to see what happens in this space.


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I heard with the number of incentives you can drop a $60k Mach-E down to around $40-45k potentially. Will be an interesting competitor for sure but my previous experience with Ford EVs have been relatively lackluster so I wonder if they'll finally put the engineering resources required to make it good.

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I initially thought this was going to be classified more as a CUV than an SUV, but when he mentioned he's 6'4" and had room to sit in the back, I had to readjust my sense of scale.  It also doesn't have much ground clearance, but I suspect that's at least partially due to the aerodynamic work. 
I also think he did a good job highlighting some of the clear design cues that they took from Tesla, and where they made some iterations that might appeal to a more broad market, like the small driver display and volume knob. 
There are also some design decisions I hate, the weird exterior door handle thing, the huge sunroof, and the convoluted access to the front storage. 
I still hope this sells decently, because I absolutely agree that this is probably the closest thing to a proper tesla competitor that's being released mass market by a major brand.

Also, that passcode is the same combination as my luggage. 

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