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So there are some solutions for splitting audio tracks and sources which I've looked into.  Stuff like voicemeeter potato/banana. 

I've mostly seen this type of audio splitting for stream/record setups.  You stream with everything blasting to a single audio track, but record with multiple audio tracks allowing you to mute music, notifications, voip, etc. so you can work with clean audio from the game or edit individual audio sources before uploading it to youtube.  Again this is mostly for people who are doing a ton of streaming and using clips/bits from their stream content to later clean up and upload to youtube. 

If I'm parsing their language correctly they're allowing the same option but specifically for twitch vods.  I guess that means twitch is finally supporting multi-track audio input?  You could have music on track 1 and then game audio/microphone input on track 2, and twitch would selectively only record track 2 for the vods and/or mute all of track 1? 

I would need to see this in action to entirely understand it. 

This seems like a possible bandaid fix for the current DMCA deluge that's been happening on twitch.  Of course this doesn't stop actual in-game music or sound effects from possibly being flagged by DMCA claims. 
I'm mildly curious why twitch is absolutely rolling over for the DMCA claims.  Is it that some bigwig thinks the business is unprofitable and is desperate to keep costs down by refusing to sign a deal similar to youtube?  Or is it amazon going full big dick mode and trying to force more favorable terms (like when they fought google)?  Or is it just regular old twitch incompetence?

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