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Tactically Inept

UTAS UTS-15 Shotgun, futuristic looking


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With youtube, if you just post the url, it will auto-embed it. No need to grab embed code or enable html.


EDIT: Having now watched the video, I think the guy left a few things about the KSG out:

  1. The fact that ammo tube in use is selectable means that you can have 2 different types of ammo and switch in between. With the UTAS it best be all the same ammo because you won't be able to pick which one.
  2. The downwards ejection ports means no shells will fly towards you (if holding it on the left side) or towards your friend (who are to either side of you possibly).
  3. Aftermarket lights/lasers usually means more choice.....


EDIT2: I also just changed the auto embed functionality so it force 720p too (if available) no matter the player size so yes, for everyone, just post the youtube URL and the forum will do the rest.

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This space can be used to install tactical flashlight, laser aiming unit or a proprietary laser/light combo without recourse to additional rails and external mountings which otherwise would increase bulk of the gun.


After buying as many extras for my gun as I have....I would welcome any integrated option rather than no integrated option. Inertia/bulkiness is a big deal IMO. There is nothing stopping you from adding aftermarket add ons....

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