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Mumble... again

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I found a few people mentioning cheap mumble hosting. I just decided to peruse around the site they mentioned:




Some things to take note of, they only do monthly, no yearly breaks. They are cheaper than typefrag by $18/year even with yearly breaks. Their latency/audio quality seems to be a bit higher. This is partially because we're actually getting our typefrag server hosted in san francisco (typefrag doesn't offer LA based hosting for mumble).


I might consider switching over. If I do end up switching over, I'll probably do what I normally do, start the second mumble about 2 weeks in advance and then transition everyone over. Our current mumble is active until July 30th, so we have plenty of time.


IF everyone is just not in the mood to switch... no... You know what, fuck all you guys I pay the bills I make the decisions.


I am not posting this to stimulate discussion mostly so I can remind myself in a few months and so I can revisit the issue and make a decision.

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