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Video taken down.


Sort of sad panda that we are doing modern setting again.


I would like less glare, possibly less dirty graphical theme.


Weapon options in previous games (BC2, BF3) were big and well varied. No need to change that.


I wouldn't mind some maps with better synergy between vehicle and infantry combat.

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Some ideas I might like to see, is more vertically integrated maps. Look at some of the back to karkand maps, you'll notice there are tall buildings that infantry can abuse against vehicles, which shifts the power balance a bit. Not to mention it adds to the usable combat area. I think quite a few of the older battlefield games made good use of vertical space, some of the first bf3 maps did not, look at metro, or seine crossing, or quite a few of the others where the vertical sections are either incredible limited building spaces, or just not present at all.


I really just want battlefield 2143, they need to man the fuck up and just release it. On the bright side, with a fast game development cycle the chances of us seeing 2143 have in some ways increased.

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11:06 PM - kuhla: the 17 min one?
11:06 PM - malaphax: ya
11:06 PM - kuhla: I haven't seen this one
11:06 PM - malaphax: it's all single player
11:06 PM - malaphax: nothing that crazy except side mounted ironsights
11:06 PM - kuhla: THe teasers i saw earlier
11:06 PM - kuhla: looked really cod
11:06 PM - kuhla: like
11:06 PM - malaphax: yea
11:06 PM - kuhla: really
11:06 PM - malaphax: yea
11:06 PM - kuhla: REALLY
11:06 PM - malaphax: yea
11:06 PM - kuhla: COD
11:06 PM - malaphax: yea
11:06 PM - malaphax: yea
11:06 PM - malaphax: i know
11:06 PM - malaphax: i also hate
11:06 PM - malaphax: that every company likes to push single player shit
11:06 PM - malaphax: I DON"T GIVE A FUCK
11:07 PM - malaphax: SHOW ME MULTIPLAYER
11:07 PM - malaphax: KTHX
11:07 PM - kuhla: I never played BF3 single player
11:08 PM - malaphax: it wasn't anything special
11:08 PM - kuhla: How are people not burnt out on this kind of stuff. I don't understand.
11:10 PM - kuhla: holy shit i just clicked through this and it ALL looks like BF3 with a tiny graphical jump but that's it


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I'll be honest. At this point in time, I am hesitant to buy another battlefield game unless they do a lot to entice me. I got some mileage out of BF3 but not enough for the money I spent.

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Assault Rifles

  • Scorpion Evo (CZ3A1)

  • QBZ-95-1 (Seen in leaked Alpha screenshots)

  • CZ805 (Seen in leaked Alpha, Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage)

  • M16A3 (Seen in "Fishing in Baku" Trailer)

  • AEK-971 (Seen briefly as a dropped weapon in "Fishing in Baku" Trailer)

  • HK416 (Seen used by a squadmate in "Fishing in Baku" Trailer)


  • M4A1 (Seen in "Fishing in Baku" Trailer)

  • AK5C (Seen in "Angry Sea" Trailer, Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage)

  • Sniper Rifles/Designated Marksman Rifles

  • Steyr Scout Elite (Seen in leaked Alpha images and E3 Footage)

  • QBU-88 (Seen in leaked Alpha images)

  • SV-98 (Seen in leaked Alpha images)

  • Kel-Tec RFB (Seen in E3 Footage with blue Digital camo)


  • Mk. 46 Mod. 0 (Seen in "Fishing in Baku" Trailer)

  • Ultimax-100 (Seen in leaked Alpha images, "Angry Sea" Trailer, Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage)

  • QJY-88 (Seen in leaked Alpha images, Alternate Multiplayer Trailer)

Submachine guns/Personal Defense Weapons

  • CZ3A1 (Seen in leaked Alpha images, Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage)

  • P90 (Seen in Multiplayer Trailer as a dropped weapon)


  • M9A1 (Seen in Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage)

  • QSZ-92 (Seen in Alternate Multiplayer Trailer)

  • MP412 REX (Seen in "Fishing in Baku" Trailer)


  • Serbu Super Shorty (Seen in "Fishing in Baku" Trailer)

  • Saiga-12 (Seen in "Angry Sea" Trailer, Multiplayer Trailer)

  • Hawk 12 Gauge (Seen in Multiplayer Trailer)

  • M26 MASS (Confirmed by DICE)

  • Norinco V1218

Other Weaponry

  • Milkor MGL Mk 1S (Seen in "Fishing in Baku" Trailer)

  • M320 (Seen in "Fishing in Baku" Trailer, Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage)

  • RPG-7 (Seen in Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage)

  • FIM-92 Stinger (Seen in Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage)

  • XM25 CDTE (Seen in E3 Footage)

  • SRAW (Seen in E3 Footage)

  • C4 (Seen in Leaked Alpha images)


  • M67 (Seen in all trailers and E3 Footage)

  • M34 WP (Seen in E3 Footage)

  • M84 (E3 Footage)

  • MTN-55 (E3 Footage)

Bladed Weaponry

  • M9 Bayonet (Seen in "Fishing in Baku" Trailer, Multiplayer Trailer, E3 Footage) Used as a knife, not mounted on weapons.
  • VoIP for PC

  • Motion sensor balls for Recon

  • C4 for Recon class

  • Customizable secondary weapons (i.e barrels for pistols, sights and camos)

  • Suppressing a Recon only possible by Support class (making players screen blur)

  • 5 person squads

  • 2 types of med packs (one possibly a one time "quick" heal" the smaller med kit

  • Levolution of buildings is not scripted, requires team effort

  • 64 players on all platforms (66 players counting Commanders for both teams

  • Spectator Mode (Confirmed for "nextgen" consoles) submitted by u/phresch

  • Flash bangs

  • Incendiary grenades

  • Weapons (pistols) can now be fired while swimming

  • Kill assists of 90+ now count as kills. Possibly counting as kills for both players, also possibly on kills assists above 50

  • Tires can be shot out on vehicles now

  • Angled grips for primary weapons

  • Ability to click on a base on the map to spawn there

  • 3 team factions, USA, Russia and China

  • You can shoot fire extinguishers to get a smokescreen

  • sprint swimming and ability to dive underwater for stealth

  • Dynamic environment, area will remain dusty/cloudy after heavy damage or demolition of a building

  • Addition of canter sights (side mounted iron sights) to primary guns for closed quarters combat (will not distort FOV)

  • Addition of working elevators.

  • Addition of deploy-able road blocks for stopping road traffic.

  • Vehicles now have an ammo limit (i.e primary gun on Abrams only has 6 shells) (will reload slowly over time, secondary gun does not seem to run out, only over heat )

  • The Russian Mi-28 Attack Helicopter

  • The Russian VDV Buggy

  • The Chinese ZFB05 Light Armoured Vehicle

  • The American Cougar H MRAP

  • The American UH-1Y Venom Utility Helicopter

  • The American H-1Z viper Attack Helicopter

  • The American F/A-18 Hornet Jet Fighter

  • The American V-22 Osprey Tiltrotor-Aircraft

  • The American AC-130 Gunship

  • The RHIB boat

  • The Riverine Command Boat

  • The DV-15 Interceptor Patrol Boat

  • The Jet Ski

  • The Chinese Type 98 MBT

  • The Chinese J-20 Jet

  • The Chinese WZ-10 Helicopter

  • The American LAV

  • The American M1 Abrams (Unknown variant)

  • The American AMTRAC

also worth noting vehicle wise is that there are 2 types of UAV's controlled by the Commanders. For the purpose of spotting and for destroying each others' UAV


(these are things you can do, set or change from the users menu)

  • Spectate mode and/or battle recorder

  • Player ping

  • Ability to mute an annoying player in chat/voip

  • Player tags

  • Player kit

  • In game team balancer - one that actually works

  • In game votekick/voteban options

  • Two modes, COMMANDER MODE and MOBILE COMMANDER, Commander mode confirmed for PC at this time, Mobile Commander confirmed for tablets (known tablets listed below)

  • One commander per team, does not take up a slot, can not be killed like in bf2 while playing as Commander.

  • MOBILE COMMANDER VERSION Controlled only via tablet device, no mobile phones.

  • Confirmed to work with Apple Ipad/Ipad Mini, Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy Tab. (I would also asume it to Work with Asus Nexus)

  • Features such as Tomahawk missiles andC-130 gunner ship are based on objectives taken.


as suggested by u/HARRO_PR3ASE

  • Sprint swimming

  • Short dives while swimming

  • Ability to fire a side arm while swimming on surface

  • Recon class has ability to "peak" up over an object and fire while taking cover, possible that other classes may have this too.

  • Spotting now has a hand gesture and will spot multiple targets at once, eliminating the need to spam the spot key (and in my case annoy my wife with the constant "i have spotted an enemy machine gunner in you AO" playing over and over again)

  • base jumping / parachute mechanic has changed, you can see player pulling the rip cord after changing to a head first positon

  • Knifing animation has changed, and also features a counter knife feature. Currently counter knife only works from frontal attacks. Alpha game play has only shown one type of take down animation, but likely there are multiples as before.

  • Recon class has the ability to Zero a weapon (info here:http://www.reddit.com/r/battlefield_4/comments/1g6kwz/im_really_surprised_that_our_battlefield/) submitted by u/terrorstormed

  • When capturing a base, the radius for being in the capture zone has increased and the icon of the base no longer enlarges and blocks the players view.

  • Updates to net coding to smooth out game play and reduce "rubber banding" (source: LevelCap's Youtube Video from E3)

  • Being killed by a jet, Viper, or road vehicle will now displayed as killed by "vehicle name" instead of just "killed"

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i get to play today, still buggy and performance is kinda shit on those e3 machine.

its like 30fps


i feel like the netcode is different, i want to say its improved and the movement mechanic is more solid like cod/cs. its a good thing. more direct and responsive.


textures is lower for some reason, even tho i check the settings and they are on high and ultra.


some of the improvement is cool but is it different enough from bf3 ? i think soo. but i still think bf4 is what bf3 shouldve been

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BF3 was a huge upgrade over everything before it. I would say that was enough to make it a good sequel. Would you say BF4 is a more a sequel than a COD game?

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