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On 4/18/2020 at 6:31 PM, Jedi2155 said:

I also bought this Ikea Markus Chair back in 2015 and it has shown no sign of wearing out which is amazing IMO (my staples/costco chairs would normally wear out after 2 years). The only upgrade I'd consider is this newer JÄRVFJÄLLET design but ....

I have the same chair. It's worked pretty well for me too.

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9 hours ago, Jedi2155 said:

I think I'm going to give up on the Dell display option and just ask my work to buy me a for docking station....

I'll just buy the display on my own.

Is that the same one you have at work? I don't have that exact model but I have a very similar Dell docking station at work that I am happy with.

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It looks like its harder to use the company credit than I thought. its only specifically improve the office ergonomic requirements thus because I already own a monitor its hard to justify that. I may be able to justify a docking station later because I could possibly argue that having to reach behind monitors to connect cables could be poor ergo practices..

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Recently replaced my LG27GL83A-B for a Pixio Prime 7  and summarized my findings. More interestingly:

It seems like Samsung is coming out with a refresh of their CHG70 & CRG9 displays with a new Odyssey G7/G9 naming scheme. The G9 is the 2020 49" version of my 2019 CRG9 but with a 1000R curvature compared to the 1800R curvature. It also ups the refresh rate from 120hz to 240 hz.


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7 hours ago, Jedi2155 said:

New LG27GN850 for 2020 (GL was a 2019 model). Primary difference looks like it has the same wide-gamut backlight as the 850 but without the USB ports. Stand looks horrific so if I'm tempting to get this and a monoprice stand. Also $50 cheaper at $450 vs $500.


  • 27"
  • IPS
  • 1440p
  • 144hz
  • G-sync compatible and freesync
  • $450 non-sale price

Looks solid. A couple of years ago that price and feature list would have been a steal.

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Monitor choice seems solid. 

Just a note about the stand, It's very similar to the stand that came with my LG34GK950F although it looks a little bulkier.  My main issue I had with the stand was the maximum height adjustment and the legs sticking out into my workspace.  I ended up mounting both my monitors on monitor arms which I'm very happy with. 

I've used a very similar monoprice stand previously on my korean yamakazi/catleap 27" display.  It's absolute shit.  Aside from the fact that adjustments can't really be made without tools (the height on the one you linked is adjustable) and are designed to be set once, the amount of desk space that bottom foot of the stand takes up is huge.  Even if you're ok with putting something on top of the foot (it's about 1/4" thick) it's just not a great stand.  There are better options like this monitor arm, which is what I have two of. 

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I'm still super uncomfortable just keeping my Pixio PX7 prime even though it fits all the requirements criteria. Something inside me feels wrong choosing that over the LG even though I don't even use it as a primary gaming display. Interesting what you said about the Monoprice monitor stand, makes me feel more uncomfortable about now but I think its an newer design that what you experience where you required tools to adjust. The stand is at 8" deep which stays within available area. I cannot use any type of monitor arm for my desk since it has a backplane and a window behind that. I don't like finding new options either because I generally move my computer about once a year (its been in almost every room in my house lol).

Still wondering if I should grab a Dell instead.

Found a good comparison of the new GN850-B which talks again about the high gamut backlight which I prefer. A lot of people seem to prefer the natural colors of the sRGB backlight on the 83A but I didn't like it and prefer a high gamut one on my Pixio / Yamakasi.

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It's HDR 600 which isn't great, I also suspect that peak brightness is very limited. 
It's not as bad as HDR 400 which is what most displays have (mine included), HDR 400 is pure marketing and not HDR, it's not even worth using.   

Seems like a solid monitor.  It sounds like the 144hz is for displayport and 120hz is for HDMI.  I assume the next few years of displays and tvs will push pretty hard to support hdmi 2.1 and variable refresh rates, especially since both consoles support that tech.  I've heard there have been some minor teething issues with getting the full bandwidth out of hdmi 2.1, some current panels support it (sort of) but need firmware updates. 

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1 hour ago, T1no said:

is there eve hardware to push that much fps on 4k ?

I think I have mentioned this before but what I really want to try is 1440p being DLSS-2.0-upscaled to 4k. I think that is doable on the newer cards at good framerates. See example below.

article - https://www.techspot.com/article/2109-nvidia-rtx-3080-ray-tracing-dlss/



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