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I think the design of the logitech 815 and 915 is fine, but their pricing is crazy.  Keychron is half the cost and supports multiple bluetooth connections.  Also the logitech claims they're using proprietary switches but those look like kailh choc switches to me.  At least the keychron k3 has optical switches, which are a bit different. 

There's just not many keyboard with low profile switches available and the custom keyboard community doesn't seem all that interested in them.  The few I can find are either ortholinear or split boards, neither of which appeal to kuhla. 

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Anyone tired of my bumping of this thread yet?

  1. What the hell layout is this. Like it makes a lot of sense. I don't think I have seen it before. It has most of the numpad but it's the size of a TKL.
  2. Going back to the 1800 layout discussion earlier I do wonder what stops me from buying something along the lines of this and then swapping out the switches for something like this and seeing what I can do to shorten the overall travel. I don't know how any of this stuff works. If I'm going the mod route then why not just circle back to Keychron again?
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I have a spare 96% keyboard I'm not currently using, and it does have hot swappable sockets.  If you really want to try it out you're welcome to it.  It's heavy as fuck (brass weight and brass plate) and wired, but it's totally usable.
Personally, I didn't like the small 0-key and never fully adjusted to proper numpad entry with it.  Also It's not even remotely low profile so...

Minor note, when you see something that says "plate mount" it generally means that the switches are missing the stabilizing legs.  It's not a huge issue if you're using a plate, and most kits use plates, but it's worth noting what that refers to. 

KBDFans has those same switches for slightly cheaper ($0.28/switch): https://kbdfans.com/products/kailh-speed-switches?variant=7133813932090

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malaphax found these switches yesterday....


....which makes this....

19 hours ago, kuhla said:

Going back to the 1800 layout discussion earlier I do wonder what stops me from buying something along the lines of this and then swapping out the switches for something like this and seeing what I can do to shorten the overall travel. I don't know how any of this stuff works. If I'm going the mod route then why not just circle back to Keychron again?

....an even more viable option as I can get even closer to my ideal if I am willing to build/modify something. Taking something like this Epomaker or this Keychron and then changing out the switches and possibly some low(er) profile keycaps in the future and then I would be pretty close to the ideal keyboard.

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For kuhla: I came across this video which shows a full disassembly and modding of the epomaker gk96s
Some notes:

  • The stabs are plate mounted (not PCB/screw-in mount) which means you're basically stuck with those stabs, you can still clip and lube them but they seem kinda crap.  Sadly there's very limited selection for plate mounted stabilizers and I somehow can't picture you going out of your way and modding/lubing them but here's one replacement option: https://novelkeys.xyz/collections/miscellaneous/products/novelkeys-stabilizers?variant=38218595893415
    Please let me know if you're at all serious about lubing stabs.
  • Some comments on that video suggest that the wireless function isn't super great on the epomaker keyboard.  I have no idea if that's true or not but it wouldn't entirely surprise me. 
    I've heard mostly good things about keychron so that might be a better option (maybe?) - the k4 also has plate mounted stabs (as a direct comparison)
    • If you want to not just go down a rabbit hole but go full alice and wonderland, there are some crazy people that are not just programming keyboards but also handling wireless/bluetooth programming on keyboards. 
      I sincerely doubt this would be compatible this is simply for informational purposes. 

Other random bits that I previously discussed/mentioned:
Low profile hotswap 60% keyboard: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=106970.0;topicseen
Useful info about the keycap compatibility with low profile switches at the bottom of the first post. 
CHINA STRONG LINK: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=632503216847

Low profile keycap set with a unique profile - SLK (currently in the renders and dreams stage - not a real product): https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=110702.0;topicseen

Keycap profile reference: https://thekeeblog.com/overview-of-different-keycap-profiles/

I have some other keyboard projects I need to work on, I'll dump them somewhere on the forums when I manage to actually do something about them. 

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Unfortunately keychron doesn't support QMK/ZMK.  They're supposedly working on it: https://github.com/qmk/qmk_firmware/issues/7370

You absolutely can pop off keys and rebind stuff, it might be a little bit weird to have holes/gaps in the keyboard like that but if you're ok with it you could certainly try it out (maybe experiment with that on my ymdk96 first). 

I'm going to throw one more option at you since you mentioned full size. 
You can configure that on their website with no keys and no caps for $60.  That's probably the cheapest hotswap board you can get at that price.  Looks like it's plate mounted stabilizers, and it does use an "open" or low profile style mounting where the case does not enclose the switches and they sit out on top of the plate; that probably won't make a difference but any RGB is going to be full rainbow puke instead of just keycap backlighting.  Also no QMK support (there is on the GMMK Pro but even that's a bit shaky right now) but Glorious does have their own software, which I've heard middling reviews for. 

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so i had some issues with my mouse or the skates generating some serious static electricity with the mousepad that i use.

the mouse
Logitech G pro superlight and g303

the pad
Logitech G 840 xl pad

both mouse had issue to the point where it would stick and slow down considerably and its inconsistent depending on humidity and weather. i read online people have the same complaint; at first i was going to give the corepads PTFE skates a try but then i ran into some glass skate. i bought superglide for the g303.



- easy install. remove the stock skates and clean the glue residue.
- fit and finish is good
- effortless when you start moving, super glide indeed
- i think the static issue mostly gone. 
- from what've read they don't need replacing unless you are using stupid mousepads


- cost ? its $25 vs corepads ptfe feet 10 bucks for 2 sets
- its gonna take time getting used to.
- stopping is a bit of an issue for now. (double clicking and accuracy sometime a miss on normal use on windows because its so slippery).
- much more sensitive to mousepad surface condition (oil,dirt, sweat) will change the glide. i clean the area and everything is good. 

ive used it for 2 full days i will comeback in few weeks and see if there is breaking period and if im able to adjust on the glide.

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Endgame Gear XM2w - https://www.endgamegear.com/xm2w/gaming-mice

  • wireless, 2.4rf
  • 3395 model sensor
  • 63g weight
  • "analog technology" debounce tech which endgame gear has had on their other mice and is their alternative to optical switches
  • no RGB

Roccat Burst Pro Air - https://www.roccat.com/products/burst-pro-air

  • wireless, 2.4rf and bluetooth
  • 3370 model sensor
  • 81g weight
    • A lot of enthusiasts get too obsessed with weight but this one is a little odd. The Roccat Kone Pro Air which is also wireless, same number of buttons, very similar size and advertised has having the same battery life weighs 6 grams less at 75g. Even the difference between the wired and wireless versions of the Kone Pro are less. Where is the extra weight in the Burst Pro coming from?
  • optical switches
  • yes RGB
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54 minutes ago, T1no said:

the hump on the endgame similar to the g303
traditional shape instead of the diamond looking tho. looks good to me.


All their current mice have the same shape. I have been using the original Endgame Gear XM1 for about 2 years now. I like having the "hump" moved more towards the back.

Shape comparison - https://www.rtings.com/mouse/tools/3d-model-shape-compare/endgame-gear-xm1-vs.-logitech-g303-shroud-edition?

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