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Bachelor LAM Party

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So FYI, my best man Gabe is in the process setting up a Bachelor Party with a list of fun activites on the weekend of June 20/21st. You are all invited of course. He's coordinating it through Facebook but since you guys aren't there here's the rough details which I'll populate as we get more information.



We're aiming for the weekend before the wedding. I'm thinking mid afternoon Saturday to start activities ending the night with a LAN party sleepover (optional).



I currently have invited about 14 people on FB (no idea on how many will actually attend other than Groomsmen).

I'm hoping at least the following guys from here are coming, but it is an open invite to all individuals here.

- Kuhla

- Malaphax

- Tino

+ 4 other groomsmen and +2 roommates



Seeing that my 3 favorite hobbies are guns, games, and girls, we're doing activities are related to at least two of these. Since there are some more conservative people, the last item will likely be the missing item out of the hobbies.


- Laser Tag (some place north of the 10 FWY)

- Gun Range (Some place in Azusa, CA)


- LAN Party / Sleepover



I have a PS3, Two TV's, and open area for PC's at my house.

LAN Games Preferred:


- Battlefield 4

- Starcraft

- League of Legends

- Heroes of the Storm


Always open for suggestions.


Let me know if you're attending.

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I'm going to be totally honest, I'm not so excited about the idea of dragging my PC around these days. Gaming, and well everything, has become so fragmented in this group. I know I'm to blame for this too.

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Regarding going to a range, are there people bringing their own stuff? Is it reserved? How is that being organized?


I know there are clubs with outdoor ranges that let you reserve/rent an area/lanes for a party.


If no one has some of their own stuff to bring... that's going to be an issue....

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One of my groomsmen has a AR-15. I'm trying to figure out the logistics on this. I have another friend I'm trying to invite who has a .22 and another AR-15. The problem is pistols. Last option is just a standard gun range that allows gun rentals. I know there's one in Brea.

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How many people are lined for going to the range?

How many people in the group own firearms?

Of the people who own firearms, how many are bringing their own weapons for other people to use?


If the numbers balance out then it's possible.

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Those are all good questions, and while I've thought about it, I haven't had the time to actually answer any of it. The range is just one of 4 things that was to be done. Keep in mind that the actual planning and logistics of the event is suppose to be done by my best man, who isn't on this forum.

The range may or may not happen depending on logistics. Ammunition and costs is a concern too. In terms of willing to let other people shoot, knowing their personalities I do not believe it will be a problem. I just need to ask to make sure.

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Okay, due to issues and logistics regarding guns, that part has been canned. Issues involved, people who are willing to lend guns have not cleaned their guns plus CA legal issues regarding lending guns. That plus ammunition cost for some who might not afford it.


Laser Tag - Somewhere north of the 60 FWY ~ 2 PM.

- I'm trying to find a place that offers CTF which is a really different scenario than the usual lame FFAs. Tried it recently and it was vastly more entertaining.

- Need to 10 or 20 people minimum for reservation

- Currently have 7 confirmed, 1 maybe. 2 Groomsmen have not responded (TINO and Jon), and you guys.


Dinner - Not sure where yet but Best Man is planning

LAN Party (+ Consoles) - At my house after the dinner, and we'll bring snacks/food etc.


Please let me know if you're coming so I can plan appropriately.

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Keep in mind, that you can come whenever inbetween events if you are busy. We'll be doing things all afternoon and night so don't feel pressured to be on time unless you want to do the laser tag.

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Keep in mind, that you can come whenever inbetween events if you are busy. We'll be doing things all afternoon and night so don't feel pressured to be on time unless you want to do the laser tag.


Don't tell me what to do.

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Alright, guys. Here's a rough schedule of what we're planning. This is supposed to be fun and not stressful, so we may change the schedule on the fly, depending on if events last longer or shorter than expected. To make things easier, we can all meet at Richard's house and setup our gaming rigs first. Then, we can carpool to the locations. But if you want to head to places on your own, that's fine too.

12:00 Meet at Jedi's house to setup your gaming rigs and just hangout. (You can come earlier if you want.)

Address: See Jedi

2:00 Head over to Laser Island for some laser tag action.

Address: Upland Village Center, 207 E Foothill Blvd, Upland, CA 91786

4:00 Head over to K1 Speed for some go cart racing.

Address: 5350 Ontario Mills Pkwy, Ontario, CA 91764

6:00 Go to Tilted Kilt for some dinner

Address: 3919 Grand Ave, Chino, CA 91710

8:00 LAN Party at Jedi's house.

Address: See Jedi




From my Best Man's setup

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