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​So a couple of us have been joking about skydiving for a while now but it's serious business. :ph34r:

As far as I understand, these are the options:

​1) http://skydiveperris.com

2) http://skydiveelsinore.com

From what I understand, the one we keep talking about is "AFF Jump Course". Here are some random bits of info:

"Unfortunately, we do not allow anyone over 240 lbs. to make a skydive at our facility. We weigh EVERYONE on the same scale here at the school, and our scale must read under 240 pounds for you to make a skydive that day."

"The accelerated freefall (AFF) program is a specially designed 8 level program to fast track you to jumping solo! With AFF, you can jump without being attached to an instructor from your first time skydiving! No previous experience is necessary! You can start skydiving Los Angeles today! Our 4-6 hours ground school, includes 2 flights in the Indoor Skydiving Simulator."

"AFF students height must be proportional to their weight. Students weighing over 220lbs must call us to make their reservation."

"AFF Ultimate First Jump Course $349"

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So we all need to make a phone call ahead of time because we're in the big boy club. Also I'm laughing about the height vs weight proportion, I wonder if they'll get mad at ben...


The only part I care about is that their weight limit is 240, which means I don't have to worry about being too fat.


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