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Airbus RACER Concept

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I know they're saying that these will be made in 2019, but I have a hard time believing it.  Airbus generally suffers from delays and production issues, at least on their planes. 

It's a cool concept, I'm glad to see more helicopters with pusher props, they make a ton of sense.  I wonder if the added winglets holding the pusher props will help with the cruising operation, maybe they will take some of the load off of the main rotor.  I also wonder about the added width and large tail affecting the size of the landing platform it needs. 

It looks like this is the commercial evolution of the Eurocopter X-3 that airbus had in testing way back in 2010.  We had our own Sikorsky X-2 that we have since been developing as the S-97 Raider.  My only problem with the s97 is that it's not an attack helicopter, I guess the proposal is to use it more like a little bird replacement? Maybe some sort of SOF fast transport option?  I'd like to see a bigger more heavily armed version similar to the Russian Ka-52

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