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DOOM (2016)

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Bought this after multiple reccomendations during the current steam sale. Various thoughts:

  1. Aiming/mouse movement and character movement are tight and mostly fast.
  2. The 2 weapons I have feel beefy enough. I'm a little surprised after 50 minutes of gameplay that I only have 2 weapons.
  3. Context sensitive "edges" that you pull yourself up and over are a little frustrating because they are inconsistent. They clearly do not want you to go up and over certain ledges to keep you in the map bounds so they just make them walls but you won't know until you try.
  4. I have it set to hardest difficulty available to me (there appear to be 2 more levels above which I assume unlock after I beat the campaign) and it is hard enough for now in the early part of the game.
  5. FPS is pretty much 100+ and I think I have everything on Ultra settings although I turned some of the usual stuff off (depth of field, motion blur, etc.).
  6. Graphics are decent considering what it is (mostly indoor futuristic corridors and some linear corridor-like outdoor sections).
  7. Music when you blow up a portal is enjoyable but I could do with a bit more of it during the game.
  8. I'm actually a little curious where they are going with this story since they talk about containing the main character.
  9. Audio in this game seems a little screwy. I hear a monster and I can't tell if there is 1 or 3 and whether it's above me, below me, etc.
  10. The "glory kills" (finishers) mechanic seems odd. They incentivize you to use finishers to get ammo and health however, even though they make you invulnerable during the animation, enemies will crowd around you while the animation is going on and you will die as soon as it ends and they all attack (if there are enough enemies around).
  11. There is a multiplayer and co-op modes. I don't know if I will every try them. I purchased it mainly for the single player experience.

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The context sensitive ledges aren't much of an issue, in the arenas it's obvious which ones will let you climb and which are too high.  Also when you get double jump it helps smooth out some of your frustrations.  When you're traversing maps later on, they specifically have lights/glow on ledges you need to make use of.  It was incredibly obvious where the main paths were in the game I only got lost once and I was looking for secrets. 
Music is mostly ambient unless you're doing some major killing and then it ramps up to "rip and tear" levels of heavy synth and and metal guitar. 
The story is pretty basic and they spell it all out in dialogue/cutscenes.  There are some minor backstory elements from interactive objects in the world, especially when  you go to hell (spoiler: you go to hell) - short answer is that you're the doomslayer and you kill stuff real good.  Demons are very scared of you and it's why in the very first scene you see people worshiping around your sarcophagus. 
Glory kills are predominantly for health and not ammo, you use them when you've picked off enemies farther from the main horde or when you really need some health.  The chainsaw shoots out literal mountains of ammo, I personally underused it, but the only thing to note is that it takes more fuel (chainsaw ammo) to kill larger enemies. 
No idea on the multiplayer/co-op.  The only thing I know is it was developed by a different dev (not Id directly) and most people said it was lackluster - they also made all the multiplayer DLC free a while back. 

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