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Assassin's Creed: Origins

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I haven't played an Assassin's creed game since Black Flag, which I enjoyed.  I decided to pick this up after seeing quite a bit of positive coverage. 

  • The combat is improved over the original games, you no longer just one shot counter everything to death.  However, it still feels a little bit lose.  I never got used to parry's the timing felt off, I mostly stealth killed with the occasional button mashing to kill enemies.  Bows are stupidly strong, but enemies seemed fairly observant and would spot you in the bushes using a bow almost instantly. 
  • AI was fairly decent, they have a reasonable sight line and if you go full combat mode in enemy forts they summon reinforcements and often a heroic reinforcement.  The heroic reinforcements are unique often higher leveled than you and are basically bosses.  Most AI troops have a day/night cycle and infiltrating at night can be easier when many guards are asleep.  All enemies have a ranged attack to prevent you from cheesing them to death and even the most basic troops can ruin your day if you're careless.   
  • Gear and the stats in this game are obnoxious, I really dislike how they added complexity into this area.  I appreciate that gear doesn't directly affect your appearance but I dislike the idea of constantly swapping out weapons or hunting for better quality gear by doing side-missions - especially the daily side-mission (also a loot box vendor).  There are ways to upgrade weapons but it's very costly.  You're better off just using whatever weapons are on hand and hoping you get something nicer from a later mission. 
  • Quest quality, especially side-missions felt 10x stronger than their previous games.  All side-quests have dialogue and even some in game cut scenes, they also have enough variety that you don't feel like you're repeating the same thing over and over.  I can understand why people mentioned this felt similar to witcher 3 in that regard. 
  • The characters are bland as hell.  They inject some passion into the main character but other than being mad about his dead son he has nothing memorable about him.  They do a piss poor job of making me care about him, his wife or the random asshole that's replaying his memories (I played as her for 10 minutes total compared to roughly 20 hours game time). 
  • The world is very expansive, I did not explore all the gameplay areas, let alone do all the side quests.  I'd consider this map to be one of the larger play areas in a game and it's appropriately filled with things to do and stretches of empty desert.  I also appreciate that they didn't stick strictly to the desert biome and there are some more wooded/wetlands areas to explore as well.  Not to mention greek, roman and egyption areas and architecture. 

Overall the game is decent, not sure if I would have picked it up knowing what I know now but it was worth my time to complete the main story.  I was surprised at the difficulty and died many times through my play through.  I would say to wait for a sale if you wanted to play it, but frankly I think this year has had some amazing releases that are more worthy of your time. 

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