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Warhammer: Vermintide 2

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Tino and I have been playing this along with one of tino's friends.  It's fun, but difficult.  The game launches tomorrow, but if you buy it now you can play a handful of missions early and your progress carries over. 

  • The game plays like melee left4dead but has it's own twists on different enemy types and various mechanics. 
  • The classes/subclasses are mostly interesting and offer some decent variety, normally giving you a tank option, a dps option and a ranged option for each character.
  • The game is challenging and can be made harder by picking up certain items in the levels that either take up a potion slot or reduce the party's health and take up a healing slot.  These collectibles also affect end of match loot.
  • There is a loot component, from what I can tell the loot is nice but not the only the endgame.  A good player with basic equipment can still outperfom a bad player with good equipment. 
  • There is a leveling component and unfortunately this means certain classes need to slog through many levels of mediocre play before they get the traits to become worthwhile. 

Overall the game seems like a fun co-op experience that's very reminiscent of left4dead but with a satisfying amount of gore and silliness.  Seeing the dwarf spraying hordes of rats with a flamethrower or watching Kruber wade through waves of enemies with a halberd is satisfying. 

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Current post launch roadmap:


I believe looking at vermintide 1, their DLC was fairly priced.  It's about $7-9 for map packs and $2 for character customization.  Additionally only the host needs to own the DLC maps, any friends can join and play them, which I consider exceptionally fair. 

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This video does a decent job explaining some of the more nuanced elements of the game's mechanics. 

The game is still very fun and enjoyable, I played a good bit of it this last weekend.  Burning rats hasn't lost it's luster. 

Here's a nice post with all the tome/grimoire locations I came across the other day. 

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