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Cyberpunk 2077

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Additional Info:

  • CD Projekt describes the game as a "first-person RPG."
  • Gameplay is in first a first-person perspective, but switched to third-person during a cutscene.
  • You play a character named V (as in the letter).
  • V can be a man or a woman.
  • The stats you pick at the start include Strength, Constitution, Intelligence, Reflexes, Tech, and Cool.
  • These stats are all pulled from the original tabletop RPG.
  • There are no classes at the start. Instead, you evolve the class you want to be as you play instead of picking a role.

Sounds neat. 

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This is a written description of the behind closed doors walkthough.  Sounds like they gave an hour long demo filled with plenty of content.  The game sounds like Deus Ex meets Witcher 3 on steroids. 


EDIT: Another one


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This image is hidden as a few frames near the end of the video.  The devs are basically saying, "we're still working on it, please don't expect this to be 1:1 what we release" which I totally understand.  There was some decent blowback on the Witcher 3's "downgrade" so that's part of the reason why they didn't want to just release this footage to everyone. 

I'm still very hyped because this looks like a mix of Deus Ex, Prey 2 (the unreleased one) and the Witcher 3.  I'll pre-order this as soon as they announce it, they've earned my trust and respect for putting out incredible games. 

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There's some various posts around the internet from reviewers that have spent time with the game, almost all of them are overwhelmingly positive.  They mention it's not perfect but it's fantastic.  All the media so far is only talking about the prologue, which I assume is roughly the same as withcer 3's prologue (white orchard) where you have a main quest and maybe 1-2 side quests to get you used to the game before you get thrown into the entire world. 


Some basic info that I found interesting. 

  • 3 different starting backstories (corporate, nomad, street kid) which have a ~30 minute intro (mostly cutscene based) to give you a feel for your character's backstory.
  • The main types of combat are melee, firearms, stealth, and hacking - most people think the gunplay is decent but the melee is meh.  Stealth is fairly basic and hacking was even more basic, but this was only in the prologue.
    • The hacking minigame was described as complicated
  • They're attempting the seamless style gameplay and use cutscenes to mask loading sceens (flying into the bar is a cutscene or limited ability to look around).
  • Most reviewers said you feel like you're dropped in the deep end, could be slightly overwhelming to try and track all the characters/factions at the beginning.
  • The braindance mechanic is a love/hate thing for most people, it's probably better than the witcher 3 following a trail type of quests but I personally think it's a lame mechanic that they probably spent too much time on.
  • Overall impressions were very positive, with some minor gripes about various elements. 

I think people should remember that the witcher 3 was not praised for the combat (I found it basic/mediocre) but for the quests and stories.  I expect the same with cyberpunk2077. 
Some of the initial impressions - HERE

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Double posting because why not. 

Some non-spoiler notes from a few games journalists that had extensive previews of the game:

  • The prologue is very long, between 4-7 hours
  • You can play large portions of the game without combat - not just stealth or non-lethal
    • In most open world games when you travel from point to point there are random combat encounters, because cyberpunk 2077 is set in a city, you can travel most of the city without running into random encounters
    • Conversely, if you want to seek out random combat there are options for doing so
    • Combat is very RPG focused and most enemies will be bullet sponges
  • Several comparisons to Deus Ex (especially the original game)
  • Many people are talking about how the game is slower paced, this ties into the ability to play large sections without combat
  • The UI and quest log is a low point, quests didn't display levels or rewards just a rough "difficulty" setting

Overall the early reviews are extremely positive but they're trying to temper some of the hype. 

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