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Cyberpunk 2077

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I did finish the game and I have some thoughts that I'll break down into the non-spoiler and spoiler variety. 

  • The main quest isn't super long, I heard this was on purpose and I can confirm that it's probably only 20 hours if you rush through it. 
  • The keanu reeves performance was decent, I think there are strong and weak scenes, I most appreciated the kind of running commentary on various side quests and gigs a bit more than the main quest segments. 
  • I personally ran a 6 body build with heavy emphasis on hacking, crafting and pistols.   I still felt like my character was a glass cannon, but my damage output was absolutely insane, I never had an issue taking enemies out with headshots, and even with body shots they tended to go down quickly.  I personally heavily relied on several named weapons: crash (revolver, I added a silencer/scope), overwatch (sniper, it's too good and probably needs tuning), and windowmaker the tech rifle - this was especially clutch towards the end of the game and more combat focused segments. 
    • Stealth feels very strong in this game, especially with a few perks.  I'm not sure I would like playing this game full combat. 
    • Hacking also feels overly strong.  At one point I was taking out 4+ guards through walls with the power of quick hacks.
    • I think the weakest element is probably technical ability.  I really should have just crafted/upgraded what I wanted and then respec'd my character.  There are some doors that use technical ability but I think there were more doors that used strength.  Not to mention many anything resembling a main/side mission had multiple entrances/solutions to get into various areas.  I think tech weapons as a whole seemed far weaker than I would like, honestly overwatch (legendary power sniper) kinda eats technical weapons lunch, it comes with a silencer and bullet penetration which is just totally busted.  Although widowmaker was really strong when I used it. 
  • I ended the game with level 50 and 50 street cred, I don't think the game is meant to be played like that and I absolutely think there are some balancing issues when you're totally overleveled for everything.
  • I did manage to 100% the game, I completed all side missions and gigs as well as the blue ncpd scanner missions.  I don't recommend stopping for all the scanner missions but the gigs were generally worth doing.  All the side missions are absolutely worth doing.
  • I have some issues with how they presented certain side characters.
    • I've read that mass effect was somewhere near 80/20 for male vs female shepard and I assume that cyberpunk will be close to the same.  There are absolutley some issues I have with how they present certain romantic options and which characters feel more developed than others. 
    • I think each side character has a decent set of missions but it's hard not to notice that both panam and judy seem to be way more developed than either of the male love interests (river or kerry)

I'll keep this to mild spoilers

  • River is a shit character, he's full of tropes and the romance angle fell completely flat.  I can't tell if it's because they expected most players choosing female V to avoid a male romantic partner but his entire arc was super boring an unimaginative.  The hard boiled cop that keeps getting shafted because he's too much of a straight shooter was super hard to buy especially in night city where so much of the game talks about corruption and various corpo meddling. 
  • Kerry is the gay male romance option and he doesn't even show until near the end of the game, it almost feels like a complete afterthought
  • Panam is clearly the "standard" romantic choice since she's the straight male love interest.  But beyond that the character is written specifically for the male character, it's super weird when she's being obviously flirty to a female V and then is like "nah not interested" seems like an oversight to write her that way.  I still enjoyed her character but I almost feel like they need to tone some of her voice lines and actions for female V. 
  • Judy is a great character and I genuinely enjoyed the scuba mission (not just because I scuba) it feels completely different from all the other sections of the game and really feels like they wanted to flesh out her character.  I think the other parts of her romance don't work well.  She clearly wanted to leave night city after the stuff involving evelyn parker - but it still comes as a shock especially how she's shown in the epilogue.  I think she's the most realistic character in some ways, but I still felt like her storyline was almost too much of a "bad end"
  • I think johnny definitely fleshes out with a series of side quests, but I dislike the idea of "giving up control" in order to facilitate them.  Feels like the game doesn't entirely understand how to handle the body autonomy issue it presents and kinda paints it in the "you're being friendly with the construct who just happens to be killing you - gee he's such a nice guy" which comes across as a bit off-putting. 

I have some choices I wasn't super satisfied with, and I might replay some alternative endings (one in particular) just to see how they play out.  Overall I still really enjoyed the game and hope that cdprojekt red decides to keep patching it and eventually add some DLC content.  The world is plenty big enough and the game absolutely delivers on certain experiences. 


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