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My New Car: Tesla Model 3


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Guess its time for me create my thread.... I be will document my learnings and lovings with the vehicle and Tesla in general here.

Currently expecting it to arrive next Wednesday but delivery delays are to be expected....

A Bit of History:

I put my $1000 reservation in on 4/10/2018 when I started feeling more comfortable with my finances among other things. Plus I wanted to get my model before the $7500 federal tax credit coming in. I received an invite to configure on 6/27 and configured by 6/30 since Tesla was announcing they'd provide lifetime premium network connectivity for any order before 7/1.

I options I chose:

  • Model 3 Long Range $44000
  • Premium Upgrade Package $5000 (required: Premium heated seats/materials, power seats, premium audio, tinted glass roof, folding mirrors, LED fog lamps, center consle)
  • All Wheel Drive $4000
  • Metallic Blue $1000
  • Standard Aero Wheels (included)
  • Enhanced Autopilot $5000 ($6000 later)
  • Full Self Driving $3000 (or $5000 later)
  • Destination Fee $1000

Total: $63k before taxes/registration (LA sucks at 9.5%...)

After I removed AWD to RWD, it was $59k + $6241.01 (tried to get it registered at my parents house to save $1500 but no dice with the loan details). Ended up getting a 1.74% loan at SDMCU but I had to renew my San Diego zoo membership to become a member + GAP insurance to get the .25% discount. 

I decided to skip any wheel upgrades because I liked the 5% greater efficiency with the Aero tires and I can always just remove the caps. I also bought this cap kit to make it look pretty nice.


After a while I discovered that the AWD has significantly less range than the RWD models (5-11%) and tons of research into the motor technologies I discovered that they used two different motors techs between the front and rears meaning they're unable to efficiently turn them off and optimize RPM ranges like they were able in the Model S. This led me to downgrade my Model 3 from AWD to RWD on 7/22. I had discovered the following Pros/Cons of AWD vs. RWD:

  • 116 (H120/C112) MPGe vs. 130 (H136/C123) MPGe
  • 310 mile range vs. likely 330 mile with RWD
  • No real need for AWD in my area (Southern California)
  • 0.61g (AWD) vs 0.54g (RWD) isn't significant enough on its own to warrant the lost of efficiency, range, cost, and delivery delays.
  • $4000 Extra

BUUUUUUTT......I'm regret it now as of course I'm a very finicky person

  • The AWD will distribute the power more evenly limiting the amount of tire wear.
  • No "lag" during launch take off (this was only literally confirmed last night on 8/3)

Okay! So I got to drive my friend’s RWD today. It wasn’t a 1 to 1 comparison since he only had 50% charge to my 70%, but every other setting was the same.
But yeah, it has a lot less pull on the RWD than my AWD, especially 0-20. It feels the same at 30+. The regenerative breaking is significantly less as well, like a lot less (both were on Standard/max).

Makes me a bit upset about the performance since I was able to test drive a Model 3 Performance at Brea last week and I was absolutely impressed by the push you back at the seats of the acceleration. Oh well... c'est la vie.


Anyways, on 7/25 I tried change my my order from RWD back to AWD but it was too late....they said the car was built and no chance of changing it....oh well....

Anyways, expecting the vehicle next week....


First mods I'm going to do would be:

Vehicle Tint + PPF wrap 

  • $700 for full tint w/ front windshield (f/r winshield, 4x sides, top sunroof glass)
  • $600 for full tint w/o front windshield
  • PPF bumper only for $350 or $1200 for full front wrap (Bumper, fenders x2, hood, headlights, side mirrors

Opinions on those modifications would be appreciated.


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9 hours ago, T1no said:

wtf why is that tint soo expensive. i hope its ceramic but its still overpriced imo

Most places are charging a lot more for the tint (like $1000+). I think it has to do that basically the entire roof of the car needs to be tinted as well.


All that roof needs to be tinted.


I actually really want 90% tint on the front windshield because I really don't want visibility issues whatsoever and its basically clear, but unfortunately the shop I was talking to didn't have that so its either 70% or not do it at all...

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I heard you have to be extra careful with the Model 3 tint. The rear window has a special UV protection layer and some type of tint I guess? I'm not 100% sure I didn't pay close enough attention when I first went. That orange glow is part of the special heat rejection treatment, so I'm not 100$ sure the value of tint on the roof other than privacy. 

There has been cases of a poor tint job causing the whole back windshield to crack. Also water on the dash from the front tinting can break the Model 3's touch screen if you're not careful. The another well known Model 3 tinting shop was charging $1200 (because they got a ton of business recently). Apparently since the rear windshield is very large, its difficult for a lot of tint shops to do it right:


A reputable window tint shop in Austin wrote the following about the difficulty in tinting the rear window:

Tesla Model 3 is the " unicorn of tint jobs." Tinting your very large, non hatch back, rear windshield requires the use of 60" film to achieve a seamless one piece job. (We have been one piecing the Tesla Model X front windshield in Air90, which looks very similar to your rear windshield.) There is also electronics in the rear sides that needs to be protected from water exposure. This requires disassembly/reassembly of the rear section to towel protect those components. 

Has anyone seen an issue with water getting into the electronics when having film applied to the rear window, if the shop doesn't do this? I'm guessing this isn't commonly done.

So yeah, its more effort than a standard car and requires significantly more material which is why the cost is higher. 

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  • 5 weeks later...

I've mentioned it a few times on the hangouts chat, but I didn't mention it here until I had more details. A few weeks ago I decided that I'd be upset if I didn't have more performance after downgrading to RWD. Well my RWD delivery got canceled due to it failing pre-inspection which gave me an opportunity to change my order to a Model 3 Performance. So yeah. Vroom Vroom Zoom Zoom.

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On 9/4/2018 at 7:30 PM, kuhla said:

Once you change you order, did they give you a new ETA?

There has been a lot of details left out but I'll summarized as follows:

RWD delivery was scheduled for 8/8. The car failed pre-inspection for whatever reason (I suspect paint). I used that opportunity to change to a P3D- (term for Performance Model 3 without the Performance Upgrade Package) on 8/10. It didn't enter the system until 8/15 for some reason. Then I called me on 8/22 saying they had a car ready for me and scheduled for a 8/30 delivery.

My bank requires a signed Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement before they could send out the funds. Got the loan document on 8/27 and funds were sent out the morning on 8/28 via cashiers check. Well they called me that afternoon saying "whoops" your car wasn't actually built so you can't pick up. So now i'm in limbo. My account says delivery by late September but it changes all over the place.

So at this point in time, I have paid for the vehicle but have no vehicle. Been driving my brother's old mustang since I sold my Spark EV back at the beginning of August (there were various reasons for this but generally a bad one).

So this part upset me last week as well as I was expecting Track mode on my car, but found out it only comes with the PUP option part of the reason I asked about tracking as well. Part of the reason I wanted track mode was that it was suppose to be allow increase regenerative braking from 0.2g to 0.3g, but so far it seems like the mode is a simple on/off versus being able to configure particular settings.

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On 9/13/2018 at 11:58 AM, kuhla said:

"Fast, Furious and Insecure: Passive Keyless Entry and Start in Modern Supercars"

article - https://www.esat.kuleuven.be/cosic/fast-furious-and-insecure-passive-keyless-entry-and-start-in-modern-supercars/

Welp. Proof of concept was a Tesla Model S. Careful out there Richard. Don't be a target.

Interesting hack. I've recalled following previous hacks on the PKES and that those required relay attacks, but this one looks new. One aspect to consider on this with Tesla vehicles is they'd also need to disable the GPS tracking and never charge at any supercharger as the VIN is transmitted during a supercharger session.

Of course that doesn't mean a Tesla isn't stealable, its just that they have multiple layers of security for tracking and you'd lose some fundamental functions of the car.



On another note, there's been a lot of talk about Tesla defects on their Model 3 which I'd say is far above the industry norm but to say that it can't happen to another luxury automaker is false. Given that, I know Tesla's QC is quite shite ATM.



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kinda different tho.

i can pretty much find every video from all car manufacturers of people complain.

there is also a Lemon/dealer fleet car/ dealer test drive vehicle that they sell. we just don't know the full story.

that bumper squeak

1. he push the body panel nobody does that

2. prob due to improper install/reinstall of the tow hitch. bumper must comes off prob.

scratches is on the trim is guarantee is from careless care from the dealer not from assembly line. eventho that Q5 is now is build in mexico.

bottom line he should've checked the car before taking delivery.


soo when is the car coming ?





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That video does give me an opportunity to point out a small detail since there is so much forward facing left-lane autobahn footage:

If you are in the left lane and a faster car comes up behind you, you should move to the right only when you get the next safe/reasonable opportunity. Left-lane drivers are not king of the road. If you are passing a truck and someone flies up behind you then he has to slow down. Do not stress about it. He doesn't get license to get annoyed and flash you with his lights. That kind of action is really only reserved for those refusing to move to the slower lane even when there is an opportunity to do so.

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15 hours ago, kuhla said:

That video does give me an opportunity to point out a small detail since there is so much forward facing left-lane autobahn footage:

If you are in the left lane and a faster car comes up behind you, you should move to the right only when you get the next safe/reasonable opportunity. Left-lane drivers are not king of the road. If you are passing a truck and someone flies up behind you then he has to slow down. Do not stress about it. He doesn't get license to get annoyed and flash you with his lights. That kind of action is really only reserved for those refusing to move to the slower lane even when there is an opportunity to do so.

100% agree.

this should be common sense.  less road rage, less accident, less traffic safer for  everyone. but nope America Land of the FREE.  going 65 on the hammer lane.

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To play devil's advocate.  I've been in the left lane going a reasonable speed, and I still get people that are driving substantially faster that come up behind me.  Aside from the lack of opportunity to move over and let them pass, it does mean I need to weave lanes in order to satisfy asshats who's going 20+ over the speed limit.
My personal opinion is that if you're in the fast lane and moving faster than all the other lanes you're not an asshole if you don't move over.  It's different if you're getting undertaken by slower lanes. 

As a side note, when the freeway is full (but moving at speed) the number of lane changes does increase the danger of an accident.  If everyone was shifting back and forth to pass on a 5+ lane highway there's a strong chance we'll have more accidents or possibly even cause more traffic slowdowns than what we already have.  I think you need to remember that the autobahn doesn't really get bigger than 3 lanes.  Not to mention Germany's driving conditions and driving skill are completely different than America. 

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What no one is quite saying out loud, though, is that a 1:21.49 snips a lifetime-like 1.29 seconds from Randy's recent lap in the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. The new time essentially matches a 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 and even beats a former Best Driver's Car winner, the 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia (1:22.30). Until the new BMW M3 shows up, that perches the Model 3 atop the podium as the world's quickest sport sedan—at least around this track.


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In case you guys haven't been following, Model 3 sales/deliveries have been doing amazing over the past few months. Although they're starting to move towards overseas deliveries but its sales figures definitely shows.


If you go to the chart "Small & Midsize Luxury Car Sales in USA (Jan–Nov 2018)" you can see the month by month comparison of the production ramp up.



My general thoughts are:

  • The high end market will eventually cool down to a more consistent demand as the back log gets filled
  • Overseas market / backlog will absorb softening US demand
  • This will provide time to reduce manufacturing costs and allow delivery of the Standard Range Model 3 which will still has a tremendous backlog.
  • Even as demand drops for the Model 3 once all backlog is taken up, there are 3 additional products (Model Y, Pickup, and Semi)  that are coming to take up any slack in their production. Production will remain the bottleneck versus demand.
  • Tesla has delivered 114,160 Model 3's between January and November of this year.



Insane when you think that the starting price is $46k + delivery fee, and ZERO dealer discounts. The average selling price (ASP) is actually closer to $60k given the number of options on the car. My vehicle for reference was $87.5k before incentives.

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On 1/4/2019 at 5:36 PM, T1no said:

impressive lets check back January

January will be real interesting. My guess is that it will be between 12k-20k. Overall price only went up ~$1200 for SCE customers. $3750 -$2000 price drop - $550 SCE rebate increase = $1200 increase. 

Current price of a Model 3 Mid-range is:

MSRP: $44,000 

Tax Credit: -$3,750 
State Rebate: $2,500
SCE Rebate: $1,000

Net Price before Tax/Delivery = $36,750 (it was $35,550 at the end of the 2018)

The other main points to keep in mind is that they haven't started leasing the cars yet, and only just begun overseas deliveries. I expect US deliveries to drop to around 10-20k/month but overseas deliveries will take over. They'll likely build up a US inventory (which currently is only 3 days worth of production/sales).





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