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wasn't sure if i should put this in serious or automotive


Im curious how many of you actually doing highway commutes here? 

be honest

when you are driving, do you constantly thinking or aware of lane speed discipline? 

i realized that most SOCAL driver or im willing to say that most AMERICAN have no concept of lane speed discipline. which drives me insane everyday.

aside from many different bajilion factors why we have highway traffic here in SOCAL do you think this is one of the biggest factors why we have dumb slow down on the freeway ?

video for clicks

i know we are not Germany but it feeels sooo good when everyone understand.

end rant

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I only have a short amount of freeway commute everyday so I'm not sure if I qualify.

I think if people followed the lane speed principles it would help but even if they did, traffic is traffic. Many cars. Only so many lanes. Even in Germany there is regularly stop-and-go traffic.

Also I don't think it is always fair to compare germany where it is VERY expensive and takes more time to get a driver's license. You want that here? You want to make it so that many poorer people cannot get a license at all? Many many jobs here practically require you to have your own transportation. YOu want to talk about changing work culture? That's a whole lot bigger issue.

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