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Apex Legends

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Might as well just start a thread for it.

It's free. Based on titanfall (source engine) but no titans. Battle royale. Class-based. Team play only (teams of 3).

I downloaded it but have not tried it yet. Quite a bit of positive comments/reviews floating around.

Reddit - https://old.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/

Official website - https://www.ea.com/games/apex-legends

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  • Movement - While it lacks the wall running and double jumping of titanfall, the slide (especially down slopes) and mantle is very smooth.  I've run into some minor issue with the grapple hook trying to get onto roofs but otherwise it's been good. 
  • Guns - The selection is solid, but they clearly had to change the amount of ammo each gun starts with to accommodate the various magazine upgrades available (such as the R97 SMG starting with 18 rounds in a mag). 
  • TTK - Seems fair, it's not going to be as fast as titanfall but it does seem reasonable for the battleroyale genre, you can still one shot people with sniper rifle headshots (kraber in particular) and shotguns still feel good up close. 
  • Classes - Most are clearly based off of abilities from titanfall 2, and that's ok.  Any team comp will work, the medic class feels less useful than I expected.  Ultimates range from "holy shit that's cool" to meh.  Grapple mech needs another charge for his ability like titanfall 2.  The medic ult is seemingly powerful and also super random - I would have preferred something similar to Finka from R6 where you press a button to revive all downed teammates and increase damage resistance temporarily, but that might be considered too powerful. 
  • Overall fun factor - It's not bad, I'm not sure I'd play this long term but for now it's enjoyable.  The moment to moment gameplay still feels too slow for my taste, but of course the actual gunfights are fast and hectic.  It reminds me of the older battlefield games where you would spend 2-3 minutes running from spawn to the action only to have a short gunfight decide it all. 
  • Polish - I should mention, the game feels incredibly polished and the number of small details that are well done is impressive - the fact that your squad is grouped up during the drop, the smart ping system and various voice callouts from your character all show some serious quality that I can appreciate.  Sidenote - the fact that multiple players can move around a rather large 2 deck ship that flies around the map and it doesn't feel janky is super impressive, we've come along way from "moving the titan = ban."

Supposedly many big streamers were included in the development of this, including people like Shroud and Dr. Lupo.  I heard rumors that things like double jump or wall-running could potentially be enabled in the future (limited time mayhem style?) but I'm fairly certain titans will not make it into this game - there are currently no anti-titan weapons. 

The ugly: Monetization in this game is straight up garbage.  They have loot boxes which cost $1 per roll, but the amount of garbage "loot" that's in the pool is staggering, I tried doing some quick math and it's something like 300+ items per character and most of them are voice lines, poses and other shit that the vast majority of people won't care about.  Here's an article from forbes talking about what he received when he opened 100 lootboxes (spoiler: disappointment).  It's clear that Respawn was given just enough control to make sure the lootboxes were cosmetic only (not to mention EA might be concerned with how Star Wars Battlefront 2 got slammed for power upgrades) but the pricing structure and general lootbox setup still smells like EA is the one calling the shots.  If you want to buy items directly - they currently have a legendary skin for the robot for the low price of $18.50  I find that downright offensive considering the previously monetization that was in titanfall 2 was incredibly reasonable (and didn't make you buy some bullshit intermediary currency). 
Eventually there will be a battle pass, and I suspect that will ride the line between being barely worth the money, and a bit of a joke. 
Character prices seem very high (gotta incentivize buying lootboxes!) but right now with only 2 locked it's not that terrible.  I suspect they'll also release new classes at a higher price initially similar to league of legends, to try and again incentivize buying with real money. 

tl;dr High quality game, terrible monetization.

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i switched to adaptive fps target to 100 and adaptive supersampling to enable.

the fps seems to be more stable in team fights and shitty area. 

i was having some serious issues for the game keeping the stable fps before. especially when going in up close and personals with the shotty, and i would miss my shot consistently because my fps would shit itself during team-fights + smokes and explosions regardless of settings. my gpu is constantly @ 99% usage during gameplay.

it seems like the mouse input is tied to the fps.

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As a person that owns an ultrawide monitor, I have a new personal hatred for people that upload youtube videos that are 21:9 but they baked in the black bars so it's a more standard 16:9.  Fuck you and the horse you road in on you absolute incompetent jackass. 

I think it's clear apex blew up and they didn't really have a solid plan to capitalize but they're now starting to hit a stride with updates and content.  I hope apex does well, but it's not really a game I enjoy. 

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I felt in the mood to kick ass and chew bubble gum. I still have a lot gum but I kicked a lot of ass too. I went from Level 26 or so to Level 34. Got about 50+ kills, and a win!

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