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$299 - Samsung HMD Odyssey+ (VR headset)

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1 hour ago, Jedi2155 said:

Get this or wait for Vive Pro price drops?

Comparison table: https://www.windowscentral.com/samsung-hmd-odyssey-vs-htc-vive-pro

Everything visual (resolution, field of view, etc.) should be equal. Vive Pro is going to have better hand tracking but it requires external trackers placed in the room. Vive Pro will probably never get this cheap. The old Vive non-pro took a really really long time and still only on like Black Friday gets to this price.

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I think I'm really interested in getting this and wait for the 3-7 years required for the tech price to drop further. I'm not interested in investing a huge amount because it will only amount to a toy I might use 2-10 hours a month.

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Apparently its on sale again (Amazon, Microsoft). After watching the video, it looks like the the Odyssey+ is definitely the worse of the 3, but the price difference is huge for the Vive Pro.

Rift S $400: 
+ Best SDE
+ Best Controller
- Bad audio
- No IPD adjustment

Vive Pro ($1100 gen1, $1400 gen2)
+ Best Resolution
+ Best tracking
- MOST expensive
- Tons of wires (for roomscale)

Odyssey+ $300
+ Cheapest
+ Great Audio
- Terrible controller
- Comfort issue


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7 hours ago, Jedi2155 said:

Apparently its on sale again (Amazon, Microsoft). After watching the video, it looks like the the Odyssey+ is definitely the worse of the 3, but the price difference is huge for the Vive Pro.

I don't think anyone has debated about the Vive Pro being the best one out there but it's twice the price of just about anyone else and that is a lot of money to plunk down on VR when it's still an evolving consumer tech. The Odyssey+ @ $300 I feel is a low enough price to be a reasonable opportunity to start experiencing VR without breaking the bank if you don't use it too much and knowing that in a few years you might very well buy a much better one.

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As I finally had time to do significantly more research AFTER ordering it on Sunday morning, I discovered a few interesting tidbits:

  • WMR tracking is actually better than the Rift S (which is actually manufactured by Lenovo who previously made a WMR headset).
    • Both use Inside Out tracking (camera based) but Rift S has more cameras.
    • WMR software is more refined presently and does a better job of tracking (handles lost visual tracking through IMU data) and doesn't get confused as easily as the Rift S.
  • Odyssey+ uses a blurring optical filter over the lens to provide it's Anti-SDE which causes some noticeable loss in sharpness (akin to a shader based anti-aliasing techniques). Makes the text a bit harder to read.
    • This is part of the reason why the Vive Pro is better in its handling of SDE, since it doesn't lose the sharpness while still using an AMOLED tech.
    • Rift S uses an LCD which bypasses entirely.
  • WMR headsets *might* have the best software compatibility of all 3 headsets (I'll have to try it to confirm). Access to WMR store, Occulus, and Steam VR with the least work, but again I'll find out.
  • Comfort is the main complaint about the Samsung but lots of after market options already with some modding involving as well in some of the communities.


The main game's i'm interested are:

  • Beat Saber Music + Motion based hit the block color (ala guitar hero etc.)
  • Contractors (standard modern day FPS)
  • SuperHot (Slo-mo, aciton movie star FPS simulation)
  • EVE Valkyrie (arcade flight sim with no relation to EVE other than art assets)
  • Genre's I hear that are good is horror based, and simulation games (race + flight).
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Based on what you wrote, I'm assuming you are getting most of that info from the same place I have been going:


Make sure your Windows 10 is completely up to date (like 1809). There have been periodic updates.

You need to go install this too: https://store.steampowered.com/app/719950/Windows_Mixed_Reality_for_SteamVR/

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I actually watching youtube video reviews while playing warships, driving, or something else. I multi-task a lot.

Yep, been prepping somewhat and reading various requirements. One of my original concerns was having Bluetooth 4.0 (I still have an ancient Bluetooth 2.1 adapter I bought from Frys in 2009 for $10). I did discover that WMR headsets vary on bluetooth requirements which in the case of the Odyssey+, has bluetooth built into the headset and have been "pre-paired" with the headset negating the need for me to buy a separate adapter. I think this was a changed compared the Odyssey gen 1. 

I think my desktop is still on 1803, vs. 1809 as I checked the other day and noticed I hadn't gotten the April update yet and was no in rush to get it until now since my system was relatively stable.

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Enjoying my VR so far BTW. Also caused me to take out my joystick for some good shoot'em ups. Mostly a time issue due to the variety of games and limited RL time I have.


Games I've purchased:

  • SuperHOT
  • BeatSaber
  • EVE Valkyrie (joystick use here)
  • Contractors (purchased but not played yet)

Also ordered an Xbox One controller for $32 but haven't been able to use it with VR games yet. Just racing games that I never get to use otherwise (NFS Most Wanted).

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The general feel is that Microsoft wants to cut support for WMR so I expect it to have limited support from Microsoft over the future. Consider it an EOL product at the price points you're seeing. Despite that, there is no cheaper option to get your feet into VR without paying the crazy prices for the Vive Pro or Valve Index ($500-1300). If you have money to spare, I'd definitely still consider it as its the cheapest way to experience HL Alyx.



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53 minutes ago, Jedi2155 said:

That post is from February but Microsoft was still releasing big updates for WMR in May with the 1903 update so I'm not sure if I believe them when they say they are dropping it altogether but it definitely has looked like a back burner project for quite a while.

I'm still kind of on the fence. Alyx is at least 4 months away (barring delays). No one has announced new VR headsets lately. HTC Vive Pro and Valve Index are double or triple the price and are very unlikely to get anywhere close to the Ody+ price in that time frame. On the other hand, the headset is likely going to go on sale again at some point before then.

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